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Privacy Policy - GameWith

GameWith, Inc. (also referred to as the "Company," "we," "us" or "our") recognizes the importance of protecting personal information and considers it an important social responsibility to manage it appropriately, and in order to fulfill this responsibility, we will comply with the Law Concerning the Protection of Personal Information and other applicable laws and regulations, and strive to protect personal information.

This Privacy Policy (the "Policy") defines terms regarding how the Company handles user information including personal information used in connection with "GameWith" services (the "Services") provided by the Company. The Policy describes the following:

  • (1) Categories of information we collect and how we collect them
  • (2) What for and how we use information we collected
  • (3) Sharing information we collected with third parties
  • (4) Disclosure, correction, and suspension of use of personal information


  • 1. In the Policy, "user information" means information related to the identification of a user of the Services, behavior history on communication services, and other information generated or accumulated in connection with ordering of printed materials, and information we collect in accordance with the Policy.
  • 2. Users under the age of 16 must obtain the consent from his/her guardian to use the Services in accordance with our prescribed procedure (except for the services which users under the age of 16 are prohibited from using).
  • 3. We ask for and collect the following personal information of a user of the Services with the following collection methods.
    • (1) Information you give to us
      • a. E-mail address
      • b. Address
      • c. Date of birth
      • d. Gender
      • e. Other information that you fill in a form specified by us
    • (2) Information we collect when you use the Services
      • a. Device information
      • b. Information on access log (including IP address)
      • c. Information on cookies


When a user accesses a website managed by the Company in order to use the Services, information collection modules and cookies are used to customize the content of the Services according to the user and to send user information externally for purposes such as advertising and marketing, etc.

Please refer to the External Transmission Policy for the names of external service providers and services, the contents of user information transmitted to external service providers and the purposes for which the information is used.


Collected user information will be sent to our office located in Japan. The purpose of using the user information are as follows:

  • a. Enable you to register as a user of the Services, verify identity, and provide, maintain, protect and improve the Services;
  • b. Provide guidance and respond inquiries regarding the Services;
  • c. Address violations of the terms and conditions relating to the Services and the Policy (hereinafter referred to as "terms and the like.");
  • d. Notify modification of the terms and the like regarding the Services;
  • e. Prepare statistical data processed into a form that cannot identify individuals;
  • f. Distribute or display advertisements of the Company or third parties;
  • g. Conduct marketing activities and the like;
  • h. Use for actions incidental to the above activities.


We will not provide your personal information included in the user information to third parties without prior consent from you, except for cases where disclosure is permitted based on the Personal Information Protection Act or any other laws or regulations, provided, however, that this does not apply to the following cases:

  • a. When we entrust the whole or a part of handling process of user information to others within the scope necessary for achieving the purpose of use;
  • b. When user information is transferred as a result of business transfer such as merger or other reasons;
  • c. When we share user information with a specific person or business, you will be notified in advance or be able to easily learn of sharing of your user information, item(s) of the user information to be shared, the range of the persons or businesses that share the user information, purpose of use, the name or address (in the case of a corporation, the name of the representative) of the person or business responsible for managing the user information.


We store user information safely on a server in an environment that is inaccessible to third parties, and take strict security measures to prevent leakage, loss, destruction, falsification, or unauthorized access to user information.


  • 1. If you request copies of your personal information held by us based on the Personal Information Protection Act and any other applicable regulations, after authenticating your identification to verify your request, we will provide you with copies of your personal information (we will notify you if we do not hold any personal information about you). However, this does not apply to such cases where we are not obligated to provide such copies by the Personal Information Protection Act or any other applicable regulations. In principle, we will not provide user information that does not correspond to personal information.
  • 2. For a copy of your personal information, we will charge a fee (1000 yen per case).


  • 1. When we are requested to correct or suspend the use of personal information, after authenticating your identification to verify your request, we conduct necessary investigations and based on the investigation result, we correct the contents of your personal information held by us or suspend use of the information etc., and inform you accordingly. However, if we decide not to make corrections or suspension of usage etc. based on reasonable reasons, we will inform you accordingly.
  • 2. The preceding paragraph does not apply when we are not obliged to correct or suspend use of personal information etc. in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act or any other applicable regulations.
  • 3. Regardless of the provisions of paragraph 1, where a substantial cost is required to correct or suspend use of personal information etc. or where it is difficult to conduct correct or suspend use etc. for other reasons and it is possible to take alternative measures necessary to protect your rights and interests, we will take such alternative measures in lieu of suspension of use etc.


We may review the process and handling of user information as appropriate and will strive for continuous improvement. We may change the Policy as necessary.

If we make changes to the Policy, we will provide you with a notice of a revised privacy policy. When your consent is required by law to modify the Policy, we will obtain your consent in the method prescribed by us.


If you have any comments, questions or complaints about the Policy or our information handling practices, you may contact us at:

GameWith, Inc.


Please refer to the Company's Corporate Profile for the Company's address and the name of the representative.