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All Debuffs List - How To Cleanse & Counter

Genshin | All Debuffs List - How To Cleanse & Counter

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Genshin | All Debuffs List - How To Cleanse & Counter - GameWith

Learn about Debuffs and their effects in Genshin Impact. This guide includes all debuffs, their effects, cleanse abilities, how to remove, cleanse, & counter debuffs, and more!!!

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What To Do? Tips & Tricks For Beginners

What Are Debuffs?

Harmful Status Effects

Harmful Status Effects

The opposite of Buffs, Debuffs applies a harmful status effect to affected characters. It puts players at a slight disadvantage and can even cripple a team if not dealt or countered.

Effects Varies Between Debuffs

There are multiple types of Debuffs in Genshin Impact with their own effects. Debuff effects range from something simple like increasing cooldowns or complex wherein the whole team will lose health while the debuff is active.

Some Can Be Cleansed

Besides waiting for the Debuff to lose effect, some debuffs can be completely removed by using cleansing abilities from different characters. Do note that not all debuffs can be cleansed.

All Debuffs List & Counters


Effect- lose a fraction of HP every second
- Active characters can be brought down by Corrosion
- When a non-active character's HP is less than 15%, they will no longer lose HP due to Corrosion
Can Be Cleansed?No
How To Get- From Rifthound & Rifthound Whelps attacks

Bypasses Shields And Cannot Be Cleansed

Even if your character is shielded, they will still get Corrosion if an attack by a Rifthound or Rifthound Whelp connects. It also cannot be cleansed by any character ability.

Counter By Having A Healer On The Team

The easiest way to survive against Corrosion is to have a healer on your party. Burst, multi-target healing is prioritized since it can outheal the damage done by Corosion.

Recommended Healer Characters

Sheer Cold

Sheer Cold
Effect- Affected characters will continously fill up their Sheer Cold bar
- When the bar is full, active characters will start losing health until the bar is decreased
Can Be Cleansed?No
How To Get- Staying in Dragonspine
- Active during the first phase of La Signora fight

Remove By Staying Near A Fire Source

The only way to get rid of Sheer Cold is by staying close to any type of fire source. Use any of the warming stones, orange Seelie, campfire or torch to get warm. Setting yourself on fire will not work.

Can Be Outhealed By Some Healers

The damage done by the Sheer Cold can be outhealed by some healers. Characters that have abilities on low cooldown that can continuously heal you are recommended for this.

Recommended Healer Characters

Blazing Heat

Blazing Heat
Effect- Affected characters will continously fill up their Blazing Heat bar
- When the bar is full, active characters will start losing health until the bar is decreased
Can Be Cleansed?No
How To Get- Active during the second phase of La Signora fight

Use Eyes Of Frost To Control Blazing Heat Accumulation

Since Blazing Heat is currently exclusive to the La Signora boss fight, there's only one way to get rid of it. Stay near the Eyes of Frost in the corners of the room where you fight Signora to control its accumulation.


Effect- Prevents characters from moving or using their skill while they are stunned
Can Be Cleansed?No
How To Get- Being frozen
- Being stuck in a Hydro Bubble

Being Shielded Helps Against Being Stunned

There's no real way to stop being stunned besides completely dodging the attack, but having a shield helps in negating damage while being stunned. A shield does not prevent being stunned.

Recommended Shield Characters

Slowing Water

Slowing Water
Effect- Increases Elemental Skill and Burst cooldown of affected characters
Can Be Cleansed?Yes
How To Get- Active in Cecilia Garden

Cleanse With Elemental Reactions

Using specific skills that procs Elemental Reactions on yourself will cleanse the Slowing Water Debuff. The most effective ones to cleanse it with is Bennett's and Jean's Elemental Bursts.

Characters That Can Cleanse Slowing Water

Counter With Fast Cooldown Or Normal Attack Strong Characters

Having characters that are strong with their Normal Attacks can completely counter the Slowing Water debuff since it only affects cooldowns. Catalyst users are good for this since they can deal good damage even with just their Normal Attacks.

Engulfing Storm

Engulfing Storm
Effect- Drains the energy of the affected character
Can Be Cleansed?Yes
How To Get- Active in Hidden Palace of Lianshan Formula

Can Be Cleansed With Elemental Reactions

Causing Overload or Superconduct on yourself will cleanse your active character of the Engulfing Storm debuff. Diona, Bennett, Xinyan, and Thoma should be good for getting rid of it effectively.

Recommended Characters To Cleanse Engulfing Storm

Counter With Low Energy Cost Burst Characters

Besides having characters that rely on their Normal Attack, bringing characters that can easily charge their Bursts are also recommended. This means having low energy cost for their Bursts and having a Skill that's on low cooldown to easily get energy.

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