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Spiral Abyss Guide & How To Unlock

Genshin | Spiral Abyss Guide & How To Unlock

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Spiral Abyss is a dungeon challenge in Genshin Impact. This guide includes Spiral Abyss portal location & how to get there, unlock conditions, rewards, is there coop, tips and more.

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What Is Spiral Abyss & Is There Coop?

A Solo-Challenge Domain To Test Your Might

A Solo-Challenge Domain To Test Your Might
Unlock Condition Reach Adventure Rank 20
> Adventure Rank Farming Guide

Spiral Abyss is a Domain that becomes unlocked after reaching Adventure Rank 20. Players must fight against time to defeat all enemies to move up the floors for more challenge & rewards.

Solo Challenge Only, No Co-Op

Spiral Abyss is a single player only experience and does not allow Co-Op. If you went into Spiral Abyss during a multiplayer session, only you will be able to enter, leaving your teammates stranded on the map.

Check out Multiplayer / Coop guide here!

Restrictions Apply In Spiral Abyss

Many restrictions apply when challenging the Spiral Abyss, such as not beng able to use weapons or swap out characters or weapons. You CAN however see which enemies you're up against beforehand, so come prepared.

Restricted Functions In Spiral Abyss

Number Restrictions
1 Cannot use items or food
2 Cannot change Characters in party
3 Cannot change artifact, weapons
4 Cannot increase level or Ascension

Earn 6 Abyssal Stars To Proceed To Next Floor

Earn 6 Abyssal Stars To Proceed To Next Floor

To enter the next floor, you'll need to complete objectives to collect Abyssal Stars. 6 Abyssal Stars are needed to proceed. As time is a crucial factor in determining your performance, focus on finishing the objectives faster. More Abyssal Stars collected also means better rewards.

Complete 8 Floors To Unlock "Abyssal Moon Spire"

Abyssal Moon Spire

After successfully going down 8 floors, you'll unlock the "Abyssal Moon Spire". Unlike Spiral Abyss floors that has fixed format & rewards, Abyssal Moon Spire resets and changes twice every month, meaning you can challenge it for more rewards!

Spiral Abyss Portal Location & How To Unlock

Reaching Spiral Abyss Walkthrough

Steps Walkthrough
1 Walk to, or teleport to Cape Oath
2 Gather 3 Mysterious Seelie
3 Ride on the air current and jump into the warp hole
4 After landing on Musk Reef, head on over to the Spiral Abyss

1. Travel To Cape Oath

Travel To Cape Oath

First, teleport to Cape Oath (Southeast of Mondstadt) to begin. If you haven't been here yet, travel here first and activate the Teleport Waypoint.

2. Gather 3 Mysterious Seelie

Gather 3 Mysterious Seelie

Head north from Cape Oath and start gathering the 3 Mysterious Seelie. this will activate an air current you can hop onto.

All 3 Mysterious Seelie Locations Map

All 3 Mysterious Seelie Locations

3. Ride The Air Current & Hop Into Warp Hole

Ride The Air Current & Hop Into Warp Hole

Once you've gathered all 3 Mysterious Seelie, an air current will appear. ride the current to a warp hole and jump into it to reach Musk Reef fast.

4. Head Over To Spiral Abyss Entrance Upon Reaching Musk Reef

Head Over To Spiral Abyss Entrance Upon Reaching Musk Reef

The warp Hole will take you directly over to Musk Reef, where the entrance to Spiral Abyss can be found. Head on over to the circular structure once you made touchdown.

Spiral Abyss & Benedictions Tips

Choose Your Benedictions Wisely

Choose Your Benedictions Wisely

Special nerfs /buffs called will Benedictions occur in the Spiral Abyss, granting special bonus or penalty for the entire floor or chamber. Benedictions are chosen when starting. There's also a special Blessing Of The Abyssal Moon that changes twice each month.

Benedictions Effects Duration Chart

Description Effects
Effective This Floor Takes effect for the entire floor
Example: Chosen on Floor 1 Chamber 1
-> Effect is lost on Floor 2 Chamber 1
Effective this Chamber Takes effect for a single chamber
Example: Chosen on Floor 1 Chamber 1
-> Effect is lost on Floor 1 Chamber 2
Effective instantly Takes effect immediately

Prioritize Floor-Wide Benedictions

"Effective This Floor" Benedictions lasts an entire floor, giving you benefits for a longer duration compared with others.

Avoid Healing Benedictions

While you can't use items or food in Spiral Abyss to heal, healing skills can be used normally. As you can easily cover that part by planning your party members, focusing on offensive or defensive Benedictions will allow you to run through chambers faster.

Bring 1 Healer In The Party

Bring 1 Healer In The Party

Healing is restricted to skills, Elemental Burst inside the Spiral Abyss, so always bring along a character that can heal like Barbara or Jean in your party.

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Make Use Of Ley Line Disorders

Make Use Of Ley Line Disorders

A phenomenon known as Ley Line Disorders exists in each floor, giving bonus or penalties to characters or enemies that meets the elemental criteria. Plan ahead and bring characters that can take advantage, or at least avoid the elemental penalty effects.

Check out Elemental Combos & Reaction Chart here!

Know When To Give Up

Know When To Give Up

If you find yourself losing consecutively or that you're party isn't optimized for this floor, it maybe best to save your time and come back to fight another day. Make use of the time to grow your roster and make sure you come back to get the last laugh!

Check out 10 Ways To Get Stronger - Power Up Guide here!

Spiral Abyss Rewards

Get Xiangling For Free For Beating Floor 3, Chamber 3

Xiangling For Free

Once you've cleared Floor 3, Chamber 3, you'll get a new character: Xiangling for free! She has good skills & elemental bursts, so its recommended that you pick her up along the way!

Check out Xiangling Skills & Best Build here!

Remember To Collect Rewards From Abyss Corridor

Remember To Collect Rewards From Abyss Corridor

Note that unlocked rewards are not sent to your inventory directly, instead it requires the player to collect them from the Abyss Corridor menu. This includes the Abyssal Stars, so make sure to grab whatever reward you unlocked after each floor.

Earn Powerful Artifacts From Domain Reliquary

Earn Powerful Artifacts From Domain Reliquary

Part of the top tier rewards you can from Abyss Corridor is the Domain Reliquary: A treasure chest of the sort that will randomly drop a Artifact of the guaranteed stars when opened. this makes Abyss Corridor a vital place to challenge to get new Artifacts for use or enhancements.

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All Spiral Abyss Rewards List

Floor 1, Chamber 1
Floor 2, Chamber 3
Floor 3, Chamber 1
Floor 3, Chamber 2
Floor 3, Chamber 3 Rewards3
Floor 4, Chamber 1
Floor 4, Chamber 3
Floor 5, Chamber 1
Floor 6, Chamber 3
Floor 7, Chamber 1 Rewards6
Floor 7, Chamber 2
Floor 7, Chamber 3 Rewards8
Floor 8, Chamber 1 Rewards6
Floor 8, Chamber 2 Rewards7
Floor 8, Chamber 3 Rewards8

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