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Multiplayer Forum (UID Exchange)

Multiplayer Forum (UID Exchange)

Last Updated: 2022/5/22 10:08

Welcome to Genshin Impact's Multiplayer Forum (UID Exchange - LFG). Enjoy Multiplay (Coop Mode) with your friends and farm easier throughout Co Op gameplay.

How To Multiplay

How To Multiplay

Multiplayer (Coop Mode) is unlocked once you've reached Adventure Rank 16. You can either choose to join sessions of randomly listed players or search for specific UID shared by your friends from the Coop Mode UI Screen.

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Anonymous 821

[Your UID (Unique ID)] 703901562

[Server] EU

[World Level] 58

[Note] i'm bored so i'm looking for some friends to play with and talk bc bored maybe also on discord also i do shipping so if you're interested we could also talk about that (is not a must have) ^^

Anonymous 820

[UID] 702993685

[Server] EU

[World Level] &

[Note] just looking for someone to play / hang out with (ミዋ ﻌ ዋミ)ノ

Cara_leena 819

>>809 Hi, ich suche auch Freunde zum Genshin Impact spielen, bin auch auf Discord, weis bloß gerade meine Uid nicht. Kann sie schreiben wenn ich sie weiß. Oder wer Interesse hat schreibt mich mit meinem Namen an.

Anonymous 818

[Your UID (Unique ID)] 619696328

[Server] America

[World Level] 8

[Note] I'm looking for friends to play with. Btw you can add me on discord: fuspaches#5460

Anonymous 817

[Your UID (Unique ID)] 615806132

[Server] NA

[World Level] 8

[Note] Hello there, I'm trying to make more friends on genshin and if you're low level I'm willing to help out, ChronicleRogue#8240 is my discord if you want to message me for a time to play

Anonymous 816

[Your UID (Unique ID)] 828720743

[Server] Asia

[World Level] 6 or 7

[Note] You can join whenever but you cant join after 7 pm :)

Anonymous 815



wl 8

join whenever idc unless im busy

Anonymous 814



AR 35

World lvl:3

Anonymous 813



world lvl 6

Hello there! I am ar53, world lvl 6 EU and i need help with 2 achievements in co-op, "Defeat Azhdaha in Co-op mode" and "Defeat a Cryo Hypostasis in Co-op" for a namecard ^^; add me if you can help!! UID- 722600101 i also need help with artifact farming

Anonymous 812

Server : Asia

UID : 856250932

AR : 35

World : 3

Discord ID : Sonofsprada#3888

Available - Everyday at night

My teapot is open for everyone anyone can join. Looking for boss battles & farming domain, fishing.

Anonymous 811

[Your UID (Unique ID)] 730283372

[Server] Europe

[World Level] 6

[Note] need a traveling salesman in someone else’s teapot. Feel free to farm in my world.

Rui 810

[Your UID (Unique ID)] 722600101

[Server] EU

[World Level] 6

[Note] ar 53 looking for genshin buddies to fight bosses and do domains together! (or just be friends in general lol) anyone can add me, lower ars higher ones i just want somebody to play with ALSO I LAG SOMETIMES AND IT LOADS SLOW FOR ME so if you dont mind dont hesitate to send me a friend req

Anonymous 809

[Your UID (Unique ID)] 628680608

[Server] NA

[World Level] 5

[Note] ar 49, looking for friends to play genshin with, let me fish, help me level up AR, help with teapot, etc! preferably ones who’re neutral/like the dream smp

852245347 808

[Your UID (Unique ID)]


[World Level]


Anonymous 807

[Your UID (Unique ID)]833335840


[World Level]7

[Note] Please help me farm Azhadaha and Crimson Witch domain :)

Anonymous 806

[Your UID (Unique ID)] 740135651

[Server] EU (Europe)

[World Level] 5

[Note] Just looking for friends to play with! I mean, I started late game so my characters aren't that good... Possible asks for help with farming and boss rushes!!

Anonymous 805

[Your UID (736596241)]


[World Level]3

I need help on thunder manifestation for Raiden and i want friends+a jojo fan friend(ignore this if you're nòt a jojo fan just help or add friend me^ ^)

Anonymous 804

[Your UID (637921715)]

[Server] NA

[World Level]6

[Note]need a traveling salesman in someone else’s teapot </3

Anonymous 803

Your UID (741047138)]


[World Level] 3

[Note] Need help defeating Cyro makes in time trial challenge

Anonymous 802

[Your UID (741047138)]


[World Level] 3

[Note] Need help defeating Cyro makes in time trial challenge

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