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Weapon Tier List - 1.5 Best & Strongest Weapon
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Weapon Tier List - 1.5 Best & Strongest Weapon

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A Weapon Tier List that ranks Best & Strongest Weapons for Genshin Impact. Includes weapon types, star ranking, weapon rarity, tier list, weapon tips, and more.

Table of Contents

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New Weapons & Rank Changes

New Weapons In Version 1.5

Change History

Date Details
3/17 Added Elegy For The End to Top 3.
Moved Staff of Homa from Top 3 to Top 1.
Moved Primordial Jade Cutter from Top 3 to Top 1.
2/23 Added Staff of Homa to Top 3.
2/3 Added Primordial Jade Cutter to Top 3.

Sword Tier List

Top 5 Sword Recommendations

Weapon Description
Primordial Jade CutterPrimordial Jade Cutter
【Rank 1】
- Increases the attack that scales to the HP of the user.
- Boost HP of the user.
- Sub-stat being Crit makes most of your attack damage strong.
【Recommended Characters】
Aquila FavoniaAquila Favonia
【Rank 2】
- Among swords,has the highest Base ATK.
- Restores health upon receiving damage that scales on the ATK of the character and deals AOE Damage to enemies around you.
【Recommended Characters】
Skyward BladeSkyward Blade
【Rank 3】
- Greatly boost CRIT Rate.
- Increases movement and attack speed on Elemental Burst.
- Effect deals additional damage.
【Recommended Characters】
Prototype Rancour Prototype Rancour
【Rank 4】
- Can Increase Attack and Defense up to 4 levels.
- Can be crafted and obtained for free.
【Recommended Characters】
KeqingQiqiTraveler (Anemo)
The Black Sword The Black Sword
【Rank 5】
- Boost normal and charge attacks.
- Crit Attacks recovers HP.
- Can be obtained using the Battle Pass
【Recommended Characters】 KeqingJeanQiqi

Bow Tier List

Top 5 Bow Recommendations

Weapon Description
Skyward Harp Skyward Harp
【Rank 1】
- Greatly increases CRIT DMG.
- Hits have a 60% chance to inflict a small AoE attack, dealing 125% Physical ATK DMG.
【Recommended Characters】 Childe (Tartaglia)FischlVenti
AmosAmos' Bow
【Rank 2】
- Greatly increases range DMG.
- High Base Stat.
- Best Bow For DPS.
【Recommended Characters】 Childe (Tartaglia)FischlVenti
Elegy For The EndElegy For The End
【Rank 2】
- One of the best support weapon.
- Increases the fire power of your teammates per hit of skill or burst.
- Great for support archers.
【Recommended Characters】 FischlVenti
Blackcliff WarbowBlackcliff Warbow
【Rank 4】
- You will receive an attack buff every time you defeat an enemy.
- Those ATK Buffs can stack up making your hits more powerful.
- Might be difficult to do proc the first buff.
【Recommended Characters】 Childe (Tartaglia)FischlAmber
Sacrificial BowSacrificial Bow
【Rank 5】
- Can reset the cooldown of Elemental Skill.
- Great for Elemental Skill focused characters. 【Recommended Characters】FischlVentiDiona

Catalyst Tier List

Top 5 Catalyst Recommendations

Weapon Description
Skyward AtlasSkyward Atlas
【Rank 1】
- Summons a cloud that adds damage to the enemies.
- Boost Elemental DMG Bonus of the character.
【Recommended Characters】
Lost Prayer to the Sacred WindsLost Prayer to the Sacred Winds
【Rank 2】
- Boost Movement SPD and CRIT.
- Elemental DMG of character gets stronger the longer it is on the field.
【Recommended Characters】
Mappa MareMappa Mare
【Rank 3】
- Can be crafted so it is easier to enhance and obtain.
- Boosts effects of Elemental Reactions.
【Recommended Characters】
Blackcliff AgateBlackcliff Agate
【Rank 4】
- A catalyst that boosts CRIT DMG of the character.
- Makes building characters easier.
【Recommended Characters】
Solar PearlSolar Pearl
【Rank 5】
- Greatly boosts Crit Rate.
- Normal attack boost Burst and skill's power.
【Recommended Characters】

Claymore Tier List

Top 5 Claymore Recommendations

Weapon Description
WolfWolf's Gravestone
【Rank 1】
- Greatly increases Base ATK.
- Can boost the whole party's base ATK
【Recommended Characters】
Skyward PrideSkyward Pride
【Rank 2】
- Elemental Burst, Normal and Charge of the character will create a Elemental Burst of the character will create a vacuum that gives additional damage.
- Boost damage done by the character.
【Recommended Characters】
Prototype ArchaicPrototype Archaic
【Rank 3】
- Can be crafted so it is easier to Enhance.
- A great F2P option for all claymore users.
【Recommended Characters】
Blackcliff slasherBlackcliff Slasher
【Rank 4.5】
- Greatly boost character's CRIT DMG.
- Increases damage output upon defeat of enemies.
- Obtained through Starlight Exchange.
【Recommended Characters】
Serpent SpineSerpent Spine
【Rank 4.5】
- Greatly increases Crit Rate for easier Artifact Building.
- Boost DMG of any claymore users.
【Recommended Characters】

Polearm Tier List

Top 5 Polearm Recommendations

Weapon Description
Staff of HomaStaff Of Homa【Rank 1】- Significantly increases HP and ATK of weilder.
- Needs decreased HP to maximize power making it not recommended for beginners..
【Recommended Characters】
ZhongliXiaoHu Tao
Primordial Jade Winged-SpearPrimordial Jade Winged-Spear
【Rank 2】
- Increases ATK stat every hit you did.
- ATK Boost stack up to 7 times making most of your attacks deadly.
【Recommended Characters】
XiaoHu Taozhongli Xiangling
Skyward SpineSkyward Spine
【Rank 3】
- Attacks can trigger a vacuum blade that damages enemies.
- Increases CRIT rate and ATK speed.
【Recommended Characters】
XiaozhongliXianglingHu Tao
Vortex VanquisherVortex Vanquisher【Rank 4】- Increase the Shield Strength of the one equipping it. It increases ATK on hits, and this effect is strengthened while the character equipping it is under the protection of a shield.
【Recommended Characters】
Crescent PikeCrescent Pike
【Rank 5】
- Craftable so it is easier to enhane.
- Picking up Elemental particles boost your ATK.
【Recommended Characters】

Tier Criteria


Overall Damage Capability

The main criteria for this tier list is strength and firepower. Because of this ATK stat and CRIT weapons are recommended for they give out the big numbers.

Versatility Of The Weapon

Each weapon has its own unique skill. This tier take into consideration how useful the skill in different situations. Skills or effects that are useful to certain situations are not placed high in the tier list.

Enhancement Ease

Common weapons are sometimes stronger than rare weapons when it is fully enhanced. Weapon with decent usage but easier or free enhancement are rated high in this tier.

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Weapon Tips


Make Sure To Check Weapon Effects

Some weapons are made to suit a certain character or element. Check the weapon description to see which character they are better equipped to.

Obtain Strong Weapons Through Wishing

You can obtain most of the strong weapons through wishing. If you are having trouble with your character's stength, obtaining strong weapons might help. Note that you can also get a 4★ weapon by getting rank 30 in your Battle Pass!

Check Out Wish (Gacha) Guide Here!

Refine Duplicate Weapons

If you receive doubles from wishing, do not be upset, you can use the duplicate to increase the base stats and effects of the weapon by refining the weapon.

Enhance & Ascend The Weapon For Stronger Stats

Make sure to Enhance your weapon of choice to the max level. This will boost their base stat which will make your character extremely strong. A fully enhanced 3 star weapon can be stronger than a 4 Star weapon.

Check Out Ascension Guide Here!

Use 1- 2 Stars Weapon To Enhance Your Weapons

1-2 star weapons normally have near useless stats. However, they can be used as fodder to upgrade your stronger weapons.

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Check out our Genshin Impact Character Builds & Weapons forum to find builds posted by your fellow players! Have a good build you'd like to share? Post it there for others to see!

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Anonymous 12

The widsith good for crit dmg catalyst dont forget,and lithic spear if you build correct that can make good than crescent pike.

Anonymous 11

No Ganyu under Amos? What even...

Anonymous 10

Why is white blind good for diluc? Also Widsith is better than both mappa mare and royal grimoire imo cuz it's main stat is crit dmg and it's p***ive is pretty good too.

Anonymous 9

Like the unforged, it’s amazing in Noelle’s hands

PugOfWar 8

crafttabe and easy to enchance in the same sentence.

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