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Favorite Furniture Set - Companion & Character Gifts

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This is a Favorite Furniture Set List for Genshin Impact 3.3. This includes character favorite furniture sets, required furnitures, rewards, and more!

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Favorite Furniture Set List & Characters

Furniture SetRequired Furniture
A Farewell Brief To Bustle And BotherA Farewell Brief To Bustle And BotherCharacters That Like This Set:
Required Furniture:
Desert Desk: HospitalityA Lush GlimpseJoyful IlluminationAdhigama Wood Comfort BedBrightwood Invigorating NightstandThe Olive GroveSpirit Of The BanquetThe Mellow PotKarmaphala Wood Subdued Speech Bench
A Thousand SwingsA Thousand SwingsCharacters That Like This Set:
AyakaRaiden Shogun
Required Furniture:
Maple Wood Floor Lamp: ClarityTeahouse Cushion: Night-WovenMaple Wood Ritual Drum: Festive MusicTeahouse Folding Screen: Hidden Heart Of GoldAncestral Sword Rack: Four Core PrinciplesHatamoto Armor: Eijin GenkouEvil-Slaying Bows
Amidst Poetic PonderingAmidst Poetic PonderingCharacters That Like This Set:
Required Furniture:
ArchivistSoft Lounge SofaExquisite Cuihua BookshelfEconomy Cuihua BookshelfClear Blue AfternoonFavonius Office TableGolden Triple-Arm CandelabrumEtiquette of CorrespondenceTwo-Tier Library BookshelfRed Pine Wood Round StoolPotted Plant: Crystalline BreezeMondstadt Rug: Crimson Ardor
Amidst Prospering MarketsAmidst Prospering MarketsCharacters That Like This Set:
Required Furniture:
Brightwood Grocery StallBuilding Block Of The City Of WisdomThe EremitesSweetness In ExchangeSweetness In The ShadeSlanted Meandering WoodPerennial IlluminationDelicacies Of The City Of WisdomWoven FruitionWoven DepthBrightwood Kebab Cart
Amidst Scents And SerenityAmidst Scents And SerenityCharacters That Like This Set:
Required Furniture:
Immersive LightA TheaterClarity From The Land Of WisdomLight In The Tranquil CourtLonging In The Tranquil CourtVerdant Meandering WoodSlanted Meandering WoodProlongation Medium
Amidst Whispering WindsAmidst Whispering WindsCharacters That Like This Set:
Required Furniture:
Mondstadt Rug: Crimson ArdorPotted Plant: Crystalline BreezeLarge Birch WardrobeBirch Double Drawer NightstandSeashell Table LampBreeze-Blessed BedSturdy Birch VanityClear Blue AfternoonFavonius Office TableFlower Arrangement: Sprawling DaybreakRed Pine Wood Round StoolSturdy Library TableExquisite Hourglass OrnamentGolden Triple-Arm Candelabrum
Ancient Branch ShrineAncient Branch ShrineCharacters That Like This Set:
Raiden ShogunYae Miko
Required Furniture:
Cleansing ShrineThe AsterWhite Fish Tallow Candle: EvenlightFoundations of Stone: Double-TimeFoundations of Stone: Timely ArrivalFortune Slip Stand: Omen-ReaderSeal of the Provisional Head PriestessSappan and Vermilion EnjoinedThe Red KiteYumemiru Saikyo Fortune Slip HangerSky Kitsune Statue: Hakushin
Bird And Blossom ParkBird And Blossom ParkCharacters That Like This Set:
Required Furniture:
The Color of the WindOvergrown WildvestSmooth Stone BenchSmooth Wooden BenchBird and Blossom Design FountainMature Cuihua TreeWrought Iron Carved Street LightBlooming HedgeStone Cup-Shaped Pool
Chorus Of Desert And WoodChorus Of Desert And WoodCharacters That Like This Set:
Required Furniture:
Prolongation MediumTheaterPristine VesselLike the Shimmering Distant Stars
Cloudy Haze Dream-CourtCloudy Haze Dream-CourtCharacters That Like This Set:
ChongyunKeqingGanyuHu TaoYanfei
Required Furniture:
Entrance Rug: A Warm WelcomeRed Cedar Curio StandGold-Lined Sandbearer WardrobeSquare Pine Tea TableGlazed Porcelain Tea Set: Embracing TruthPine-Backed Tea ChairGold-Lined Sandbearer NightstandSeashell Table LampCloudy Haze BedPotted Plant: Crystalline BreezeLiuli Pavilion Sandbearer Floor LampPine Folding Screen: Billowing Sails
Coalesced BrillianceCoalesced BrillianceCharacters That Like This Set:
Required Furniture:
Adhigama Wood Versatile ShelvesHued Vase: CeruleanA Choice Of DelicaciesAppraiserEphemeral SpiritCeramic CenterpieceHued Vase: MalachiteHued Vase: AmberGlorious Emerald Tapestry
Cottage KitchenCottage KitchenCharacters That Like This Set:
Required Furniture:
Open-Top Fir ShelfFir Case Shelf CombinationSturdy Birch VanityPine Dining ChairTrusty Portable LampLong Table With Tablecloth
Court Of The UprightCourt Of The UprightCharacters That Like This Set:
AyatoKujou Sara
Required Furniture:
Key Fence: Self-RestraintSappan and Vermilion EnjoinedOfficial Residence Corridor: PowerInazuman Official Residence: Strict AdherenceFence Corner: Long WatchKey Gateway: Beneath the CloudsHeadquarters Alarm: Sound of ThunderThe Red KiteWar Drum: Line-Breaking Reverb
Dawn OrchardDawn OrchardCharacters That Like This Set:
Required Furniture:
Soil-Carrying Wooden BarrelTall Wooden PoleTemporary Work QuartersPine Street LightNeat Stack of Fir KegsSimple Cargo CartSturdy Wooden BarrelSimple Wooden FenceHalf-Constructed FenceLush Grapevine
Deep In The Quiet ForestDeep In The Quiet ForestCharacters That Like This Set:
Required Furniture:
Dripping Verdant LightVerdant Meandering WoodDeepwood DwellerDeepwood DwellerNo Fishing AheadSweetness In StorageFishermanFlaming Catalyst
Dwelling Amidst The SandsDwelling Amidst The SandsCharacters That Like This Set:
Required Furniture:
Desert Desk: HospitalityThe Twisting MistDesert Cabinet: Odds And EndsDazzling Golden TapestryDesert Study: ConscientiousnessHued Vase: MalachiteHued Vase: Amber
Eternal Domain Of Fleeting DreamsEternal Domain Of Fleeting DreamsCharacters That Like This Set:
KokomiSayuShikanoin Heizou
Required Furniture:
Yumemiru SakuraYumemiru Cold And Warmth KotatsuCast In ClayRed-Iron CoralYumemiru Dewcover WardrobeTeahouse: Cushion Night-WovenYumemiru Jukaku Folding Screen
Feiyun Study RoomFeiyun Study RoomCharacters That Like This Set:
NingguangXingqiuZhongliBaizhuYun Jin
Required Furniture:
Pine-Backed Tea ChairIntricately Carved Calligraphy TableCalligraphy Set: Assiduous CalligraphyRed Cedar Scroll ShelfShopkeeperRed Cedar Curio StandPine Folding Screen: Billowing SailsLiuli Pavilion Sandbearer Floor LampPotted Plant: Crystalline BreezePotted Plant: Petite PerrenialRed Pine Wood Round StoolEntrance Rug: A Warm Welcome
Fervid AromaFervid AromaCharacters That Like This Set:
Required Furniture:
Satisfaction Of Sated ThirstA Choice Of DelicaciesThe Crisp SweetnessFragrance Of Low-Heat RoastAroma Of High-Heat BarbecueWitness Of Tavern AffairsKarmaphala Wood Subdued Speech BenchMusing Tawny TapestrySpirit Of The BanquetThe Mellow Pot
Forest Patrol AnecdotesForest Patrol AnecdotesCharacters That Like This Set:
Required Furniture:
Uplifting GrowthSpirit Of The BanquetForest WatcherForest Ranger
Gathering Of GourmetsGathering Of GourmetsCharacters That Like This Set:
Required Furniture:
Bamboo Outdoor Tea TableWine Shop Display Counter: To Your HeartWooden Outdoor Tea TableFragrant Cedar Vegetable RackFour-Quadrant Cooking CauldronFruit SellerTwo-Tier VendorFruit and Veggie Stall: Harvest BountiesStorage Sack: Buzz-Off BagWine Jar With Bamboo Casing: Spirits Awaiting MoonriseEvil-Repelling Lantern: All-Around LightingTraveling Merchant North of the Stone GateOld WellMature Cuihua TreeHunter
Glittering StreetGlittering StreetCharacters That Like This Set:
Required Furniture:
Roll-Roofed Fruit and Vegetable CartTraveling Merchant North of the Stone GateEvil-Repelling Lantern: All-Around LightingStorage Sack: Buzz-Off BagTwo-Tier VendorUmbrella Shop: Kaleidoscope of Parasol ColorsToy Stand: Dazzling DelightsCrude Double-Decker PalletWine Shop Display Counter: To Your HeartWine Jar With Bamboo Casing: Spirits Awaiting MoonrisePine Dining ChairBamboo Outdoor Tea TableFruit Seller
Idyllic TownIdyllic TownCharacters That Like This Set:
Required Furniture:
Pocket-Sized Pine CabinClassic Country HomeCountry Home With Tall AtticSmooth Wooden BenchLong Pine TableHeavy Hay BaleMessy Pile of Fir CratesSimple Cargo CartNeat Stack of Fir KegsPine Street LightThe Color of the WindRoofed Well: For PurityDainty Fists
Iter Ad Astra AbyssosqueIter Ad Astra AbyssosqueCharacters That Like This Set:
Required Furniture:
Deadwood Road SignSimple Single-Person TentLightning Protective TentThe AdventurerBrightcrown PlumebushScholarTianheng Red Maple: Branches AflameHazel WildvestDainty FistsThe Adventurer
Jade WildsJade WildsCharacters That Like This Set:
Required Furniture:
Seal of the Provisional Head PriestessThe Red KiteSappan and Vermilion EnjoinedRitual ShrineMeditation Stone
Military Exercise GroundsMilitary Exercise GroundsCharacters That Like This Set:
Kujou Sara
Required Furniture:
Replica Ancient Otogi KegVillage Well: Subterranean SecretsSappan and Vermilion Enjoined
Of Hunting And DancingOf Hunting And DancingCharacters That Like This Set:
Required Furniture:
Hardwood Weapon RackFir Weapon RackFir ShelvesHilichurl Totem FenceWooden Hilichurl FenceHilichurl Horned PotHilichurl Archery TargetHilichurl Straw HutTwo-Story Hilichurl Sentry TowerHilichurl Chieftain HallHilichurl Spiral WatchtowerHilichurl Outpost HutMature Cuihua TreeDainty FistsHiding GrazestoneHazel WildvestOvergrown WildvestThe Color of the Wind
Of Maple And Tea Scents EntwinedOf Maple And Tea Scents EntwinedCharacters That Like This Set:
Required Furniture:
Sekijou Aralia Tea TableTeahouse Counter: ToshimaruTeahouse Round Stool: Pain Point ReductionThe Essential VaseTea Wisp-Clouded White CouchSpiritchaser ScreenHyoutei Stacked Aralia Wood BoxesAralia Bangaku ShelfAralia Fusen Cupboard
Of Settled ThoughtsOf Settled ThoughtsCharacters That Like This Set:
Required Furniture:
Treasure From The Land Of WisdomScrolls From The Land Of WisdomSpirit Of The BanquetJoyful Illumination
Of Twirling Dances UnfetteredOf Twirling Dances UnfetteredCharacters That Like This Set:
Required Furniture:
Blooming IlluminationImmersive LightReplica Of The TheaterA TheaterClarity From The Land Of Wisdom
Qingce Cloud ResidenceQingce Cloud ResidenceCharacters That Like This Set:
XiaoQiqiXinyanHu TaoYaoyaoShenheYelan
Required Furniture:
The Color of the WindProfuse AwlkingSturdy Pine FenceBamboo Outdoor Tea TableCrude Double-Decker PalletLarge Stone MillLiyue House: Time Waits for No-OneLiyue Shop: Citywide FavoriteSturdy Stone WellAdeptus GateShadow Lamp: Painted ShadowEvil-Repelling Lantern: All-Around LightingStraw ShedWooden Outdoor Tea TableOvergrown WildvestDainty Fists
Quiet Times By The RiverbankQuiet Times By The RiverbankCharacters That Like This Set:
Required Furniture:
Flaming CatalystFishermanFishermanFabric Of The City Of WisdomFishermanFishermanDeepwood DwellerNo Fishing AheadFishermanDripping Verdant Light
Rural ConcealmentRural ConcealmentCharacters That Like This Set:
Required Furniture:
The Wandering Bird WithinOtogi Tanin Wood BarrelOtogi Kintake FenceHigh-Flying Fish FlagOtogi Kintake Courtyard GateInazuman Bamboo-Roofed Home: Wild HeartInazuman Bamboo-Roofed Home: The Long PeaceThe Fruit Farmer
Sakura-Hued StreetSakura-Hued StreetCharacters That Like This Set:
ThomaYoimiyaKuki Shinobu
Required Furniture:
Umbrella Shop: Drapes Of Differing DreamsFruit and Veggie Stall: Good Honest FlavorKouki Aralia Mask RackSappan And Vermilion EnjoinedReplica Ancient Otogi CrateVillage Well: Subterranean SecretsSimple Otogi Street Lamp
Scholarly TroveScholarly TroveCharacters That Like This Set:
KokomiKuki Shinobu
Required Furniture:
Teahouse Long Table: Seamless SeatingTeahouse Candlestand: Scentless FlameCast In ClayCalligraphy Set: Proper PenmanshipRed-Iron CoralTeahouse Cushion: Night-WovenTeahouse Folding Screen: Hidden Heart Of GoldMaple Wood Bookcase: Trove Of Thousand TomesMaple Wood Bookcase: InkheartMaple Wood Floor Lamp: Clarity
Secret Research LabSecret Research LabCharacters That Like This Set:
Required Furniture:
Large Birch WardrobeArchivistAlchemic Device: Between Fire and WaterFavonius Office TableAlchemic Component: Burden of DustExquisite Hourglass OrnamentSturdy Library TableScholarUnwavering DeterminationPotted Plant: Crystalline BreezeClear Blue AfternoonNeat Stack of BooksMondstadt Rug: Crimson Ardor
Setekh DemursSetekh DemursCharacters That Like This Set:
Required Furniture:
The EremitesWoven DepthWoven FruitionDesert House: Hue And CryDesert House: Brief SleepDesert House: Spices AboundDesert House: Ordinary LivesSweetness In ExchangeThe Concealed SaltLike The Shimmering Distant StarsDesert Hut: MinutiaeDesert Hut: Questions
Summer NightSummer Night's RecollectionCharacters That Like This Set:
Required Furniture:
Otogi Wood Rice Cake Soup StandFestival Teiban StoreFestival Kiban StoreInazuman Home: Easy AdaptationFlowerThe Precious Pink Of SpringReplica Ancient Otogi Crate
The Traveling TroopThe Traveling Troop's PompCharacters That Like This Set:
Required Furniture:
Like The Shimmering Distant StarsThe EssentialsVerdant Meandering WoodThe EremitesThe EremitesEmbodiment Of WarfareThe EremitesSteel Stopper
Wakeful SpringWakeful SpringCharacters That Like This Set:
YoimiyaYae MikoGorouShikanoin Heizou
Required Furniture:
Whitestone Hotspring: Diffusing WarmthHot Spring Folding Screen: ModerationHot Spring Outer Wall: No VaultingHot Spring Wall: Well-GroundedHot Spring Foyer: Shelter From The ColdMeditation StoneWading StoneHot Spring Whitestone: Secret FireFlowerThe Precious Pink Of SpringA Thousand Petals Of Red Glaze
Weapon Forging StationWeapon Forging StationCharacters That Like This Set:
Required Furniture:
Hardwood Weapon RackFir Weapon RackFir ShelvesHeavy Fir Forging TableOpen-Air WorkshopLong Pine TableMature Cuihua TreeOld WellOvergrown WildvestDainty Fists

Favorite Furniture Set - What Is It?

Characters Favorite Furnishing Set

companion move-in system

Character gifts can be given by any characters inside the realm upon obtaining and placing the characters favorite furnishing sets inside the realm.

Obtain Character Gifts

companion move-in system

After getting and placing those Furnishing Blueprint sets in the Serenitea Pot, character companions will prepare gifts for the players depending on the furniture set inside the realm.

Furnishing & Furniture Guide

Purchase Blueprints At The Realm Shop

Players can approach Tubby, the Serenitea Pot spirit inside the realm to check the furnishing blueprints that are available in the Realm Shop.

Realms Guide

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Favorite Furniture Set - How To Unlock

Complete The Idle Teapot Talk

companion move-in system

Players must complete the "Idle Teapot Talk" under the World Quest first, and once unlocked, players can now deploy characters inside the Serenitea Pot.

Housing System (Serenitea Pot) Guide

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Favorite Furniture Set - How It Works

Deploy Characters Inside The Realm

companion move-in system

Upon completing the required quest, players can now dispatch their characters inside their realms. Note that only a maximum of eight (8) characters are allowed inside the realm.

All Character List Guide

Companion Character Locations

companion move-in system

Upon deploying your characters, players will see their character icons pinned on the map of their Serenitea Pot.

Increase The Companionship Level

Players can converse with their characters inside their Realm with this, the more players converse with the characters the higher will the Friendship Level will increase.

Adeptal Energy Rank & Realm Bounty

companion move-in system

Aside from conversing with the characters inside the Realm, players can also increase the Friendship Level when the Adeptal Energy Rank increases too. Also do not forget to check the Realm Bounty too as you will gain companionship experience with it.

Invite More Companions!

companion move-in system

As the player's Trust Rank increases, more companions can be invited inside the Realm. Each realm can add up to eight companions. Companions who move in will add to the Serenitea Pot's load.

Trust Rank Guide
Rewards List
- Primogems
- Mora
- Ascension or Talent Material of the Character

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FurnishingAll Furniture List

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Anonymous 12

Is this a one time gift or do they repeat the longer they stay in that set? Do they have to be on the set or just the same realm?

Anonymous 11

Update please

Anonymous 10

Tks for the guide. Just one correction the Military Exercise Grounds it's missing some itens, we wish it's just that few items, but the request us a lot T_T

Anonymous 9

This section is in urgent need of an update: no set information for Yae, Shenhe, Ayato, Shinobu…

Anonymous 8

I’m missing furnishing sets for Collei, Dori, and Candace. Does anyone know where the blueprints are?

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