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Multiplayer Forum (UID Exchange)

Multiplayer Forum (UID Exchange)

Last Updated: 2021/1/24 21:03

Welcome to Genshin Impact's Multiplayer Forum (UID Exchange - LFG). Enjoy Multiplay (Coop Mode) with your friends and farm easier throughout Co Op gameplay.

How To Multiplay

How To Multiplay

Multiplayer (Coop Mode) is unlocked once you've reached Adventure Rank 16. You can either choose to join sessions of randomly listed players or search for specific UID shared by your friends from the Coop Mode UI Screen.

Friend Code Exchange Multiplayer Forum

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Anonymous 141

[Your UID (Unique ID)] 617131501

[Server] America

[World Level] 3

[Note] I'm looking for anyone to generally mess around and find chests/geoculus/fight bosses with.

Anonymous 140

[Your UID (Unique ID)] 812753134

[Server] Asia

[World Level] 3

A f2p playing for fun, basically would need help in any quest/fight involving 3 or more ruin guards/hunter or 3 mages. :)

Anonymous 139

[Your UID (Unique ID)] 610707797

[Server] US

[World Level] 6

[Note] looking to do all hypostasis event

Anonymous 138

[Your UID (Unique ID)] 616646975

[Server] America

[World Level] 3

[Note] Need help with Chi of Guyun cave quest. Can help out with stuff as well.

Anonymous 137

[Your UID (Unique ID)]712324335


[World Level]3

[Note]I need fiends because I am alone. I speak German and English. It would be amazing if we could be friends :D

Xenia 136

[Your UID (Unique ID)]600725866


[World Level] 2

[Note] Need help with the time trial for in the mountain quest in starglow cavern! will also help out if anyone if I can

Anonymous 135

[Your UID (Unique ID)]
[World Level]
Need to do a bunch of days for hypostasis event, preferably on hard with all options, 50% health and 300s, for highest reward

Anonymous 134

[Your UID (Unique ID)] 700999783

[Server] EU

[World Level] 7

[Note] Looling for lvls 7 realm to do hipotasis and lvl 8 realm to do gifts.

Matt 133

[Your UID (Unique ID)] 701166919

[Server] EU

[World Level] 4


Lily 132

[Your UID (Unique ID)] 703619967

[Server] EU

[World Level] 7

[Note] Looking for people to do Hypostasis event together. I can help with other stuff too :)

Anonymous 131




Need help with Hypostatic Event pls. My toons are only 60-70

Anonymous 130

Name: Kai



[World Level 5]

[Having problems with the event, and also searching for new friends in general, i also can help if anyone need some owo]

Anonymous 129



6 (almost 7)

Just for friends in general; doing dungeons and bosses together! Also for photo exchange in the upcoming Lantern Rite festival and following events! Language doesnt matter as long as we achieve to communicate somewhat; but prefered (German/English) Have a good day~

Anonymous 128

[Your UID (Unique ID)] 610615223

[Server] America

[World Level] 5

[Note] Having trouble with the hypostasis event

Anonymous 127

[Your UID (Unique ID)] 710742860

[Server] Europe

[World Level] 5

[Note] Hello,

I am having difficulties beating Hypostatic levels.
It would be awesome if some heroes could save the day :)

Anonymous 126

Spleder, hi,

I am also stuck there
If you one more dumb for the party, I am your guy

I sent you an invitation with in game name of Cihs

Anonymous 125

Air, hello,

My in game name is Cihs
I just sent you an invitattion.

Play with you soon..

Anonymous 124

[Your UID (Unique ID)] 711505317

[Server] EU

[World Level] 4

[Note] Need help for the hypostatic event

Hi 123




just started playing recently, but I'm pretty decent. Hello! ^_^

DragonPiggy 122



[World Level 6

Looking for help with Hypostatic Symphony

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