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Genshin Impact Latest News

Latest News
All Latest News & Updates

Marvelous Merchandise

Our Favorite NPC, Liben, is back with his commissions! Bring Liben his required items and receive various rewards such as Primogems and Ascension Materials!

Marvelous Merchandise Event Guide For Version 3.2

3.3 Livestream Details

3.3 Update

Learn the contents of the upcoming update for Version 3.3 and the new characters Wanderer and Faruzan.

3.3 Livestream Schedule & Countdown

New Event: Hypostatic Symphony

Upcoming Event: Hypostatic Symphony

The return of the Hypostatic Symphony event is a few days away! Take on the challenge to defeat more powerful versions of the Hypostasis world bosses in this event.

Hypostatic Symphony: Dissonant Verse Event Guide

Phase 2 Characters Released!

Everbloom Violet
2nd Phase
11/18/2022 – 12/6/2022
Yae MikoYae MikoLaylaLaylaThomaThomaShikanoin HeizouShikanoin Heizou
Farewell Of Snezhnaya
2nd Phase
11/18/2022 – 12/6/2022
ChildeChildeLaylaLaylaThomaThomaShikanoin HeizouShikanoin Heizou

The release of the new character, Layla together with the return of 5 Star foxes, Yae Miko and Childe!

New Event: Fabulous Fungus Frenzy

Fabulous Fungus Frenzy

Catch, train and battle with Shroom enemies and get the 4 star character, Dori for free! Check our guide for gameplay tips and details.

Upcoming 3.3 Characters Revealed!

Upcoming Characters for 3.3 update is revealed featuring 2 Anemo characters.

Anime Collaboration Project By HoYoverse X Ufotable

anime hoyoverse x ufotable genshin anime

Genshin Impact will be having its own anime as HoYoverse and the renowned animation studio Ufotable joined hands for an anime collaboration project! The anime teaser was shown during the 3.1 Livestream.

Anime Collaboration Project By HoYoverse X Ufotable

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Genshin Impact Latest Version Summary

3.3 Version Summary

3.3 Update
New Banners
From Ashes Reborn
1st Phase
12/07/2022 - TBA
Oni's Royale
1st Phase
12/07/2022 - TBA
Azure Excursion
2nd Phase
Reign Of Serenity
2nd Phase
Raiden ShogunRaiden Shogun---
New Weapons
New 5 Star Weapon
Tulaytullah's Remembrance
New 4 Star Weapon
Toukabou Shigure
New Artifacts
Flower Of Paradise Lost
└ Amazing Artifact for characters who uses Bloom reactions.
Desert Pavilion Chronicle
└ DPS Anemo Artifact
New Quests
New Archon Quest
Inversion Of Genesis
New Events
New Events
Akitsu Kimodameshi
Across The Wilderness
Windtrace Event (Hide & Seek)
Misty Dungeon: Realm Of Sand
Ley Line Overflow
New Features
Genius Invokation
└ New Card Battle game featuring Genshin Characters!
3.3 Update Banners, Characters, & Events

3.2 Version Summary

3.2 Update
New Banners
The Moongrass' Enlightment
1st Phase
11/02/2022 - 11/18/2022
Tapestry Of Golden-Flames
1st Phase
11/02/2022 - 11/18/2022
Everbloom Violet
2nd Phase
11/18/2022 – 12/6/2022
Yae MikoYae MikoLaylaLaylaThomaThomaShikanoin HeizouShikanoin Heizou
Farewell Of Snezhnaya
2nd Phase
11/18/2022 – 12/6/2022
ChildeChildeLaylaLaylaThomaThomaShikanoin HeizouShikanoin Heizou
New Weapons
New 5 Star Weapon
A Thousand Floating Dreams
New Bosses & Enemies
New Bosses
Balladeer (Scaramouche Boss)
Dendro Hypostasis
New Quests
New Archon Quest
Akasha Pulses, The Kalpa Flame Rises
New Character Story Quest
Sapientia Oromasdis: Act 1
New World Quest
Next Time, On King of Invokations…
New Event Quests
New Events
Fabulous Fungus Frenzy
Floral Jellies Challenge Guide
Adventurer's Trials
Hypostatic Symphony: Dissonant Verse
Outside The Canvas, Inside The Lens: Greenery Chapter
New Features
Replication System
Copy designs from other Teapots
New Realm Layout
Sublime Spicewood
New Achievements
Achievement List
All Achievements List
3.2 Update Banners, Characters, & Events

Genshin Impact Interactive Map Tool

Map Tools

Full Interactive Maps

Oculus Map

Future Oculus

Shrine Of Depths Location

Future Shrines of Depths

Other Map Articles

Farm Locations

Genshin Impact Tier List & Ranking

Tier List

Character & Weapon Tier List

Best Girl / Best Boy Ranking Tool

Rerolling Guides Here

Current Events / Wish (Gacha) Banners

Event & Wish

Current Wish (Gacha) Banners

Character / Weapon
Genshin Nahida BannerNahida Banner

11/02 - 11/18
[Gacha Simulator]

Genshin Yoimiya Banner rerunYoimiya Rerun

11/02 - 11/18
[Gacha Simulator]

Weapon Banner

11/02 - 11/18

A Thousand Floating DreamsA Thousand Floating Dreams
Thundering PulseThundering Pulse
beginnerBeginners' Wish


Wanderlust InvocationWanderlust Invocation


All Banner List - Character & Weapon Banner History

Available Events

AdventurerAdventurer's Trials

11/04 - 11/21

Participate in this new domain challenge and obtain various rewards!
Fabulous Fungus FrenzyFabulous Fungus Frenzy

11/10 - 11/28

Catch, train a fungi & make them compete in a fungus competition!
- Floral Jellies Guide
Hoyolab Log InDaily Check-In Event
Log in every day at Hoyolab to get rewards!
Hangout EventHangout Event


- Shikanoin Heizon's Hangout Event

Other Upcoming Events

Other Upcoming Events
Ludi HarpastumTCG - Card Game
Event Tracking Tool
To Do List & Event Calendar
All Event List - Rewards & Guide

Genshin Impact - Character Database


Character Tier Lists

All Characters

Characters By Rarity
Characters By Roles
DPS ListSupport ListHealer List
Characters By Element

All Playable Characters

List Of All Characters

Other Character Related Guides

Character List by Roles

Character Skins

Genshin Impact Weapons Database

Best Weapons & Artifacts For Each Character


Weapon Related Articles

Genshin Impact Artifacts Database


Set Bonus Guides

Genshin Impact Materials & Recipes Database


List Of All Materials

List Of Materials By Category

Spiral Abyss Walkthrough & Guides

Spiral Abyss

All Spiral Abyss Floor Guides

Check Out The Spiral Abyss Guide Here

Genshin Impact - Story & Quest Walkthroughs


World Quest Guides

World Quests In Mondstadt
A Land EntombedAdventure Rank Ascension 1
Adventure Rank Ascension 2Adventure Rank Ascension 4
After The StormAh Fresh Meat
Bough KeeperBreak The Sword Cemetery Seal
After The StormAh Fresh Meat
Break The Sword Cemetery SealBusy Adventurers' Guild
Collector Of Anemo SigilsEquivalent Exchange
Every Day A New AdventureExploding Population
Flighty Flora... And FloraIn The Aftermath
Lianne's TroublesLingering Malady
Lost In The SnowLow Temperature Warning
Lynn's TroubleMondstadt And Its Archon
New Horizons Of AdventurePallad's Dilemma
Question & AnswerScent On The Wind
Sharpening The Axe Won't HinderSolo Venture
The Great Mountain Survery IIThe Great Mountain Survey I
Thief CatcherTime And The Wind
When The Trail Goes ColdWisdom Of Ancient Civilizations
World Quests In Liyue
A Cliff-Side Hero's PastA Company Vanishing Into the Deep
A Dish Beyond Mortal KenA Little Game
A Quiet Day In Liyue HarborA Visitor From Westward Realms
An Ode To Yonder CityAnd This Treasure Goes To...
Big BusinessBook Of The Woods
Changchang's Little FriendChasm Spelunkers
Dimming Mushroom's Call for HelpEndless Research
First Miasmic ContactFishing For Jade
Hereafter: All is WellHereafter: Return to the Mountains
Hereafter: The Trail of PervasesHydrological Investigation in The Chasm
Idle Teapot TalkLost in a Foreign Land
Lost in a Foreign Land: SeekingLuhua Landscape
Meeting New People... and Foiling Some BanditsMycological Investigation in The Chasm
Necessary ProceduresNine Pillars Of Peace
Paleontological Investigation in The ChasmPerfect Shot
Perils in the DarkPressing Deadline
Return Of The Jade ChamberSays He Who Seeks Stone
Share Not Your TreasuresSnapshots
Stolen, by the Rightful OwnerSurreptitious Seven-Star Seal Sundering
The Adventurer's Guild's AffairsThe Chasm Charters
The Chasm DelversThe Chasm's Bounty
The Chi of GuyunThe Heavenly Stone's Debris
The Millennial MountainsThe Missing Miner
The Ocean PearlThe Secret Of Nantianmen
The Tree Who Stands AloneThe Yaksha's Wish
There's No Restoring This Past Land Of BeautyTianqiu Treasure Trail
Trails In TianqiuTreasure Lost, Treasure Found
Undetected InfiltrationValor's Afterglow
Valor's Afterglow: Return By SundownValor's Afterglow: The Faint Light Remembered
Wherefore Did the Spiritstone Descend?Will Of Stone
Words Worth Their Weight In Mora-
World Quests In Inazuma
A Glimpse Into The Pale NightA Particularly Particular Author
A Strange Story In KondaAntigonus
Battle Of RevengeChisato's Letter
Cleansing DefilementCollections Of Dragons And Snakes
Crossing Unknown Storm CloudsDate's Challenge
Divine Plant of the DepthsDreams In The Gaps
Dreams Of Swortd ArtEntrance To Tokoyo
Erebos' SecretFate Of A Fighter
Fertilizer... Salesperson?From Dusk To Dawn In Byakuyakoku
Gazing Three Thousand Miles AwayGourment Supremos, Assemble!
Gourmet Supremos: Of Shrines And SakuraGourmet Supremos: The Importance of Eating Well
Hayashi Of Tanuki In The ForestHeart Of Watatsumi Island
Hiromi's WatchHome Lies Over The Ocean
Hyperion's DirgeIn Another Land
International Travel LogKatheryne in Inazuma
Kunado's TrialLotus Eater
Narrow InquiryNeko Is A Cat: A Fishy Flavor
Neko Is A Cat: A Good Turn Comes LateNeko Is A Cat: Cat And Stone
Neko Is A Cat: Ding-A-Ling Metal BallNeko Is A Cat: Offering Box
Neko Is A Cat: Shrine CanteenNeko Is A Cat: Shrine Recipe
Neko Is A Cat: Stone Human's TroublesNeko Is A Cat: The Cat's Trail
Neko Is A Cat: The ChildrenNeko Is A Cat: Wooden Shelf
Octave Of The MaushiroOrobashi's Legacy
Pizza From Another WorldRelics of Seirai
Reminiscence Of SeiraiSacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual
Sacrificial OfferingSakura Arborism
Seirai StormchasersSerpent's Heart Inquiry
Shuumatsuban OperationsSinister Instruction
Solitary Sea-BeastStorytelling Method
Tatara TalesTemari Game
Temple InquiryThe Art Of Horticulture
The Commission's CommissionThe Farmer's Treasure
The Gourment Supremos: On The RoadThe Gourment Supremos: The Deep Divers
The Gourment Supremos:: The Seashore StriderThe Heart Of Ouroboros
The Moon-Bathed DeepThe Narukami Trail
The Phaethons' SyrtosThe Replacement's Secret
The Ritou RoadThe Saga Of Mr. Forgetful
The Sea Of Fog And The Rite Of The TreesThe Seventh Samurai
The Still Water's FlowThe Subterranean Trials Of Drake And Serpent
The Sun-Wheel And Mr. KannaThe Three Great Martial Trials
The Trails Of Drake And SerpentThe Very Special Fortune Slip
Treatment On The IslandWhere The Dandelions Find Rest
Yachimatahiko's TrialYachimatahime's Trial
Yae Publishing House's InvitationYougou Cleansing
Check Out World Quests List Here!

Boss Fight Guides

Check Out The Boss List Here!

Genshin Impact Mini-Games & Tools

Genshin Impact - Beginner Tips

Check out Beginners Guide & Tips here!

Beginner Guides

Beginner Tips & Tricks
Adventure Rank GuideResin Guide
Best Team Comp Best Weapon & Artifact Build
Leveling Guide10 Ways To Get Stronger
Elemental Mastery GuideElemental Combos Chart
Talent Upgrade GuideAscension Guide
Craftable WeaponsClasses / Weapon Types
Elemental Resonance GuideDaily Commissions
Artifacts GuideConstellation Guide
Fast Rerolling GuideBest Banners
Gameplay Guides
How Long To BeatHow to Break Shields
Gardening & Farming SystemHow To Receive Gifts From Companion
Mystic Offering SystemFishing Associations
Traveler's Diary ToolAll Hidden Shop Vendors
All Special Dishes ListMultiplay / Coop
Increase World LevelsMysterious Seelie Guide
Stamina Increase GuideFriendship Levels
Process IngredientsExpedition Guide
Bounty GuideAll Birthday List
Dupes GuideDendro Effects & Reactions
How To Select Regions GuideAll Debuffs List
Other Guides
Stats TrackerHow to Change Facial Expressions
Best Photo LocationsHilichurl Language Guide
All Archons List GuideStreamer & Content Creator List
Cross Save GuidePaimon's Shop November 2021
Battle Pass GuideSouvenir Shop
Paimon's BargainsPlatform Differences
Language OptionsChanging Name & Gender
Change Servers GuideRedeem Codes Guide
Controller SupportPossible Guild / Group Feature
Windows 11 CompatibilityAmazon Prime Gaming Bundles
Failed To Check For Updates FixHow To Uninstall Genshin Impact?
Regional Guides
Inazuma Reputation SystemCity Reputation System
Mondstadt Local SpecialtiesLiyue Local Specialties
Inazuma Local Specialties-
Event Related
Pre-Launch Event Info Catch The Wind Event
Baptism of Song Event Housing Design Ideas
Honkai Impact 3rd CrossoverFavorite Furniture Set
Mysterious Islands EventSummer Vacation Event
Dodo-King Of The Sea EventThe Final Riddle Quest
Thunder Crash EventAnniversary Event
Phantom Flow EventIkebana Event
To The World's Sounds Listening5 Hidden Grilled Fish
List Of GlidersAll Namecard List
In-Game Currency & Items
Geo SigilAnemo Sigils
Genesis CrystalsMicrotransactions Guide
Masterless Stardust & StarglitterOriginal Resin Guide
Primogems FarmingAcquaint Fate
Intertwined FateMagical Crystal Chunk
Geoculus Resonance StoneAnemoculus Resonance Stone
Geo Treasure CompassAnemo Treasure Compass
Cryo Treasure CompassPyro Treasure Compass
Hydro Treasure CompassDendro Treasure Compass
NRE (Menu 30)Portable Waypoint
Condensed Resin-
New Areas
The Chasm-
Play With Friends! Check Out UID Exchange Forum Here

Achievements List

Individual Achievement Guides
Transmutation Nuclide-
All Achievements List

What Is Genshin Impact?

Free Cloud Platform Multiplayer Game

Genshin Impact is a free to play game (includes in-app purchases). It also supports cross platform gaming with PS4, PC & Mobile (iOS& Android) which lets the player interact with other players using different devices.

Release Date & Product Information

Release DateSeptember 28, 2020
PlatformsPS4, PC, iOS, Android
*To be released on Switch, release date unannounced
PriceFree (includes In-App Purchases)

Will There Be A Nintendo Switch Version?


It has been confirmed that Genshin Impact will be released on Nintendo Switch in the near future. The release date has not been announced yet, but we have gotten some info regarding its compatibility and cross-play features, so check those out below!

Learn More About The Switch Version Here

Will There Be A Mac OS Version?

It hasn't been announced yet by the game's official site or social media accounts, so check back here for news if it will be playable for Mac!

Can You Play Genshin Impact On Mac?

The New Game From miHoYo

Genshin Impact is created by miHoYo, a company that is known for games such as Hokai Gakuen & Honkai Impact 3rd. Genshin Impact is an open world adventure filled to the brim with content.

Features Anime-like Beautiful Graphics

One of the points that makes Genshin Impact great is its anime-like beautiful graphics. You can travel the beautiful world called "TEYVAT" alone or together with friends.

Features Cast Filled With Popular Voice Actors

The Japanese cast of Genshin Impact is filled with popular voice actors including Aoi Yuuki and Horie Shun.

Check Out Character Voice Cast Lists Here!

Seven Elements Hold The Key

Genshin Impact's combat is based around a system in which familiar elements react with each other to produce different effects. Manipulating a party full of different elemental users will be key in becoming proficient at this game!

Cross Save Support

You can easily transfer your game device to different devices with Genshin Impact's Cross Save Support.

Check Out Cross Save Guide Here!

Has Regular Updates

Mihoyo announced that they plan to release new contents every 6 weeks. Because of this, you will always find something new to do!

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