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How To Get Wood | Wood Materials Where To Farm & Tree Location
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How To Get Wood | Wood Materials Where To Farm & Tree Location

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How To Get Wood and Wood Materials Guide for crafting furnitures at version 1.5 of Genshin Impact. Check tree Map, respawn time, how to farm wood, tree locations, & how to get wood!!!

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Wood Materials - Details & Uses

Used To Create Furnitures For Housing System

Used To Create Furnitures For Housing System

According to a Developer Q&A, wood is an essential material in creating the different furnishings and buildings in the new Serenitea Pot Housing System! Currently, it's the only confirmed use of wood.

Check Out The Housing System Guide Here

Exact Developer Q&A Answer

Q1: How can I obtain Materials or Furnishings?
A1: Paimon has done the homework! Travelers can obtain Materials for making Furnishings by cutting down trees, collecting ore or items in Teyvat. For example, you can obtain wood for making Furnishings by cutting down trees.Also, you can obtain Furnishings or Furnishing Materials by increasing Teapot Spirit Trust Rank, or redeem them at the Realm Depot or Teapot Traveling Salesman.

Different Types Make Different Furniture

It's possible that different wood types would be added to create different items. Since there are multiple types of trees in the game, it'll be likely that you need to farm them to get these wood types.

Wood Materials - How To Get & Respawn Time

Cut Trees To Get Wood


There are trees that can be found all over Teyvat. Use sword, claymore and polearm attacks them to get wood. You can get 3~5 wood per tree.

Not All Weapons Work On Trees

Catalyst and Bows will do nothing to the trees. You will need to use either a Claymore, a Sword, or a Spear to be able to gather wood.

Elemental Attacks & Imbued Weapons Won't Work

Elemental attacks will also not work on trees. This also applies to any weapon that becomes imbued with an element, regardless of what type of weapon it is.

Reset Time

All wood materials has been observed to automatically reset once you hit 10 or more trees and then reconnecting in the game.

Types Of Trees

TypeLocationWood Type
BirchMondstadt, LiyueBirch Wood
CuihuaMondstadt, LiyueCuihua Wood
PineDragonspine, InazumaPine Wood
SandbearerLiyueSandbearer Wood
Qingce BambooLiyueBamboo Segments
CedarMondstadtCedar Wood
FirMondstadt, LiyueFir Wood
YumimeruInazumaYumemiru Wood
MapleInazumaMaple Wood
OtogiInazumaOtogi Wood
AraliaInazumaAralia Wood

Wood Materials From Inazuma

4 New Wood Materials can be found in the new nation, Inazuma, that will be introduced in version 2.0 Update.

Wood Materials - Tree Locations & Map

We'll be adding more once we've confirmed the exact locations of Trees in the game. If you find locations, share it with us in ▼the comment section below!

All Trees Location - Map

All Trees Location - Map
Click to Enlarge

The large map is able to hold a large amount of trees which you can farm for wood. The key is to heading to places where specific trees grow since not all of them are available everywhere.'

Birch Tree Locations

Bright yellow with a cone like foliage, Birch Trees are also distinguishable due to their white trunks. You can find them in both Mondstadt and Liyue.

Check Out Other Birch Wood Locations

Birch Trees - What It Looks Like

Birch Trees - What It Looks Like

Cuihua Tree Locations

Cuihua Trees have a very lush and heavy leafage that grows in a tight almost circle. The fruit bearing tree grows in both Mondstadt and Liyue.

Check Out Other Cuihua Wood Locations

Cuihua Trees - What It Looks Like

Cuihua Trees - What It Looks Like

Pine Tree Locations

Growing tall with a triangular foliage, you can find Pine Trees in the cold region of Dragonspine. You can also hit the triangular bushes in Mondstadt to get Pine Wood.

Check Out Other Pine Wood Locations

Pine Trees - What It Looks Like

Pine Trees - What It Looks Like

Sandbearer Tree Locations

Looking like Autum Trees, Sandbearer Trees only grows in the Liyue Region. You can find them easily due to the orange leaves they have.

Check Out Other Sandbearer Wood Locations

Sandbearer Trees - What It Looks Like

Sandbearer Trees - What It Looks Like

Cedar Tree Locations

Cedar Trees are large trees with multiple branching foliage. They have a fixed location in Mondstadt.

Check Out Other Cedar Wood Locations

Cedar Trees - What It Looks Like

Cedar Trees - What It Looks Like

Fir Tree Locations

Bushy but not bulky, Fir Trees grow in both Monstadt and Liyue. These evergreens have a nice head of foliage, but might be confusing to distinguish from other tress in the area.

Check Out Other Fir Wood Locations

Fir Trees - What It Looks Like

Fir Trees - What It Looks Like

Qingce Bamboo Locations

Bamboos are endemic to Liyue, specifically to the Qingce Village where they were named. Other than wood, you can also get the Bamboo Shoot near them!

Qingce Bamboo - What It Looks Like

Qingce Bamboo - What It Looks Like
Check Out Other Qingce Bamboo Locations

Yumimeru Tree Locations

It is easier to spot Yumimeru Trees during the day to because of the color of their leaves.

Yumimeru Trees - What They Look Like

Check Out Other Yumimeru Wood Locations

Otogi Tree Locations

You can easily distinguish Otogi trees from afar by checking for trees with multiple branches.

Otogi Trees - What They Look Like

Check Out Other Otogi Wood Locations

Maple Tree Locations

Maple Tree Locations
Click to Enlarge

Maple Trees only grows on areas near Higi Village, Musoujin Gorge, and Serpent's Head. You can easily find them by looking for a yellow-ish land in your map.

Maple Trees - What They Look Like

Check Out Other Maple Wood Locations

Aralia Tree Locations

Aralia Trees can be easily distinguished because of their height. They are taller than most of the trees that you can find in Inzauma.

Aralia Trees - What They Look Like

Check Out Other Aralia Wood Locations

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Brzydzi 8

I verified the game remebers the trees player cut last. I was cutting trees in circle consisting of 15 trees and it was working fine. For a circle with 10 trees, they weren't respawned yet. I hope it will help you plan your wood cutting activities.

Anonymous 7

is there any character that excels in farming wood/bamboo? i use zhongli and he feels a little wonky but that could be just me

Anonymous 6

1. There is a lot of pine's in Mondstadt city - the small, decorative trees are all pines.
2. Trees respawn in 5min for me. So I can go in circle farming all I want. Not sure it's bug or intended behaviour.

soulsz 5

people must know... PINE is in WUWANG HILL too... cause ain`t nobody got time fo` Dragonspine

Anonymous 4

I think its time to find all locations for sunsettia and apple trees. By the way, both of those trees are cuihua trees.

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