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Genshin Kirara Build & Weapon

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Kirara Guide for Genshin Impact 4.6. See Kirara's, kit, best weapon, best artifact, talent & ascension material to upgrade, how to use, & best build (Support, DPS) for Kirara.

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Kirara Tier & Review

4 StarDendroDendroSword
How To Get?
Obtained through Wishes
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**The Tiers above are ranked in 6 levels. With SS being the highest and D the lowest.
Tiers: SS → S → A → B → C → D

** Tiers above are at Zero Constellations

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What Kind Of Character Is Kirara?

Kirara Is A Defensive Dendro Character


Kirara is a dendro character that produces shield with her skills. She can be an effective defensive alternative to various characters in Dendro team. She can also provide instantaneous damage with her powerful Elemental Burst.

Superb 4-Star Character With Shield

Kirara's kit is primarily for providing defensive support thru her shield. She is one of the best 4-star shielders available and her shield comes close to the shield of Zhongli when it comes to durability.

Strengths & Weakness Of Kirara

- Decent shielder & good unit for exploration since she lets you save stamina.
- Shield can provide buffs when constellations are unlocked.
- Can fit into most team comps, especially those are great to pair with Dendro
- Buffs are unlocked in constellations
- Shield has a short duration but can be sustained

Kirara Best Build

Kirara Is Best Built As A Shielder But Can Be A Damage Dealer

Kirara's kit allows her to be an amazing damage dealer. She also has powerful Elemental Burst and frequent on-field dendro infliction with her Elemental Skill. For guide and details on how to build see below:

Kirara Support Build

WeaponKey Of Khaj-NisutKey Of Khaj-Nisut
Substitute1. The DockhandThe Dockhand's Assistant
2. XiphosXiphos' Moonlight
3. Sapwood BladeSapwood Blade (F2P)
Best ArtifactTenacity Of The MillelithTenacity of the Millelith x2
VourukashaVourukasha's Glow x2
Artifact StatsSands: HP%
Goblet: HP%
Circlet: HP%
Priority Sub-Stats 1. HP%
2. Elemental Mastery
3. Energy Recharge
4. Flat HP

This build focuses on improving the durability of Kirara's shield making Kirara a great support for the team. With Key of Khaj-Nisut, she can also increase the Elemental Mastery of the team.

Kirara DPS Build

WeaponPrimordial Jade Cutter Primordial Jade Cutter
Substitute1. Light Of Foliar IncisionLight Of Foliar Incision
2. Skyward BladeSkyward Blade
3. Iron StingIron Sting (F2P)
Best ArtifactGilded Dreams Gilded Dreams x4
Artifact StatsSands: Elemental Mastery
Goblet: Dendro DMG Bonus
Circlet: CRIT Rate / DMG
Priority Sub-Stats 1. CRIT Rate or DMG
2. HP%
3. Elemental Mastery
4. Energy Recharge

This build focuses on increasing Kirara's damage output. Use this build if you want to use Kirara as damage dealer for Nuke DMG or Elemental Skill DMG.

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Kirara Best Weapon

Best Weapon For Kirara Depends On The Role

You can use Kirara as a shielder or a decent damage dealer with Elemental Skill and Burst. Depending on the role, the stats you focus on and the weapon changes. For type of weapons and F2P option, see the list below:

Weapon Ranking & Comparison For Shielder Support Kirara

BestKey Of Khaj-NisutKey Of Khaj-Nisut HP 66.2% (Lvl. 90)
- Great HP Buff of 80%
- Increases the Elemental Mastery of the team that scales from Kirara's HP
- Kirara can maximize this weapon since it can strengthen the durability of her shield and provide EM buff to the team
2ndFreedom-SwornFreedom-SwornElemental Mastery 198 (Lvl. 90)
- Provides buff to the team making Kirara a better support
- Great Elemental Mastery Stick enabling powerful reactions from Kirara
- Does not improve shield but useful for its buffs
3rdThe DockhandThe Dockhand's AssistantHP 41.3% (Lvl. 90)
- Greatly increase HP of Kirara.
- Also increases Elemental Mastery increasing the damage of Kirara.
4thXiphosXiphos' MoonlightElemental Mastery 165 (Lvl. 90)
- Slightly increases the team's ER
- EM can improve the damage of Dendro-related reactions done by Kirara.
Sapwood BladeSapwood BladeEnergy Recharge 30.6% (Lvl. 90)
- Able to provide an EM buff to 1 character thru seed
- Can easily refine since this weapon can be crafted
Favonius SwordFavonius Sword Energy Recharge 61.3% (Lvl. 90)
- Able to provide additional Energy Particles for the team
- CRIT Rate is necessary to maximize its effect.
- Does not help much on increasing the durability of her shields

It is recommended to go for a sword that increase HP% for tougher shields. Key of Khaj-Nisut is great because of HP increase and EM buff for the team which is great for Kirara itself and most of the team that prefers Kirara.

DPS Kirara Weapon Ranking & Comparison

BestPrimordial Jade CutterPrimordial Jade CutterCRIT Rate 44.1%(Lvl. 90)
- Boost HP for Shields and ATK based on HP making Kirara's ATK deal decent DMG.
- CRIT Rate buff makes it easier to build Kirara.
2ndLight Of Foliar IncisionLight Of Foliar IncisionCrit DMG 88.2% (Lvl. 90)
- Allows Kirara to deal powerful DMG on-field.
- CRIT DMG and EM raises the DMG of Kirara.
3rdSkyward BladeSkyward BladeEnergy Recharge 55.1% (Lvl. 90)
- Energy Recharge sub-stat is great for Kirara's Burst uptime
- CRIT Rate bonus from passive
- Additional Movement & ATK SPD buff after casting Burst is useful for exploration & combat
Iron StingIron StingElemental Mastery 165 (Lvl. 90)
- Aside from EM sub-stat that can increase the damage of Dendro-related reactions, Kirara gains a stack that increases her Dendro DMG (up to 2 stacks max)
Toukabou ShigureToukabou ShigureElemental Mastery 165 (Lvl. 90)
- Kirara can deal more damage to marked enemy
- Can easily refine since this weapon is event-exclusive

When using Kirara as a DPS, choose weapons that can primarily boost the CRIT Stats of Kirara. If you do not have weapons with CRIT stats, you can go for swords with Elemental Mastery sub-stat with a passive effect that can further improve Kirara's damage output.

All Weapon List

Kirara Best Artifacts

Best Artifact Set Depends On The Role & Team Comp Of Kirara

Kirara is mostly used as a shielder but she can also be used as a Nuke DPS with Elemental Burst or an on-field Dendro enabler. The best artifact set for her depends on what role and team do you have. For reference see the list below:

Best Artifact Sets For Support Kirara

GeneralTenacity Of The MillelithAny HP%
VourukashaAny HP%
ATK BuffNoblesse ObligeNoblesse Oblige
Double DendroDeepwood MemoriesDeepwood Memories
EM BuffInstructorInstructor

Artifact Stat Priority

Flower IconMain: Flat HP
Sub: HP% / Elemental Mastery / Energy Recharge / CRIT Rate
Feather IconMain: Flat ATK
Sub: HP% / Elemental Mastery / Energy Recharge / Flat HP
Sands IconMain: HP%
Sub: Elemental Mastery / Energy Recharge / Flat HP / CRIT Rate
Goblet IconMain: HP%
Sub: Elemental Mastery / Energy Recharge / Flat HP / CRIT Rate
Crown IconMain: HP%
Sub: Elemental Mastery / Energy Recharge / Flat HP / CRIT Rate

Artifacts Changes Based On The Team

If you are using Kirara with another Dendro character, Deepwood Memories is recommended especially if the other Dendro is a DPS. If there is already someone that uses Deepwood in the party, go for Instructor as it can give EM Buff to the team. Noblesse is good if you are with an ATK-scaling team. If you just need to improve the durability of her shield, the general artifact is the best pick.

Best Artifact Sets For DPS Kirara

GeneralGilded DreamsGilded Dreams
Double DendroTenacity Of The MillelithAny HP%
Deepwood MemoriesDeepwood Memories
Solo DendroDeepwood MemoriesDeepwood Memories
Burst FocusedEmblem Of Severed FateEmblem Of Severed Fate

Artifact Stat Priority

Flower IconMain: Flat HP
Sub: CRIT Rate / CRIT DMG / HP% / Elemental Mastery
Feather IconMain: Flat ATK
Sub: CRIT Rate / CRIT DMG / HP% / Elemental Mastery
Sands IconMain: Elemental Mastery
Sub: CRIT Rate / CRIT DMG / HP% / Energy Recharge
Goblet IconMain: Dendro DMG Bonus
Sub: CRIT Rate / CRIT DMG / HP% / Elemental Mastery
Crown IconMain: CRIT Rate or DMG
Sub: CRIT DMG or Rate / HP% / Elemental Mastery / Energy Recharge

Emblem Of Severed Fate For Burst Focused DMG

If you want to use Kirara as a Burst DPS, Emblem of Severed Fate is a great set to use and can significantly increase the damage output of her Burst. This is especially good if you have constellations of Kirara that gives buff when Kirara uses Elemental Burst.

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Kirara Best Team Comp

Best Team Comp For Kirara

- Kirara's shield can protect Cyno and she enables Dendro resonance with Nahida
- Cyno can utilize Kirara's shield, especially the buffs when her constellations are unlocked
- Nahida has a consistent Dendro application & a great EM buffer
- Kokomi is an excellent Hydro applicator & healer that can provide an ATK buff thru Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers
- Kirara is great to pair with a DPS that can utilize Dendro reactions
- Choose an off-field DPS that is beneficial for the main DPS who can also react with Dendro
Kuki ShinobuKuki Shinobu
- Healer should also be chosen based on Main DPS instead of Kirara
- Picking Yaoyao as a healer can easily enable Dendro resonance which gives EM bonus

Free To Play (F2P) Friendly Party

KiraraKiraraLisaLisaDendro TravelerDendro TravelerBarbaraBarbara
- Kirara is great to pair with Electro such as Lisa
- Being a catalyst user, Lisa can easily trigger Dendro-Electro reactions
- Functions similarly to premium team

Kirara Ascension Materials

Lack materials in your world? Search for people who would like to help in this: Item Exchange Thread

Materials Needed for Level Ascension

Talent Materials For Kirara

Kirara 's Recommended Talent Priority

TalentLevel Up Priority
Normal Attack: Boxcutter★・・・・
Meow-teor Kick
(Elemental Skill)
Secret Art: Surprise Dispatch
(Elemental Burst)

Kirara Skill Guide & How To Use Kirara

Recommended Rotation For Support Kirara

Recommended Rotation
1Tap Elemental Skill to immediately create a shield
2Switch to DPS and attack while the shield is active
3Switch to Kirara and cast her Elemental Burst
4Repeat 1st step

Kirara is a Dendro Sword user whose role is to provide support by producing a shield that is beneficial for the active character. Her shield has a high durability and can be sustained. As a Dendro character, she can enable Dendro resonance with another Dendro character in the team.

Uses Of Kirara's Elemental Skill

Produces A Dendro Shield

Kirara has 2 kinds of Elemental Skill and both of them produces a shield that scales from Kirara's max HP. The scaling is incredible making it one of the best shielder in-game.

Cat Form With Increased Movement Speed

Holding Kirara's Elemental Skill lets her transform into a Cat Box that has an increased movement speed. While in this form, she can climb faster which is useful for exploration.

Shield Can Be Sustained

Benefits of Kirara's Shield
- It has 250% absorption effect against Dendro
- Shield durability scales with Kirara's max HP
- Duration: 12 seconds / Cooldown: 8-12 seconds
- Shield duration can be refreshed & durability could stack by recasting her Skill while shield is still in effect

Kirara's Skill has a cooldown ranging from 8 seconds to 12 seconds which shows the possibility to continuously refresh her shield before it expires. The durability can be stacked on top of the durability of the existing shield. Her shield is very effective against Dendro and it is excellent for its versatility.

Hold Skill For Dendro DMG & Shield

Cat Form Overview
- Inflicts Dendo to enemies it collides with
- Increases Kirara's movement speed/climbing speed/jumping power
└ Increases stamina consumption when climbing
- Can be forcibly canceled
- Deals Dendro AoE when it ends or the skill is reactivated
- Acquires 1 layer of reinforcement packaging each time it collides with an enemy (up to three times)
- At the end of the state, acquires 1 shield for each layer of reinforcement packaging
- Absorption amount is 20% of the original shield

The shield can be reinforced depending on the number of enemies touched during the Cat Box Express state. Also, by holding down the skill, hitting multiple enemies, then canceling it immediately, this is an ideal way to extend the shield's durability & duration.

Uses Of Kirara's Elemental Burst

AoE Dendro DMG With Dendro Cores

Kirara's Elemental Burst can inflict a powerful Dendro DMG initially then release a number of Dendro cores that explode after a certain period or once it comes in contact with the opponents.

Kirara Wish & Constellation Guide

Should You Get Or Wish For Kirara?

Pull For Shield & Dendro Burst DPS

Kirara, battle wise, mainly focuses on her shield toughness and the power of her Elemental Burst. If you need a defensive support with decent sub-DPS capabilities, Kirara is a great option.

Best Constellation For Kirara

★★・・・C1: Material Circulation
Every 8,000 Max HP Kirara possesses will cause her to create 1 extra Cat Grass Cardamom when she uses Secret Art: Surprise Dispatch. A maximum of 4 extra can be created this way.
★・・・・C2: Perfectly Packaged
When Kirara is in the Urgent Neko Parcel state of Meow-teor Kick, she will grant other party members she crashes into Critical Transport Shields.
The DMG absorption of Critical Transport Shield is 40% of the maximum absorption Meow-Teor Kick's normal Shields of Safe Transport are capable of, and will absorb Dendro DMG with 250% effectiveness.
Critical Transport Shields last 12s and can be triggered once on each character every 10s.
★★★★・C3: Universal Recognition
Increases the Level of Meow-teor Kick by 3. Maximum upgrade level is 15.
★★★・・C4: Steed of Skanda
After active character(s) protected by Shields of Safe Transport or Critical Transport Shields hit opponents with Normal, Charged, or Plunging Attacks, Kirara will perform a coordinated attack with them using Small Cat Grass Cardamoms, dealing 200% of her ATK as Dendro DMG. DMG dealt this way is considered Elemental Burst DMG. his effect can be triggered once every 3.8s. This CD is shared between all party members.
★・・・・C5: A Thousand Miles In A Day
Increases the the Level of Secret Art: Surprise Dispatch by 3. Maximum upgrade level is 15.
★★★★★C6: Countless Sights To See
All nearby party members will gain 12% All Elemental DMG Bonus within 15s after Kirara uses her Elemental Skill or Burst.

Can Work Without Cons, But Is Better With Them

Although Kirara does not have outstanding constellations, it's greatly recommended to get her to C3 or C6. At C3, her shield becomes more durable while at C6, she becomes an Elemental buffer, making her a better support.

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