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Spiral Abyss Floor 9 3.0 Walkthrough Guide | Enemies & Recommended Team
Spiral Abyss Floor 9 3.0 Walkthrough Guide | Enemies & Recommended Team | Genshin Impact - GameWith

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Spiral Abyss Floor 9 3.0 Walkthrough Guide | Enemies & Recommended Team

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Check this Spiral Abyss Floor 9 Guide for Genshin Impact 3.0. This includes how to unlock Floor 9, tips, enemies, rewards, recommended party and how to get 9 stars.

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Spiral Abyss Floor 9 - Guide Overview

Ley Line Disorder
- DMG dealt by the explosion of Dendro Cores produced by characters' Bloom reaction is increased by 125%. DMG dealt by Burgeon and Hyperbloom reactions triggered by characters are increased by 125%.
Enemy Levels
- 72 ~ 76
Challenge Goal
[ Chamber 1 ]
- Defeat all enemies, Remaining challenge time longer than 60 seconds (★ 1) / 180 seconds (★ 2) / 300 seconds (★ 3)
[ Chamber 2 ]
- Defeat all enemies, Remaining challenge longer than time 60 seconds (★ 1) / 180 seconds (★ 2) / 300 seconds (★ 3)
[ Chamber 3 ]
- Defeat all enemies, Remaining challenge longer than time 180 seconds (★ 1) / 300 seconds (★ 2) / 420 seconds (★ 3)
Blessing Of The Abyssal Moon
- When a character triggers Quicken on an opponent, that opponent's DEF is decreased by 35% for 10s after they are affected by the reaction.

Party / Team Comp - Tips

Dendro And Hydro Characters Are Good Here

Because of the Ley Line Disorder, triggering Bloom's reaction and its additional elemental reactions will guarantee increased DMG which would make it easier to defeat the enemies.

Crowd Control Makes It Easy To Deal With Enemies

Floor 9 has mobs of enemies that can be quite annoying to handle if you're gunning for 3 stars. Having a character with CC abilities will make it easier to group them and deal damage.

Sample Team Composition - Premium

Floor 9 - First Team
Main DPSSub-DPSSub-DPSSupport
AyatoAyatoDendro TravelerDendro TravelerVentiVentiKokomiKokomi
Floor 9 - Second Team
Main DPSSub-DPSSub-DPSSupport
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Both teams will work well against the enemies on this floor. Their elemental reactions should be enough to clear the enemies within the set time limit.

Alternate Characters

Alternate for Ayato & Dendro Traveler Team Comp

Main DPSSub-DPSSub-DPSSupport
YelanYelanDendro TravelerDendro TravelerSucroseSucroseBarbaraBarbara

International Childe Comp

Main DPSSub-DPSSupportHeal / Shield

Sample Team Composition - Free / Low Rarity

Floor 9 - First Team
Main DPSSub-DPSSub-DPSSupport
Dendro TravelerDendro TravelerXingqiuXingqiuSucroseSucroseBarbaraBarbara
Floor 9 - Second Team
Main DPSSub-DPSSupportSub-DPS
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Spiral Abyss Floor 9 - Strategy & Tips

Chamber 1

Use Crowd Control Skills

Move to the Floating Mushrooms and the other enemies will follow you then use crowd control skills like Venti's and Sucrose's Burst to pull them together and then deal damage.

Use AoE Skills

Prioritize eliminating the Eremite Crossbows and the other enemies will move towards you and you can eliminate them together using AoE skills.

Chamber 2

Use Crowd Control Skills

Just like in Chamber 1, since there are multiple enemies, it's best to use crowd control skills like Venti's and Sucrose's Burst to take out all the enemies at once.

Watch Out For The Hydro Bubbles

Eliminate the Dendro Samachurl first and the slimes will move to you then you can defeat them easily. For the Hydro Abyss Mages, break their shields using Pyro and eliminate them immediately as they can trap you in their Hydro Bubbles.

Chamber 3

Use Crowd Control Skills

Move to the large Fungus first and use Anemo crowd control skills to move the other enemies closer and deal damage to them at once.

Use AoE Skills

Quickly use your strongest AoE skills to defeat all the Eremites at once.

Spiral Abyss Floor 9 - Enemies & Recommended Element

Floor 9 Chamber 1

First Part

Enemies & Monsters
Winged CryoshroomLarge Hydro SlimeLarge Hydro SlimeStretchy Pyro Fungus
Stretchy Geo FungusWhirling Electro FungusWhirling Cryo Fungus
Floating Hydro FungusFloating Dendro FungusHydro SlimeHydro Slime

The Floating Fungus is not moving so it's best to deal with them first and the other enemies will follow you.

Recommended Elements

Using Dendro and Hydro will trigger Bloom reactions that have increased damage thanks to the Ley Line Disorder. Anemo can swirl the elements and can be used as crowd control as well.

Second Part

Enemies & Monsters
Eremite Desert ClearwaterEremite Sword-DancerEremite Linebreaker
Eremite Ravenbeak HalberdierEremite CrossbowEremite Axe Vanguard

The Eremite Crossbows can deal damage from afar so it's best to eliminate them immediately and you can then focus on defeating the other enemies.

Recommended Elements

Anemo can swirl the elements of the enemies and your own as well and it can also be used as crowd control and has AoE damage which is good for fighting multiple enemies.

Floor 9 Chamber 2

First Part

Enemies & Monsters
Wooden Shield MitachurlWooden Shield MitachurlBlazing Axe MitachurlBlazing Axe MitachurlRock Shieldwall MitachurlRock Shieldwall Mitachurl
Crackling Axe MitachurlCrackling Axe MitachurlGeo SamachurlGeo SamachurlCryo SamachurlCryo Samachurl
Wooden Shield Hilichurl GuardWooden Shield Hilichurl GuardHilichurl BerserkerHilichurl BerserkerPyro Hilichurl ShooterPyro Hilichurl Shooter
Cryo Hilichurl ShooterCryo Hilichurl ShooterElectro Hilichurl ShooterElectro Hilichurl ShooterHilichurl GrenadierHilichurl Grenadier
Cryo Hilichurl GrenadierCryo Hilichurl GrenadierElectro Hilichurl GrenadierElectro Hilichurl Grenadier-

Eliminate the Geo Samachurl first as it can provide platforms to the enemies which makes them harder to eliminate. Also, focus on defeating the Hilichurl Shooters and Grenadiers as they can deal damage from afar so it's best to take them out first as well.

Recommended Elements

Use Pyro to easily break the shields of the Mitachurls while using Anemo crowd control skills to pull the enemies together and swirl their elements.

Second Part

Enemies & Monsters
Hydro Abyss MageHydro Abyss MageDendro SamachurlDendro SamachurlLarge Hydro SlimeLarge Hydro Slime
Large Pyro SlimeLarge Pyro Slime

Take out the Dendro Samachurl to avoid obstruction and make sure to take out Hydro Abyss Mage immediately since it can trap you, leaving you vulnerable and using up your time.

Recommended Elements

Use Pyro, Cryo, or Dendro to break the shield of the Hydro Abyss Mage. Pyro and Cryo are also good for easily defeating the slimes and Dendro Samachurl.

Chamber 3

First Part

Enemies & Monsters
Grounded HydroshroomWinged DendroshroomWhirling Electro Fungus
Floating Dendro Fungus

It's best to take out the floating Fungus first as they are harder to deal with their ability to fly. The other enemies will move towards you so you can defeat them all at once.

Recommended Elements

Having Pyro and Anemo will work great in this chamber since you can use Anemo to swirl the enemies' elements and use crowd control while Pyro is the best counter for all their elements.

Second Part

Enemies & Monsters
Eremite SunfrostEremite DaythunderEremite Linebreaker

If you can group up the Eremites, it would make the battle easier. Use AoE skills to defeat them easily.

Recommended Elements

Any element will do as long as it can deal AoE damage. Anemo crowd control skills are recommended to pull the Eremites together.

Spiral Abyss Floor 9 - Rewards & Primogems

Stars (Primogems) Rewards

★ 3Primogem x 50
Mora x 15,000
★ 6Primogem x 50
Mora x 20,000
★ 9Primogem x 50
Mora x 25,000
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