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Tier List 1.2 - Best Character Ranking (January 2021)
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Tier List 1.2 - Best Character Ranking (January 2021)

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Characters Tier List is a list of Best Character Ranking January 2021 for Genshin Impact 1.2. Learn about the strongest characters, updated character list, tier list for 1.3 & 1.2.

Table of Contents

1.2 Rank Changes

Tier List Completely Brushed-Up!

To increase the quality and the ease of viewing this article, we changed some of the format of tier list and placements of characters.

Latest Update: January 2021

New Character: Ganyu

New Character

The final character to be released on Version 1.2 is finally released. Her amazing support abilities together with her powerful charge shot makes her a must have character!

What Is Ganyu's Tier For You?

Tell us why in the ▼Comments below!

To Be Updated Once Version 1.3 Is Released

This tier list will be updated every time there is a new character released or a character buff occur. Expect a new version of this tier list once Version 1.3 is released!

Check Ver. 1.3 Updates Here!

Character Tier List 1.2 Summary

Overall Top Character Ranking

Tier SS
DilucBennettKleeChilde (Tartaglia)Mona
Tier S
Tier A
Tier B
AmberTraveler (Anemo)Traveler (Geo)LisaKaeya

Reroll Guide Has Different Basis

This Tier List has a different set of criteria than our "Reroll Tier List" (▼Jump below to read our detailed criteria here). For beginners who want to have an optimally experience in the early game, check the link below to learn more about rerolling..

Reroll Guide & Tier List

Which Character Do You Think Is The Best?

Is your favorite character not on the list? ▼Comment below and let us know which character you think is the best and why!

Character Tier List Details

Tier SS

Diluc DilucAttacker
Weapon: Claymore
・Overwhelming Physical Attack and Pyro Damage making it easy to deal with multiple enemies at once.
・Short cooldowns and strong fire power that can be used continuously.
・Claymore and Pyro Element is useful at exploring.
Weapon: Sword
・Boost power and gives Pyro effect to the character in the area of his Elemental burst.
・Elemental burst remains even after switching making it easier to cause Elemental Reactions.
・Provides rapid and constant healing and powerful ATK buff.
Weapon: Catalyst
・Has strong and continuous firepower which makes it easy to deal with multiple enemies at once.
・Unlocking its constellations will give it an ability to give defense debuff to enemies and be a great support.
・Auto Attack is pyro making it easy to cause elemental reactions.
・Her talent can locate specialties in Mondstadt which makes her useful for exploring.
Weapon: Bow
・Strong in close and decent at range combat.
・Continuous Hydro Elemental Attack and will inflict a def buff (Riptide).
・Swift and strong attacks during melee.
・Does not have a plunge attack making it slightly difficult to battle in an uneven field.
Weapon: Catalyst
・Her elemental burst greatly increases the fire power fire power for a moment. Even more powerful when it cause Vaporize.
・Elemental Skill makes it easier to cause elemental reactions.
・Can sprint on top of water which is convenient at some places when exploring.
Weapon: Sword
・Elemental Burst continuously inflicts Wet status and reduces Hydro RES when C2 is unlocked.
・The effect of Elemental burst remains even after switching characters making it easier to cause elemental reactions.
・Reduces damage and heals enemies with Elemental Skill at C1.
Weapon: Bow
・Very powerful charge attack.
・Elemental Skill is great for dodging enemies & spreading Cryo.
・Elemental burst remains even after switching making it easier to do cryo combos and deal strong damage.
Weapon: Bow
・Elemental Burst gathers enemies in one location while dealing constant damage and spreads elemental effects.
・Elemental Burst and Skill has short cooldown and can be activated continuously.
・Elemental skill can launch yourself in the air which is useful in exploring.

Tier S

Weapon: Sword
・Can deal heavy hitting combos against huge opponents dealing top class damage.
・Can pinpoint and hit enemies weakness using his Elemental Skill.
・Can use Elemental Skill to teleport and obtain items which is useful when exploring.
Weapon: Bow
・Can summon a Black Crow (Oz) that automatically attacks.
・Even if you change character, Oz still remains making enemies continuously receive Electro Damage.
・Oz's Electro Damage + Attack of Characters with different Element makes strong Elemental reaction and combos.
Weapon: Claymore
・While it is difficult for Razor to perform Combo with other characters, he can power up himself making him a great Attacker.
・Top Class Firepower when Elemental Bust is activated.
・His talent lessens the consumed stamina when sprinting which is useful when traveling.
Weapon: Sword
・A character that can support, attack and heal.
・Elemental Burst can damage and heal at the same time.
・Elemental burst remains even after switching making it easier to do swirl combos and heal.
・Can double the amount of health recovery food which is useful in-game.
Weapon: Sword
・Top class healing and elemental support which is great at Solo-play.
・Elemental skill can inflict continuous Cryo Damage making it easy to cause Elemental reactions.
・Her talent can spot Liyue's Specialty in the map which is very useful for traveling.
Weapon: Polearm
・Has a bulky base stat and able to form shield at will making himself tanky.
・The only character so far that can petrify enemies making it easier to crowd control.
・Elemental skill can be used to climb high ledges which makes travel easier.
・Can provide consistent and strong shield to allies at C2.
Weapon: Sword
・Provides fast AOE Geo Damage to Enemies with his skill.
・Burst interacts well with other Geo structures making it more powerful.
・Elemental skill creates an "Elevator" which is helpful for reaching high plac
Weapon: Catalyst
・Can create barrier that blocks the attack of range enemies which is also useful in Multiplayer.
・Greatly improves and becomes a strong attacker when its constellations are unlocked.
・Can continuously produce shields by just using auto-attacks.
・Shows the ores in map which is useful when exploring.

Tier A

Weapon: Claymore
Weapon: Can deal AOE pyro damage to enemies using burst.
・Strong base Defense and physical attack.
・Can give shields and pyro element to allies making her a great support
Weapon: Polearm
・Can deal continuous pyro damage using its Elemental skill and burst.
・Elemental burst and skill remains even after switching characters making it easier to cause Elemental Reactions.
・A Polearm character which deals multiple hits swiftly against the enemies.
Weapon: Catalysts
・Top Class character when it comes to Healing HP.
・Elemental Skill inflicts wet status to enemies close to the player
・Elemental skill stays even after switching characters making it easy to cause hydro reaction such as vaporize.
Weapon: Bow
・Has continuous Cryo elemental attack which supports elemental reaction damage of your team.
・Strong Defense and Heal Ability.
・Can provide shield for herself and the team usinig elemental skill.
Weapon: Claymore
Weapon: Claymore
・Elemental Skills gives Cryo effect to all attacks done by spear, claymore and sword in the area.
・It remains even after shifting characters making it easier to cause Elemental Reactions.
・Since its a Cryo Claymore character, additional damage from destroying frozen character can easily be done.
・Elemental skill can disturb and reduce physical build coop members.
Weapon: Claymore
・Can provide shield and healing.
・When under the effect of its Elemental Skill, her attacks will have a Geo effect making it easier to cause Crystallization.
・Can heal while dealing damage making her ideal for timed challenges.
Weapon: Catalyst
・Her charge attack, elemental skill and burst are all Anemo AoE making it easier to cause Swirl.
・Can gather enemies using her Burst.
・At Constellation 1, she is able to buff Elemental Mastery of the team.
Weapon: Claymore
・Elemental Skill can null a certain amount of damage.
・Has a counter attack which makes her great at fighting multiple enemies.
・Constellation produces a shield that can be transferred to other controlled characters.
・Passive skill lessens swimming stamina.

Tier B

Weapon: Sword
・Elemental Skill is easy to use and has a short cooldown
・Unlocking constellation makes his Elemental Burst last longer making it powerful.
・Reduces stamina consumed when sprinting which is useful for exploring.
Weapon: Catalyst
・While its Elemental Skill requires time to be activated, it has a wide range and power.
・Elemental Burst skill remains even after switching making it easy to cause Elemental reactions.
・Normal attack is electro making it easier to deal electro reactions.
Weapon: Sword
・Shorter cooldown time.
・Constellation can be unlocked for free and is easier to strengthen.
・You can grab enemies upon upgrading the 1st Constellation and can cast a Elemental debuff to enemies upon upgrading to 6th constellation.
・Can create ice bridge when elemental burst interact with Cryo.
Weapon: Sword
Constellation can be unlocked for free and is easier to strengthen.
・Can provide critical buff when within the Elemental Burst Area after unlocking one constellation.
・Elemental skill can be used as a stairs which is useful at exploring.
Weapon: Bow
・Elemental Skill summons a doll that grabs the Agro of enemies.
・The doll can be used as substitute to another player in Gimmicks that require two people.

Tier List Based On Roles

Main Attacker

Tier SS
DilucKleeChilde (Tartaglia)Ganyu
Tier S
Tier A
Tier B
ChongyunTraveler (Anemo)LisaKaeya

Main attacker deals the most damage in the party. They are the characters that you will control the most in battles. Characters that gives a lot of damage using their Normal and Charge attacks are positively rated in this tier.

Sub-DPS Tier List

Tier SS
Tier S
Tier A
Tier B

Sub-DPS in this Tier are characters who mainly deal damage using their Elemental Burst and Skill. One of the main factor here is their damage output using Elements. Characters that easily produce elemental reactions are rated greatly in this Tier List.

Support / Enabler Tier List

Tier SS
Tier S
Tier A
Tier B

Supports are characters who excels at boosting or healing the party. Characters who gives debuffs and has an ability to crowd control are also taken into consideration. Characters who has multiple skills that help the characters and does not disappear after switching are rated highly in this tier list.

Basis For Tier Ranking

Character's Versatility

This Tier list focuses on character versatility. Characters who work well with different kinds of parties are rated higher than those whose use is overly specific and niche. Added consideration is also placed on the way a character might affect your overall mobility.

Elemental Skill and Burst Ease of Use

Characters with elemental skills that persist even after switching out, or skills that have great combo potential and are able to deal huge damage using elemental reactions are given a higher rating in this Tier List.

Elemental Combos - Reaction Chart

Character Tier Lists

All Characters

Characters By Rarity
Characters By Element
List Of All Characters

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Anonymous 88

Ya’ll forgetting Klee

Anonymous 87

For straight standalone damage I haven't seen anyone beat Keqing I terms of raw reliable output. A single physical charge attack for me deals around 20,000 total and she can do about 7-8 before running out of stamina, then you can just burst and standard attack for a second before looping again.

Anonymous 86

Ganyu is easily the best standalone dmg dealer in game right now. while others need to set up reactions.

Aynoneemus 85

my C6 physical dps fischl is stronger than all my c1 five stars...

Anonymous 84

Abyss SS ,Main and Sub
Single Targets (Cubes as example )) Main SS
Domains A
Overall SS for sure I like her much ;)

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