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All World Quest List - Locations & How To Unlock
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All World Quest List - Locations & How To Unlock

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World quests missions in Genshin Impact. This guide includes list of all available world quests, guide, locations, how to unlock, & more.

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How To Unlock World Quest

  • 1. Talk to NPCs with an Exclamation Point
  • 2. Raise your Adventure Rank
  • 3. Unlocks as the story progresses

Talking To NPCs

Talking To NPCs

While out exploring, you may run across NPCs that have an exclamation mark above their heads. Approach and talk to them in order to trigger the start of the World Quest!

Raising Your Adventure Rank

Raising Your Adventure Rank

Raising your Adventure Rank will also raise the world level and may even unlock new areas. It is recommended to raise your adventure rank as you may find new areas with NPCs that you can talk to for quests!

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Progressing The Story

Progressing The Story

New World Quests may appear when you get past a certain point of the main story! Make sure to progress the main story too!

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Mondstadt World Quests

How To Unlock Mondstadt World Quests

World QuestHow To Unlock
Adventure Rank Ascension 1Reach Adventure Rank 25
Adventure Rank Ascension 2Reach Adventure Rank 35
Adventure Rank Ascension 4Reach Adventure Rank 50
After The StormTalk to Wagner the Blacksmith in Mondstadt
Break The Sword Cemetery SealTalk to Dr. Livingstone in the Dadaupa Gorge
Busy Adventurers' GuildTalk to Katheryne in Mondstadt
Collector of Anemo SigilsTalk to Marjorie after reaching Adventure Rank 9
Solo VentureTalk to Jack
Flighty Flora... and FloraTalk to a girl at a flower shop behind the main gat
In The Aftermath Talk to Hoffman patrolling the Mondstadt
Lianne's TroublesTalk to Lianne
Lingering MaladyTalk to Aramis in front of the Mondstadt cathedral
Lynn's TroubleUnlocks by Visiting Starsnatch Cliff, Monstadt
Mondstadt And Its ArchonTalk to Grace at the plaza in front of Mondstadt Cathedral
New Horizons of AdventureFound in Mondstadt after clearing Act 2
Pallad's DilemmaUnlocks by visiting Windwail Highland, Mondstadt
Question & AnswerTalk to a guard at the main gate
Scent On The WindTalk to Sara in Mondstadt
Not To Be MissedTBD
Wisdom Of Ancient CivilizationsTalk to Timaeus in Mondstadt
Time And The WindReach the island to the East of Stormbearer Point
Every Day A New AdventureTalk To Katheryne In Mondstadt
Time Waits For No ManTBD
Windrise, WindfallTalk to Elzer inside the Dawn Winery
Sharpening The Axe Won't Hinder The WorkTalk to Wagner the blacksmith in Mondstadt
Ah, Fresh Meat Finish In The Mountain and talk to the Chef at Dragonspine Encamptment.
Equivalent Exchange To be confirmed.
A Land EntombedGet one of 3 Ancient Investigation Journal
The Great Mountain Survey ITalk to Esther n the north of Wyrmrest Valley
The Great Mountain Survey IIClear The Great Mountain Survey I and talk to Esther
Lost In The Snow talk to Joel near the entrance of Dragonspine
Equivalent ExchangeComplete "Tales Of Winter" daily comission and talk to Viktor at the Cathedral
When the Trail Goes ColdTalk to Katheryne at Mondstadt

Liyue World Quests

How To Unlock Liyue World Quests

World QuestHow To Unlock
A Little GameTalk to Childish Jiang near the North of Mt. Tianheng
A Quiet Day In Liyue HarborTalk to Nervous An in Liyue Harbor (AR30 required)
A Lone Ship In GuyunTBD
A Provisional ArrangementTBD
And This Treasure Goes To...Save Alrani near Lingju Pass
Big BusinessTalk to Land at Wangshu Inn
Book Of The WoodsUnlockable by talking a girl standing on Wuwang Hill
Luhua LandscapeTalk to Vermeer in near Luhua Pool
Pressing DeadlineTalk to Clerk Zhao in Liyue Harbor
Share Not Your TreasuresFind a worn letter near Guili Plains
The Chi of GuyunTalk to Yan'er near the teleport point located in the South of Wuwang Hill
The Ocean PearlGet on the ship near Liyue Harbor
The Tree Who Stands AloneTalk to Yuan Hong in Mingyun Village
The Yaksha's WishInteract with the Ruin Tablet in Jueyun Karst
Thief-CatcherTalk to Cyrus in Mondstadt
Trails In TianqiuInteract with Ancient Tablet in Tianqiu Valley
Treasure Lost, Treasure FoundTalk to Soraya near the ruin located to the South of Guili Plains
Will Of StoneTalk to Jiayi in Liyue Harbor
Nine Pillars Of PeaceInteract with the Ruin on Cuijue Slope
Snapshots Talk to Xu at Liyue Harbor.
Fishing For Jade Talk to Kun in Liyue Harbor.
Return Of the Jade Chamber Talk to Kun At Liyue Harbor.
An Ode to Yonder CityTalk to Qingzhou in Wangshu Inn
Changchang's Little FriendTalk to Chanchang in Liyue Harbor
Endless ResearchTalk to Alrani in Liyue Harbor
Necessary ProceduresTalk to Ivanovich in Liyue Harbor
The Adventurer's Guild's AffairsTalk to Lan in Liyue Harbor's Adventurers' Guild
The Secret of NantianmenTalk to Jiayi in Liyue Harbor
Words Worth Their Weight in MoraTalk to Jifang in Liyue Harbor
An Adeptal SummonsGo to Mt. Aozang after completing Chapter 1: Act 1
Tianqiu Treasure TrailTalk to Lan at Liyue Harbor's Adventure Guild
There's No Restoring This Past Land Of BeautyTalk to Zhipping near Liyue Harbor
Perfect Shot Clear after the event Five Flushes Of Fortune
Mr. MelancholySpeak to Yingzhu in Stone Gate
A Dish Beyond Mortal Ken Talk to Smiley Yanxiao.

Inazuma World Quests

How To Unlock Inazuma World Quests

World QuestHow To Unlock
Katheryne in InazumaTalk to Katheryne in Inazuma City
Chisato's LetterProgress through Archon Quest Chapter 2 Act 1
Cleansing DefilementPart of the Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual quest line
Yougou CleansingPart of the Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual quest line
A Strange Story in KondaTalk to the Shrine Maiden in the altar before Konda Village
Sacrificial OfferingPart of the Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual quest line
Hayashi of TanukiPart of the Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual quest line
Tatara TalesGo To Kujou Encampment
Sakura ArborismComplete Tatara Tales side quest
Dreams of SwordSearch for the Nameless Samurai in Tatarasuna
Orobashi's LegacyTalk to Kaji south of Fort Fujitou
Treatment on the IslandTalk to Yasumoto south of Fort Fujitou
Gazing Three Thousand Miles AwaySPeak with Chouji in Jakotsu Mine
Sinister InstructionReceived after praying for 4 days to the altar next to Washizu in Serpent's Head
Hiromi's WatchGo to the beach in Inazuma City and talk to Hiromi
In Another LandTalk to Alrani in Ritou
The Seventh SamuraiTBD
Fate of a FighterMust complete Archon Quest Chapter 2 Act 2. Found in Nazuchi Beach
The Seashore Strider (The Gourmet Supremos)Talk to Xudong in Kannazuka
The Ritou RoadInteract with the Hatch hidden in Ritou
The Deep Divers (The Gourmet Supremos)Talk To Xudong In Serpent's Head
Of Shrines and Sakura (The Gourmet Supremos)Go to the Grand Narukami Shrine and talk to Xudong
On the Road (The Gourmet Supremos)Talk To Xudong In Inazuma City
Gourmet Supremos, Assemble!Find Xudong in the area before Konda Village
Temaria GameTalk to Ki Kujirai in Inazuma City's outskirts
The Art of HorticultureReach level 3 reputation in Inazuma City
Pizza From Another LandSpeak to Kiminami Anna in Inazuma City
The Farmer's TreasureFree the cgaed man in Jiren Island
Phantom Flow: Phantasmal BladeUnlocked during Phantom Flow Event
Facing Distant EchoesTBD
The Commission's CommissionTalk to the Commission in Kamisato Estate.
Hilichurl HullabalooBounty Quest
Kairagi ChaosBounty Quest
Vagrant HavocBounty Quest
Monster MayhemBounty Quest
Fatuous FarceBounty Quest
Automaton AttackBounty Quest
Kairagi-Vagrant PandemoniumBounty Quest
International Travel LogTalk to Midori in Inazuma City
Sanden's Resource RequestReputation Quest
Murakami's Meal-MakingReputation Quest
Riku's Eggy EndeavorReputation Quest
Kanra's ThoughtsReputation Quest
Kano Nana's Healthy DietReputation Quest
Kozue's IronworkReputation Quest
Matsumoto's Fried Egg FracasReputation Quest
Yata Kouki's Order of OreReputation Quest
Home Lies Over the OceanTalk to Atsuko in Liyue Harbor
Battle of RevengeTalk to Asakura after defeating him within 30 seconds on a daily commission.
Yae Publishing House's InvitationTalk to Aratani in Inazuma City
O Archon, Hear Me!Part of Daily Commissions
O Shrine, Show Your Power Once Again!Part of Daily Commissions
O Archon, Have I Done Right?Part of Daily Commissions
Breakthrough ThinkingPart of Daily Commissions

2.1 Inazuma World Quest

World QuestHow To Unlock
The Moon-Bathed DeepTalk To Tsuyuko In Mouun Shrine
Divine Plant of the DepthsTalk To Komaki In Bourou Village
Solitary Sea-BeastTalk to Kumi in Mouun Shrine
Seirai StormchasersTalk to Inazuma Katheryne
Relics of Seirai Locate and approach Fujiwara Toshiko in the Koseki Village
Reminiscence of SeiraiExamine the Small shrine at Seirai Island
Offering Box (Neko Is A Cat)Finish Seirai Stormchasers and talk to Neko
Wooden Rack (Neko Is A Cat)Finish Seirai Stormchasers and talk to Neko
The Children (Neko Is A Cat)Finish Seirai Stormchasers and talk to Neko
Shrine Recipe (Neko Is a Cat)Finish Seirai Stormchasers and talk to Neko
Cat And Stone (Neko Is A Cat)Finish Seirai Stormchasers and talk to Neko
Stone Human's Troubles (Neko Is A Cat)Finish Seirai Stormchasers and talk to Neko
Exploding PopulationUnlock Serenitea Pot System and talk to Mondstadt Katheryne
To Thee My Tender Grief ConfidePart of Lunar Realm Event
Over the MoonPart of Lunar Realm Event
By Thy Pale Beams I Solitary RovePart of Lunar Realm Event
Shrine Canteen (Neko Is A Cat)Finish Seirai Stormchasers and talk to Neko
Ding-a-Ling Metal Ball (Neko Is A Cat)Finish Seirai Stormchasers and talk to Neko
A Good Turn Comes Late (Neko Is a Cat)Finish Seirai Stormchasers and talk to Neko
A Fishy Flavor (Neko Is A Cat)Feed the cats on the small shrine
The Cat's Trail (Neko Is A Cat)Find Konbumaru around the Asase Shrine
Shrine Cleanup (Neko Is A Cat)Complete the quest by cleaning the dirt around the shrine
The Moon Has RisenTBD
Storytelling MethodTBD
Fertilizer... Salesperson?TBD
The Narukami TrailTBD

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Anonymous 4

For the seventh samurai as the part of inazuma world quest i believe you have to finish tatara tales first, then you go to the island to the east of inazuma castle, notrh part of the coast specifically. You'll need to talk to xavier

Anonymous 3

About Equivalent Exchange, it's a side quest given by a Fatui guy in the Church. Idk about any sorta pre-requisite but I DID do a Daily comm. given by the same guy so, maybe that is it?

? 2

Windrise, Windfall is a world quest you can unlock by talking to Elzer in Dawn Winery if I remember correctly.

M 1

I'm sure you know this already, but haven't updated this page, but to access a lone ship in guyun, there is a ship to the east of the guyun stone forest. To get there, glide from the peak of the island that the domain of guyun is on to the ship, or use a cryo character.

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