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Kaeya is a character in Genshin Impact 4.3 that uses Cryo Sword. See best builds, teams, weapons, skills, weapon, artifacts, talent materials, rating, kit for & tier!

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Kaeya Tier

4 StarCryoCryoSword
How To Get?
Obtained through Wishes (Non-Limited Banner Only)
Obtained for free on Archon Quest.
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**The Tiers above are ranked in 6 levels. With SS being the highest and D the lowest.
Tiers: SS → S → A → B → C → D

** Tiers above are at Zero Constellations

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Kaeya Best Build

Kaeya Sub DPS Build

Substitute1. Skyward BladeSkyward Blade
2. Amenoma KageuchiAmenoma Kageuchi (F2P)
3. Festering DesireFestering Desire (F2P)
4. Favonius SwordFavonius Sword
5. The Alley FlashThe Alley Flash
Best ArtifactBlizzard StrayerBlizzard Strayer x2
Noblesse ObligeNoblesse Oblige x2
Artifact StatsSands: ATK%
Goblet: Cryo DMG Bonus
Circlet: CRIT Rate / DMG
Priority Sub-Stats 1. CRIT Rate or DMG
2. ATK%
3. Energy Recharge
4. Elemental Mastery

Strong Cryo Damager & Support For The Team

This build is excellent for elemental reactions especially melt damage. Freedom-Sworn is a great sword as it can provide buff for everyone, amplifying the whole team's damage output.

Kaeya Physical DPS Build

WeaponAquila FavoniaAquila Favonia
Substitute1. Primordial Jade CutterPrimordial Jade Cutter
2. The Black SwordThe Black Sword
3. Prototype RancourPrototype Rancour (F2P)
4. Fillet BladeFillet Blade (F2P)
BestPale FlamePale Flame x2
Bloodstained ChivalryBloodstained Chivalry x2
Artifact StatsSands: ATK%
Goblet: Physical DMG Bonus
Circlet: CRIT Rate / DMG
Priority Sub-Stats 1. CRIT Rate or DMG
2. ATK%
3. ATK
4. Energy Recharge

Great Physical DPS Especially For Beginners

Kaeya has a strong base attack making his normal attacks strong. Also, since he can inflict Cryo DMG easily, it is great to pair him with an Electro to trigger superconduct which increases the Physical DMG taken from enemies.

Character Build Forum

Kaeya Best Weapon

Kaeya Sub DPS Weapon

Best Weapons For Sub DPS Build

BestFreedom-SwornFreedom-SwornElemental Mastery 198 (Lvl. 90)
- Can give buffs to the team periodically
└ Additional Normal, Charged, & Plunge DMG and ATK%
- EM substat amplifies elemental reaction damage
2ndSkyward BladeSkyward BladeEnergy Recharge 55.1% (Lvl. 90)
- ER substat is helpful for the uptime of Burst
- Gives buffs to Kaeya upon using Burst
└ Additional Movement SPD, ATK SPD, and Normal & Charged Attack DMG
F2PAmenoma KageuchiAmenoma KageuchiATK 55.1% (Lvl. 90)
- Gain stacks for every Skill that can be converted for Energy (max 3 stacks)
└ Fits Kaeya's playstyle as sub DPS
- Craftable which makes it easy to refine
F2PFestering DesireFestering DesireEnergy Recharge 45.9% (Lvl. 90)
- ER substat is helpful for the uptime of Burst
- Can improve Kaeya's Skill DMG output
- Event-exclusive weapon which makes it easy to R5
5thFavonius SwordFavonius SwordEnergy Recharge 61.3% (Lvl. 90)
- ER substat is convenient for Burst uptime
- Chance to provide more Energy periodically upon CRIT Hits
└ Good battery for other characters in the team
6thThe Alley FlashThe Alley FlashElemental Mastery 55 (Lvl. 90)
- EM substat amplifies elemental reaction damage
- Highest base attack for 4* sword
- Increases DMG but becomes disabled for a period when Kaeya gets hit
F2PSkyrider SwordSkyrider SwordEnergy Recharge 52.1% (Lvl. 90)
- ER substat is helpful for the uptime of Burst
- Can give ATK% & Movement SPD upon using Burst
- Easy to refine & upgrade since it is 3*

Keep The Uptime Of Burst For Continuous Cryo DMG

Kaeya's Burst is great as it stays on the field even after switching to another character. Keeping the uptime of his Burst provides additional damage and a chance to trigger Cryo-related reactions.

Kaeya Physical DPS Weapon

Best Weapons For Physical DPS Build

BestAquila FavoniaAquila FavoniaPhysical DMG Bonus 41.3% (Lvl. 90)
- Currently the highest base attack for sword
- Provides ATK%
- Can protect you from single hit attacks periodically which can regenerate HP & deal damage to nearby enemies
2ndPrimordial Jade CutterPrimordial Jade CutterCRIT Rate 44.1% (Lvl. 90)
- CRIT Rate makes it convenient to achieve good CRIT stat ratio
└ Currently has the highest CRIT Rate for a sword
- Additional ATK base on HP
3rdThe Black SwordThe Black SwordCRIT Rate 27.6% (Lvl. 90)
- CRIT DMG makes it convenient to achieve good CRIT stat ratio
- Increases Normal & Charged Attack DMG
- Guaranteed from Battle Pass
F2PPrototype RancourPrototype RancourPhysical DMG Bonus 34.5% (Lvl. 90)
- Stacks can increase ATK% & DEF% (max 4 stacks)
- Craftable which is easier to refine
└ Can initially obtain from Katheryne by reaching AR 10
F2PFillet BladeFillet BladeATK 35.2% (Lvl. 90)
- Can inflict heavy damage to a single enemy periodically
- Easy to refine & upgrade since it is 3*

Aim For Sword With CRIT Stat Or Physical DMG Bonus

Kaeya's Normal Attack inflicts Physical DMG that can also land a CRIT Hit so it is recommended to use a sword with either CRIT Stat or Physical DMG Bonus as a secondary stat.

All Weapon List

Kaeya Best Artifacts

Kaeya Sub DPS Artifacts

Best Artifacts For Sub DPS Build

BestBlizzard StrayerBlizzard Strayer
Noblesse ObligeNoblesse Oblige
Substitute 1Noblesse ObligeNoblesse Oblige
Substitute 2Emblem Of Severed FateEmblem Of Severed Fate

Recommended Artifact Stats

Feather Icon Main: Flat ATK
Sub: CRIT DMG / CRIT Rate / ATK% / Elemental Mastery
Flower Icon Main: Flat HP
Sub: CRIT DMG / CRIT Rate / ATK% / Elemental Mastery
Sands Icon Main: ATK%
Sub: CRIT DMG / CRIT Rate / Energy Recharge / Elemental Mastery
Goblet Icon Main: Cryo DMG Bonus
Sub: CRIT DMG / CRIT Rate / Elemental Mastery / ATK%
Crown Icon Main: CRIT Rate / CRIT DMG
Sub: CRIT Rate / CRIT DMG / ATK% / Energy Recharge

Choose Between Kaeya's DMG Or Team Buff

The best & 2nd substitute can amplify Kaeya's Burst DMG while using 4-piece Noblesse Oblige can provide an ATK% buff to everyone that benefits the team. You can choose either of the recommended artifacts according to your preference.

Kaeya Physical DPS Artifacts

Best Artifacts For Phyislca DPS Build

BestPale FlamePale Flame
[2-Piece Set]
Bloodstained ChivalryBloodstained Chivalry
Substitute 1 GladiatorGladiator's Finale
Substitute 2 GladiatorAny ATK%
Bloodstained ChivalryAny Physical DMG Bonus

Recommended Artifact Stats

Feather Icon Main: Flat ATK
Sub: CRIT DMG / CRIT Rate / ATK% / Energy Recharge
Flower Icon Main: Flat HP
Sub: CRIT DMG / CRIT Rate / ATK% / Energy Recharge
Sands Icon Main: ATK%
Sub: CRIT DMG / CRIT Rate / Energy Recharge
Goblet Icon Main: Physical DMG Bonus
Sub: CRIT DMG / CRIT Rate / ATK% / Energy Recharge
Crown Icon Main: CRIT DMG / Rate
Sub: CRIT DMG / CRIT Rate / ATK% / Energy Recharge

Aim For Physical DMG Bonus & ATK%

It is not recommended to use 4-piece of either Pale Flame & Bloodstained Chivalry as the effects are situational. Instead, use artifacts whose 2-piece provides Physical DMG Bonus & ATK%.

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Kaeya Best Team Comp

Premium Party For Kaeya

Kaeya can work either as a physical main DPS or a Cryo burst Sub-DPS. His Burst is highly valuable since it's an on-field ability and can fit in most Cryo Reaction comps

Premium Team

Sub DPSMain DPSSupportSupport
- Kaeya's Burst is great to pair with Diluc for melt reaction.
- Diluc acts as the main DPS of the team. Switch between Diluc & Kaeya and maximize their Skills & Bursts to continuously trigger melt reaction. It is also best to use his Burst after Venti has compressed the lightweight enemies.
- Venti's Burst has crowd control that works well with either Kaeya or Diluc since whether it's Cryo or Pyro that gets swirled, it works for the team. His Burst also prevents enemies from being knocked back when hit by Diluc's Burst
- Bennett provides healing & ATK buff from his Burst. In addition, the team gains 25% ATK from Pyro resonance.

Other Characters That Works With Kaeya

DilucDiluc KleeKlee - All of Klee's attack apply Pyro, which is great to constantly proc Melt when Kaeya's Burst is active. Note that Klee is a bit more squishy than other Pyro characters, you need to be careful during engagements
- Kazuha's up time of Swirl is great for any Elemental Reaction team. Alternatively, you can also use Sucrose or Lynette if you don't have Kazuha to replace Venti
BennettBennettKokomiKokomi- Even if Kokomi does not have an ATK buff, she is a great Hydro applicator & healer.

Free To Play Friendly Party

DPSSub DPSSub DPSSupport
- Kaeya acts as the main DPS since his normal attack has a high multiplier which can inflict strong damage output.
- Xiangling is a great off-field Pyro DPS that can work well with Kaeya & Lisa to proc melt & overload. In addition, her Skill grants additional ATK when Guoba disappears.
- Lynette will provide an ATK buff for the team and will also provide Elemental shred with her Swirl
- Bennett gives healing & damage buff. In addition, you gain 25% ATK increase due to Pyro resonance.

Kaeya Guide - How To Use Kaeya?

Recommended Rotation For Kaeya

Recommended Rotation As Support
1Start with Elemental Skill and spam it until his Burst is up
2Unleash Burst then switch to another character to combo Elemental Reactions

Uses Of Kaeya's Elemental Skill

Quick Cryo Application

Quick Cryo Application

Kaeya's Elemental Skill is quick to match its very short cooldown. It can easily apply Cryo to enemies and with its short duration, it can be done in short successions.

Fast Way To Gather Energy

Fast Way To Gather Energy

Because of the short cooldown, Kaeya's Elemental Skill can easily be spammed to gather energy for his Burst. It's a pretty reliable way of ensuring he always has enough energy for his burst.

Uses Of Kaeya's Elemental Burst

Continuous Cryo Application

Continuous Cryo Application

Kaeya's Elemental Burst will apply Cryo to enemies hit by his circling icicles. So long as it's active, all enemies hit by it will receive Cryo damage.

Set-Up For Elemental Reactions

Set-Up For Elemental Reactions

As an on-field Burst, it's easy to pair Kaeya's Burst with another character to continuously deal Elemental Reactions. Just ensure you're near enough the enemies to apply Cryo to them with Kaeya's Burst.

Kaeya Ascension Materials

Lack materials in your world? Search for people who would like to help in this: Item Exchange Thread

Materials Needed for Level Ascension

Calla Lily Farm Routes

Calla Lily Farm Routes
Calla Lily Farm Routes

Talent Materials For Kaeya

Kaeya 's Recommended Talent Priority

TalentLevel Up Priority
Normal Attack: Ceremonial Bladework★★★★・
(Elemental Skill)
Glacial Waltz
(Elemental Burst)

Should You Get Or Wish For Kaeya?

Kaeya Is A Free Character


Kaeya can be obtained while finishing the tutorial of the game. Her constellations, however, can be obtained via Normal Banner. It is not recommended to pull for constellations using Primogems but instead use the Free Blue Fates that can be obtained through Battle Pass and Adventure Rank.

Strengths & Weakness Of Kaeya

- Can deal powerful Physical damage and spread Cryo.
 ↳ Can be either support or DPS
- Elemental Burst lasts for a long time and inflicts Cryo consistently
 ↳ Great at various Cryo comps such as Melt, Freeze, and Superconduct
- Sometimes takes reaction away from Main DPS
- The range of Kaeya's skills is not very wide

Best Constellation For Kaeya

Constellation 1 For DPS & Sub-DPS Kaeya

Constellation 1 will boost the Crit Rate of Kaeya making him a lot easier to build.

Constellation 6 Is Great For Burst Support Kaeya

An additional Icicle will be added in the Burst of Kaeya giving players a more stable Cryo infliction and a boost on damage with Constellation 6. This will be great for Burst support Kaeya.

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Anonymous 5

Hmmm C6 kaeya is on a godly level tho...

Anonymous 4

Im sorry, but i kinda disagree with kaeya being a sub dps, i think he is excellent as a main dps too. and if u first use kaeya's burst then diluc's then you can get more melt. since diluc has flames on him blade for a while, which is cleared if he leaves the field.

JiLaine 3

Aquila Favonia is also good for him if your doing physical damage Kaeya.

Anonymous 2


Anonymous 1

Finally. The only correct website that says Kaeya belong to A tier

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