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Hangout Event For Yun Jin Guide All Endings & Answers

Genshin | Hangout Event For Yun Jin Guide All Endings & Answers

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Yun Jin's Hangout Event is a date event for Genshin Impact. Guide includes all story endings, branches, how to unlock, pictures, ingredients, and more about Yun Jin's Date Event!

Table of Contents

Yun Jin's Hangout Event - Branches & Endings

Hangout Event Summary

Num Of Endings5
Num Of Achievements2

Ending 1 - The Cast Contemplates the Play's Meaning

The Cast Contemplates the Play

Branches & Major Choices

Yun-Han Opeara Troupe in Crisis
"What happened?"
(no other choice).
"Yun Jin is missing?"
(no other choice).
"She literally said she would come back..."
(no other choice).
"I'm pretty sure her life is not as risk here"
"Okay. For Yun Jin..."
"Get out of the way!"
(...I guess I'm taking this fight!)
(no other choice).
Activity: Defeat the Ruin Hunter
"Are you alright?"
(no other choice).
"Are you hurt?"
(no other choice).
(no other choice).
"You're manager sent me"
"What state of mind?"
(no other choice).
"This is much too dangerous!"
"Very True..."
(no other choice).
Crisis Averted...?
"You made a good point, Yun Jin..."
"that is not going to be an easy task..."
(no other choice).
"I...want to become an actor!"
(no other choice).
"What about "Teacher"?"
Impressive Performance
(adjust in-game time from 6:00 ~ 8:00)
"So where should we start?"
(no other choice).
"So next I need to train my voice?"
(no other choice).
"The concept of performance?"
"The camaraderie of fighting alongside trusted companions."
"To protect Liyue and my friends"
"If I may, we are by the beach, and it is a calm day"
(no other choice).
"It was a pretty rare experience, even for me..."
"N--No need to go all the way out there!"
(no other choice).
(Sounds closer than Guyun Stone Forest, at least...)
Well-Honed Performance
"What do you mean, "replace"?"
(no other choice).
"Oh, the pain! The pain of it all!"
(no other choice).
Activity: Defeat the nearby enemies.
"I am a real adventurer..."
(no other choice).
Activity: Break the red scarecrows.
"How did it go?"
(no other choice).
"Yeah, it doesn't sound easy..."
(no other choice).
"What is it?"
(no other choice).
"I don't fully understand..."
(no other choice).
"That's even harder to understand!"
(no other choice).
Meticulous Performance
"I'm ready. I think"
Activity: Break the red scarecrows, avoid the blue ones within a time limit
"That's amazing"
(no other choice).
"Why on earth didn't you start with this one?"
"Was it that obvious...?"
"My voice and face...?"
"Reference existing characters from opera..."
"Studying me can help you achieve a breakthrough?"
"When's my graduation ceremony?"
(no other choice).
"You're such a strict teacher"

Ending 2 - A Shame That The Road Is Rocky

A Shame That The Road Is Rocky

Branches & Major Choices

Crisis Averted...?
"Ultimately, safety should come first..."
"It's also much safer than firsthand experience..."
Midnight Meeting
(adjust in-game time from 20:00 ~ 23:00)
"Yep, here I am"
"Am I really famous in Liyue?"
(no other choice).
"Well why don't we go to Liuli Pavilion?
Guests from the Steambird
"Make the most of it. You may as well talk to them"
"Let's take a rain check on that"
"This conversation is way beyond me..."
(no other choice).
"You look tired."
"I saw a lot of the audience on the way over here..."
"No problem"
(no other choice).
Suspicious Trails
(No need to check in with Yun Jin. This ends now!)
"No more lies."
"I heard everything. It's not your fault"
(no other choice).
Alerting the Quarry
"Sihyun asked me to apologize on her behalf..."
(no other choice).
"I didn't know that this is what you had in mind"
(no other choice).
"I don't think they're coming back..."

Ending 3 - And New Friends You Shall Find

And New Friends You Shall Find

Branches & Major Choices

A Strict Contract
(I should stay hidden for now and check in with Yun Jin)
Long Term Planning
(no other choice).
"Should we report it to the Millelith?"
(no other choice).
"There has to be some evidence at their base of operations..."
"Sure, leave it to me"
(no other choice).
"Yun Jin wrote this letter for you"
(no other choice).
"What does the letter say?"
(no other choice).
"She is quite amazing"
"Can you provide more evidence?"
"Maybe he's planning to fire you once you probation period ends?"
"I'm right here"
(no other choice).
"Funny, that contract's just what we came to discuss"
"Are we really just going to let him go?"
"Ah, I see what's going on"
(no other choice).
"I can't believe you even kept us in the dark..."
(no other choice).

Ending 4 - Brought Together By Common Interests

Brought Together By Common Interests

Branches & Major Choices

Guests from The Steambird
"Let's play it safe and book the interview in with your manager"
"They're gone"
(no other choice).
Yun Jin's Offstage Break
"Are you taking me to Wanmin Restaurant?"
"Extra chili, please"
"You serve drinks here?"
(no other choice).
"Milk tea"
"What do you want to do with the rest?"
(no other choice).
"Surely not..."
"Are you sure this is how the hot pot game is played..."
(no other choice).
(Take a sneak peek)
(Savor the flavor)
(Have another taste)
(no other choice).
(Really savor it)
"How did you drink this with a straight face!?"
(no other choice).
"Amazingly, it actually tastes pretty good"
"Mint, Jam, Slime Condensate"
"I never thought this is what you would be like offstage"
"That's a shame. Your offstage personality is definitely the cuter one"
"And I would've assumed you were serious all the time..."
"Let's get a photo!"
(no other choice).
Commemorative Photo
"So...goodbye for now?"
(no other choice).
"Right. You have a point"
(no other choice).
"I wasn't waiting long at all"
"Close my eyes? For a photo?"
(no other choice).

Ending 5 - A Souvenir Without Sentiment Is Of Little Worth

A Souvenir Without Sentiment Is Of Little Worth Yun Jin Ending 5

Branches & Major Choices

On Stage and Behind the Scenes
"The real you and the characters you play are nothing alike..."
"Your onstage persona is more striking. That's unavoidable."
"...An autographed photo of you?"
(no other choice).
"You had one prepared already"
(no other choice).
"So everyone has one..."
(no other choice).

Yun Jin's Hangout Event - Rewards & Achievements

Each Ending Unlocked Gives A Reward

Yun Jin hangout event rewards

Each Hangout Memory you unlock will give you various rewards relating to Yun Jin's hangout event!

Completing Endings Could Unlock Achievements

Yun Jin hangout event achievements
May This Moment Be Made To LastTake a commemorative photo with Yun Jin
The Lingering SongComplete "A Song That Knows Grace" and unlock all endings
A Strict Master Trains A Talented PupilComplete the practice session without hitting a single blue scarecrow

Completing an ending & going through all possible paths in the Hangout event can also give you access to obtain Primogems and unlock some achievements under the Wonders of the World Achievements List.

Check Out The All Achievements List

Yun Jin's Hangout Event - Release Date & How To Unlock

A New Hangout Event For 2.4

Release Date
January 5, 2022

Yun Jin's Hangout Event is expected to be released on January 5, 2022 and will be permanently available after the 2.4 Update.

2.4 Update & Patch Notes Details

How To Unlock

Complete The Crane Returns On The Wind

Complete The Crane Returns On The Wind

You must first complete the quest The Crane Returns On The Wind in order to unlock Yun Jin's hangout event.

The Crane Returns On The Wind Guide

Requires Story Keys To Unlock

Might Require Story Keys To Unlock

Requires 2 Story Keys to unlock the event and you can keep a maximum amount of 3 keys.

Complete Daily Commissions For Keys

Upon completing the Daily Commissions you will obtain a Story Key that will be needed to unlock the Hangout Event. These keys are the same keys to unlock a Story Quests.

Hangout Event Characters & Guides

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Anonymous 7

Nooooo that last one was soo sad. Poor Yunjin.

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That last one was so sad :((

Ivy 5

Damnit... That last ending broke my heart...

Anonymous 4

Last ending is kinda sad, she sees us as a friend and not as a fan, I didn't like to see Yunjin dissapointed.

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the food combination i got was crab roe, tofu and salt

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