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Multiplayer Forum (UID Exchange)

Multiplayer Forum (UID Exchange)

Last Updated: 2021/7/25 10:32

Welcome to Genshin Impact's Multiplayer Forum (UID Exchange - LFG). Enjoy Multiplay (Coop Mode) with your friends and farm easier throughout Co Op gameplay.

How To Multiplay

How To Multiplay

Multiplayer (Coop Mode) is unlocked once you've reached Adventure Rank 16. You can either choose to join sessions of randomly listed players or search for specific UID shared by your friends from the Coop Mode UI Screen.

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Anonymous 514

[Your UID (Unique ID)] 2237

[Server] Europe

[World Level] 54

[Note] hey guys anyone want to farm Perpetual Mechanica Array? (Ayaka boss)

I also wouldn’t mind doing these once each for the achievements:

Primo Geovishap
Cryo Hypostasis
Maguu Kenki
Pyro Hypostasis

Anonymous 513

Can I join you from Europe server?

Anonymous 512

hello. do you still need help?

papagiri 511

sure ill be glad to help, im also looking for friends for the travling salesman, iv'e sent you a friend request

Anonymous 510

[Your UID (Unique ID)] 616843102

[Server] NA/America

[World Level] 42

[Note] I was wondering if somebody could help me defeat the perpetual mechanical array, I need to defeat it twice to ascend Ayaka but I cant beat it on my own :,)

Anonymous 509

[Your UID (800264547)]

[Server] Asia

[World Level] 8

[Note] Can i join your world to farm ruin sentinels material? and you can take anything from my world

Anonymous 508

[Your UID (Unique ID)] 830994522

[Server] asia

[World Level] 4

[Note]really need help with Inazuma transport quest am unable to do so can anyone help

xiao main 507

[UID 809259545]


[World Level 7]

my username is Artemis and im an AR53 xiao main. im willing to help new/veteran players in my free time so add me if u need help or just wanna be friends :D

Anonymous 506

[Your UID (828820992)]



[Please join and help me farm the materials and bosses. Take anything that spawns naturally (plants, ores, meats, etc) but please let me have the ascension materials.]

Anonymous 505




[i'm lookin for some friends to co-op with!!]

Anonymous 504




[playing with a friend would be fun! i also need some help getting enough primogems to roll. i really want diona :(]

Anonymous 503




Let's play together

Anonymous 502

[Your UID]: 617007385

[Server]: NA

[World Level]: 1

I would rly love some friends to play w and talk to!

Anonymous 501

[Your UID: 831247527]

[Server: Asia]

[World Level: 1]

[Note: i kinda need help to farm ascension material to prepare for wl2 :> ]

Anonymous 500




[i need some help getting to rank 35!! i also wanna get enough primogems to roll and possibly get diona <3]

Anonymous 499

[Your UID] 720232795

[Server] EU

[World Level] 6

I'm lonely and would like friends, also someone please help me with the serenitea pot :]

Anonymous 498

[Your UID (Unique ID)] 815899285

[Server] Asia

[World Level] 6

chicken 497

[Your UID (607338137)]

[Server] USA

[World Level] 8

[Note] lol i dont really know many people from school that play this so friends who are into genshin would be super nice, we can chat through discord or whatever. i can help anyone with farming, fighting bosses or just stuff in general. lol peep my Xiao's atk

GalacticOof 496

I'd be willing to help with grinding and anything else honestly. I'm just bored out of my mind right now. Also I need friends too lol.

My uid is [610250810] if you need it or I can just send a friend request

Anonymous 495




[gaah i'd love friends!! i also need some help with the thawing out shards quest. specifically with that boss guy lol. thanks!!]

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