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Tier List 2.1 Best Character Ranking (September 2021) | Kokomi Tier
Genshin Impact | Tier List 2.1 Best Character Ranking (September 2021) | Kokomi Tier  - GameWith

Genshin Impact
Tier List 2.1 Best Character Ranking (September 2021) | Kokomi Tier

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Characters Tier List and Best Character Ranking September 2021 for Genshin Impact 2.1. See the strongest characters, updated character list and Raiden tier for 2.1 and 2.2!

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2.1 Rank Changes On Tier List

Latest Update: September 2021

New Character

Sangonomiya Kokomi, the leader of Resistance, is now ready for battle. Her ranking current ranking is temporary. It shall be updated upon further testing.

Rank Change History

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DateChange Details
9/24XiaoXiao SSS
9/21 KokomiAdded to A
9/14 AloyAB
9/1AloyKujou SaraKujou Sara Added to A
Raiden ShogunAdded to SS
8/26 BeidouAS
8/17 Whole tier list adjusted based on latest information.

What Is Kokomi's Tier For You?

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Character Tier List 2.1 Summary

Overall Top Character Ranking

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Tier SS








Hu Tao



Raiden Shogun

Tier S












Tier A





Kujou Sara







Tier B




Electro Traveler


Geo Traveler

Tier C




Anemo Traveler

Reroll Guide Has Different Basis

This Tier List has a different set of criteria than our "Reroll Tier List" (▼Jump below to read our detailed criteria here). For beginners who want to have an optimally experience in the early game, check the link below to learn more about rerolling.

Reroll Guide & Tier List

Which Character Do You Think Is The Best?

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Character Tier List Details

Tier SS

Weapon: Sword
・High damage thanks to Swirl and Elemental Mastery
・Can provide quick crowd control thanks to Skill
・Burst is easy to combo since it has an obvious Elemental priority
・High investment since he has a specific set required to maximize damage
Weapon: Bow
・Elemental Burst gathers enemies in one location while dealing constant damage through Swirl
・Elemental Burst and Skill has short cooldown and can be activated continuously
・Elemental skill can launch players in the air which is useful in exploring
・Elemental Mastery buff further increased the damage Venti can dish
Weapon: Polearm
・Burst is one of the strongest in the game. Plunge attacks while Burst is active will have increased damage and hit all enemies inside its range
・High DPS potential, but requires high investment.
・Powerful but characters that can support Xiao is limited.
Weapon: Claymore
・Physical Damage-focused character
・Physical Damage scaling across Burst, Skill, and normal attack makes her easy to build
・Does not rely on reactions to deal high damage
・Kit is pretty straightforward and easy to use
Weapon: Bow
・One of the best DPS in the game
・Easy to build thanks to Crit DMG ascension scaling and easy Crit Rate built (Talent & Elemental Resonance)
・Elemental Burst boost CRYO DMG and is great for triggering Melt Reaction with Pyro Characters
・Elemental Skill is great for distracting enemies
Weapon: Sword
・Thanks to her dash's Cryo Infusion, Ayaka has a high uptime for her Cryo attacks
・AOE Skill that deals large amount of damage and spreads Cryo
・Burst has a wide range and deals continuous Cryo damage, while also pushing back enemies caught in it.
・Elemental Burst can be difficult
Hu TaoHu TaoAttackerSupport
Weapon: Polearm
・Skill provides Pyro Infusion and Attack Boost
・High risk, High
・Speedy attacks and a very powerful charge attack.
・Can easily spread Pyro and increases CRIT rate of team with Burst making her an excellent Support.
・May be difficult for beginners to use but very powerful in end-game.
Weapon: Sword
・Extremely flexible and can fit any team comp easily
・High-value, on-field Burst continuously heals and buffs attack of character in it
・Easily build Burst with spammable Skill
Weapon: Sword
・Elemental Burst is one of the best on-field Bursts, applying hydro with every hit
・Each Needle deals individual damage and can each Crit
・Skill provides additional defense and applies Hydro to nearby enemies
・Only downside is he requires high investment with both talents and constellation.
Raiden ShogunRaiden ShogunSupportAttacker
Weapon: Polearm
・Powerful Elemental Burst that recovers the energy for the whole team.
・Can spread Electro with little to no down time.
・Greatly buffs the power of Elemental Burst of the team.

Tier S

Weapon: Bow
・Since Skill stays on-field even when switched out, it can continously deal Electro damage to support team
・Can easily become an Energy Battery for the team especially for Electro Characters.
・Can Support any type of team because of her Skill and Burst's flexibility.
Weapon: Claymore
・Overwhelming Physical and Pyro Damage, making it easy to deal with multiple enemies at once.
・Skill has a short cooldown and can be used in succession or in small bursts
・Elemental Burst can crowd control, but it can be detrimental since it does push back enemies that it hits
Weapon: Catalyst
・Unique normal attack that not only applies Pyro, but also has explosive damage
・High damage potential, but requires careful use of normal and charged attacks since you become stationary
・Easily locate Mondstadt local specialties because of her talent
Weapon: Sword
・Very versatile character since she can deal damage, provide support, and heal
・On-field Burst heals allies inside, as well as apply continuous Swirl to any enemy that enters or leaves it
・Skill allows for quick crowd control since it can pick up small enemies. Throwing enemies high up will also deal fall damage
Weapon: Catalyst
・Easily takes advantage of Elemental Mastery since all of her attacks are Anemo Damage and can cause Swirld
・Burst continously pulls in enemies
・Gives team addditional Elemental Mastery with the use of her Skill
Weapon: Sword
・Provides fast and continues AOE Geo Damage to enemies with his Skill.
・Burst increases Elemental Mastery of characters.
・Unfortunately, many places and bosses easily destroy flowers from his Skill.
Weapon: Bow
・Versatile character that provides shield, healing, and stable Cryo damage
・Healing and Shield scales to HP so she's pretty easy to build for support
・Charge attack, Skill, and Burst all deal easy Cryo damage
Weapon: Bow
・Strong both in close and range combat.
・Applies Riptide that does continuous Hydro damage. Also spreads among enemies
・In Melee mode, all attacks apply Hydro at a very fast rate
・Requires meticulous cooldown management with his Skill
・Burst could either be done in Range mode or Melee Mode
Weapon: Catalyst
・As a Catalyst, all her attacks apply Hydro. Great for elemental reactions
・Her Burst greatly increases damage taken by enemies while also damaging enemies and applying Hydro
・Skill is taunt that distracts enemies and applies continuous Hydro
・Can sprint on top of water which is convenient when exploring
Weapon: Polearm
・Has one of the best on-field Pyro Bursts
・High Pyro application rate with her Skill and Burst

Tier A

Weapon: Catalyst
・Very versatile character since she can deal damage, provide support, and heal
・Powers up attack with Elemental Burst which makes her a viable DPS.
・Kokomi's inability to crit makes her damage sub-par compared to other characters.
Weapon: Claymore
・On-field Burst heals allies and applies Hydro to enemies near it
・Skill can be used to reposition since it's quick. It also deals a decent amount of damage when used
・Good for exploring and item gathering since her passive prevents small animals and creatures from initially running away
Weapon: Sword
・Skill can be used to reposition during combat. Also applies Electro infusion when used
・Has one of the highest charged attack damage in the game
・AOE Burst applies Electro and damages multiple enemies within its range at once
・Can use Elemental Skill to teleport and obtain items when exploring
Kujou SaraKujou SaraSupportAttacker
Weapon: Bow
・Can buff the team in a short duration.
・Powerful Electro character support at high constellations.
・Can work as a battery for the team.|
Weapon: Bow
・Skill applies Pyro infusion making her normal attacks even stronger
・Burst not only deals a ton of damage, but it also applies a mark that increases damage done to the marked enemy when attacked by another character in the party
Weapon: Catalyst
・All her attacks apply Pyro making it easy to trigger reactions.
・Strong charge attack that can hit multiple enemies
Weapon: Catalyst
・Can deal powerful charged attacks and does not rely on skills to deal powerful DMG
・Can continuously produce shields by just using normal attacks
・Skill increases Geo damage when passed through. It also blocks some enemy projectiles
・Shows the ores in map which is useful when exploring.
Weapon: Polearm
・Burst spreads cryo to enemies for easy reaction and increases Crit Rate against enemies
・Skill has her dash forward and swing her Polearm in an arc. This attack has a short cooldown and will apply Cryo to all enemies within its range
Weapon: Sword
・Skill is easy to use and has a short cooldown
・Burst is on-field and is a reliable way of continuously applying Cryo
・Reduces stamina consumed when sprinting which is useful for exploring
Weapon: Claymore
・While it is difficult for Razor to perform combos with other characters, he can power up himself making him a great Attacker
・High firepower when Burst is activated
・His talent lessens the consumed stamina when sprinting which is useful when traveling
Weapon: Claymore
・Skill can null a certain amount of damage
・Has a counter attack which makes her great at fighting multiple enemies
・Passive skill lessens stamina consumed when swimming
Weapon: Claymore
・Can provide shield and healing
・When under the effect of her Burst, her attacks will have a Geo effect making it easier to cause Crystallization
・Can heal while dealing damage making her ideal as a support or main DPS

Tier B

Geo TravelerGeo TravelerAttackerSupport
Weapon: Sword
Constellation can be unlocked for free and is easier to strengthen
・Can provide critical buff when within the Elemental Burst Area after unlocking one constellation
・Elemental skill can be used as a stairs which is useful at exploring
Weapon: Sword
・One of the best healers in the game
・Skill and Burst offer healing and elemental support which is great when playing both Solo and Co-op
・Skill can inflict continuous Cryo Damage making it easy to cause Elemental reactions
・Her talent can spot Liyue's Specialty in the map which is very useful for traveling.
Weapon: Bow
・Straight forward powerful attacks.
・Can deal big one shot damage.
・Great for dealing explosive Cryo AOE attacks.
Weapon: Catalysts
・One of the best healers in the game
・Skill inflicts wet status to enemies close to the player
・Skill stays even after switching characters making it easy to cause Hydro reactions
Weapon: Claymore
Weapon: Claymore
・Skill Cryo infuses all sword, polearm, and claymore characters that enter its field
・It remains even after shifting characters making it easier to cause Elemental Reactions.
・Since its a Cryo Claymore character, can easily cause Shatter for additional damage against frozen enemies
Electro TravelerElectro TravelerSupport
Weapon: Sword
・Greatly increases energy gain of team mates.
・Spreads Electro quickly which is good for Electro based comps.

Tier C

Weapon: Catalyst
・While her Skill requires time to be activated, it has a wide range and decent damage
・Burst remains on field even after switching making it a good support ability
・As a catalyst user, all of Lisa's attacks are Electro
Anemo TravelerAnemo TravelerAttackerSupport
Weapon: Sword
・Shorter cooldown time.
・Constellation can be unlocked for free and is easier to strengthen.
・You can grab enemies upon upgrading the 1st Constellation and can cast a Elemental debuff to enemies upon upgrading to 6th constellation.
・Can create ice bridge when elemental burst interact with Cryo.
Weapon: Claymore
Weapon: Can deal AOE pyro damage to enemies using burst.
・Strong base Defense and physical attack.
・Can give shields and pyro element to allies making her a great support
Weapon: Bow
・Elemental Skill summons a doll that grabs the Agro of enemies.
・The doll can be used as substitute to another player in Gimmicks that require two people.

Tier List Based On Roles

Main Attacker

Tier SS
GanyuEulaAyakaHu TaoXiao
Tier S
Tier A
BeidouXianglingQiqiNoelleGeo Traveler
Tier B
KokomiChongyunAloyAnemo TravelerLisa

Main attacker deals the most damage in the party. They are the characters that you will control the most in battles. Characters that gives a lot of damage using their Normal and Charge attacks are positively rated in this tier.

Sub-DPS Tier List

Tier SS
GanyuHu TaoKazuhaRaiden Shogun
Tier S
Tier A
QiqiKaeyaXinyanKokomiGeo Traveler
SayuSucroseKujou Sara
Tier B
AmberBarbaraLisaAnemo Traveler

Sub-DPS in this Tier are characters who mainly deal damage using their Elemental Burst and Skill. One of the main factor here is their damage output using Elements. Characters that easily produce elemental reactions are rated greatly in this Tier List.

Support / Enabler Tier List

Tier SS
GanyuBennettXingqiuRaiden Shogun
Tier S
Kujou Sara
Tier A
NoelleGeo TravelerAnemo TravelerSayuQiqi
ChongyunElectro TravelerYoimiya
Tier B

Supports are characters who excels at boosting or healing the party. Characters who gives debuffs and has an ability to crowd control are also taken into consideration. Characters who has multiple skills that help the characters and does not disappear after switching are rated highly in this tier list.

Basis For Tier Ranking

Character's Versatility

This Tier list focuses on character versatility. Characters who work well with different kinds of parties are rated higher than those whose use is overly specific and niche. Added consideration is also placed on the way a character might affect your overall mobility.

Elemental Skill and Burst Ease of Use

Characters with elemental skills that persist even after switching out, or skills that have great combo potential and are able to deal huge damage using elemental reactions are given a higher rating in this Tier List.

Elemental Combos - Reaction Chart

Character Tier Lists

All Characters

Characters By Rarity
Characters By Roles
DPS ListSupport ListHealer List
Characters By Element
List Of All Characters

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yo 365

Zhongli is rated SS tier but there’s no entry for him…

Anonymous 364


Anonymous 363

Lmao, the site was bullied to put Xiao back to SS. God, Xiao simps are so pathetic I cant stop laughing.

A1 362

Also, Ayaka's normal attack multipliers are lower because she hits fast, compensating for that. Check out KQM's site for her motion values, they're pretty impressive.

A1 361

@Soros Bloomberg, it really depends on the situation. The three are well placed at tier SS though in my opinion. They have their caveats.

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