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Reroll Guide & Tier List 3.5

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Reroll Guide & Tier List for Genshin Impact 3.5. Find out how to reroll, best characters to reroll, banners, reroll route for PS4, PC, rankings and bans.

Table of Contents

Best Character Ranking

Reroll Guide - Tier List Basis

Ranking Guide
S & SS
Best possible pull. No need to reroll
Good pull. Reroll should be optional
Okay pull. Better if you reroll
Bad Pull. Reroll
Reroll Tier Basis & Explanation

Prioritizes Availability Of Character

Some characters are available year round while some can only be obtained during a limited-time. This tier list puts more importance in characters that you are not readily available.

Overall Use & Power

When rerolling, it's best to get the best characters before stopping. Tier list is based on a character's overall strenght, utility, and ease of use.

Free Characters Are Ranked Lower

Since this is a Reroll Tier, characters you can get for free are placed lower while characters with high rarity or valuable constellations are favored.

Goal Of Getting A 5-Star Character

A Reroll's main goal should be getting a 5-star character. This is why we separated the ranking between 5-star and 4-star characters. 4-star characters should just be bonuses to your goal.

Kit Uniqueness

This tier list also takes into account the uniqueness of a character when it comes to their role and overall kit. Some characters are the only ones in their class, like Eula being the only Physical 5-star carry and should take priority.

Role Versatility

Characters that can also fit into multiple roles are given priority in this tier list since they offer team versatility, something important in early game. Characters that can be main DPS and Sub-DPS are better than just a main DPS character.

Reroll Based On Your Preference

At the end of the day, whether you reroll or not is influenced with how you like the character personally. If you got the character you wanted, then there's no need to reroll.

Reroll Guide - All Character Reroll Ranking

Grayed out characters cannot be pulled in the current banners. They may come back in future banners, but for now are unavailable.

5-Star Character Ranking

SS TierYelanRaiden ShogunKazuhaEulaHu TaoGanyuZhongliVentiNahidaScaramouche
S TierAyatoKokomiYae MikoIttoAyakaYoimiyaXiaoAlbedoChildeKleeDilucJeanTighnariCynoNilouAlhaitham
A TierShenheKeqingMonaDehya
B TierQiqi

4-Star Character Rankings

SS TierDionaBennettFischlXingqiuSucrose
S TierShikanoin HeizouYanfeiRosariaNingguangXianglingCandace
A TierLaylaYun JinGorouThomaKujou SaraBeidouRazorKuki ShinobuFaruzanYaoyaoMika
B TierDoriSayuXinyanChongyunNoelleCollei
C TierLisaKaeyaAmberBarbara

Characters that can be gotten for free, including Xiangling and Noelle, are lower than their supposed ranks. This is due to it being a waste to get them in your reroll when you can get then later on for free.

Reroll Guide - Per Character Tier Explanation

SS Tier Characters

5-Star Characters
ScaramoucheScaramouche5★ / Anemo
・ Amazing both at early and late game
・ Easy to use Kit and amazing for exploration.
・Anemo is a very powerful reaction early-game.
NahidaNahida5★ / Dendro
・ Amazing both at early and late game
・ Easy to use Elemental Skill for gathering items
・Applies Dendro in every hit making it great for damage and reactions.
YelanYelan5★ / Hydro
・ Powerful Hydro Damage from Burst and Skill
・ Easy to use and kept on being powerful even at late-game.
・Easy to build because of HP scaling.
Raiden ShogunRaiden Shogun5★ / Electro
・ Can spread Electro with almost zero downtime
・ Very powerful Elemental Burst that is great for Beginners..
・Works as great as a battery for the team.
KazuhaKazuha 5★ / Anemo
・Strong DPS capable of boosting damage of the team for every skill.
・Can Crowd Control which is very valuable in the beginning.
・Flexible support that remains valuable even in late-game.
EulaEula 5★ / Cryo
・Physical DMG dealer that is great against solo targets.
・Can deal powerful DMG without relying on reactions.
・Easy to use for beginner
Hu TaoHu Tao 5★ / Pyro
・Pyro DPS that increases her damage in exchange of HP.
・Easily spreads Pyro status and heals herself using her Elemental burst.
GanyuGanyu 5★ / Cryo
・Strong Elemental Burst move that deals AoE damage.
・Can distract enemies with her elemental skill and easily deal Cryo damage.
・Powerful charge shots.
ZhongliZhongli5★ / Geo
・ Can apply Petrify Debuff for CC
・ Provides powerful shields.
・A support oriented character.
Venti Venti5★ / Anemo
・Powerful AoE Elemental skill/burst
・Can gather enemies easily making the battle finish quickly.
・Works well in combination with other elements.
4-Star Characters
DionaDiona 4★ / Cryo
・Has continuous cryo elemental attack which supports elemental reaction damage of your team.
・Strong Defense and Heal Ability.
Bennett Bennett4★ / Pyro
・Can provide buff and healing at the same time.
・Elemental Burst is easily charged and is one of the best support burst in the game.
Fischl Fischl4★ / Electro
・Has an auto-attacking elemental skill
・Easily applies Electro.
・Oz (Elemental Skill) is very powerful.
Xingqui Xingqiu 4★ / Hydro
・A fighter that is great at supporting the damage dealt by characters.
・Easy to trigger an elemental reaction with many elements.
Sucrose Sucrose 4★ / Anemo
・Has an AoE Elemental Skill and burst that provides CC.
・Can boost Elemental Mastery of characters at lvl 70.

S Tier Characters

5-Star Characters
AlhaithamAlhaitham5★ / Dendro
・Alhaitham being Dendro is amazing both at early and late game.
・Exploration skill is good for beginners.
- Can be difficult for beginners to use since Alhaitham's Kit is a bit complicated.
NilouNilou5★ / Hydro
・Amazing character that is great for Blooms and spreading Hydro.
・Restricted to a specific element and teams making her difficult to use for beginners.
CynoCyno5★ / Electro
・Powerful and quick Elemental Damage.
・Can be complicated to build and has energy issues.
TighnariTighnari5★ / Dendro
・Elemental Skill is great for beginners because it keeps enemies away.
・Straightforward Kit that does not require many player skills.
KokomiKokomi 5★ / Hydro
・A flexible character that can support, damage and heal.
・Simple skills and building that makes her great for beginners.
・ Becomes extremely valuable in end-game contents.
AyatoAyato5★ / Hydro
・Straightforward kit that is easy to understand even for beginners.
・Elemental Burst has wide AoE and continuously inflict Hydro making it great for Elemental Combos.
Yae MikoYae Miko5★ / Electro
・Easy to use Electro DPS that has a simple kit and is great for beginners.
・Powerful Elemental Burst and Skill that deals constant Electro DMG.
IttoItto5★ / Geo
・Geo DPS that boosts his damage based on his DEF.
・Provides crowd control with Elemental Skill.
・Can deal powerful DMG without relying on reactions.
AyakaAyaka 5★ / Cryo
・Strong Elemental Burst move that deals AoE damage.
・Fast movement special sprint that will help a lot in traversing waterbodies.
・Can easily deal powerful Cryo DMG without much delays.
YoimiyaYoimiya 5★ / Pyro
・Range character with strong Pyro DPS.
・Great at single target battles and spreads Pyro easily.
・Might be difficult for beginners to fully utilize her Burst.
Xiao Xiao 5★ / Anemo
・Speedy attacker that is great for beginners.
・Powerful plunge attacks.
AlbedoAlbedo 5★ / Geo
・Support that strengthens any kind of team.
・Can also act as DPS when build well.
・Is able to provide shields with ease because of crystalize reactions.
5★ / Hydro
・Strong both in close and long range combat.
・Continuous Hydro Elemental Attack.
Klee Klee 5★ / Pyro
・Normal attacks are imbued with Pyro.
・Powerful charged attack.
・Easy to use Elemental Skill and Burst.
DilucDiluc 5★ / Pyro
・One of the best damage dealer in-game.
・Wide ranged and powerful Elemental Burst.
・Very simple and beginner suited battle-style.
Jean Jean 5★ / Anemo
・An all-rounder that can heal, support and DPS.
・Easy to use and powerful at beginner's level.
4-Star Characters
Shikanoin HeizouShikanoin Heizou4★ / Anemo
・ High damage Anemo DPS
・ Each attack causes Swirl and will fit in as a driver for team comps
・ Elemental Burst has a vacuum that can be an effective crowd control
YanfeiYanfei4★ / Pyro
・ All attacks apply Pyro damage
・ High normal attack and charge attack damage
・ Good pyro DPS
RosariaRosaria4★ / Cryo
・Easy to use and straight forwards skills.
・Great for beginners and an overall flexible character.
・Works best with crafted polearms and easy to build.
Ningguang Ningguang4★ / Geo
・Has a wall, useful for countering ranged attacks
・A very steady, safe pick due to her powerful ranged attacks
Xiangling Xiangling4★ / Pyro
・Excellent elemental skill that easily spreads Pyro.
・Powerful Elemental Burst AoE attack stays even after switching characters.
・Can be received for free by clearing Spiral Abyss.

A Tier Characters

5-Star Characters
DehyaDehya 5★ / Pyro
・Flexible character that can fill multiple roles.
・Lacks luster especially in end-game.
・Cannot compete with shields and fairly weak damage.
ShenheShenhe 5★ / Cryo
・A great support character that can easily buff her team
・Lacks damage potential and will require specific team comps to work
Mona Mona5★ / Hydro
・Powerful AOE Hydro Attacks.
・Can ride water bodies and move very fast
・Increases damage dealt with her Burst while also providing CC.
Keqing Keqing 5★ / Electro
・Powerful, easy to use melee attacks.
・Has a good AoE elemental skill.
・Quick moves making it easier to dodge.
4-Star Characters
MikaMika4★ / Cryo
・Easy to use healer.
・Rare Physical Buffer.
・Great for Multiple targets.
・For end-game, Mika is very niche pick.
YaoyaoYaoyao4★ / Dendro
・Easy to use healer.
・Amazing at Dendro teams from early to end-game.
・High Burst Cost and requires a bit of investment for better healing.
FaruzanFaruzan4★ / Anemo
・Provides slight Crowd Control.
・Low DMG and high Burst cost
・Becomes more important at latter game.
LaylaLayla4★ / Cryo
・Easy to build and great off-field Cryo character .
・Fairly low personal damage but enables Cryo Reaction easily.
・Provides strong shields.
CandaceCandace4★ / Hydro
・Easy to build character great for learning Hydro reactions.
・Useful even at end-game.
・Provides lower buff compared to its competitors.
Kuki ShinobuKuki Shinobu4★ / Electro
・ Spreads Electro easily and provide consistent healing and damage.
・Wide Ranged Elemental Burst that is easy to use.
Yun JinYun Jin4★ / Geo
・Buffs team with her kit
・Best when in a multi-Element team
GorouGorou4★ / Geo
・Powerful Buffs
・Provides consistent shielding
・Requires Geo characters to activate stronger buffs
ThomaThoma4★ / Pyro
・ Powerful shields.
・ Elemental Burst inflicts pyro easily to enemies.
・ Requires a lot of Energy Recharge to be consistent.
Razor Razor 4★ / Electro
・Strong DPS capable of boosting damage with Elemental Burst.
・Easy to down foes with Elemental Skill.
・A selfish DPS that is difficult to support.
Beidou Beidou4★ / Electro
・Can counter enemies' attack.
・Easily one shot enemies at beginner's level.

B Tier Characters

5-Star Characters
Qiqi Qiqi 5★ / Cryo
・A healer that can bring huge physical damage.
・Can transfer healing to other characters.
・Provides so much healing making her great for beginners.
4-Star Characters
DoriDori4★ / Electro
・Powerful Elemental Burst that deals consistent Electro damage to one line and heals to character.
・Great for reactions but its upgrade materials are close to end-game.
ColleiCollei5★ / Dendro
・Can be obtained through an event.
・Elemental Burst and Skill are straightforward and easy to use for beginners.
SayuSayu4★ / Anemo
・Can provide damage and healing at the same time.
・A fast moving Elemental skill that deals descent damage.
XinyanXinyan4★ / Pyro
・ Can create a shield made of Pyro.
・ Deals AOE fire damage with Elemental Burst
ChongyunChongyun4★ / Cryo
・Powerful and easy to charge Elemental Burst.
・Can provide support with its Elemental Skill.
・Does not work great with physical damage characters.
Noelle Noelle 4★ / Geo
・Is a melee specialist with a melee Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst
・Easily destroy rock shields.
・Can heal, support and DPS.

C Tier Characters

4-Star Characters
LisaLisa 4★ / Electro
・Can be obtained for free.
・Slow cooldowns.
・Inflicts Electro to enemies easily with basic attack..
KaeyaKaeya 4★ / Cryo
・Can be obtained for free.
・Burst can create a ice shield that continuously inflict Cryo to enemies nearby
AmberAmber4★ / Pyro
・Can be obtained for free.
・Can drag enemies attention with Elemental Skill.
・Elemental Burst is great at removing ice shields.
Barbara Barbara4★ / Hydro
・Great healing abilities.
・Has water elemental abilities, useful for triggering elemental reactions.
・Can be received for free.

How To Reroll Guide

Required Time

Required Time30-40 Minutes (assuming you are relatively experienced)
Total Number of Wishes40

A "reset marathon" in Genshin Impact takes a really long time to get through, and you don't even get that many wishes to compensate. Of course getting a ★5 is incredibly useful, but we don't recommend spending too much time trying to do this.

Check Out How To Reroll Fast Here!

Re-Rolling for Characters Procedure

1 Play though the tutorial.
2 Level up Adventurer Rank to 5.
3 Head to the town Mondstadt.
4 Receive rewards from your mail box.
5 Click the star icon on the upper part of your screen to make wishes.
6Continue the main quest until you reach Adventurer Rank 7
7Receive rewards from your mailbox.
8Make wishes again!
9Exchange stardust for Intertwined Fate and do other Limited Banners
10 If you did not get the character you wanted, start again from the beginning

Create New Account To Re-roll

To be able to reroll, you need to create another account and follow the procedure above once again.

For PC Players, Sign Up Using A Username

You can create an account in miHoYo's official website using only a Username. This would be an easier way of creating an account since it does not need email verification.

Check Out How To Reroll Fast Here!

Will I Be Banned For Rerolling?

You will not have to worry about being banned for performing rerolls, as long as you performing them for your own sake and are not selling accounts. Rerolling abides by the rules and regulations set out by Mihoyo, so you can rest easy!

Character Tier Lists

All Characters

Characters By Rarity
Characters By Roles
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Characters By Element

All Playable Characters

List Of All Characters

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rxkou 38

Noelle should be at a higher rank. although she is basically 'free', she heals, shields, and is a Main DPS. She is very helpful for beginners too. Fischl should be at S, and Ningguang should be at SS since she does lots of geo damage and has a LITERAL WALL.

Anonymous 37

this board should be rearranged to prioritize mondstat and liyue characters a bit more, and to some point sumeru. inazuma is difficult to reach - most players can only get there past ar 30 bc of quest barrier - therefore difficult to get materials from.

Anonymous 36

The second mail has been moved to when you reached AR10. First mail, I believe is moved to when you get the Favonius HQ after talking to Jean and company. HoYo do be discouraging players from rerolling.

Anonymous 35

the 2nd mail that give another 10 wishes is gone ?

Anonymous 34

lisa, kaeya and amber are the rarest characters (because they are only available on standard banner),
if you plan to play for a long time and got them, do not reroll

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