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What do I do if I don't receive a reply?

1.) When using a Mobile Phone Address

You may not be able to receive our reply email if your account's spam or domain filtering setting has been enabled. Please make sure your setting is adjusted to allow emails from and are allowed.

2.) When using a free Email Address

i.) Emails from GameWith may be mislabeled as spam email by your filter settings. Please check your Spam folder or the Trash folder in case they have been redirected there automatically.

ii.) You can manually change your Email settings for filters and blocked addresses to ensure that correct emails are directed to your inbox. Please consult the help menu of your free email provider for details.

iii.) Your Inbox may be full

There is a limit to the amount of data that can be stored on a mail server, and you may not be able to receive any new emails if your inbox is full. Should you feel this might be the case, please delete any nonessential emails from your inbox until sufficient space is available.

iv.) Security Software & Anti-Virus Software Settings

Depending on your security software, it is possible that the email has been flagged as spam, and has been redirected or automatically deleted. Please check the settings of your security software and change the spam settings if necessary.

v.) Access blocked by Network Provider

Some network providers provide a free service for blocking or redirecting possible spam mail.

  • GameWith Email has not been redirected to the spam mail folder
  • Security softwares and anti-virus softwares settings are nominal

Should any of the two apply to you, please consult your network provider to check if they have set a spam filtering service.

vi.) If you still cannot receive the reply

The email address that you have entered on the contact form may be wrong. Please check that the information you have entered, including the email address, is correct.

How do you dictate your forum post rules?

The contents of the forum is monitored by our staffs, and any posts deemed inappropriate will be deleted.
We also check any posts that have been reported by other users. We receive a large amount of requests to delete posts from day to day, but we treat each complaint on a case by case basis. We will ensure that the forum is a safe space for all users.
For more details, please consult the guidelines provided on each thread.