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Barbara Guide for Genshin Impact 4.5. See Barbara's, best build, best weapon, artifacts, talent materials, & tier for Barbara.

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Barbara Articles
Barbara Build & TeamBarbara Lore & Voiceline

Barbara Tier & Review

4 StarHydroHydroCatalyst
How To Get?
Obtained through Wishes
Obtained for free by reaching Adventure Rank 20.
All Character Tier List

**The Tiers above are ranked in 6 levels. With SS being the highest and D the lowest.
Tiers: SS → S → A → B → C → D

** Tiers above are at Zero Constellations

Rate Barbara!

Strengths & Weakness Of Barbara

- Is able to spread Hydro to opponents easily.
- Powerful and consistent healing.
- Inflicts Hydro to oneself that can trigger freezing and other reaction to self.
 ↳ May be an advantage at certain stages.
- Elemental Burst & Skill does not produce damage.
 ↳ Ocean-Hued Clam Set enables it to produce damage.

Barbara Best Build

Barbara Bloom Bot Build

WeaponA Thousand Floating DreamsA Thousand Floating Dreams
Substitute1. Sacrificial FragmentsSacrificial Fragments
2. Wandering EvenstarWandering Evenstar
3. Mappa MareMappa Mare (F2P)
4. Fruit of FulfillmentFruit of Fulfillment (F2P)
BestFlower Of Paradise LostFlower Of Paradise Lost x4
Artifact StatsSands: EM
Goblet: EM
Circlet: EM
Priority Sub-Stats 1. EM
2. Energy Recharge
3. ATK%

Quickly Produce Dendro Cores That Deal Powerful Bloom Damage

Barbara's Normal & Charged Attack, and Skill can apply Hydro which can immediately produce Dendro cores if it reacts with Dendro. Typically, only 5 Dendro cores can simultaneously exist and the succeeding Dendro cores that are produced can result in the explosion of prior Dendro cores.

Barbara Support Healer Build

WeaponThrilling Tales Of Dragon SlayersThrilling Tales Of Dragon Slayers (F2P)
Substitute1. Everlasting MoonglowEverlasting Moonglow
2. Prototype AmberPrototype Amber (F2P)
3. Favonius CodexFavonius Codex
4. Otherworldly StoryOtherworldly Story (F2P)
BestOcean-Hued ClamOcean-Hued Clam x4
Artifact StatsSands: HP%
Goblet: HP%
Circlet: Healing Bonus
Priority Sub-Stats 1. HP%
2. HP
3. Energy Recharge

Consistent High HP Regeneration & Periodic Attack Buff

Barbara's Skill can consistently restore a significant amount of HP to the active character while Burst can instantly recover a high amount of HP for everyone in the team. In addition, Thrilling Tales can provide an ATK% buff to the next character that gets switched.

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Barbara Best Weapon

Barbara Bloom Bot Weapon

Best Weapons For Bloom Bot Build

BestA Thousand Floating DreamsA Thousand Floating DreamsElemental Mastery 265 (Lvl. 90)
- Currently has the highest EM among the existing catalyst
- The user can accumulate stacks that give buffs depending on the elemental type of other characters in the team (3 stacks at max)
└ Buff can either be EM increase for other members of the team or Elemental DMG bonus for the user
2ndSacrificial FragmentsSacrificial FragmentsElemental Mastery 221 (Lvl. 90)
- Highest EM for 4* catalyst
- Has a chance to reset the CD of Skill which is great for sustaining Hydro application & healing with Barbara's Skill
3rdWandering EvenstarWandering EvenstarElemental Mastery 165 (Lvl 90.)
- Can give an ATK buff periodically to everyone which is beneficial for the team
└ Passive can stack with weapons of similar effect
F2PMappa MareMappa MareElemental Mastery 110 (Lvl. 90)
- Gain stacks that give Elemental DMG bonus by triggering an elemental reaction (2 stacks at max)
- Great for characters that are always on the field
- Craftable which makes it easier to refine
F2PFruit of FulfillmentFruit of FulfillmentEnergy Recharge 45.9% (Lvl. 90)
- Stacks reduces ATK% for additional EM
└ ATK% is not that important for Bloom damage
- Craftable which makes it easier to refine

Aim Elemental Mastery For Higher Bloom Damage

Barbara has a fantastic Hydro infliction with Elemental Skill and normal attacks. The introduction of Dendro enables Barbara to produce an outstanding amount of Bloom, making her a great Bloom Bot.

Barbara Support Healer Weapon

Best Weapons For Support Healer Build

BestThrilling Tales Of Dragon SlayersThrilling Tales Of Dragon SlayersHP 35.2% (Lvl. 90)
- Can provide ATK% buff periodically to the next character that takes the field
- Easy to refine & upgrade since it is 3*
2ndEverlasting MoonglowEverlasting MoonglowHP 49.6% (Lvl. 90)
- Currently has the highest HP for a catalyst
- Can provide Energy to the team by hitting the enemy with Normal Attack after using Burst
F2PPrototype AmberPrototype AmberHP 41.3% (Lvl. 90)
- Restore 4 Energy for a period after using Burst
└ Also restore HP% for a period
- Craftable which makes it easier to refine
4thFavonius CodexFavonius CodexEnergy Recharge 45.9% (Lvl. 90)
- ER substat is convenient for Burst uptime
F2POtherworldly StoryOtherworldly StoryEnergy Recharge 39.0% (Lvl. 90)
- ER substat is convenient for Burst uptime
- Recover a small amount HP when receiving Energy orbs & particles
- Easy to refine & upgrade since it is 3*

Thrilling Tales Of Dragon Slayers Is Preferred For ATK Buff

With this build, Barbara is going to focus on off-field healing-per-second with Skill & strong healing with Burst and Thrilling Tales can provide an ATK buff to the next character that takes the field. On the other hand, substitute weapons can provide additional HP recovery due to a higher HP stat compared to Thrilling Tales.

All Weapon List

Barbara Best Artifacts

Barbara Bloom Bot Artifacts

Best Artifacts For Bloom Bot Build

BestFlower of Paradise LostFlower of Paradise Lost
Substitute 1Gilded DreamsGilded Dreams
Substitute 2 Gilded DreamsAny Elemental Bonus
WandererAny Elemental Bonus

Recommended Artifact Stats

Feather Icon Main: Flat ATK
Sub: Elemental Mastery / HP%
Flower Icon Main: Flat HP
Sub: Elemental Mastery / HP%
Sands Icon Main: Elemental Mastery
Sub: HP%
Goblet Icon Main: Elemental Mastery
Sub: HP%
Crown Icon Main: Elemental Mastery
Sub: HP%

Maximize Elemental Mastery For Higher Bloom Damage

HP only matters to increase the healing that Barbara provides. If you want to increase the damage of Bloom, focus on increasing the EM of Barbara.

Barbara Support Healer Artifacts

Best Artifacts For Support Healer Build

BestOcean-Hued ClamOcean-Hued Clam
Substitute 1Maiden BelovedMaiden Beloved
Substitute 2Ocean-Hued ClamAny Healing Bonus
Maiden BelovedAny Healing Bonus

Recommended Artifact Stats

Feather Icon Main: Flat ATK
Sub: HP% / Energy Recharge
Flower Icon Main: Flat HP
Sub: HP% / Energy Recharge
Sands Icon Main: HP%
Sub: Energy Recharge
Goblet Icon Main: HP%
Sub: Energy Recharge
Crown Icon Main: Healing Bonus
Sub: HP% / Energy Recharge

Aim HP For Higher Healing

Barbara is a powerful healer with a weakness of inability to produce damage using her Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst. Ocean-Hued Clam artifact is great for Barbara enabling her to deal physical damage using her skills. The substitutes are great for recovering a high amount of HP with consistency.

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Barbara Best Team Comp

Premium Party For Barbara

Barbara is great for Hydro Reactions. Since her Elemental Skill does not damage but has a high Elemental infliction making her suited for Blooms and reaction teams.

SupportSub DPSSub DPSDPS
BarbaraBarbaraDendro TravelerDendro TravelerNahidaNahidaNilouNilou
- Barbara is the healer of the team who can also produce Dendro cores together with Nilou
- Dendro Resonance increases bloom damage
- Nahida can further amplify bloom damage
- Nilou works well with Barbara because of HP increase through Resonance that benefits both of them and also upgrades Dendro cores to Bountiful cores

Other Characters That Works With Barbara

Dendro TravelerDendro TravelerRaiden ShogunRaiden Shogun
Yae MikoYae Miko
- Choose the Sub DPS based on the Main DPS that you chose. It is preferred that it reacts well with Hydro or Bloom
- Choose the support based on the main DPS instead of Barbara
- Nilou can be replaced with a character that works well with Hydro

Free-To-Play Party

SupportSub DPSSupportDPS
BarbaraBarbaraDendro TravelerDendro TravelerColleiColleiLisaLisa
- Team comp can trigger Electro-charged, Hyperbloom, Aggravate, Quicken, & Spread reactions

Barbara Ascension Materials

Lack materials in your world? Search for people who would like to help in this: Item Exchange Thread

Materials Needed for Level Ascension

Philanemo Mushroom Farm Routes

Philanemo Mushroom Farm Routes
Philanemo Mushroom Farm Routes

Talent Materials For Barbara

Barbara 's Recommended Talent Priority

TalentLevel Up Priority
Normal Attack: Whisper of Water★・・・・
Let the Show Begin
(Elemental Skill)
Shining Miracle
(Elemental Burst)

Barbara Skill Guide & How To Use Barbara

Recommended Rotation For Barbara

Recommended Rotation
1Use her Elemental Skill to heal active characters
2If team needs burst healing, use her Elemental Burst

Uses Of Barbara's Elemental Skill

Primarily Used To Heal Active Character

Barbara's Skill provides on-field healing, making it valuable to support your other on-field characters. This is best used for Main DPS characters who are constantly the active character.

Can Also Apply Hydro For Elemental Reactions

The Elemental Skill applied Hydro to nearby enemies. You can use it to set up Elemental Reactions since it can apply Hydro to multiple enemies the whole of its duration.

Barbara's Elemental Burst

Burst Healing For The Whole Team

Barbara's Burst can easily heal up a whole team since her Burst will heal every member of the party. It doesn't have any drawbacks, but it's best to use it when the party's health is below 50%.

Barbara Wish & Constellation Guide

Should You Get Or Wish For Barbara?

Barbara Is A Free Character

Barbara can be obtained upon reaching Adventure Rank 20. Her constellations can be obtained in all banners and limited banners sometimes features Barbara. While Barbara's constellation gives her more support capabilities, it is not recommended to aim for Barbara when pulling unless Barbara's rate is boosted.

Best Constellation For Barbara

★★・・・C1: Gleeful Songs
Barbara regenerates 1 Energy every 10s.
★★★★★C2: Vitality Burst
Decreases the CD of Let the Show Begin by 15%. During the ability's duration, your active character gains a 15% Hydro DMG Bonus
★★★・・C3: Star Of Tomorrow
Increases the Level of Shining Miracle by 3. Maximum upgrade level is 15.
★★・・・C4: Attentiveness Be My Power
Every opponent Barbara hits with her Charged Attack regenerates 1 Energy for her. A maximum of 5 energy can be regenerated in this manner with only one Charged Attack.
★★★・・C5: The Purest Companionship
Increases the Level of Let The Show Begin by 3. Maximum upgrade level is 15.
★・・・・C6: Dedicating Everything To You
When Barbara is in the party but not on the field, and one of your own party members falls:
- Automatically revives the fallen characters
- Fully restores the revived character's HP to 100%
This effect can only occur once every 15 mins.

Becomes A Good Hydro Support At C2

Most of Barbara's Constellation focuses on building her energy for her. Out of all of them, her Constellation 2 makes her a good support for a Hydro team since she can provide additional Hydro DMG to the active character while her Elemental Skill is active.

Barbara Skills & Talents Details

Normal Attack: Whisper of Water

Normal Attack

Performs up to 4 water splash attacks that deal Hydro DMG.
1-Hit DMG37.8%40.7%43.5%47.3%50.1%53%56.8%60.5%64.3%68.1%72.1%
2-Hit DMG35.5%38.2%40.8%44.4%47.1%49.7%53.3%56.8%60.4%63.9%67.6%
3-Hit DMG41%44.1%47.2%51.3%54.4%57.5%61.6%65.7%69.8%73.9%78.1%
4-Hit DMG55.2%59.3%63.5%69%73.1%77.3%82.8%88.3%93.8%99.4%105.1%

▲Use side-scroll to see percentage per level.

Charged Attack

Consumes a certain amount of Stamina to deal AoE Hydro DMG after a short casting time.

▲Use side-scroll to see percentage per level.

Plunging Attack

Gathering the might of Hydro, Barbara plunges towards the ground from mid-air, damaging all opponents in her path. Deals AoE Hydro DMG upon impact with the ground.
Plunge DMG63.9%56.8%61.5%66.1%72.7%77.3%82.6%89.9%97.1%104%112%120%
Low Plunge DMG114%123%132%145%155%165%180%194%209%225%240%
High Plunge DMG142%153%162%182%193%206%224%243%261%281%300%

▲Use side-scroll to see percentage per level.

Let The Show Begin (Elemental Skill)

Summons water droplets resembling musical notes that form a Melody Loop, dealing Hydro DMG to surrounding opponents and applying the Wet status to them.
Droplet DMG58.4%62.8%67.2%73%77.4%81.8%87.6%93.4%99.3%105%111%117%124%

▲Use side-scroll to see percentage per level.

Melody Loop

・On hit, Barbara's Normal Attacks heal your own party members and nearby teammates for a certain amount of HP, which scales with Barbara's Max HP.
・On hit, Barbara's Charged Attack generates 4 times the amount of healing.
・Periodically regenerates your own active character's HP.
・Applies the Wet status to the character and to opponents who come in contact with them.
Per Hit

▲Use side-scroll to see percentage per level.

Shining Miracle

Heals your own party members and nearby teammates for a large amount of HP that scales with Barbara's Max HP.

▲Use side-scroll to see percentage per level.

Glorious Season

The Stamina Consumption of characters within Let the Show Begin♪'s Melody Loop is reduced by 12%.


When your active character gains an Elemental Orb/Particle, the duration of the Melody Loop of Let the Show Begin is extended by 1s. The maximum extension is 5s.

With My Whole Heart

When a Perfect Cooking is achieved on a dish with restorative effects, Barbara has a 12% chance to obtain double the product.

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Barbara Build & TeamBarbara Lore & Voiceline
Barbara Hangout EventBarbara Story Quest
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Anonymous 6

Honestly she hits about 17-22k with the artifact burst, every 3.5 seconds. This really isnt a bad dps output. I can finally solo oceanid with her ;D

Anonymous 5

barbara my beloved

Bogwoppit 4

Ocean-Hued Clam set in 2.3 looks ripe for Barbra to use.

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barbara dps build when?

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