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Check out this Event List & Guide for Genshin Impact for PS4, PC, iOS & Android. Find out rewards, page, rewards, banner, event wishes, event box, new festivals, and more.

Available Events

Upcoming Events

Past Events

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Available Events

Windtrace (Hide & Seek Event)


This event is a themed hide and seek game, where players can choose if they want to be the Hunters or the Rebel. Gear up your hiding and hunting skills for this event!

Energy Amplifier Initiation Event

energy amplifier

Challenge yourself on different Places of Interest, Domains, and the Twisted Realm to obtain Fractured Fruit Data. Use these Fractured Fruit Data in exchange for exciting rewards and more!

Energy Amplifier Initiation Event Guide

New Hoyolab Log-In Event

New Hoyolab Log-In Event

Log in to Hoyolab's website every day to get rewards, including Primogems, level-up materials, cooking ingredients, and more!

Check In The Daily Check-In Event Here

Upcoming Events

Mimi Tomo (Unusual Hillichurl Event)

Mimi Tomo

Get to know the mysterious hilichurl known as Wei. In this event, players will need to find and hunt down this Unusual Hilichurl with the help from another Hilichurl. Completing this event will give you exciting awards and more!

More About The Mimi Tomo Event Guide

Overflowing Mastery Event

Overflowing Mastery Event

An event which the talent material drops will be doubled. Based on the livestream event, it is likely to be part of the 1.5 Update. This will be a great chance to farm for talents books for your characters!

More About Overflowing Mastery EventWindtrace Event Guide Here

Misty Dungeon (Battlefront) Event

Misty Dungeon

Take it to the next level as you embark on this event. Players are required to finish 16 trials in order to receive generous rewards. Be careful as these trials have rules and restrictions.

Misty Dungeon (Battlefront) Event Guide

Moonchase Festival

The Moonchase Festival is another seasonal event planned to be held in Liyue.

Learn More About Moonchase Festival Here!

Ludi Harpastum

Ludi Harpastum is the Monstadt event that was shown in the Webtoon! It will be held in-game at some point in the future as well.

More Info About Ludi Harpastum Here!

Past Events & Rewards

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Web Event: Hilidream Camp

Hilidream Camp Web Event

Get access to an Adeptal Abode where Hilichurls reside as part of the Hilidream Camp webevent. Create different furnishings and earn Primogems and other rewards as you fill the realm with new designs.

Check Out The Hilidream Camp Web Event Guide

Marvelous Marchandise Is Back Again!

Marvelous Marchandise

Liben Is back to reward you in return to materials you offer! This is a time limited event and don't miss iit!

Marvelous Merchandise Event Guide

A Wanmin Welcome Web Event

Wanmin Resto

Participate in a new web event that will be available from March 20 at all platforms of Genshin Impact!

More About A Wanmin Welcome Here!

Ley Line Overflow

Ley Line Overflow
Duration2021-02-26 04:00:00 - 2021-03-05 03:59:59

Get double the reward from completing Ley Line challenges and consuming Original Resin to get the rewards. Each day, players have 3 bonuses they can use to get double drops!

Check Out The Ley Line Overflow Event Here

Vishaps & Where To Find Them Starting Soon


A brand new exploration event and commission event happening soon! Investigate and defeat vishaps to get various rewards!

Vishaps and Where To Find Them

Tower Defense Event

Prevent enemies from escaping using mechanicus to earn rewards.

More About Tower Defense Event Here!

May Fortune Find You

May Fortune Find You
Duration2021/02/11 04:00:00 - 2021/02/26 03:59:59

A new daily login event, the May Fortune Find You event is different from previous login events! Instead of getting primogems, players will receive 10 Intertwined Fate for logging in for the next 7 days!

Check Out The May Fortune Find You Event

Lantern Rite Event Is Coming Soon!

Lantern Rite Event

Lantern Rite Festival Event is a big event starting from February 10th. Lantern Rite Event is composed by several in-game events.

Lantern Rite Festival Details

Night Sky's Grace

Night Sky
Duration2021-02-26 00:00:00 - end of Version 1.3

A special daily log-in event, the Night Sky's Grace will give players a number of materials, items, and mora for logging in to the game. Instead of the usual event screen, players will instead receive the items through their mail.

Check Out The Night Sky's Grace Event

Wish Upon A Lantern

Wish Upon A Lantern

Share 1 billion Primogems with all players!

More About Wish Upon A Lantern Here!

Ganyu Release Events

To celebrate the release of the highly anticipated character, Ganyu, her story Quest has been unlocked! Check the details of her banner and her story quests in the link below.

Slime Paradise Event

Slime Paradise
Event Duration
2021/1/22 – 2021/1/31 23:59 (UTC+8)

A new web event started! Earn Primogems and other rewards by creating a theme park for cute slimes!

More About Slime Paradise Here!

2nd Marvelous Merchandise Event

Marvelous Merchandise Event

Marvelous Merchandise Event

Duration2021/01/23 – 2021/01/30
RewardsPrimogems, Mora and other items!

Search & Get Rewards Event

There are two main types of events to enjoy here: the Search type and Battle Pass type. Both of them will handsomely reward you!

Check Out Marvelous Merchandise Event Guide

Hypostatic Symphony

Hypostatic Symphony
Event DurationJan 16th - Jan 31st

Battle Pure Hypostatises for rewards and other useful items.

Lost Riches

Lost riches
Event Duration
2021/01/08 10:00:00 – 2021/01/18 03:59:59
(Server Time)
Event Shop
2021/01/08 10:00:00 – 2021/01/22 03:59:59
(Server Time)

With your little seelie companion, explore the world and search for treasures and iron coins that can be used to exchange items from the Event shop.

Daily Login Rewards - Seize The Day Event

seize the day

When Does Seize The Day Event Start & End?

Note that all times indicated are based on the system time setting of your current device.

DurationOctober 19, 2020 04:00 ~ November 03, 2020 03:59

Log-In During the Event To Receive Rewards.

To unlock this event, you need to head to Mondstadt and reach Adventure Rank 5. Players who log in during the event will receive a bonus. To get all the rewards, the player must log-in 7 times during the duration of the event.

Check out Seize the Day Event Guide here!

Marvelous Merchandise Event

Marvelous Merchandise Event

Marvelous Merchandise Event Starts On 10/26

DurationOctober 26, 04:00 ~ November 02 03:59 (Server Time)
RewardsPrimogems, Mora and other items!

Search & Get Rewards Event

There are Search type of Event and Battle Pass Event. Both of them will handsomely reward you!

Check Out Marvelous Merchandise Event Guide

Elemental Crucible

Elemental Crucible
Duration 2020/10/12 ~ 2020/10/19

First Co-Op Event

The Elemental Crucible is a co-op event which will require you to play with other players online to defeat enemies and collect Elemental Clots.

Rewards Participants Enormous Exp

In this event, you can farm a lot of materials that is used for leveling up Characters.

Event Rewards (Differs By World Level)

World LevelRewards
Lv. 1Adventure ExpAdventure EXP +200
Companionship ExpCompanionship EXP x25
WandererWanderer's Advice x18~24
AdventurerAdventurer's Experience x14~16
Lv. 2Adventure ExpAdventure EXP +200
Companionship ExpCompanionship EXP x25
AdventurerAdventurer's Experience x25~27
Lv. 3Adventure ExpAdventure EXP +200
Companionship ExpCompanionship EXP x30
AdventurerAdventurer's Experience x33~35
Lv. 4Adventure ExpAdventure EXP +200
Companionship ExpCompanionship EXP x35
AdventurerAdventurer's Experience x11-12
HeroHero's Wit x7~8
More Details On Elemental Crucible Event Here!

Test Run

Test Run
Duration Release Date ~ 2020/10/18

A Chance To Play Using Limited Banner Characters

Test Run lets you use characters in the Limited Wish banner, , to accomplish missions. You will also receive rewards after clearing missions.

Character Rewards
VentiVentiPrimogems x 20
BarbaraBarbara Adventurer's Experience x 6
FischlFischlMystic Enhancement Ore x 3
Check Out All Character List Here!

Seize The Day Login Bonus

seize the day
Duration Release Date ~ 2020/10/13

Log-In During the Event To Receive Rewards.

To unlock this event, you need to head to Mondstadt and reach Adventure Rank 5. Players who log in during the event will receive a bonus. To get all the rewards, the player must log-in 7 times during the duration of the event.

Rewards List
Day 1 Sweet Madame x 5
Day 2 Hero's Wit x 4
Day 3Primogems x 100
Day 4Mora x 8000
Day 5Mystic Enhancement Ore x 4
Day 6Hero's Wit x 8
Day 7Primogems x 200
Check Out Daily Quests Here!

Klee Test Run - Character Trial Event

Duration2020/10/20 06:00 ~ 11/09 05:59
(UTC -5, EST)
Rewards- Primogems x20
- Adventure's Experience x6
- Mystic Enhancement Ore x3

Test new character Klee before pulling its banner Sparkling Steps with Test Run event. You'll also be able to play featured character Sucrose and Xingqiu.

Learn More On Klee Test Run Event From Here

Barbara's Shining Debut

Duration before Version 1.1

Get Barbara At Adventure Rank 20

If you create an account before version 1.1 , you will receive a Barbara for free once you reached Adventure Rank 20.

Check Out All Free Character List Here!

Stone Harbor Treasure Journal Event

Duration2020/11/13 – 2020/11/22 04:00 (Server Time)
RewardsPrimogems & Mora

Do task with Zhongli and Childe in a separate Webpage to win rewards

Official Announcement
In Liyue Harbor, even a list of odd-job assignments can turn into an exciting adventure for the Traveler...
Get ready, the "Stone Harbor Treasure Journal" web event is about to begin!
The event time will soon be posted on our official channels. Stay tuned
Check Out Stone Harbor Treasure Journal Event

Unreconciled Stars - Free Fischl Event

Unreconciled Stars
Duration2020/11/16 11:00 ~ 2020/11/30 04:59
Rewards - Fischl
- Mora
- Artifacts
- Primogems
- New Gliders

Event With Amazing Rewards

Unreconciled Stars Rewards

Solve the mystery of the fallen meteorites with Mona and Fischl and receive many ascension materials!

Check Out The Unreconciled Stars Event Here

Tartaglia & Diona Test Run

Tartaglia & Diona Trial Event

Tartaglia & Diona Trial Event
Quest Release Schedule
2020/11/11 1.1 Updates ~ 12/01, 2020 15:59 (Server Time)
Tartaglia & Diona Test Run Event Details Here

Tartaglia Story Quest - Monoceros Caeli Chapter Available Soon

Tartaglia Story Quest (Monoceros Caeli)

Tartaglia Story Quest (Monoceros Caeli)
Quest Release Schedule
2020/11/11 1.1 Update ~ Permanent Event
Check Out Monoceros Caeli Chapter Guide Here

New Wish Banner - 1.1 New Characters Debut!

Tartaglia Banner (Sparkling Steps)

Tartaglia Banner
Banner Schedule
2020/11/11 1.1 Update ~ 11/12 15:59
(Server Time)
Promotional Character (Pickup)
Check Out Tartaglia Banner (Farewell of Snezhnaya) Guide Here!

Adventurers, Assemble! - Player Referral Event

Referral Event

Adventurers, Assemble! Event Starts On 10/27

DurationOctober 27, 23:00~ November 27, 11:59
(UTC -5, EST)
Rewards - Mora
- Artifacts
- Primogems

For Players With Adventure Rank 7 and Below

Get invited to receive different rewards such as Mora, Artifacts and Primogems!

For Players With Adventure Rank 15 and Above

Inviting up to 10 new players and receive rewards!

More Details About Adventurers, Assemble Here!

A Thousand Questions With Paimon

Event DurationDecember 18, 2020 ~ onwards

Challenge your knowledge of TEYVAT with questions from Paimon and receive Mora!

More About A Thousand Questions With Paimon Here!

While It's Warm Event - 12/11 to 12/18

While It

During this event, take 3 delivery orders per day to win Primogems and BEP!

Check Out While It's Warm - Guide & Rewards

Gliding Challenge Event

Gliding Challenge Event
Event Duration2020-12-04 10:00:00 -
2020-12-14 03:59:59

Time to show off your gliding prowess. For this challenge event, a gliding course would be unlocked per day for player to complete to complete of different rewards!

Check Out The Gliding Challenge Event

Zhongli Banner (Gentry of Hermitage) From 12/01

Zhongli Banner

Long awaited character Zhongli will finally debut! Zhongli as well as Xinyan will be available from 12/01 18:00 (Server time). Check this out!

Zhongli Banner (Gentry of Hermitage) - Should You Roll It?

Zhongli & Xinyan - Test Run

Test out new characters like Zhongli & Xinyan together with two powerful Claymore characters Razor and Chongyun to earn various rewards such as mora and Primogems!

More Info About Zhongli & Xinyan Test Run Here!

Zhongli Story Quest From 12/01

Zhongli Story Quest From 12/01

Unlock Historia Antiqua Chapter Quest In Quest Story using a key (AR40 required) and complete all quests in Chapter I: Act III - A New Star Approaches!

Check Out Zhongli Story Quest Guide Here!

3rd Login Event - Seize The Day

3rd Login Event - Seize The Day

Third Login Event, 3rd Rount of Seize The Day is around the corner! Get all the rewards by logging in for 7 days from 12/01!

Daily Login - Seize the Day Event & Rewards

The Chalk Prince & The Dragon

Event DurationAfter Updating To Version 1.2 ~ 2021/01/05 03:59
Event ShopAfter Updating to Version 1.2 – 2021/01/12 03:59

Explore Dragonspine with Albedo and restore the power of a cursed blade. Earn crystals and exchange them for various rewards while exploring the new area with this event!

More Info About The Chalk Prince And The Dragon Here!

Event & Wish Related Guides

Event & Wish

Current Wish (Gacha) Banners

Character / Weapon
Gentry of HermitageGentry of Hermitage
April 28th - May 18th
ZhongliZhongli (★5 Pick up!)
Skyward Harp & Lost Prayer To The Sacred WindsEpitome Invocation
Apr 28th - May 18th
- Memory of Dust (Catalyst)
- Summit Shaper (Sword)
beginnerBeginners' Wish
Wanderlust InvocationWanderlust Invocation
Check Out Which Banner You Should Pull From Here

Events Currently Available

EventEvent Details
Hoyolab Log InDaily Check-In Event
Log in every day at Hoyolab to get rewards
Hangout EventHangout Event
Mar 17th (Permanent)
- Diona's Hangout
- Noelle's Hangout (Part 2)
May 14 - May 24
Play a brand new Hide and Seek Mini-game!

Upcoming Limited Events

EventEvent Details
Battlefront: Misty DungeonBattlefront: Misty Dungeon
May 21 - May 31
Complete trials to get rewards
Mimi Tomo EventMimi Tomo Event
May 27 - June 8
An event focused on catching the unusual Hilichurl
EulaBorn of Ocean Swell
May 18th - Jun 8th
EulaEula 5★ Pick Up!
All Event List - Rewards & Guide

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