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Adventure Rank Farming & Rewards Guide | How To Level Up Fast
Adventure Rank Farming & Rewards Guide | How To Level Up Fast | Genshin Impact - GameWith

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Adventure Rank Farming & Rewards Guide | How To Level Up Fast

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Learn how to increase your Adventure Rank fast in Genshin Impact. This guide includes best ways to earn Adventure EXP, how to level up fast, rewards, experience farming, & more.

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How To Level Up Adventure Rank?

Leveling Adventure Rank Methods

MethodPriority Level
▼ Daily Commissions★★★★★
▼ Adventurer's Handbook★★★★★
▼ Increase Sacred Sakura's Favor★★★★
▼ Unlocking Waypoints★★★★
▼ Finishing Quests★★★★
▼ Worshipping Statue of The Seven★★★・・
▼ Treasure Hunting★★・・・
▼ Clearing Dungeons★★・・・

Daily Commissions


Daily Commissions are daily missions players can complete for Mora, Adventure EXP, and Primogems. You get 4 random ones per day and you get extra rewards for turning in to the Adventurer's Guild.

Unlocked At Level 12

Players will only receive Daily Commissions once they have reach Adventure Rank 12. You can check available Daily Commissions in your quest list or Adventurer's Handbook once you've unlocked it.

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Adventurer's Handbook


Missions are available for completing in the Experience Tab section of the Adventurer's Handbook. Each mission will give individual rewards and completing a set will also give additional rewards!

How To Unlock Adventurer's Handbook

Once you reached Mondstadt, talk Katheryne and it will show a cutscene. By the end of the cutscene you will unlock the Adventurer's Handbook.

Increase Sacred Sakura's Favor

Increase Sacred Sakura

Offer Electro Sigils to the Sacred Sakura in Inazuma to increase it favor and gain rewards for your effort. Players will receive 200 Adventure Exp for every level they reach!

Sacred Sakura Rewards & How To Raise Level

Get Electro Sigils From Exploring Inazuma

Get Electro Sigils From Exploring Inazuma

Open chests and offer Electroculus to the Statues of the Seven in Inazuma to get Electro Sigils. 25 Electro Sigils are needed per level of the Sacred Sakura's Favor.

Electro Sigil Location & Where To Get

Unlocking Waypoints


You will receive a small amount of adventure rank experience when unlocking Waypoints. Unlocking waypoints allows you to teleport to that location making travel a lot faster.

Finishing Quests


Archon Quests and World Quests are also a good way to farm for Adventure EXP. However, since there's only a specific number of them, they are not viable for endgame AR farming.

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Leveling Up Statues of The Seven

Seven Statue

Increasing the Statues of the Seven in Teyvat will also give you a fair amount of Adventure EXP. Collect Anemoculus for Mondstadt, Geoculus for Liyue, and Electroculus for Inazuma.

Raising Frost Bearing Tree Is Also An Option

Frostbearing Tree found in Dragonspine is also similar to Statue of Seven. You can offer Crimson Agate to the tree and once it levels up, it will give you a generous amount of Adventure EXP.

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Treasure Hunting


Opening treasure chest can give EXP however it is difficult to search for them since they do not appear in the map. You can use the Anemo Treasure Compass and Geo Treasure Compass to find Treasure Chests in Mondstadt and Liyue respectively.

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Clearing Dungeons


Clearing dungeons gives a huge amount of experience, however it requires you to reach certain Adventure Rank per dungeon and use Resin to collect rewards .

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Adventure Rank Level 25 And Above - Fast Leveling Guide

Do Daily Commissions

Daily Quest

You can get 225 Adventure EXP for every commission you accomplish. After clearing all 4 commissions, you can claim another 500 Adventure EXP by turning in to Katheryne at any of the Adventurer's Guild stands.

Complete The Weekly Domains & Bosses

There are bosses wherein you can only claim rewards once a week. Not only that they give materials, they also provide a huge amount of Adventure EXP! Note that they require Resin to collect the rewards.

Challenge Temples


Temples are domains that does not use Original Resin to claim rewards, but you can only collect from it once. It can be distinguished by its icon having the diamond-shaped (◆) blue icon instead of a circular one.

Use Leftover Original Resin For Bosses & Domains

Original Resin automatically recovers every 8 mins until it reaches 160. It would be wasteful to keep it maxed out so make sure to use them for bosses or domains. You will not only get ascend materials but also Adventure Rank.

Avoid Using Fragile Resins

Fragile Resin

Fragile Resins are convenient items that can be used to restore Original Resins. It is not recommended to use Fragile Resins to level up Adventurer's Rank. Instead, this is recommended to be used to collect 5★ artifacts available at Rank 40 and above.

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Treasure Hunting


Treasure you find while exploring the world is really useful for leveling Adventure Rank. While it only gives a small amount of EXP, there are a lot of treasure boxes around the world of Teyvat.

Better To Do World Quest While Treasure Hunting

For a more productive treasure hunting, it is better to do World Quests since it not only gives EXP but the locations for the quests normally has a lot of Treasure chests. Also, some of the chest can only be accessed by finishing a World Quest.

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Treasure Farming For Exp

Once you ran out of quest to do, follow this Treasure Hunting route and level up your adventure rank using chest.

Chest Map Location
Click to Enlarge
Check Out Interactive Chest Map Here!

Advantages Of Leveling Up Adventure Rank

Unlocks Story & Quests

Story & Quest

Many Quests and Story in the game can only be done by reaching a certain Adventure Rank. Level up Adventure Rank to be able to know more about each character and the world.

Receive Level Up Rewards

Level Up Rewards

You can receive various rewards upon leveling by talking to Katheryne, the receptionist of the Adventurer's Guild. You can receive money, artifacts and upgrade items which is very useful in your adventure.

Adventure Rank Level Rewards

Adventure Rank rewards are mostly the items below. The amount varies on what rank level you are claiming.

  • Mora
  • Primo Gems
  • Artifacts
  • Weapons
  • Enhancement Ore
  • Adventure's Experience
  • Acquainted Fate
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Unlocks Dungeons


Similar with Story & Quests, most dungeons requires a certain Adventure Rank to be access. Unlock challenging dungeons by increasing your adventure rank.

Increases World Level

Increase World Level

Raising your Adventure Rank to a certain point will also increase the overall World Level. Having a higher World Level will make the enemies you meet much stronger, but will also make the loot you find rarer!

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