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Noelle is a character in Genshin Impact 2.4 that uses Geo Claymore. See best builds, teams, weapons, skills, team, weapon, artifacts, voice actor for Noelle.

Noelle Tier & Set Up

Noelle Character Reviews

Noelle Other Details

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Noelle Character Tier & Rating

Reroll TierB Tier
Reroll Tier List
Character TierA Tier
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Noelle Character Type

Character TypeSupportHealerDPS

Noelle Best Build & Weapon

Noelle Main DPS Build

Before C6, the damage of Noelle scales from Defense and Attack. Balancing both stat would be the key to increasing the damage output of Noelle. At C6, focus on increasing the defense of Noelle.

Recommended Weapon

Redhorn StonethresherRedhorn StonethresherDEF is increased by 28%. Normal and Charged Attack DMG is increased by 40% of DEF.
Weapon Substitute
Serpent SpineSerpent Spine Every 4s a character is on the field, they will deal 6% more DMG and take 3% more DMG. This effect has a maximum of 5 stacks and will not be reset if the character leaves the field, but will be reduced by 1 stack when the character takes DMG.
WhiteblindWhiteblindOn hit, Normal or Charged Attacks increase ATK and DEF by 6% for 6s. Max 4 stacks. This effect can only occur once every 0.5s.

Recommended Artifacts

Husk Of Opulent DreamsHusk Of Opulent Dreams
4-Piece Set
2-Piece Set
DEF +30%
4-Piece Set
A character equipped with this Artifact set will obtain the Curiosity effect in the following conditions: When on the field, the character gains 1 stack after hitting an opponent with a Geo attack, triggering a maximum of once every 0.3s. When off the field, the character gains 1 stack every 3s. Curiosity can stack up to 4 times, each providing 6% DEF and a 6% Geo DMG Bonus. When 6 seconds pass without gaining a Curiosity stack, 1 stack is lost.
Artifact Substitute
Retracing BolideRetracing Bolide 2-Piece Set
Increases Shield Strength by 35%
4-Piece Set
While protected by a shield, gain an additional 40% Normal and Charged Attack DMG.

Recommended Artifact Stats

Artifact Main Stat
Sub Stat
Feather Icon Flat ATK (Unchangeable)
② CRIT Rate
③ DEF%
④ Energy Recharge
Flower IconFlat HP (Unchangeable)
② CRIT Rate
③ DEF%
④ Energy Recharge
Sands Icon DEF%
② CRIT Rate
③ ATK%
④ Energy Recharge
Goblet Icon Geo DMG Bonus%
② CRIT Rate
③ DEF%
④ Energy Recharge
Crown Icon CRIT DMG / CRIT Rate
② DEF%
③ Energy Recharge
④ ATK% / Flat DEF

DEF is recommended if you have a Constellation 6 Noelle. If before Constellation 6not, focusing on Attack would produce more DMG.

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Noelle Best Team Comp

Best Party For Noelle

Noelle is a flexible character that can easily fill in the gaps of any team. She can also work as a Main DPS with her powerful Burst. This Team focuses on making use of Noelle's Burst for continues and strong Geo DMG against enemies.

Premium Team

- Ningguang supports Noelle by giving energy for her Burst. She will also serve as a sub-DPS during the cooldown of Noelle.
- Bennett boost the ATK of Noelle enabling her to deal more powerful DMG.
- Xingqiu will use his Burst to add additional DMG while Noelle is attacking.
Character Substitutes
AlbedoAlbedoNingguangNingguang - Ningguang can also act as a Battery support to any Geo characters.
GorouGorouBennettBennett - Bennett can provide buff but it focuses on ATK instead of Defense.
XingqiuXingqiuFischlFischl- Fischl will give additional energy and DMG with Oz.

Free To Play Friendly Party

- Kaeya will be the source of Energy for Noelle.
- Amber can crowd control enemies with her E while providing Pyro Resonance with Xiangling
- Xiangling will defeat enemies that are resistant from Geo.

Noelle Ascension Materials

Materials Needed for Ascension

Noelle Talent Materials For Level-Up

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Noelle's Recommended Talent Priority

TalentLevel Up Priority
Normal Attack: Favonius Bladework - Maid★★★・・
Breastplate (Elemental Skill)★★★★★
Sweeping Time (Elemental Burst)★★★★・

Noelle's Skills & Talent List

TalentTalent Category
通常攻撃・西風剣術・メイドNormal Attack: Favonius Bladework - MaidNormal Attack
護心鎧BreastplateElemental Skill
大掃除Sweeping TimeElemental Burst
きれいさっぱりNice and CleanPassive 2
メイドの仕草Maid's KnighthoodPassive 3

Normal Attack: Favonius Bladework - Maid

Normal Attack

Perform up to 4 consecutive strikes.

1-Hit DMG79.1%
2-Hit DMG73.4%
3-Hit DMG86.3%
4-Hit DMG113%

Charged Attack

Drains Stamina over time to perform continuous spinning attacks against all nearby enemies. At end of the sequence, perform a more powerful slash.

Charged Attack Spinning DMG50.7%
Charged Attack Final DMG90.5%
Charged Attack Stamina Cost40.0/s
Max Duration5.0s

Plunging Attack

Plunges from mid-air to strike the ground below, damaging enemies along the path and dealing AoE DMG upon impact.

Plunge DMG74.6%
Low/High Plunge DMG149%/186%


Summons protective stone armor, dealing Geo DMG to surrounding enemies and creating a shield. The shield's DMG Absorption scales based on Noelle's DEF. The shield has the following properties:

- When Noelle's Normal and Charged Attacks hit a target, they have a certain chance to regenerate HP for all characters.
- Healing amount depends on Noelle's DEF
- Possesses 250% Absorption Efficiency against Geo DMG.

Skill DMG

Skill DMG120% DEF
DMG Absorption160% DEF +770
Healing21.3% DEF +103
Healing Triggering Chance50%

Sweeping Time

Gathering the strength of stone around her weapon, Noelle strikes the enemies surrounding her within a large AoE, dealing Geo DMG. Afterwards, Noelle gains the following effects:

- Larger attack AoE
- Converts attack DMG to Geo DMG
- Increased ATK that scales based on her DEF

Skill DMG

Elemental Burst DMG67.2%
Skill DMG92.8%
ATK Bonus40% DEF
Energy Cost60


When Noelle is in the party but not on the field, this ability triggers automatically when the active character's HP falls below 30%:
Creates a shield that lasts for 20s and absorbs DMG equal to 400% of Noelle's DEF. This effect can only occur once every 60s.

Nice and Clean

Every 4 Normal or Charged Attack hits will decrease the CD of Breastplate by 1s. Hitting multiple enemies with a single attack is only counted as 1 hit.

Maid's Knighthood

When a Perfect Cooking is achieved on an DEF-boosting dish, Noelle has a 12% chance to obtain double the product.

Noelle Character Set Up
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Talent Priority▼Constellation
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Noelle Constellations

Recommended Constellations For Noelle

Constellation 6 Is The Greatest DMG Boost For Noelle

At 6 constellation, Noelle's Defense will increase the Atk making Noelle fully scale on Defense. This will not only increase the damage of Noelle, it will also make Noelle easier to build.

Noelle Constellations

I Got Your Back
Unlocked at C1
While Sweeping Time and Breastplate are both in effect, the chance of Breastplate's healing effects activating is increased to 100%
Combat Maid
Unlocked at C2
Decreases the Stamina Consumption of Noelle's Charged Attacks by 20% and increases her Charged Attack DMG by 15%.
Invulnerable Maid
Unlocked at C3
Increases the Level of Breastplate by 3. Maximum upgrade level is 15.
To Be Cleaned
Unlocked at C4
When Breastplate's duration expires or it is destroyed by DMG, it will deal 400% ATK of Geo DMG to surrounding enemies.
Favonius Sweeper Master
Unlocked at C5
Increases the Level of Sweeping Time by 3. Maximum upgrade level is 15.
Must Be Spotless
Unlocked at C6
Sweeping Time increases Noelle's ATK by an additional 50% of her DEF. Additionally, every enemy defeated during the skill's duration adds 1s to the duration, up to 10s.

*C=Constellations, To upgrade constellations, you must aquire the same character more than once.

Noelle Character Set Up
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▲Talent PriorityConstellation
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How To Use Noelle ?

Recommended Rotation For Noelle

Recommended Rotation
1Use Elemental Skill to get energy.
2When Elemental Burst is ready, use it then spam normal attacks until its duration is over

Uses Of Noelle's Elemental Skill

Use To Get Shield

Make sure to only use Noelle's Elemental Skill during moments when you will most need a shield. This can be used to protect your main DPS or prevent Noelle from being interrupted during her attacks.

Uses Of Noelle's Elemental Burst

Continuous Geo Damage

Noelle's Burst will imbue her normal and charged attack with Geo. Use it during moments where enemies are vulnerable or when you've set up for the offensive.

Heals Allies When Normal Attacking

Allies are healed whenever Noelle's normal attacks hit an enemy while her Burst is active. As Noelle continuously dish out damage, the whole team will receive healing.

Strengths Of Noelle

Jack-Of-All-Trades Character

Noelle is a pretty versatile character because she can do a lot of things with her kit. She's a Shielder, a Healer, and a Geo DPS all at once! This saves a slot for a party team with how much she can do.

Weaknesses Of Noelle

Requires A Battery To Charge Burst

Because of how long her Elemental Skill cooldown is and how little energy it gives, Noelle will require a Battery to continously have her Elemental Burst up.

Works With Specific Comps

Because of Geo not having Elemental Reactions, Noelle works best with other Geo characters. She's a flexible support, but getting the most out of her will require building specific team comps.

Noelle Review & Ratings
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Noelle Reviews From Other Users

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Noelle Skins List

This character does not have a skin yet. Check back later!

Noelle Profile & Voice Actor

Noelle Basic Info & Voice Actor

Rarity4 Star
Voice Actor (EN)
Laura Faye Smith
Voice Actor (JA)
Kanon Takao
Hangout (Date) Event
Hangout Event - All Branches & Endings
March 21


Affiliation: Mondstadt
Noelle has much greater dreams and ambitions than other maids in the Knights of Favonius. Like anyone else in this city protected by the Knights of Favonius, she too dreams of donning the honored armor. Even if her skills are not enough to pass the rigorous selection trials, she still wishes to observe and learn from them every chance she gets. Aside from her training, she enjoys her current life, helping everyone in need. "You can leave absolutely anything to me!" That's her signature line. If there's anything that you need, Noelle is glad to be of help.

Noelle Story Overview

An Aspiring Knight

Noelle has always dreamed to be one of the Knight since she was a kid. She is a hard working, polite and gentle woman, however in terms of skills, she is still lacking.

Maid At The Knight's Headquarters

Currently works hard also as a maid at the Knights of Favonius' headquarters, but she still doesn't forget to conduct some training to improve herself.

Voicelines About Noelle

Voicelines About Noelle
AmberAmberYou wanna know about Noelle? She's super resilient. Still, since she's younger than us we should still look out for her.
BarbaraBarbaraNoelle is just the cutest! She's so kind and patient, you just feel totally relaxed when you're around her. ...Oh yeah, and she makes the tastiest snacks! Best part is, they're also healthy. Tee-hee!
BennettBennettNoelle's someone I've been watching for a while. She's really talented, and extremely hardworking. But somehow she's still a maid- the Knights of Favonius still haven't made her a knight. It's a shame, don't you think? Boy, if she switched to the Adventurers' Guild, she'd easily be one of the best there is.
JeanJeanNoelle... She's very trying in her pursuit to become a Knight of Favonius. However, I fear she is not quite ready for the dangers that lie beyond Mondstadt's walls.
KaeyaKaeyaI was entrusted by the Acting Grand Master to work in the background to support Noelle, but there hasn't been much for me to concern myself with — she has a good head on her shoulders. Quite the relief.
LisaLisaEvery time I ask Noelle to dust off the bookshelves, I'm always left with the sense that the more exhausted I make her, the happier she becomes. Yes, who knows what's going on with her... *chuckles*

No Story Quest As Of Now

More coming soon as we will update this section once Noelle's own story quest is officially released! Check back again to get more updates.

Noelle's Hangout Event


Check out Noelle's Hangout Event for the meantime while we are all waiting for Mihoyo to release her own story quest.

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Noelle In-Game Details

Special Dish Of Noelle

Dish Ingredients
Lighter-Than-Air PancakeLighter-Than-Air Pancake BerryBerry x3
FlourFlour x2
Bird EggBird Egg x1
All Special Dish List

Favorite Decoration Of Noelle

Favorite Decoration Sets
Amidst Whispering WindsAmidst Whispering WindsWeapon Forging StationWeapon Forging Station -

How Tall Is Noelle?

There is no in-game and official data regarding the height of Noelle. We compared characters and Noelle is Medium comparatively.

Effects In-Game

Character height gives advantages and disadvantages in-game. For instance, smaller characters will need to swim even at shallow waters but they easily dodge some enemies attacks or enter narrow entrances of caves.

How To Get Noelle?

Get From Wish Banners

The rate drop for Noelle is boosted at the following wish banners.

Banner AppearancesBanner Duration
Klee Rerun BannerSparkling Steps Banner Rerun06/29/21 to 07/20/21
Gentry of HermitageGentry of Hermitage04/28/21 - 05/18/21
Venti BannerVenti Banner03/17/21 - 04/06/21
Ganyu BannerGanyu Banner01/12/21 – 02/02/21
Albedo BannerAlbedo Banner Rerun11/24/21 to 12/14/21
Eula BannerEula Banner Rerun11/24/21 to 12/14/21
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Anonymous 6

is prototype archiac good for Noelle? and i build her w 2 pc Gladiator and 2 pc Archiac petrac tips would be nice on how to improve her i maxed her out too i'm AR 55

zeira 5

where did the healers build go :(

Anonymous 4

Whiteblind R2+ is better than Unforged

Kichiyou 3

Geo shields changed, with recent patch. Info needs updating. ^_^

Also, would "Gamblers" set be good on her?

Anonymous 2

yeah her c6 scales 50% of her def to attacks

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