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TCG Genius Invokation is a card game in Genshin Imapct. Guide includes what is TCG Genius Invocation, how to get TCG cards, how to unlock, tips, different TCG card types, & more!

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Genius Invokation - Latest News & Updates

New Cards

Support Cards

Adjusted Cards & Elemental Reactions

Card NameCard Type
Adjustment Details
In Every House A StoveIn Every House A StoveEvent Card
When this card is played in the first Round: If your deck initially contains at least 2 different Talent cards, draw 1 Talent Card. When this card is played in the second Round and thereafter: Draw a number of cards equal to the current Round number minus 1. (Up to 4 cards can be drawn in this way)
YoimiyaYoimiyaCharacter Card
The Usages of "Niwabi Enshou" created by her Elemental Skill is increased from 2 to 3.
QiqiQiqiCharacter Card
Additional healing effects are added, and its treatment-related effects are adjusted to "When this Summon is on the field, after Qiqi uses Normal Attack: Heals your character that took the most DMG for 1 HP. Once each Round: Heals your active character for 1 HP again.
Naganohara Meteor SwarmNaganohara Meteor SwarmEquipment Card
The Elemental Dice cost required will be adjusted from 2 Pyro Dice to 1. Equipping this card will no longer increase the number of initial Usage(s) of the "Niwabi Enshou" state generated by Yoimiya by 1.
Kyouka FuushiKyouka FuushiEquipment Card
The effect of "deal +1 additional DMG" if "the target's remaining HP is equal to or less than 6" will be modified to "deal +2 additional DMG.
Flowing FlameFlowing FlameEquipment Card
When Diluc, who has this card equipped, uses "Searing Onslaught" for the second and third time in each Round, the effect "Spend 1 less Pyro Die" will be triggered.
Rite of ResurrectionRite of ResurrectionEquipment Card
The Elemental Dice cost required will be adjusted from 5 Cryo Dice to 4.

Genius Invokation TCG - Overview & How To Unlock

Released In The 3.3 Update

Release3.3 Update (12/07)
How To Unlock- Reach Adventure Rank 32
- Finish the Archon Quest: Song of Dragon and Freedom

The Genius Invokation TCG was implemented during the 3.3 Update. To play through it, you will have to go the Cat's Tail in Mondstadt. It's also where you can get rewards for winning battles against challenges!

Includes NPC Battles & PVP Against Other Players

The Genius Invokation TCG started with players just being able to challenge NPCs and other familiar characters. In an update after its release, it added PVP wherein players can dual each other casually, However, there are no rewards for playing PVP.

Prepare A Deck To Battle Against Challenges

Prepare A Deck To Battle Against Challenges

As a card game, players will have to build their own card deck that consists of 33 cards, which is broken down into 3 Character Cards and 30 Action Cards. Winning will require a player to defeat all of the character cards of their opponent!

Collect Cards From Your Winnings Or As Rewards

Buy From TCG Shop

Cards can be obtained through a number of ways. Some can be bought with in-game currency at the shop in the Cat's Tail, while some can be earned by defeating specific characters in a TCG battle.

Genius Invokation TCG - How To Play

1. Build A 33-Deck And Play Against Other Characters

Card Game Featuring Genshin Characters

A deck is made up of 3 character cards and 30 actions cards that include "Equipment", "Support", and "Talent" cards. The basis for building your deck is to use as many action cards as possible that can effectively use your three character cards.

2. Chance To Redraw Your Initial 5 Cards

Chance To Redraw Your Initial 5 Cards

When a match begins, the first you can get is a chance to redraw the first drawn five cards. There are probably some cards you want at the beginning and some you want later on, so put the cards you don't need back into your deck.

Once You've Redrawn, Set The Active Character

After the redraw page, select the active character from one of the three character cards. Later on, changing the active character will require costs later.

3. Roll To Acquire Elemental Dice

Roll Elemental Dice To Move

At the start of the game, both players will roll eight dice. Each dice face is represents an Element. This will be used to place cards, use attacks, or change Active characters.

You Can Reroll Once Per Round

Your strategy will change dramatically depending on the dice you get, but you can reroll once each round. Reroll the dice for elements that don't match your characters to play more powerful action cards.

4. Strengthen Your Characters With Quick Action Cards

What Can You Do With Quick Actions
- Use an action card
└ Use element acquired from rolling the dice
- Transform the element of the dice
└ Requires discarding a card from your hand

When your turn begins, you can take action using the elemental dice you have acquired. There is no limit to how many cards you can play so long as you have the elemental dice for it.

Elemental Dice Do Not Get Carried Over

Elemental Dice do not get carried over to the next round. This makes it integral to use up all of your elemental dice. Use your action cards efficiently.

Cards Come In A Variety Of Types

SupportSupportAction cards that does different effects.
EquipmentEquipment CardsPower Up Cards.
Event CardsProvides Actions such as drawing more cards.

5. Perform One Of Three Combat Actions To End Your Turn

Combat Action
- Attack using a character's move
- Change the active character
└ Consumes an elemental dice of your choice
- Declare it's the end of your turn

Once you're ready, choose one of the actions above. Strategies such as which enemy character is active and whether to switch characters to prepare for the next battle will greatly affect your moves.

Card Effects May Occur After The Action Is Completed

Card Effects May Occur After The Action Is Completed

When the action phase ends, the game move to the end phase before switching the turn between the characters. Some cards have effects that happen during the End Phase, so be sure to check your the table carefully.

6. Game Ends When All Characters On One Side Are Defeated

Game Ends When All Characters On one Side Are Defeated

The goal is to take out all of the health of all three of your enemy's character cards to win. On the other hand, if your characters lose all of their health, you will lose instead.

Geniuk Invokation TCG - Tips & Tricks

1▼ Use lots of card-drawing cards in your deck
2▼ When rerolling, leave dice that matches the element you will attack with
3▼ Making use of Elemental Reactions is key
4▼ Move in a way that allows you to take the lead as much as possible
5▼ When fighting NPCs, prioritize attack over recovery

Use Lots Of Card-Drawing Cards In Your Deck

Limited Action Card At Hand

Draw Cards or cards that will allow you to draw more cards are highly valuable to add to your deck. The more you can draw, the more changes you get to draw the card you will need to strengthen your characters.

When Rerolling, Leave The Dice That Matches The Element You Will Attack With

When rerolling every round, take note of which Elements you will make use during your turns. At first, remember to keep the elements of your character cards,

Making Use Of Elemental Reactions Is Key

Making Use Of Elemental Reactions Is Key

The Meta right now is centered around making use of Elemental Reactions to deal high amounts of damage or to render enemy characters stunned. Make use of these to get the upper hand in your battles!

Elemental Reactions & Effects In Genius Invokation

Elemental ReactionEffect
(Hydro + Pyro)
Damage +2
(Pyro + Cryo)
Damage +2
(Pyro + Electro)
Damage + 2
Switches the enemies active character
(Pyro + Dendro)
Damage +1
Deal 1 fire damage at the end of the turn (One time but can be stacked up to 2 times)
(Hydro + Electro)
Damage +1
Deals addition 1 damage to other characters
(Hydro + Dendro)
Damage + 1
Next Pyro/Electro damage will deal +2 damage
(Electro + Cryo)
Damage +1
Deals 1 damage to other character cards
(Electro + Bloom)
Damage +1
Next 3 Dendro/Electo damage will deal +1 damage
(Pyro/Hydro/Electro/Cryo + Anemo)
Deals 1 elemental damage to other character cards
(Pyro/Hydro/Electro/Cryo + Geo
Damage +1
Allied characters gain 1 shield, can be stacked up to 2 times

Move In A Way That Allows You To Take The Lead As Much As Possible

The first player to declare the end of their turn will be the first to go first in the next round. in other words, if you attack multiple times in one turn or carelessly switch characters, you are likely to go second. If you can go first, it will be much easier to deal and plan for Elemental Reactions.

When Fighting NPCs, Prioritize Attack Over Recovery

Character Cards Have Normal Attack, Elemental Skill, Elemental Burst

NPCs do not move similar to human players. Simply put, they are easier to deal with. Rather than preparing a lot of cards that recover health, it is better to focus on going on the offensive.

Genius Invokation TCG - What To Do?

How To Rank Up Your Player Level

Method 1: Battle Against NPCs

Win Against NPC Challengers

Once you start your Genius Invokation TCG journey, you will be able to battle certain NPCs across Teyvat. They are relatively easy to deal with so challenge them to test your skills.

Method 2: Battle Guest Challenges Every Week

Go To The Cat

Every week, challengers can be found in the Cat's Tail in Mondstadt. These challengers change every week so be sure to defeat all the challengers of the week before the reset.

Character Invitation Matches

Defeat Invited Characters

On the bulletin board next to the reception area of the cat's Tail, you can challenge playable characters to battle. There are easy battles and difficult battles. If you are able to clear the challenge goals for a character, you can obtain their corresponding Character and Talent Card.

Tavern Challenge

Once your Player Rank reaches 3, you will be able to take part in bar challenges in Cat's Tail. By clearing these challenges, you can get Character Cards and other items.

Earn Handbook Rewards

There is also a Handbook that acts a tutorial. If you follow and clear its challenges, you will receive rewards! Make sure to do them as quickly as you can. Similar to the guest challenges, the handbook can only be accessed within Cat's Tail.

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