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Teapot System (Housing) Guide - How To Decorate & Companion Move-In

Genshin | Teapot System (Housing) Guide - How To Decorate & Companion Move-In

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Genshin | Teapot System (Housing) Guide - How To Decorate & Companion Move-In - GameWith

Teapot System allows players to create their own home in Genshin Impact. Guide includes Serenitea Pot realms, layout, traveling salesman, materials, recipes, how to level up faster, trust rank, adeptal energy, & system guide.

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Housing System - How To Unlock

Unlock Conditions

Housing System is unlocked upon accomplishing the following conditions.

Unlock Conditions
- Must be Adventure Rank 35 & Above
- Finished the Quest, "A New Star Approaches"
- Complete the quest "A Teapot to Call Home"

A Teapot To Call Home Walkthrough Guide

Click To Reveal
No. Procedure Details
1 Talk to Madam PingShe will tell you a certain item she needs for curating the teapot
2 Talk to KroslSince you currently can't obtain the Smaragdus Jade, you will need to talk to Mr. Krosl about this
3 Talk to Ms. ZhiqiaoAbout the hairpins with the jade on it
4 Talk to Ms. ZhiqiaoApproach her to the restaurant near Shitou's area
5 Talk to Shitou For the material checking if the material is real or not
6 Look for the debris Located to the right side facing Shitou
7 Report back to Shitou Tell about the result of inspecting the shavings
8 Talk to Xingqi She will talk about how she got intricated about the hairpins
9 Visit Baizhu For more clarifications about the jade
10 Go back to Krosl Present him the gathered evidences
11 Go back to Madame Ping Finally obtain the Serenitea Pot

Enter The Realm Using The Serenitea Pot Gadget

Housing System (Serenitea Pot Guide) - How To Unlock Teapot & Furniture

Housing System or Teapot Realm can be accessed through the Serenitea Pot that will be given to you during the quest.

Choose From 6 Realms

Sereniteapot Housing System Realms

Upon first entering your teapot, you will be prompted to select from one of the six (6) realm layouts for free. You can also unlock the rest later so do not fret!

Swirling Isles A New Realm For 4.3

Teapot System (Housing) Serenitea pot system genshin impact

Swirling Isles is a Fontaine-inspired realm inside the Serenitea Pot. You can unlock this real by purchasing the Swirling Scene Bottle at Tubby's shop, which cost 1,000 Realm Currency.

Which Realm Would You Choose?

How To Unlock More Realms

Housing System - Step By Step Guide

Things To Do At Housing System


Housing System might be confusing at first but we got your backs! Check this step-by-step guide for an easier understanding of Housing system!

① Unlock the Housing System
Unlock Conditions
 └ Reach Adventure Rank 35 or Above.
 └ Finish the quest "A New Star Approaches"
 └ Complete "▼A Teapot to Call Home".
② Enter the Realm
Use the Serenitea Pot Gadget
 └ Received from Madam Ping.
 └ Choose one ▼Realm to unlock.
③ Decorate Your Realm
Enter Pot & Placement Mode
└ Enter the Serenitea Pot
 └ Enter the Placement Mode by clicking the Hand icon to place furniture
Check All Decorations
All Furnitures & Furnishing
 └ All Indoor Decors
 └ All Outdoor Decors
Gather Crafting Materials
└ Collect Wood Materials.
└ Collect Local Specialties & Ores
Craft & Gather Decorations and Blueprints
└ Raise Trust Rank for more blueprints.
└ Clear ▼Adeptal Mirror for more blueprints.
└ Buy from NPCs such as ▼Master Lu
└ Buy from Realm & Traveling Depots.
└ Buy Premium Battle Pass.
Think Of Your Realm Designs
└ You can visit friends for inspiration.
└ Share your design realm here!
④ Collect & Use Realm Currency
Gather Realm Currency
└ Talk to Tubby to receive Realm Currency.
└ Place a lot of furnitures to increase amount.
Use to buy rewards & furnitures
└ Buy Transient Resin and other rare items.
└ Buy furniture from ▼Traveling Depot
⑤ Increase Your Trust Rank
How To Increase Trust Rank?
└ Create furnitures to increase Trust Rank.
Why Increase Trust Rank?
└ Unlocks more Realms
└ Unlocks more decorations
└ Get rewards such as Primogems
⑥ Place Companions
Unlock Companion Move-In
└ Finish the quest Idle Teapot Talk.
Receive Gifts From Characters
└ Place the character's Favorite Furniture Set.
└ Talk to the character for a gift.
└ Talk to Tubby for Friendship EXP.

Housing System - How To Get Housing Items

Build And Create Buildings & Furniture From Blueprints

Build And Create Buildings & Furniture

One way of getting decoration is through crafting. Gather materials such as wood and transform them into decors. You need to get the blueprint of the item before being able to craft them. You can get blueprints using the following methods:

Get Blueprint From Trust Rank

Trust Rank

You can get blueprints by increasing the Trust Rank of Tubby. It can be done by crafting decorations that you have not crafted before.

Tubby Trust Level Guide

Accomplish Adeptal Mirror Tasks

Adeptal Mirror

Another method to obtain Blueprints is to do missions or tasks written in Adeptal Mirror. It can be access by choosing the teapot icon from the shortcuts.

Lessen The Build Time Through Coop

You can invite your friends in your Teapot Realm to shorten the speed time for 4 hours. However, you can only do this once per crafted item. Having multiple friends help you lessen the time of the same furniture will not work so take note.

Buy Decors From NPC Shops Such as Master Lu

Master Lu Location
Map 1

Some of NPCs will now sell decorations for your house. They can be confirmed using the house-like icon above their head.

Check Other NPC Shops Here!

Buy From Traveling Depot (Chubby)

Travelling Depot (Chubby)

Traveling Trader

Traveling Traders will sometimes arrive at your realm with their Trading Depot that sells unique items or even animals! Be on the lookout for these wandering time-limited traders! You will need Realm Currency instead of Mora when buying these items.

Check All Traveling Depot Items Here!

Each World Has Different Items On Sale

The items sold by Chubby is unique per player so coop play is recommended! Want more trader options? Exchange friends with other players to access their Traveling Merchant! Help a friend out or get help in return!

Traveling Merchant Friends Exchange Forum

Buy From Realm Depot

Realm Depot

Upon unlocking the housing system, you will also unlock Realm Depot. You can use realm currency to buy blueprints.

Housing System - How To Decorate & Unlock Realms

Decorate Your Realm With Various Items

Housing System lets you freely design the whole realm from inside houses to outside. You can get decorations using the following methods:

Limit On Amount Of Furniture

Limit On Amount Of Furniture

When placing down Furnishings, Furnitures, and Decor, take note that there is a limit on how much you can place down in your Realm. The load limit can be found in the Place menu.

Check Out The Furniture Placing Limit

Enter Placement Mode

Enter Placement Mode

To begin decorating your interior & exterior, click on the Hand icon on the top right. This will allow you to enter Placement Mode to start putting down the decorations you want. Remember to save your progress before exiting.

Can Be Done Inside & Outside Of Main House

Can Be Done Inside & Outside Of Main House

Players are able to furnish both the outside and the inside of the main house. Open the Place menu inside the main house to decorate its inside, while the Place menu should be opened outside if you want to decorate its surroundings.

Choose The Furnishings From the Categories

Choose The Furnishings From the Categories

The Furnishings you have will be categorized automatically in the Place menu. You can check each category for any furnishings you can place.

Select A Furnishing

Select A Furnishing

Once you've selected a furnishing, it will be placed in the world as a preview. From here, you can move it around or rotate it depending on how you want it placed.

Change Settings Based On How You Place Items

Change Settings Based On How You Place Items

Don't like how your furniture snaps into place? You can turn it off along with other features in the settings for the Place Menu! You can also change the time of day to see how everything looks.

Use Preset Decorations For Easier Decorating


House design is not your thing? You can opt to use pre-set decorations and just craft and collect the materials needed.

Adeptal Energy - Decorations

Decorations will give you a different amount of adeptal energy and it does not follow the pattern of the Trust Rank EXP when crafting it for the first time.

3-Star Rarity Decorations

Sub-Category Adeptal Energy Trust Rank EXP
Wall 30 60
Flooring 30 60
Ceiling 30 60
Ceiling Lamp 60 60
Room Door 30 TBA
Stairs 30 TBA

Also, you can only place 1 furniture for each sub-category per room in the Decorations category.

Check Out The Furniture Placing Limit

Want To Completely Change The Design?

You can reset and claim all the decorations placed in a specific area. To reset follow the following method:

1Open the "Place" Menu
2Open the settings
3Select the "Retrieve Furnishings In Area"

Share & Boast Your Home Design!

Free To Enter A Friend

After decorating your realm beautifully, share it with others! You can also invite your friends in your realm!

Share Your Realm Designs Here!

How to Unlock Areas and Realms?

Expanding Exterior Area

You can unlock more areas in your realm by raising Tubby's Trust Rank. This will not only expand the space that you can use to place your furnitures, but it will also increase your maximum load capacity.

Trust Rank Reward
5 Unlock Exterior Area 2
7 Unlock Exterior Area 3
9 Unlock Exterior Area 4

Switching Realm Layouts

You will be able to switch realms once you reach a certain level of Trust Rank from Tubby.

Trust Rank Reward
8 Number of available Realm Layouts increased to 2
10 Number of available Realm Layouts increased to 3
How to Increase Trust Rank

Teapot System - How To Level Up Fast?

Create Furnishing For The First Time

trust rank how to level up efficiently

If you go to Tubby's Create Furnishing section, you will see all the available furnishing blueprints for creation. A furnishing blueprint with the Trust Rank icon located above the right corner indicates that you are not yet creating the furnishing. Click on those furnishings with the blue icons above so they will be added to your Trust Rank.

Use Vials Of Adeptal Speed

Vials Of Adeptal Speed genshin

You will only have limited slots in the Creation Queue so it is recommended to buy more and use the Vials of Adeptal Speed to speed up the furnishing creation and also spare more slots.

Vial Of Adeptal Speed Blueprint Guide

Create And Place More Furnishing Sets

 adeptal energy

Creating outdoor or indoor sets inside the Serenitea Pot will also help you accumulate more adeptal energy, which will make your Trust Rank level up faster.

All Furnishing & Furnishing Blueprints

Housing System - Companion Move-In Feature

What Is Companion Move-In Feature?

Invite Characters To Your Pot For Affinity & Prizes!

Movein Function Sample

In the 1.6 Livestream, a new function has been announced: the Companion Move-In ! Invite your characters to your pot & gain friendship with them! Set up sets characters like and they may give you resources as appreciation!

1.6 Update Details

How To Unlock Companion Move-In Feature?

To unlock the Companion Move-In Feature, you must first finish the quest, "Idle Teapot Talk" which is a quest available at 1.6 version of the game. You will receive Realm Dispatch as a reward.

How To Place Characters?

Place Characters

Upon unlocking the Move-In Feature, you will see a "companion" section while in Design Mode. Check that tab to see the characters you can place.

Characters In The Realm Will Gain Companionship EXP

Additional Friendship EXP and can be claimed from the"Trust Rank" menu when talking to Tubby.

Friendship EXP Guide

How To Receive Gifts From Characters?

Place Set

Obtain rewards such as primogems coming from the deployed characters by placing the Favorite Furniture Sets (Outdoor or Indoor) inside the Realms.

"Invite" Characters To Get Gifts


Upon placing the furniture set, the character will be moved or teleported in the location. Talk to them and select "invite" to receive rewards. The character will return to their previous place upon receiving the rewards.

Favorite Furniture Set Guide

Housing System - Gardening & Raise A Fish Feature

Raise An Ornamental Fish inside Your Realm!

Fishing System

A new blueprint furnishing called Pool Of Sapphire Grace is one of the new furnishings in the game. This new furnishing will serve as a new home for every ornamental fish the players will get.

Pool Of Sapphire Grace Furnishing

Gardening Feature

Build Your Own Garden In Your Serenetea Pot!

You can now use the space in your Serenitea pot to plant seeds and harvest various plants after the 2.0 Update.

Gardening System Guide

Housing System (Serenitea Pot Guide) - Starting Guide & Workflow

House System Starting Walkthrough

No. Procedure
1 Place all furniture you have to raise Adeptal Energy to 2000
2 Gather Wood & Materials. A stack of 50~100 for each wood type should be the goal
3 Buy all Vial of Adeptal Speed from Tubby. Use it to speed-craft unlocked furniture for Trust Level in the next step
4 Craft all available blueprints you have once for points. Your goal is to reach Trust Level 2
5 Buy blueprints to unlock more furniture you can craft. We recommend high-utility structures such as Forge at this stage

1. Place All Furniture You Have For Adeptal Energy

lace All Furniture You Have For Adeptal Energy

Place all your available furniture in interior & exterior. With the free ones given to you by the game, this should raise your Adeptal Energy to 2000, giving you double Realm Currency (4 -> 8) for faster expansion. This will be needed to increase your Trust Level & unlock items fast.

You Can Recall All Furniture Later

While some may consider it to be messy to drop random items in their house, it is a necessary step to get faster growth for this phase. You can put back all furniture later on.

2. Gather Wood & Materials

Gather Wood & Materials

Players should then start gathering materials needed to make all sorts of furniture for use in later steps. Essential items include berries & crops for dyes, Silk Flower for fabric & wood of all types. To avoid wasting time going back & forth for resources, focus on farming at this stage.

Wood Materials - Where To Farm

List Of Items Player Should Stock Up

Tree Wood Respawn After Daily Server Reset

Based on our testing, trees will become available for harvest after the daily server reset. Also, the rate that wood dropped with each swing is fixed. We found that using Claymore & Sword has the most optimal tempo for wood farming.

3. Buy All Vial Of Adeptal Speed & Use Daily

Buy All Vial of Adeptal Speed Daily

Furniture requires a huge amount of time to craft (~ 14 hours), making it highly inefficient to just wait for them to be made organically. Players should buy Vial of Adeptal Speed from Realm Depot daily & use it to fast-track their furniture construction. A maximum of 5 can be bought for 10 Realm Currency each.

Vial of Adeptal Speed

Use On 4 Star Furniture As Priority

As you go up the trust Levels, more & more 4-Star Furniture blueprints will become available. These will take an whopping 16 hors to craft. so prioritize using Vial Of Adeptal Speed on them.

4. Craft New Furniture For Trust Level Points

Craft New Furniture For Trust Level Points

To unlock further functions and quality of life improvements, you'll need to farm Trust Ranks here fast. The only way to do so is to craft never-made furniture to get points. Craft all furniture you've unlocked regardless of if you want them or not for now to get through this phase. Your goal for trust Rank is 2 & 4 for extra crafting slots & better store items.

Focus On Buying Blueprints First

To quickly increase Trust Rank of Tubby, you first need to craft different kinds of furniture. Most blueprints can only be bought at Realm Depot so it is recommended to buy Blueprints first and use whats left for Vial of Adeptal Speed

Tubby Trust Rank & Rewards

5. Buy More Blueprints From Tubby

Buy More Blueprints From Tubby

As you make & place more furniture, your Adeptal Energy should increase for more Realm Currency. With the extra currency at hand, players should buy more blueprints from Tubby for items they are somewhat interested to keep the Trust Rank points flowing in. If you ignore this daily step, your growth in the Serenitea Pot with be severely held back for the future.

All Outdoor Furnishing List

The Items You Can Place Is Limited

You can only put a certain number of items in your realm. Focus on putting items that has more Adeptal Energy when you are still trying to level up the Trust Rank of Tubby.

Some Structures Have Utility Uses

Several structures will provide similar functions as town NPC such as crafting & cooking. If players have no idea what to build in their realm, focus on the utility factor first. These items include but is not limited to: Open-Air Workshop, Portable Stove, Wide Stone Stove & more.

Housing System (Serenitea Pot Guide) - Daily Priority Guide

Daily Priority Chart

Collect Realm Currency

Collect Realm Currency

Realm Currency generate by the hour and have a maximum limit based on your Realm level. Any new Realm Currency generated after that will be lost, so be sure to collect your share every day.

Purchase All Vial Of Adeptal Speed From Realm Depot

Purchase All Vial Of Adeptal Speed From Realm Depot

Vial Of Adeptal Speed is an item for instant craft furniture and is crucial for farming Trust Rank or for massive decoration projects. You can buy up to 5 daily, so always stockpile them for a modest boost to crafting speed.

Purchase Additional Blueprints With Spare Realm Currency

Purchase Additional Blueprints With Spare Realm Currency

Without new blueprints, your progress for Trust Rank Points will shrivel. Purchase additional blueprints with spare Realm Currency so you'll always have new furniture to craft.

Queue Furnishing Creation

Queue Furnishing Creation

Furniture takes around 14 hours to finish, so always have some in queue for crafting. Start with the furniture with Trust level Points, then start filling in the blanks for sets you want.

Access Cooking & Crafting Facilities

Access Cooking & Crafting Facilities

As you enter your realm, why not finish your crafting & cooking needs at the comfort of your home? You can group all the Alchemy, Forge & Cooking facilities together to finish crafting fast.

Housing System (Serenitea Pot Guide) - Release Date

Release In 1.5 Update

Release DateApril 28, 2021
(After Updating to version 1.5)

Housing System or Serenitea Pot was announced to be a part of the 1.5 Update. In this system, you can create your own realm and decorate your own house.

Check Out The 1.5 Update HereFurnishingAll Furniture List

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Trees don't reset daily, they reset a few moments later.
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Hitting multiple wood only targets 1 (weirdly enough), so polearm and sword are the most optimal ones.

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