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Diluc is a character in Genshin Impact 2.6 that uses Pyro Claymore. See best builds, teams, weapons, skills, team, weapon, artifacts, weapon for Diluc!

Diluc Tier & Set Up

Diluc Character Reviews

Diluc Other Details

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Diluc Character Tier & Rating

Reroll TierS Tier
Reroll Tier List
Character TierS Tier
Best Character Tier List

Diluc Character Type

Character TypeDPS

Diluc Best Build & Weapon

Diluc Pyro-Main DPS

This build makes Diluc the main damage dealer on the team. He will deal devastating damage to enemies of any kind. This build works best with supports that increase Diluc's damage such as Xingqiu and Bennett.

Recommended Weapon

WolfWolf's Gravestone Increases ATK by 20%. On hit, attacks against enemies with less than 30% HP increase all party members' ATK by 40% for 12s. Can only occur once every 30s.
Weapon Substitute
Luxurious Sea-LordLuxurious Sea-LordIncreases Elemental Burst DMG by 12%. When Elemental Burst hits opponents, there is a 100% chance of summoning a titanic tuna that charges and deals 100% ATK as AoE DMG. This effect can occur once every 15s.
Serpent SpineSerpent Spine Every 4s a character is on the field, they will deal 6% more DMG and take 3% more DMG. This effect has a maximum of 5 stacks and will not be reset if the character leaves the field, but will be reduced by 1 stack when the character takes DMG.
Skyward PrideSkyward Pride Increases all DMG dealt by 8%. After using an Elemental Burst, Normal or Charged Attack, on hit, creates a vacuum blade that does 80% of ATK as DMG to opponents along its path. Lasts for 20s or 8 vacuum blades.
Prototype ArchaicPrototype Archaic On hit, Normal or Charged Attacks have a 50% chance to deal an additional 240% ATK DMG to opponents within a small AoE. Can only occur once every 5s.

Recommended Artifacts

WitchCrimson Witch Of Flames
4-Piece Set
2-Piece Set
Pyro DMG Bonus +15%
4-Piece Set
Increases Overloaded and Burning DMG by 40%. Increases Vaporize and Melt DMG by 15%. Using an Elemental Skill increases 2-Piece Set effects by 50% for 10s. Max 3 stacks.

Recommended Artifact Stats

Artifact Main Stat
Sub Stat
Feather Icon Flat ATK (Unchangeable)
① CRIT Rate
③ ATK%
④ Elemental Mastery
Flower IconFlat HP (Unchangeable)
① CRIT Rate
③ ATK%
④ Elemental Mastery
Sands IconATK%
① CRIT Rate
③ Elemental Mastery
④ Energy Recharge
Goblet Icon Pyro DMG Bonus
① CRIT Rate
③ ATK%
④ Elemental Mastery
Crown Icon CRIT Rate/ CRIT DMG
② ATK%
③ Elemental Mastery
④ Energy Recharge

It is recommended to Focus On Crit DMG if the sub-stat of your weapon is CRIT Rate like the weapon Serpent Spine.

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Diluc Best Team Comp

Best Party For Diluc

Diluc is a consistent Pyro DPS that deals powerful damage per hit and spreads Pyro easily. To take advantage of this, it is recommended to use Characters that will help boost the damage of Diluc through buffs and reactions.

Premium Team

Main DPSSub-DPSSub-DPSSupport
- Diluc's power will be boosted by Bennett and Kazuha through their skills.
- Xingqiu has the perfect synergy with Diluc enabling Diluc to Vaporize every hit of his skill.
- Kazuha can also gather enemies making it easier for Diluc to do combos.

Team Combo

Recommended Rotation
1Gather Energy for the whole team using their Elemental Skills
2Use Bennett's Skill to put pyro onto enemies then use his Elemental Burst.
3Use Kazuha to gather enemies and swirl Pyro.
4Use Xingqiu's Elemental Burst
5Release Diluc's Elemental Burst and deal damage.
Character Substitutes
XingqiuXingqiu RosariaRosaria - Rosaria's Burst is on-field and applies Cryo to enemies multiple times. The increase in Crit Rate is also ideal for Diluc.
KazuhaKazuhaSucroseSucrose - Keep enemies within Rosaria's Burst with Sucrose's own Burst. Grouped up enemies can then be cleaned up by Diluc. Sucrose can also greatly buff Diluc.
BennettBennettDionaDiona- Diona can give buff and shields to Diluc and also spread Cryo making it easier to trigger Melt.

Free To Play Friendly Party

Main DPSSub-DPSSub-DPSSupport
- Similar to the previous build, Diluc will be the main DPS of this team comp
- Xiangling will provide additional ATK through her skill and Pyro Resonance while dealing off field Pyro Damage.
- Kaeya will work as the Cryo application of the team to further increase the Damage of the team through Melt reactions
- Barbara's main purpose is to heal and keep the team's health as much as possible. She can also enable Vaporize reaction.

Diluc Ascension Materials

Materials Needed for Ascension

Diluc Talent Materials For Level-Up

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Diluc's Recommended Talent Priority

TalentLevel Up Priority
Normal Attack: Tempered Sword★★★★・
Searing Onslaught (Elemental Skill)★★★★★
Dawn (Elemental Burst)★★★★・

Diluc's Skills & Talent List

TalentTalent Category
通常攻撃・百煉の剣Normal Attack: Tempered SwordNormal Attack
逆焔の刃Searing OnslaughtElemental Skill
黎明DawnElemental Burst
溶融の翼Blessing of PhoenixPassive 2
アカツキの伝統Tradition of the Dawn KnightPassive 3

Normal Attack: Tempered Sword

Normal Attack

Perform up to 4 consecutive strikes.

1-Hit DMG89.7%
2-Hit DMG87.6%
3-Hit DMG98.8%
4-Hit DMG134%

Charged Attack

Drains Stamina over time to perform continuous slashes. At end of the sequence perform a more powerful slash.

Charged Attack Spinning DMG68.8%
Charged Attack Final DMG125%
Charged Attack Stamina Cost40.0/s
Max Duration5.0s

Plunging Attack

Plunges from mid-air to strike the ground, damaging enemies along the path and dealing AoE DMG upon impact.

Plunge DMG89.5%
Low/High Plunge DMG179%/224%

Searing Onslaught

Performs a forward slash that deals Pyro DMG. This skill can be used 3 times consecutively. Enters CD if not cast again within a short period.

1-Hit DMG94.4%
2-Hit DMG97.6%
3-Hit DMG129%


Releases intense flames to knock nearby enemies back, dealing Pyro DMG. The flames then converge into the weapon, summoning a Phoenix that flies forward and deals massive Pyro DMG to all enemies in its path. The Phoenix explodes upon reaching its destination, causing a large amount of AoE Pyro DMG.

The searing flames that run down his blade cause Diluc's Normal and Charged Attacks to deal Pyro DMG for a time.

Slashing DMG204%
Explosion DMG204%
Enchantment Duration0.6s
Energy Cost40


Diluc's Charged Attack Stamina Cost is decreased by 50%, and its duration is increased by 3s.

Blessing of Phoenix

The Pyro Enchantment provided by Dawn lasts for 4s longer. Additionally, Diluc gains 20% Pyro DMG Bonus during the duration of this effect.

Tradition of the Dawn Knight

Refunds 15% of the ores used when crafting Claymore-type weapons.

Diluc Character Set Up
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Talent Priority▼Constellation
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Diluc Constellations

Recommended Constellations

All Constellations Are Damage Buffs

Diluc's constellations does not give much utility but completely focuses on increasing the damage of Diluc. Since Diluc is a character from the Normal Banner, it is recommended to not purposely pull for constellations.

Diluc Constellations

Unlocked at C1
Diluc deals 15% more DMG to enemies whose HP is above 50%.
Searing Ember
Unlocked at C2
When Diluc takes DMG, his Base ATK increases by 10% and his ATK SPD increases by 5%. Lasts for 10s. This effect can stack up to 3 times and can only occur once every 1.5s.
Fire and Steel
Unlocked at C3
Increases the Level of Searing Onslaught by 3. Maximum upgrade level is 15.
Flowing Flame
Unlocked at C4
Casting Searing Onslaught in sequence greatly increases damage dealt. Within 2s of using Searing Onslaught, casting the next Searing Onslaught in the combo deals 40% additional DMG. This effect lasts for the next 2s.
Phoenix, Harbinger of Dawn
Unlocked at C5
Increases the Level of Dawn by 3. Maximum upgrade level is 15.
Flaming Sword, Nemesis of Dark
Unlocked at C6
After casting Searing Onslaught, the next 2 Normal Attacks within the next 6s will have their DMG and ATK SPD increased by 30%. Additionally, Searing Onslaught will not interrupt the Normal Attack combo.

*C=Constellations, To upgrade constellations, you must aquire the same character more than once.

Diluc Character Set Up
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▲Talent PriorityConstellation
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How To Use Diluc ?

Recommended Rotation For Diluc

Recommended Rotation
1Start with Elemental Skill to proc Artifact passives
2Use Elemental Burst against enemies
3Dash in after them, then use a combination of normal attacks & Elemental Skill

Uses Of Diluc's Elemental Skill

Takes Advantage Of Artifact Passive Skill

Diluc's Skill is one of the few that actually works well with the Crimson Witch Of Flames Artifact set. Each one of the hits of his Elemental Skill is considered a Elemental Skill use so you can take advantage of it.

Constant Application Of Pyro

Every hit of Diluc's skill will apply Pyro so it's a great way to proc quite a bit of Elemental Reactions. It's consistent and hits fairly easily.

Puts Additional Damage Between Normal Attacks

You can weave in Normal Attacks between your Elemental Skill hits for additional damage. This is the ideal combo for Diluc since it maximizes his overall damage.

Uses Of Diluc's Elemental Burst

High Pyro Burst Damage To Multiple Enemies

Diluc's Burst should be used after using his Elemental Skill to deal even higher Pyro damage with its use. It will hit multiple enemies at a time, each with Pyro damage.

Knocks Back Enemies

Enemies hit by Diluc's Elemental Burst will be knocked back once they're caught in it. You can use this to your advantage, whether to give yourself a breather or continue with your assault.

Applies Pyro Infusion To Normal Attacks

After using Diluc's Elemental Burst, Diluc's weapon will get Pyro Infusion. Either use this in combo with another character for continuous Elemental Reactions or just his own for raw Pyro damage.

Strengths Of Diluc

Great Pyro Main DPS

Diluc is still one of the best Pyro main DPS in the game because of his consistent and beginner-friendly playstyle. He does good damage and his combos will work well with most Sub-DPS for elemental reactions.

Weaknesses Of Diluc

Burst Damage Knocks Back Enemies

One of the biggest drawbacks of Diluc is that he knocks back enemies when he uses his burst. Either you have another character that can trap enemies, or you will need to run after them each time.

Power Creeped By Other DPS

Diluc on his own is a powerful character, but he is currently experiencing power creep by other characters. This isn't entirely a drawback, but it does affect who you should build first since more powerful characters should be prioritized.

Diluc Review & Ratings
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Diluc Reviews From Other Users

Share Your Thoughts About Diluc

Comment or send your opinions about Diluc in the comments or feedback for a chance to be featured in the article!

What Do You Think Diluc's Tier Is?

Diluc Skins List

This character does not have a skin yet. Check back later!

Diluc Profile & Voice Actor

Diluc Basic Info & Voice Actor

Rarity5 Star
Voice Actor (EN)
Sean Chiplock
Voice Actor (JA)
Kensho Ono
April 30


Affiliation: Mondstadt
As the city of ballads and wines, Mondstadt's alcohol industry is renowned all over Teyvat. As owner of the Dawn Winery, Diluc is essentially in charge of half the industry. This means he has a huge stream of revenue and an entire network of information, in the form of tavern patrons' gossip, right at his fingertips. In a way, he is the uncrowned king of Mondstadt.

Diluc Story Overview

Owner Of The Dawn Winery

Diluc is part of the proud Ragnvindr Clan, one of the noble houses of Mondstadt. He's the current owner of the Dawn Winery and is considered one of the most influential and wealthiest people in the city.

Acts As A Vigilante Hero

After leaving the Knights of Favonious, Diluc couldn't simply stand by. He acts on his own to help the people of Mondstadt as a vigilante hero. He's dubbed as the "Darknight Hero" by the citizens.

Adopted Brother Of Kaeya

Kaeya and Diluc are adopted brothers, but because of what happened to their father, their relationship has become strained. Although they are still in speaking terms, the two brothers' relationship has yet to recover.

Voicelines About Diluc

Voicelines About Diluc
BarbaraBarbara Oh, Master Diluc? Last time, when I was performing at Angel's Share, he kept frowning... Maybe he doesn't like my singing?
JeanJeanAbout Disillusion: Master Diluc has his reasons for being so critical of the Knights of Favonius. I am not proud of the way things went, but I cannot change the past. All I can do is keep working hard, in the hope he may one day see us in a better light... This is my duty.
About Respect: Master Diluc is my senior, and I have the utmost respect for him. Though we have gone separate ways, I can sense we share the same strong commitment to protecting Mondstadt at all costs.
KaeyaKaeyaDiluc? He was cute as a young lad. But nowadays he just seems to be in a world of his own... Overall, not much fun to hang out with.
KleeKlee He's one of the weird grown-ups. He's so grumpy all the time... Why does he never smile?
LisaLisaI'm not lazy, I just know to save my energy for when I need it most.
MonaMonaDiluc Ragnvindr. His constellation, Noctua, represents vigilance in the darkness of night... A lone guardian keeping watch, longing for the splendor of dawn, yet destined to solitude in the dark days preceding its arrival. ...Or, wait, maybe Noctua's the one tied to wealth...?
RazorRazorDiluc is red and black. Hot and cold.
VentiVentiI'm not surprised you want to befriend Master Diluc, just think of all vintage wine he must have stored away... Mwuhahaha... Huh? He doesn't let you sample it? Not even the slightest drop? Huh... Well, I guess you can still appreciate the aroma. That's still better than no wine at all, right? No?
DionaDionaDiluc... I can't stand him! If there was no Diluc, there would be no Mondstadt wine industry; if there was no Mondstadt wine industry, Daddy wouldn't drink; and if Daddy didn't drink... he would keep me company. Ohhhh...

Appeared In Archon Quests

You will meet Diluc, the wealthiest gentleman in Mondstadt in three (3) acts of the Archon Story Quests.

Quest Title
PrologueAct I: The Outlander Who Caught the Wind
Act II: For A Tomorrow Without Tears)
Act III: Song Of The Dragon And Freedom
Archon Quests List Guides

Has His Own Story Quest

Noctua Chapter

Diluc Story Quest

Diluc's own story will revolve around this mysterious Darknight Hero who's been circulating around Mondstdadt area. Know more about his adventure as you join Diluc in his story quest!

Appeared On the Other Characters' Story Quest

Barbara also appeared on various character story quests. Check the table below for her quests appearances!

CharacterStory Ques Titlet
VentiCarmen Dei
JeanLeo Minor

Event Appearances

Meet and interact with Diluc once again as he also appeared in various events together with the other characters that were also featured in the game event.

Event Calendar & Timeline Details▲Return To Table Of Contents

Diluc - Special Dish, Favorite Decor, & How Tall?

Special Dish Of Diluc

Dish Ingredients
Once Upon A Time in MondstadtOnce Upon A Time in Mondstadt Raw MeatRaw Meat x3
PotatoPotato x3
Small Lamp GrassSmall Lamp Grass x1
CheeseCheese x1
All Special Dish List

Favorite Decoration Of Diluc

Favorite Decoration Sets
Weapon Forging StationWeapon Forging StationDawn OrchardDawn Orchard -

How Tall Is Diluc?

There is no in-game and official data regarding the height of Diluc. We compared characters and Diluc is Tall comparatively.

Effects In-Game

Character height gives advantages and disadvantages in-game. For instance, smaller characters will need to swim even at shallow waters but they easily dodge some enemies attacks or enter narrow entrances of caves.

How To Get Diluc?

Get Diluc Through Wish Banners

Diluc doesn't have his own character wish banner, however you can still obtain Diluc through these permanent banners: Wanderlust Invocation! and Beginner's Wish.

Obtain Diluc Through Other Character Banners!

You can also get a chance to pull Diluc through other character's banners. Drop rates for Diluc will be boosted depending on the banner.

All Wish Banners List

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All Characters With Pyro Element

All Pyro Characters

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