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Spiral Abyss Floor 11 Monsters & Best Party for 2.7 Guide
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Spiral Abyss Floor 11 Monsters & Best Party for 2.7 Guide

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Spiral Abyss Floor 11 Guide for Genshin Impact 2.7 version. Guide includes how to unlock Floor 11, tips, enemies, rewards, recommended party, f2p characters and how to get 9 stars.

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Spiral Abyss Floor 11 - Guide Overview

Ley Line Disorder
- DMG dealt by claymore-wielding characters increased by 75%.
Enemy Levels
- Lvl. 88 ~ 92
Challenge Target
[ Chamber 1 ]
- Protect the Ley Line Monolith, Target defense progress greater than 20% (★ 1) / 40% (★ 2) / 60% (★ 3)
[ Chamber 2 ]
- Defeat all enemies, Remaining challenge longer than time 60 seconds (★ 1) / 180 seconds (★ 2) / 300 seconds (★ 3)
[ Chamber 3 ]
- Defeat all enemies, Remaining challenge longer than time 180 seconds (★ 1) / 300 seconds (★ 2) / 300 seconds (★ 3)
Blessing Of The Abyssal Moon
- After the active character uses an Elemental Skill, Normal Attack DMG is increased by 16% for 8s. Max 3 stacks. Stacks are counted independently.

Party / Team Comp - Tips

Claymore-Wielding Characters Will Be Great

Because of this floor's Ley Line Disorder, claymore-wielding characters will have their damage increased.

Characters With Strong Normal Attacks Are Good Here

Characters with powerful normal attacks are great here because of the Blessing of the Abyssal Moon. Characters with Elemental Skills or Elemental Bursts that constitute for Normal Attacks are also counted for in the Blessing.

Crowd Control On Both Teams Are Recommended

You will be fighting multiple enemies that are small and is easily affected by enemy gathering skills such as Elemental Burst of Venti. Having one character which role is to move all enemies in one spot is highly recommended for faster clearing of this floor.

Sample Team Composition - Premium

Floor 11 - First Team
Main DPSCCSub-DPSSupport
Hu TaoHu TaoKazuhaKazuhaYelanYelanZhongliZhongli
Floor 11 - Second Team
Main DPSSub-DPSSub-DPSSupport
EulaEulaRaiden ShogunRaiden ShogunKujou SaraKujou SaraDionaDiona
All Character List | Character Elements & WeaponAlternate Characters

Floor 11 - Team 1 Alternate Characters

Hu TaoHu TaoYoimiyaYoimiyaYoimiya can also take advantage of the Abyssal Moon and can deal huge single target damage.
KazuhaKazuhaYun JinYun JinYun Jin doesn't provide any crowd control like Kazuha, but she can increase Yoimiya's damage by a wide margin using her burst.
YelanYelanXingqiuXingqiu Xingqiu functions similarly to Yelan, but at the cost of lower damage. You also gain healing and damage reduction from his abilities.
ZhongliZhongliBennettBennett With Hu Tao gone, you can now use Bennett to provide healing and ATK buff for Yoimiya.

Floor 11 - Team 2 Alternate Characters

EulaEulaAyakaAyakaCryo DPS will also work against the enemies of this Chamber. She will also benefit from the Blessing of the Abyssal Moon.
Raiden ShogunRaiden ShogunMonaMonaMona will be a great replacement for Raiden Shogun since she can boost the damage of your DPS significantly and also provides a simple CC using her Elemental Skill. She can also freeze enemies with Ayaka.
Kujou SaraKujou SaraShenheShenheShenhe can increase instances of Cryo DMG and can break shields with her elemental burst.
DionaDionaJeanJeanIf you use Jean over Diona, you will lose shields. Jean however, can remove elemental shields easily with Swirl.

Both teams are a direct counter to the enemies that can be found within the floor. Make sure to bring your well built units since the enemies here are of high levels.

First Team

Yelan can enable Hu Tao to vaporize her attacks. She can also pull small enemies using her elemental skill. Use Kazuha to gather enemies to setup for your attacks and have Zhongli's shield up for Hu Tao.

Second Team

Eula will greatly benefit from the Ley Line Disorder and Blessing of the Abyssal Moon. It might be a bit tricky to lure opponents toward you without CC, but you can easily defeat opponents thanks to the buffs.

Sample Team Composition - Free / Low Rarity

Floor 11 - First Team
Main DPSSub-DPSCCSupport
Floor 11 - Second Team
Main DPSSub-DPSCCSupport
YanfeiYanfeiXingqiuXingqiuAnemo TravelerAnemo TravelerDionaDiona
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Both teams are composed of characters that are relatively easier to get than 5-star characters. If they're well-built, they should be able to clear Floor 11.

Spiral Abyss Floor 11 - Strategy & Tips

Chamber 1

Use Crowd Control To Stop Enemies

For both sides of the Floor, enemies will be focusing on destroying the monolith. However, all of them are easily blasted away with crowd control attacks. Make use of those attacks for easier clearing of Floor 11.

Potioneers Will Be The Priority In Second Half

Potioneers can deal large damage to the Monolith and will prioritize destroying it over anything else. Prioritize defeating the Potioneers or drag the rest of the enemies towards them and defeat them all together.

Chamber 2

Use Pyro For The First Half

The enemies for the first half are mostly Cryo. Use pyro characters to easily melt their shields.

Defeat The Fatui Using Anemo For The Second Half

Anemo is effective in this chamber because you are going to deal with different elements at once. The elements that the enemies have counteract each other really well. When they have their shields up, use Swirl to use their elements against them.

Chamber 3

Gather Rifthounds By Running Towards The Northmost Rifthound

By running to the northmost Rifthound, the others will teleport around your vicinity. Use this chance to finish them all with your Elemental Bursts.

Lure Vishaps To One Position

After defeating the Thunderhelm Lawachurl in the second half, two vishaps will appear. Try to get them both in range for your attacks and unleash your abilities to burst them down simultaneously.

Spiral Abyss Floor 11 - Enemies & Recommended Element

Floor 11 Chamber 1

First Half

Enemies & Monsters
Stonehide LawachurlStonehide LawachurlRock Shieldwall MitachurlRock Shieldwall Mitachurl
Rock Shield Hilichurl GuardRock Shield Hilichurl Guard-
Recommended Elements
Any Element

Any Element will work against these enemies. Using skills that can crowd control or block enemies are highly recommended.

Second Half

The enemies on this floor have low Physical Resistance but any Element should work when dealing with them.

Floor 11 Chamber 2

First Part

Enemies & Monsters
Cryo Abyss MageCryo Abyss MageFrostarm LawachurlFrostarm Lawachurl
Ice Shieldwall MitachurlIce Shieldwall Mitachurl-
Recommended Elements

Pyro will make it easier to defeat Cryo enemies. Use pyro to melt the shields of the enemies on this floor.

Second Part

Any element will work against the enemies. Use Anemo on the Fatui Skirmishers to use their respective elements against them.

Chamber 3

First Part

Enemies & Monsters
Rockfond Rifthound WhelpRockfond Rifthound WhelpRockfond RifthoundRockfond Rifthound
Recommended Elements

Using Geo DMG will put the Rockfond Rifthounds in an enhanced state and will decrease their Geo resistance. Take advantage of this to deal more damage and save time! You may also bring a healer to keep you alive from the Corrosion.

Second Part

Use Pyro or Cryo to effectively destroy the shield of the Thunderhelm Lawachurl. For the Vishaps, try to bait them in one place and burst them down with AoE damage to defeat them quickly.

Spiral Abyss Floor 11 - Rewards & Primogems

Stars (Primogems) Rewards

★ 3Primogem x 50
Mora x 15,000
★ 6Primogem x 50
Mora x 20,000
★ 9Primogem x 50
Mora x 25,000
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cool, i like to use bennett in both chambers in the same time

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Not up to date and never seems to really be

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This instruction seem a bit inconsistent. Doesn't it have some leftovers from previous version?

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Why does it say to use cryo and not hydro for the pyro hypostasis???

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if your using chongyun use one of those hydro hats you get form Oceanid. itll make his skill CD lower, you can also use 4 piece thundering fury. Also having bennett to get rid of hydro status is good too. hope this helps

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