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Spiral Abyss Floor 11 Guide - Monsters & Best Party for 1.6
Spiral Abyss Floor 11 Guide - Monsters & Best Party for 1.6 | Genshin Impact - GameWith

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Spiral Abyss Floor 11 Guide - Monsters & Best Party for 1.6

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Check this Spiral Abyss Floor 11 Guide for Genshin Impact. This includes how to unlock Floor 11, tips, enemies, rewards, recommended party, f2p characters and how to get 9 stars.

Table of Contents

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Spiral Abyss Floor 11 - Guide Overview

Ley Line Dirorder
- Your character will be periodically inflicted with Engulfing Storm, continuously draining your Energy until the inflicted Electro element is removed
- Cryo DMG dealt by all party members increased by 75%
Enemy Levels
- 88 ~ 92
Challenge Goal
[ Chamber 1 ]
- Target defense progress greater than 20% (★ 1) / 40% (★ 2) / 60% (★ 3)
[ Chamber 2 ]
- Defeat all enemies, Remaining challenge time longer than 120 seconds (★ 1) / 240 seconds (★ 2) / 360 seconds (★ 3)
[ Chamber 3 ]
- Defeat all enemies, Remaining challenge time longer than 180 seconds (★ 1) / 300 seconds (★ 2) / 420 seconds (★ 3)

Prevent Enemy Attacks In Chamber 2

Prevent Enemy Attacks In Chamber 2

During the first chamber, it's important to keep enemies away from the mechanism. Using crowd control skills to keep them away is essential to keeping it's health up.

Always Have A Shield

Always Have A Shield

With the amount of damage enemies could dish out during this chamber, it's a must to have a shield as much as you can. This will also prevent enemies from stopping you when doing combos.

Spiral Abyss Floor 11 - Enemies & How To Beat

Chamber 1

First Half

Blazing Axe MitachurlBlazing Axe MitachurlPrioritizes the Monolith★★★
Wooden Shieldwall MitachurlPrioritizes the character★・・
Hilichurl BerserkerHilichurl BerserkerPrioritizes the character★・・
Ice Shield Hilichurl GuardIce Shield Hilichurl GuardPrioritizes the Monolith★★ ・
Pyro Hilichurl ShooterPyro Hilichurl ShooterPrioritizes the Monolith★★ ・
Cryo Hilichurl ShooterCryo Hilichurl ShooterPrioritizes the character★★ ・
Electro Hilichurl ShooterElectro Hilichurl ShooterPrioritizes the character★★ ・

Second Half

Stonehide LawachurlStonehide LawachurlPrioritizes the character★ ・ ・
Ice Shield Hilichurl GuardIce Shield Hilichurl GuardPrioritizes the Monolith★★ ・
Cryo Hilichurl ShooterPrioritizes the Monolith★★ ・
Pyro Hilichurl GrenadierPrioritizes the Monolith★★ ・

Piroritize Enemies Aiming For Mechanism

Enemies will either aim for you or the mechanism or the monolith in this chamber. Take out enemies that are aiming for the mechanism first in order to get 3 stars in this chamber!

Chamber 2

First Half

Fatui Skirmisher - Electrohammer VanguardFatui Skirmisher - Electrohammer VanguardCryo★★ ・
Fatui Pyroslinger BracerHydro★・・
Fatui Skirmisher - Anemoboxer VanguardFatui Skirmisher - Anemoboxer Vanguard---★★ ・

Second Half

Fatui Cryogunner LegionnaireFatui Cryogunner LegionnairePyro★★ ・
Fatui Skirmisher - Hydrogunner LegionnaireFatui Skirmisher - Hydrogunner LegionnaireElectro★★★
Fatui Geochanter BracerFatui Geochanter BracerGeo★・・

Defeat The Hydrogunner First

The Hydrogunner can heal enemies so make sure to take it out first. Make sure to save your dodges for the Electrohammer that might come after you as you're dealing with the Hydrogunner.

Attack Enemies With The Right Elements

The Fatui Geochanter Bracer will don a shield of their element. You can easily take it out by using elements that are strong against the shield element.

Check Out The Elemental Reaction Chart

Chamber 3

First Half

Ruin HunterRuin Hunter---★★★
Ruin HunterRuin Guard---★★★

Second Half

Abyss LectorAbyss Lector---★★★
Abyss HeraldAbyss HeraldCryo★★★

Use A Bow Character

Defeat the Ruin Guard using a bow character. Shoot its weak point, which is its head, upon firing its missile, quickly shoot its head. Two (2) consecutive hits will make it shut down for a time being.

How To Take Out Abyss lector & Herald Shields Fast

Cryo attacks that can hit multiple times are great for stripping the Abyss Lector & Herald's shield out. It can also cause freeze making your enemies not move for easier combos. Characters like Chongyun, Rosaria, and Ganyu are recommended.

First Half

DmgSupSupHeal / Shield
Substitute Characters

First Half

KleeKleeYanfeiYanfei- Can easily break Cryo shields.
FischlFischlXingqiuXingqiu- For electro, partnered with cryo to produce Superconduct while hydro and cryo can freeze the enemy so it will halt their movement fro the time being.
VentiVentiSucroseSucrose- Crowd control abilities
- Can act as energy battery
DionaDionaNoelleNoelle- Can provide both healing & sheilds

Second Half

DmgSup / ShieldSupSup / Heal
Substitute Characters

Second Half

XiaoXiaoNingguangNingguang- Can give the main damage.
ZhongliZhongliNoelleNoelle- Can easily give shields
GanyuGanyuRosariaRosaria- Can produce superconduct to give damage.
BennettBennettJeanJean- Can provide support and healing.

Required To Have Crowd Control Characters

To better deal with the second chamber, it's required for players to bring crowd control characters to get all the stars for the chamber. Venti and Zhongli especially well here. Anemo characters are also highly recommended on this floor.

Shied / Healers Are A Must

Enemies in this floor are particularly strong. Having healers and shield characters are a must to increase your overall survivability. Diona and Zhongli are particularly great at this.

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Free & Low-Ranking Character Party

First Half

DmgDmg / ComboSupHeal

Second Half

Dmg / ShieldDmgSupHeal
NoelleNoelleKaeyaKaeyaTraveler (Geo)Traveler (Geo)BarbaraBarbara

A party made up of characters that you either get free or you can easily get through Wish Banners. The whole team composition is made to counter enemies and proc elemental combos.

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Spiral Abyss Floor 11 - Rewards & Primogems

Rewards List

Chamber 1- Mora x 30000
- Adventurer's Experience x 4
- Wanderer's Advice x 2
- Mystic Enhancement Ore x 6
- Domain Reliquary [Tier 2] x 1
Chamber 2- Mora x 30000
- Adventurer's Experience x 4
- Wanderer's Advice x 2
- Mystic Enhancement Ore x 6
- Domain Reliquary [Tier 2] x 1
Chamber 3- Mora x 30000
- Adventurer's Experience x 4
- Wanderer's Advice x 2
- Mystic Enhancement Ore x 6
- Domain Reliquary [Tier 3] x 1
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Stars (Primogems) Rewards

★ 3Primogem x 100
Mora x 15000
★ 6Primogem x 100
Mora x 20000
★ 9Primogem x 100
Mora x 25000
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Anonymous 8

if your using chongyun use one of those hydro hats you get form Oceanid. itll make his skill CD lower, you can also use 4 piece thundering fury. Also having bennett to get rid of hydro status is good too. hope this helps

Anonymous 7

Ah yes, double electro so you absolutely must have an ice user in each party. Would sure **** if you're unfortunate enough to rely on the likes of Chongyun for any form of ice (garbage character who literally screws your party over with his E).

Anonymous 6


Anonymous 5

Yeah, this is wrong...
Floor 11 chamber 3, second half is not like this.

LordSparks 4

This guide is ****. You've got a bunch of errors and half thought out suggestions. If people are coming here looking for strats to get through it, they're going to leave disappointed

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