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Check out this Reroll Guide & Tier List for Genshin Impact. Find out the best characters to reroll, banners, how to reroll, reroll route for PS4, PC, Android, rankings & bans.

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Check Out How To Reroll Fast Here!

Albedo Banner (Secretum Secretorum) Commencing

Current Event Wish Banner (Pickup)

Banner Schedule
2021/01/12 19:00 ~ 2021/02/02 15:59
(Server Time)
Promotional Characters + Ranking
More About Ganyu Banner Here!

Should You Reroll?

Rerolling Isn't Strictly Necessary

The rerolling process in Genshin requires creating a new account and leveling, making it a rather time-consuming affair. It can take you anywhere from 30-40 minutes for one reroll, and you only have a 0.6% chance of pulling a ★5, so we don't recommend you attempt this.

★5 Characters Are Awesome, But...

Of course, since ★5 characters are so powerful, you will most certainly have an easier time with the game should you get one. However, given how long rerolling takes and the fact that you can complete the game without spending money, we don't think it is necessary to reroll over and over.

Will I Be Banned?

You will not have to worry about being banned for performing rerolls, as long as you performing them for your own sake and are not selling accounts. Rerolling abides by the rules and regulations set out by Mihoyo, so you can rest easy!

Reroll Character Ranking

Reroll Ranking Chart

Tier SS (Best Possible Roll)
Tier S (Recommended To Stop)
Childe (Tartaglia)MonaAlbedoZhongliGanyu
Tier A+ (Recommended To Stop)
Tier A- (If You Get Multiple, Stop)
Tier B+ (If You Get Multiple, Stop)
Tier B- (Keep Rerolling!)
Tier C (Keep Rerolling!)

Best Reroll / Character Tier List

SS Tier Characters

Character NameTraits
DilucDiluc 5★ / Pyro
・Great attacker for farming.
・Very powerful AoE move
・Extremely high default attack damage
Qiqi Qiqi 5★ / Cryo
・High damage output.
・Strong AoE heal ability
・Can self-heal as well
Venti Venti5★ / Anemo
・Powerful AoE Elemental skill/burst
・Decreases Stamina Consumption while gliding
・Works well in combination with other elements
Klee Klee 5★ / Pyro
・Can easily damage multiple enemies at once.
・Can use elemental burst together with normal attacks.
・Needs to unlock Constellation to reach her true potential

S Tier Characters

Character NameTraits
ZhongliZhongli5★ / Geo
・ Can apply Petrify Debut for enemy controlling
・ Good synergy between skills.
Mona Mona5★ / Hydro
・Very powerful continuous AoE attacks
・Can ride water currents and move very fast
・Has a chance to refund materials when ascending weapons.
5★ / Hydro
・Strong both in close and middle range combat.
・Continuous Hydro Elemental Attack.
Albedo 5★ / Geo
・Support that strengthens any kind of team.
・Can also act as DPS when build well.
・Is able to provide shields to the teams with crystalize reactions.
GanyuGanyu 5★ / Cryo
・Strong Elemental Burst move that deals AoE damage.
・Can distract enemies with her elemental skill and easily deal Cryo damage.

A+ Tier Characters

Character NameTraits
Jean Jean 5★ / Anemo
・Strong Elemental Burst move that deals AoE damage and heals.
・Can pull enemies to herself
Bennett Bennett4★ / Pyro
・Easy to trigger elemental reactions due to spreading fire
・Can heal allies under 70% HP
Keqing Keqing 5★ / Electro
・Powerful, easy to use melee attacks.
・Has a good AoE elemental skill.
・Can teleport at will.
Xingqui Xingqiu 4★ / Hydro
・A fighter that is great at supporting the damage dealt by characters.
・Easy to trigger an elemental reaction with many elements.

A- Tier Characters

Character NameTraits
Fischl Fischl4★ / Electro
・Has an auto-attacking elemental skill
・Elemental Burst attack is AoE and does great damage
Razor Razor 4★ / Electro
・Potent melee fighter capable of powering himself up
・Easy to down foes with
Ningguang Ningguang4★ / Geo
・Has a wall, useful for countering ranged attacks
・A very steady, safe pick due to her ranged attacks

B+ Tier Characters

Character NameTraits
DionaDiona 4★ / Cryo
・Has continuous hydro elemental attack which supports elemental reaction damage of your team.
・Strong Defense and Heal Ability.
XinyanXinyan4★ / Pyro

(Currently, we are testing Xinyan and given ratings are temporary)

・ Can create a shield made of Pyro
・ Deals AOE fire damage with Elemental Burst
Barbara Barbara4★ / Hydro
・Great healing abilities.
・Has water elemental abilities, useful for triggering elemental reactions
Sucrose Sucrose 4★ / Anemo
・Has an AoE Elemental Skill
・Easy to combine with other elements
Sucrose Xiangling4★ / Pyro
・Excellent regular attacks that don't leave any openings
・Powerful Elemental Burst AoE attack
Noelle Noelle 4★ / Geo
・Is a melee specialist with a melee Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst
・Easy to knock down enemies
Beidou Beidou4★ / Electro
・Extremely strong shields and healing
・Easy to knock down enemies

Which Banner Should I Choose?

Beginners' Wish Is Recommended

Gacha Details
■Guaranteed to get ★4 Noelle in your first 10 pulls
■Guaranteed to get a ★4 or higher character in your subsequent 10 pulls
■★4 pulls and higher will only contain characters - no weapons!
■20% discount on Acquaint Fates
■Can only do 20 times (permanently available)
5 stars0.6% (Characters only)
4 stars5.1% (Characters only)
3 stars94.3% (Characters & Weapons)

If you're going to be rerolling at the start of the game, we recommend choosing the Beginners' Wish, as it has the best chances of getting a ★4 or higher pick! This gacha guarantees you at least one 4-star or higher every 10 wishes, meaning it is the only one which guarantees you'll get a character at ★4!

Check Out Other Gacha Banners From Here

Go For The Secretum Secretorum Afterward

Banner Schedule
After Version 1.2 update – 2021/01/12 15:59:59
(Server Time)
Promotional Characters + Ranking
星50.6% (Characters & Weapons)
星45.1% (Characters & Weapons)
星394.3% (Characters & Weapons)

We recommend pulling the limited banner next. All the characters in the current banner are effective support that will help whatever kind of team you have.

When To Stop Rerolling

Call It Quits If You Get A ★5

Given that the probability of getting a ★5 is 0.6%, the moment you get one you should feel satisfied with it and move on. The reason for this is that any ★5 character will have incredible enough stats! Of course not all characters are created equal, but we don't recommend expending undue effort trying to chase a ★5 Diluc.

Aim For At Least Several B Rank ★4

The sooner you start playing the game, the better, so feel free to compromise in the rerolling process. If you can get 2 or 3 ★4 B rank characters, that should be enough.

How To Re-Roll?

Required Time

Required Time30-40 Minutes (assuming you are relatively experienced)
Total Number of Wishes40

A "reset marathon" in Genshin Impact takes a really long time to get through, and you don't even get that many wishes to compensate. Of course getting a ★5 is incredibly useful, but we don't recommend spending too much time trying to do this.

Re-Rolling for Characters Procedure

1 Play though the tutorial.
2 Level up Adventurer Rank to 5.
3 Head to the town Mondstadt.
4 Receive rewards from your mail box.
5 Click the star icon on the upper part of your screen to make wishes.
6Continue the main quest until you reach Adventurer Rank 7
7Receive rewards from your mailbox.
8Make wishes again!
9Exchange stardust for Intertwined Fate and do other Limited Banners
10 If you did not get the character you wanted, start again from the beginning

Create New Account To Re-roll

To be able to reroll, you need to create another account and follow the procedure above once again.

For PC Players, Sign Up Using A Username

You can create an account in miHoYo's official website using only a Username. This would be an easier way of creating an account since it does not need email verification.

Check Out How To Reroll Fast Here!

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Anonymous 7

Im lonely ,let's be frined

UID 811069530

I have a lot of 5 star
let's play

Anonymous 6

It's useless now, the high amount of primogems in mails at 7AR ended.

anon 5

zhongli has terrible dps without really good artifacts. don’t roll for him this is so misleading.

Blooe 4

Zhongli isn't too good. Definitely not SS, A at best.

Anonymous 3

Zhongli is a bad support. You dont bring a support char for 1 thing. Example: mona breaks fire shield, catalyst can bring buffs, cc from E, dmg buff from Q, can proc vape or freezing, deals more dmg than zhong.

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