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Genshin Yun Jin Build & Weapon

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Yun Jin Guide for Genshin Impact 4.6. See Yun Jin's, materials, weapon, tier, kit, rating, & best build for Yun Jin.

Table of Contents

Yun Jin Tier & Review

Yun Jin
4 StarGeoGeoPolearm
How To Get?
Can be pulled from all banners, including Standard, Limited-Time, and Weapon Banners. Higher chance of getting her if you pull from Limited-Time Banners where she is a featured 4-star.
All Character Tier List

**The Tiers above are ranked in 6 levels. With SS being the highest and D the lowest.
Tiers: SS → S → A → B → C → D

** Tiers above are at Zero Constellations

Rate Yun Jin!

Strengths & Weakness Of Yun Jin

- Provides Normal Attack DMG Bonus
↳ Can also provide Normal Attack SPD Bonus upon reaching her last constellation
- She can parry with her Elemental Skill
- Her buff is situational since it requires different element types to maximize
- Best utilized only by main DPS characters that use Normal Attacks

Yun Jin Best Build

Yun Jin Support Build

WeaponFavonius LanceFavonius Lance
Substitute1. Prototype StarglitterPrototype Starglitter
2. Skyward SpineSkyward Spine
Best ArtifactHusk of Opulent DreamsHusk of Opulent Dreams x4
Artifact StatsSands: Energy Recharge
Goblet: DEF%
Circlet: DEF% / Crit Rate
Priority Sub-Stats 1. DEF%
2. Energy Recharge
3. Crit Rate

This build will allow Yun Jin to continuously use Elemental Burst. Since she scales off DEF, the artifact set will provide a ton of extra DEF to her.

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Yun Jin Best Weapon

Yun Jin Support Build

BestFavonius LanceFavonius LanceEnergy Recharge 30.6% (Lvl. 90)
- Provide Energy Recharge to help with Burst uptime
- Gives additional energy when dealing Crits
- Will require a good Crit Rate
2ndPrototype StarglitterPrototype Starglitter
Energy Recharge 45.9% (Lvl. 90)
- Energy Recharge will help with Burst uptime
- Can just be a stat stick
3rdSkyward SpineSkyward SpineEnergy Recharge 36.8% (Lvl. 90)
- Energy Recharge will help with Burst uptime
- Can just be a stat stick

Best With Energy Recharge Weapon

Yun Jin doesn't have that many options for her weapon since you want her to have an Energy Recharge Weapon. With a high energy cost, you need to have as much as you can.

All Weapon List

Yun Jin Best Artifacts

Yun Jin Support Build Artifacts

Best Artifacts For Support Build

BestHusk Of Opulent DreamsHusk Of Opulent Dreams
Substitute 1Husk Of Opulent DreamsHusk Of Opulent Dreams
Emblem of Severed FateEmblem of Severed Fate

Artifact Stat Priority

Flower IconMain: Flat HP
Sub: DEF% / Energy Recharge
Feather IconMain: Flat ATK
Sub: DEF% / Energy Recharge
Sands IconMain: Energy Recharge
Sub: DEF%
Goblet IconMain: DEF%
Sub: Energy Recharge
Crown IconMain: DEF% / Crit Rate
Sub: Energy Recharge

Use Crit Rate Circlet When Running Favonius Lance

In order to fully utilize the Favonius Lance, you need to have a good Crit Rate of at least 50%. Use a Crit Rate Circlet for this, but if you're running another weapon, you can simply use a DEF% Circlet.

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Yun Jin Best Team Comp

Premium Team For Yun Jin

SupportMain DPSSub-DPSSub-DPS / Healer
Yun JinYun JinYoimiyaYoimiyaFurinaFurinaJeanJean
- An overload team wherein Yun Jin increases Yoimiya's damage
- Bulk of the damage will come from Yoimiya and Raiden Shogun
- Jean will provide good healing for the team and elemental shred

Other Characters That Work With Yun Jin

- Works well with Main DPS that utilizes their Normal Attack for their damage
FurinaFurinaRaiden ShogunRaiden Shogun
- Since you will likely pair Yun Jin with a Normal Attack-focused Main DPS, having a Sub-DPS with a synergy attack is great!
- Yun Jin can pretty much work with most support characters

Free To Play Friendly Party

Main DPSSub-DPSSub-DPSSupport
RosariaRosariaFischlFischlLaylaLaylaYun JinYun Jin
- A relatively free-to-play team comp for Yun Jin
- This team comp will work to increase the damage through Superconduct, which further increases the damage for a Physical DMG-build Rosaria

Notes About Team Comps For Yun Jin

Yun Jin is best when in a rainbow comp, but that doesn't mean she can fit in other team comps. Since she buffs Normal Attack DMG, it's best to pair her with a main DPS that focuses more on Normal Attack DMG rather than their skills.

Yun Jin Ascension Materials

Lack materials in your world? Search for people who would like to help in this: Item Exchange Thread

Materials Needed for Level Ascension

Glaze Lily Farm Route

Glaze Lily Farm Route
Glaze Lily Location & Farming Route

Talent Materials For Yun Jin

Yun Jin 's Recommended Talent Priority

TalentLevel Up Priority
Normal Attack: Cloud-Grazing Strike★★・・・
Opening Flourish
(Elemental Skill)
Cliffbreaker's Banner
(Elemental Burst)

Yun Jin Skill Guide & How To Use Yun Jin

Recommended Rotation For Yun Jin

Recommended Support Rotation
1Use Yun Jin'sElemental Skill to gather energy and deal Geo damage to enemies
2Unleash Elemental Burst to set up for your team
3Switch to Main DPS and spam their attacks
4Repeat step 1

Uses Of Yun Jin's Elemental Skill

Guards Against Enemies And Deals Powerful Charged Attack


Yun Jin's Elemental Skill gives her a shield which is effective for negating all damage instances. Her Elemental Skill can be charged in order to further increase the damage its damage.

Great For Tanking Attacks & Gathering Energy

Because Yun Jin is normally built with high defense, the hold skill can tank powerful attacks with ease even if she has low max HP. Hitting Enemies with her Elemental Skill also releases several energy particles making the skill a great source of energy especially if paired with the Favonius Lance

Uses Of Yun Jin's Elemental Burst


▲ Increases Normal Attack Of The Team

Flying Cloud Flag Formation Effect

When characters with the Flying Cloud Flag Formation effect deal Normal Attack DMG to enemies, they will deal bonus DMG based on Yun Jin's current DEF. This effect is great when paired with Normal Attack-Focused DPS Units like Yoimiya and Eula.

Buff Increases When Teamed With Different Elements

Elements More Buff

The buffs gets increased based on the number of elements in the team. This makes Yun Jin a unique character that gets stronger with more elements present in her team.

Yun Jin Wish & Constellation Guide

Should You Get Or Wish For Yun Jin?

Pull If You Need A Normal Attack Support

Yun Jin

Yun Jin is a support that provides normal attack DMG bonus making her a great pair for characters such as Ayato & Yoimiya. She's also great as a Geo support for a Mono Geo support team.

Best Constellation For Yun Jin

★★★★・C1: Thespian Gallop
Opening Flourish's CD is decreased by 18%.
★★★★★C2: Myriad Mise-En-Scene
After Cliffbreaker's Banner is unleashed, all nearby party members' Normal Attack DMG is increased by 15% for 12s.
★★★・・C3: Seafaring General
Increases the Level of Cliffbreaker's Banner by 3. Maximum upgrade level is 15.
★★・・・C4: Flower And A Fighter
When Yun Jin triggers the Crystallize Reaction, her DEF is increased by 20% for 12s.
★・・・・C5: Famed Throughout The Land
Increases the Level of Opening Flourish by 3. Maximum upgrade level is 15.
★★★★・C6: Decorous Harmony
Characters under the effects of the Flying Cloud Flag Formation have their Normal ATK SPD increased by 12%.

Constellation 2 Increases Normal Attack DMG

When Yun Jin unleashes her burst at Constellation 2, all nearby party members Normal Attack DMG is increased by 15% for 12s. This adds more damage for Normal Attacks aside from the Flying Cloud Flag Formation effect.

Constellation 6 Increases ATK SPD

Yun Jin's Constellation 6 will increase the ATK SPD of characters under the Flying Cloud Flag Formation effect by 12%. This helps you get more hits towards opponents using Normal Attacks and increases your damage potential further.

Yun Jin Skills & Talents Details

Normal Attack: Cloud-Grazing Strike

Normal Attack

Performs up to 5 consecutive spear strikes.
1-Hit DMG40.5%43.8%47.1%51.8%55.1%58.9%64.1%69.2%74.4%80.1%85.7%
2-Hit DMG40.3%43.5%46.8%51.5%54.8%58.5%63.7%68.8%73.9%79.6%85.2%
3-Hit DMG23.0%+27.5%24.8%+29.8%26.7%+32.0%29.4%+35.2%31.2%+37.4%33.4%+40.0%36.3%+43.5%39.3%+47.0%44.1%+52.9%47.4%+57.0%50.8%+61.0%
4-Hit DMG24.0%+28.8%26.0%+31.2%27.9%+33.5%30.7%+36.9%32.6%+39.2%34.9%+41.9%37.9%+45.6%41.0%+49.3%44.1%+52.9%47.4%+57.0%50.8%+61.0%
5-Hit DMG67.3%72.8%78.3%86.1%91.6%97.9%106.5%115.1%123.7%133.1%142.5%

▲Use side-scroll to see percentage per level.

Charged Attack

Consumes a certain amount of Stamina to lunge forward, dealing damage to opponents along the way.

▲Use side-scroll to see percentage per level.

Plunging Attack

Plunges from mid-air to strike the ground below, damaging opponents along the path and dealing AoE DMG upon impact.
Plunge DMG56.8%63.9%69.1%74.3%81.8%87%92.9%101.1%109.3%117.5%126.4%135.3%
Low Plunge DMG128%138%149%164%174%186%202%219%235%253%271%
High Plunge DMG160%173%186%204%217%232%253%273%293%316%338%

▲Use side-scroll to see percentage per level.

Opening Flourish (Elemental Skill)

Ms. Yun may just be acting out fights on stage, but her skills with the spear are real enough to defend against her foes.

▲Use side-scroll to see percentage per level.


Flourishes her polearm in a cloud-grasping stance, dealing Geo DMG.
Press DMG149.1%160.3%171.5%186.4%197.6%208.7%223.7%238.6%253.5%268.4%283.3%298.2%316.9%

▲Use side-scroll to see percentage per level.


Takes up the Opening Flourish stance and charges up, forming a shield. DMG Absorption is based on Yun Jin's Max HP and has 150% effectiveness against all Elemental DMG and Physical DMG. The shield lasts until she finishes unleashing her Elemental Skill. When the skill is released, when its duration ends, or when the shield breaks, Yun Jin will unleash the charged energy as an attack, dealing Geo DMG.Based on the time spent charging, it will either unleash an attack at Charge Level 1 or Level 2.
Charge Level
Charge Level 2372.8%400.8%428.7%466%494%521.9%559.2%596.5%633.8%671%708.3%745.6%792.2%

▲Use side-scroll to see percentage per level.

Cliffbreaker's Banner

Deals AoE Geo DMG and grants all nearby party members a Flying Cloud Flag Formation.

Flying Cloud Flag Formation

When Normal Attack DMG is dealt to opponents, Bonus DMG will be dealt based on Yun Jin's current DEF.
The effects of this skill will be cleared after a set duration or after being triggered a specific number of times. When one Normal Attack hits multiple opponents, the effect is triggered multiple times according to the number of opponents hit. The number of times that the effect is triggered is counted independently for each member of the party with Flying Cloud Flag Formation.
Skill DMG244%262%281%305%323%342%366%390%415%439%464%488%519%
DMG Increase32%35%37%40%43%45%48%51%55%58%61%64%68%
Trigger Quota30303030303030303030303030
Energy Cost60606060606060606060606060

▲Use side-scroll to see percentage per level.

True To Oneself

Using Opening Flourish at the precise moment when Yun Jin is attacked will unleash its Level 2 Charged (Hold) form.

Breaking Conventions

The Normal Attack DMG Bonus granted by Flying Cloud Flag Formation is further increased by 2.5%/5%/7.5%/11.5% of Yun Jin's DEF when the party contains characters of 1/2/3/4 Elemental Types, respectively.

Light Nourishment

When Perfect Cooking is achieved on Food with Adventure-related effects, there is a 12% chance to obtain double the product.

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Anonymous 8

My only problem with yunjin is that her elemental burst has a maximum hit count, and hitting multiple enemies decreases said count multiple times

Anonymous 7

I think elemental skill is better to upgrade

riverrrr 6

is it good to use her with keqing? (electro)
im trying to build keqing supports and i was wondering if yunjin is good

Anonymous 5

Who actually wrote this guide? don't use her with itto, I'm begging you. it's not ideal for either of them. and seriously, homa???? over an ER polearm???

Anonymous 4

Some Yoimiya mains says that c6 Fischl is better support than c6 Xingqiu. Most of the time, Xingqiu is the one vaping rather than Yoimiya's basic attack.

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