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Yaoyao Guide for Genshin Impact 4.6. See Yaoyao's, best healer build, best weapon, tier, kit, rating, best artifact, & talent materials for Yaoyao.

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Yaoyao Tier & Review

4 StarDendroDendroPolearm
How To Get?
Obtained through Wishes
All Character Tier List

**The Tiers above are ranked in 6 levels. With SS being the highest and D the lowest.
Tiers: SS → S → A → B → C → D

** Tiers above are at Zero Constellations

Rate Yaoyao!

Strengths & Weakness Of Yaoyao

- Off-Field Dendro Healer allowing her to perform 2 roles at once.
- Decent healing that is enough to keep all of the members alive.
- Does not need Elemental Burst to heal.
- Elemental Burst cost is very high.
- Elemental Burst requires Yaoyao to be on-field which is most of the time a DPS loss if Yaoyao has full HP, it also prioritize attacking enemies instead of healing the off-field characters.
- Healing is pretty single target and is not that good at Coop.

Yaoyao Best Build

Yaoyao Healer Build

WeaponRightful Reward Rightful Reward
Substitute1. Black TasselBlack Tassel
2. Favonius LanceFavonius Lance
3. Kitain Cross SpearKitain Cross Spear
Best ArtifactTenacity Of The MillelithTenacity Of The Millelith x4
Artifact StatsSands: HP%
Goblet: HP%
Circlet: Healing Bonus%
Priority Sub-Stats 1. HP%
2. Energy Recharge
3. Elemental Mastery

This build focuses on increasing the healing capabilities of Yaoyao by increasing her HP. With Tenacity Of The Millelith artifact, she can also provide ATK and shield strength buff for the team. ER weapons are chosen because of her high Elemental Burst cost.

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Yaoyao Best Weapon

Yaoyao Healer Build Weapons

BestRightful RewardRightful RewardHP 27.6% (Lvl. 90)
- Decent HP Stat Stick.
- Gives energy after healing making it an amazing weapon for Yaoyao.
1stBlack TasselBlack TasselHP 46.9% (Lvl. 90)
- Great HP Stat Stick.
- Effect is not that useful but can easily be refined because it is a 3 star weapon.
2ndStaff Of HomaStaff Of HomaCRIT DMG 66.2% (Lvl. 90)
- Increases HP by 20% increasing the healing.
- Its ability to increase ATK and CRIT Stats also allows the increase of DMG.
- There are many characters that wants this weapon, however.
3rd Favonius LanceFavonius LanceEnergy Recharge 30.6% (Lvl. 90)
- Great only because it provides additional energy for the team.
- Does not help in increasing heals but increases up-time of Elemental Burst.

For Healer focused build, weapon that increases HP are preferred. As a stat stick, Black Tassel is the preferred weapon because of its amazing HP Stats. If you do not have HP weapons, ER weapons works great as well.

Yaoyao Dendro Reaction Weapons

BestMoonpiercerMoonpiercerElemental Mastery 110 (Lvl. 90)
- Great weapon for Dendro characters since it increases ATK and EM.
- Free-to-Play but the recipe can only be obtained on later games.
2ndKitain Cross SpearKitain Cross SpearElemental Mastery 110 (Lvl. 90)
- EM Sub-stat great for reaction builds.
- Increases Energy when using Elemental Skill.
3rdDragonDragon's BaneElemental Mastery 221 (Lvl. 90)
- Highest EM Sub-Stat for 4 Star Polearm.
- Ability limits the teams you can use.

When using Yaoyao as a Dendro Driver, increasing her Elemental Mastery is very crucial. Use EM weapons with additional effects for the best performance.

All Weapon ListAll Weapon List

Yaoyao Best Artifacts

Yaoyao Healer Build Artifacts

Best Artifacts For Healer Build

BestTenacity Of The MillelithTenacity Of The Millelith
Substitute 1Maiden BelovedMaiden Beloved

Artifact Stat Priority

Flower IconMain: Flat HP
Sub: HP% / Elemental Mastery / Energy Recharge
Feather IconMain: Flat ATK
Sub: HP% / Elemental Mastery / Energy Recharge
Sands IconMain:HP%
Sub: Energy Recharge / ATK% / CRIT Rate / CRIT DMG
Goblet IconMain: HP%
Sub: Elemental Mastery / ATK% / CRIT Rate / CRIT DMG
Crown IconMain: Healing Bonus / HP%
Sub: HP% / Elemental Mastery / Energy Recharge

Tenacity Of The Millelith Is Preferred

Because of the additional buffs from ToM, it is the preferred option. However, if you think the healing is lacking, Maiden Beloved is also good.

Yaoyao Dendro Reaction Build Artifacts

Best Artifacts For Dendro Reaction

BestDeepwood MemoriesDeepwood Memories
Substitute 1
(For Bloom)
Flower Of Paradise LostFlower Of Paradise Lost
Substitute 2Gilded DreamsGilded Dreams

Artifact Stat Priority

Flower IconMain: Flat HP
Sub: Elemental Mastery / Energy Recharge / HP%
Feather IconMain: Flat ATK
Sub: Elemental Mastery / Energy Recharge / HP%
Sands IconMain:Elemental Mastery
Sub: Energy Recharge / ATK% / HP%
Goblet IconMain: Elemental Mastery / Dendro DMG Bonus
Sub: Elemental Mastery / Energy Recharge / ATK% / HP%
Crown IconMain: Elemental Mastery
Sub: Energy Recharge / ATK% / HP%

For Reactions, Increasing EM Is Recommended

To increase the DMG of reactions, increasing EM is recommended. If you want to use Yaoyao in Nilou team, Flower Of Paradise Lost, is recommended. For flexibility, Deepwood Memories and Gilded Dreams is good. Deepwood Memories is preferred if you have other Dendro Character in the team.

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Yaoyao Best Team Comp

Premium Team

- Yaoyao can be an off-field dendro and healer.
- Cyno works well with any off-field Dendro because he needs reactions.
- Fischl is for energy regeneration of the party.
- Nahida for Elemental Resonance.
- Characters that reacts well with Dendro or Dendro characters can work well as a main DPS with a Dendro healer.
Raiden ShogunRaiden Shogun
- Choose the Sub-DPS or Support based on the DPS that you are gonna use.

Free To Play Friendly Party

- This team is a Spread-Hyperbloom team that is composed of easily obtained 4 star characters.
- A Dendro Healer works well with DPS Lisa.
- Collei for Resonance and additional Dendro infliction to enemies.
- Xingqiu for Extra DMG and Hydro infliction.

Yaoyao Ascension Materials

Lack materials in your world? Search for people who would like to help in this: Item Exchange Thread

Materials Needed for Level Ascension

Talent Materials For Yaoyao

Yaoyao 's Recommended Talent Priority

TalentLevel Up Priority
Normal Attack: Toss 'N' Turn Spear★★・・・
Raphanus Sky Cluster
(Elemental Skill)
Moonjade Descent
(Elemental Burst)

Yaoyao Skill Guide & How To Use Yaoyao

Recommended Rotation For Yaoyao

Recommended Rotation
1Use Elemental Skill and switch to the main DPS.
2Deal damage using the Main DPS.
3Repeat from Number 1.
*Use Elemental Burst if active and when you have off-field set ups.

Uses Of Yaoyao's Elemental Skill

Elemental Skill Summons A Bunny That Heals & Attacks

Elemental Skill

For Elemental Skill, Yaoyao summons a bunny that throws radish to enemies. It deals damage to the enemy while healing when you are close to the radish.

The Bunny Targets The Player When Players Have Low HP

The Bunny mainly targets the enemies but when a player with less than 75% HP is within its area, it will target that player.

Uses Of Yaoyao's Elemental Burst

Elemental Burst Summons 3 Bunnies At The Same Time

Elemental Burst summons 3 Rabbits instead of 1 that attacks the opponents and heal the team.

Elemental Burst Disappears Once Yaoyao Is Off-Field

The 3 raddish-throwing rabbits will disappear once Yaoyao leaves the field so make sure to not quickly switch out when using Yaoyao's Elemental Burst.

Provides Additional Buff To Yaoyao

The following buff will be given to Yaoyao after using Elemental Burst. This will also disappear upon leaving the field.

  • Movement Speed +15%
  • Dendro Resistance + 50%
  • Yaoyao throw Raddish during Jump or Dash (After unlocking Starscatter)

Yaoyao Wish & Constellation Guide

Should You Get Or Wish For Yaoyao?

Pull For Dendro Healer

Yaoyao is a rare Dendro healer. This allows her to perform several roles at the same time. She is especially great for Bloom teams. If you need a healer for your dendro reaction teams, Yaoyao is a good character to pull.

Best Constellation For Yaoyao

★★★・・C1: Adeptus's Tutelage
When White Jade Radishes explode, active characters within their AoE will gain 15% Dendro DMG Bonus for 8s and have 15 Stamina restored to them. This form of Stamina Restoration can only be triggered every 5s.
★★★★・C2: Innocent
While affected by the Adeptal Legacy state caused by Moonjade Descent, if White Jade Radish explosions hit opponents, 3 Energy will be restored to Yaoyao. This form of Energy regeneration can occur once every 0.8s.
★★★・・C3: Loyal Kind
Increases the Level of Raphanus Sky Cluster by 3. Maximum upgrade level is 15.
★★★★★C4: Winsome
After using Raphanus Sky Cluster or Moonjade Descent, Yaoyao's Elemental Mastery will be increased based on 0.3% of her Max HP for 8s. The maximum Elemental Mastery she can gain this way is 120.
★★★・・C5: Compassionate
Increases the Level of Moonjade Descent by 3. Maximum upgrade level is 15.
★★・・・C6: Beneficent
For every 2 White Jade Radishes Yuegui: Throwing Mode throws out, the next throw will also release a Mega Radish that will have a larger AoE than the standard White Jade Radish and have the following effects upon exploding:
- Deals AoE Dendro DMG based on 75% of Yaoyao's ATK
- Restores HP for the active character based on 7.5% of Yaoyao's Max HP
Every Yuegui: Throwing Mode can throw out a maximum of 2 Mega Radishes.

Constellation 4 Is Great For Hybrid Builds

Constellation 4 gives Yaoyao up to 150 Elemental Mastery depending on her HP. With this, you can easily build Yaoyao into a strong healer and a decent Dendro reaction character.

Yaoyao Skills & Talents Details

Normal Attack: Toss 'N' Turn Spear

Normal Attack

Performs up to 4 consecutive spear strikes.
1-Hit DMG51.0%55.2%59.3%65.2%69.4%74.1%80.7%87.2%93.7%100.8%107.9%
2-Hit DMG47.4%51.3%55.2%60.7%64.5%69.0%75.0%81.1%87.2%93.8%100.4%
3-Hit DMG4%+32.9%34.0%+35.6% 36.5%+38.3%40.1%+42.1%42.7%+44.8%45.6%+47.9%49.6%+52.1%53.6%+56.3%57.6%+60.5%62%+65.1%66.4%+69.7%
4-Hit DMG77.9%84.3%90.6%99.7%106.0%113.3%123.2%133.2%143.1%154.1%164.9%

▲Use side-scroll to see percentage per level.

Charged Attack

Consumes a certain amount of Stamina to lunge forward, dealing damage to opponents along the way.

▲Use side-scroll to see percentage per level.

Plunging Attack

Plunges from mid-air to strike the ground below, damaging opponents along the path and dealing AoE DMG upon impact.
Plunge DMG63.9%69.1%74.3%81.8%87.0%93.0%101.1%109.3%117.5%126.4%135.3%
Low Plunge DMG128%138%148%164%174%186%202%219%235%253%271%
High Plunge DMG160%173%186%204%217%232%253%273%293%316%338%

▲Use side-scroll to see percentage per level.

Raphanus Sky Cluster (Elemental Skill)

Calls upon Yuegui: Throwing Mode, a special device created by a certain adeptus to help Yaoyao solve her problems. This skill will be used differently in Holding Mode.


Enters Aiming Mode to adjust the throw direction.

Yuegui: Throwing Mode

Throws out White Jade Radishes that will explode upon hitting characters or opponents, dealing Dendro DMG to opponents within a certain AoE, and healing characters within that same AoE based on Yaoyao's Max HP. If a radish does not hit either an opponent or a character, the radish will remain where it is and explode on contact with a character or opponent, or will explode after its duration expires. Yuegui: Throwing Mode will choose its radish-throw targets.
・If all nearby characters have more than 70% HP remaining, then it will throw the radish at a nearby opponent.
・If nearby characters have 70% or less HP remaining, it will throw a radish at the character with the lowest HP percentage remaining. If no opponents exist nearby, Yuegui will throw White Jade Radishes at characters even if they all have more than 70% HP remaining.
A maximum of 2 instances Yuegui: Throwing Mode can exist at any one time.
Radish DMG
1.71% Max HP+1651.84% Max HP+1821.97% Max HP+1992.14% Max HP+2192.27% Max HP+2392.40% Max HP+2612.57% Max HP+2852.74% Max HP+3102.91% Max HP+3363.09% Max HP+3633.26% Max HP+3923.43% Max HP+4223.64% Max HP+454

▲Use side-scroll to see percentage per level.

Moonjade Descent

At the enjoinment of a certain adeptus, Yuegui's full potential can be unleashed in an emergency, dealing Dendro DMG to nearby opponents and entering an (in some sense) unsurpassed Adeptal Legacy state.

Adeptal Legacy

・White Jade Radishes generated will be changed to heal and deal DMG according to this skill. Explosions will heal all nearby party members, and the Dendro DMG that they deal will be viewed as Elemental Burst DMG instead.
・Summons Yuegui: Jumping Mode at intervals until their limit has been reached. The behavior of this version of Yuegui is the same as that of Yuegui: Throwing Mode in the Elemental Skill, Raphanus Sky Cluster. A maximum of 3 Yuegui: Jumping Mode can exist at any one time.
・Yaoyao's Movement SPD is increased by 15%.
・Yaoyao's Dendro RES will be increased.
The Adeptal Legacy state will end once Yaoyao is off-field, and all remaining Yuegui: Jumping Mode will be cleared once this state ends.
Skill DMG114.6%123.2%131.7%143.2%151.8%160.4%171.8%183.3%194.8%206.2%217.7%229.1%243.4%
White Jade
Radish DMG
72.2% 77.6%83.0%90.2%95.6%101.0%108.2%115.5%122.7%129.9%137.1%144.3%153.3%
White Jade
Radish Healing
2.02% Max HP+1942.17% Max HP+2142.32% Max HP+2352.52% Max HP+2572.67% Max HP+2822.82% Max HP+3083.03% Max HP+3353.23% Max HP+3643.43% Max HP+3953.63% Max HP+4273.83%Max HP+4614.03% Max HP+4974.29% Max HP+534

▲Use side-scroll to see percentage per level.


While affected by the Adeptal Legacy state caused by Moonjade Descent, Yaoyao will constantly throw White Jade Radishes at nearby opponents when she is sprinting, jumping, or running. She can throw 1 White Jade Radish this way once every 0.6s.

In Others' Shoes

When White Jade Radishes explode, active characters within their AoE will regain HP every 1s based on 0.8% of Yaoyao's Max HP. This effect lasts 5s.

Tailing On Tiptoes

When Yaoyao is in the party, your characters will not startle Crystalflies and certain other animals when getting near them. Check the "Other" sub-category of the "Living Beings / Wildlife" section in the Archive for creatures this skill works on.

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Anonymous 28

What about [Golden Trope]? The 4pc set will might helped her Skill with alot of DMG

Anonymous 27

The new weapon recipe that the blacksmith in Fontaine gives you is great for her

Anonymous 26

Mona/Yelan/Yaoyao/Tighnari... I'm new at AR45. So far this set up is fun and easy since Mona and Tighnari skills keep enemies aggroed to one spot along with the bloom cores.

Anonymous 25

shes actually a great pair with yae
1 team with yaoyao miko,
the other team with nahida + ...........

Lynx 24

As a new gamer, Yaoyao has been my life-saver. I am building her as an all-rounder. You can't take her off field in her EB, but it's hardly a weakness if she can take the enemies down by herself. Also, she has Xiao's Jade as her weapon. XD

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