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Check out the latest news, updates, and patches for Genshin Impact in this guide! This includes all the latest news, including patches, updates, new banners, characters and more.

Table of Contents

4.1 Update Article
NeuvilletteNeuvilletteHu TaoHu TaoWriothesleyWriothesleyVentiVenti
Waterborne Poetry4.1 Redeem Codes

4.1 Version Summary

New Banners
Decree Of The Deeps
1st Phase
9/27/2023 - 10/17/2023
Moments Of Bloom
1st Phase
9/27/2023 - 10/17/2023
Hu TaoHu TaoXingqiuXingqiuFischlFischlDionaDiona
Tempestuous Destiny
2nd Phase
10/17/2023 - 11/07/2023
Ballad In Goblets
2nd Phase
10/17/2023 - 11/07/2023
Waterborne Poetry
└ Main event for version 4.1
└ Get Ballad Of The Boundless Blue
Dodoco's Bomb-Tastic Adventure
└ Mini-game that involves puzzles and bombs.
Radiant Harvest
└ Event featuring underwater creatures.
The Peaks and Troughs Of Life
└ Fighting Event
New Quest
New Archon Quests
To The Stars Shining In The Depths
Cataclysm's Quickening
New Story Quest
Diluvies Chapter: Act 1
Cerberus Chapter: Act 1
New World Quest
Unfinished Comedy Quest Chain
Fontaine Research Institute Chronicles
  └ Fontaine Research Institute, Stagnating In The Rubble
Both Brains and Brawn
Treacherous Light of the Depths
Road to the Singularity
Our Purpose Is in Another Canal
In Search of Lost Time
A Letter
Scene From Life In Meropide
New Enemies
Millennial Pearl Seahorse
Experimental Field Generator
└ Frost Operatives & Wind Operatives
Local Legends
Automated Supercomputing Field Generator
Luachra The Brilliant
Hidden Boss
Thorny Cyst
New Weapons
5 Star Limited Weapons
Tome Of The Eternal Flow
Cashflow Supervision
4 Star Limited Weapons
The Dockhand's Assistant
Portable Power Saw
Prospector's Drill
Range Gauge
Event Weapon
Ballad Of The Boundless Blue
New Area & Materials
New Area
Fontaine Research Institute
Jadewater Fruit Locations
Fortress Of Meropide
New Materials
Subdetection Unit
Credit Coupons
Mysterious Ore
New Achievements
Fontaine Achievements
Undocumented Feature
4.1 Update Banners & Contents

4.0 Version Summary

New Banners
Conjuring Chiaroscuro
1st Phase
8/16/2023 - 9/05/2023
Discerner Of Enigmas
1st Phase
8/16/2023 - 9/5/2023
Gentry Of Hermitage
2nd Phase
9/05/2023 - 9/26/2023
Farewell Of Snezhnaya
2nd Phase
9/05/2023 - 9/26/2023
Mega Meka Melee
└ Main event for version 4.0
Relic Records: Creations Of The Hydro Nation
└ Collect Materials and Specialties to get rewards.
Studies In Light And Shadow: A Fontaine Enchantment
└ Photography Event to see sights of Fontaine
Verdict Of Blades
└ Fighting Event
New Quest
New Archon Quests
Prelude Of Blancheur And Noirceur (Act: I)
As Light Rain Falls (Act: II)
New Story Quest
Felis Fuscus Chapter: Act 1
New World Quests
Still Mouthwatering!
Ann's Story
Fishing Game
Ann of the Narzissenkreuz
Ancient Colors
A Fontainian Message
Aqueous Tidemarks
Book of Esoteric Revelations
Hey, This Isn't Pumpkin Soup...
Another Horizon of Adventure
Danger Lurks Everywhere in Fontaine
In Expert Company?
A Certain Notice
A Certain Trifle
A Certain Stamp
The Fountain Flows Again
Good Stuff But Terrible Taste
Truly Mouthwatering
Hey, This Isn't Pumpkin Soup...
There Will Come Soft Rains
The Lone Phantom Sail
Echoes Of The Ancient World
Strange Stone Chronicle
Upon A Flowery Field Of Grass
The Three Primary Colors Of The Solar Corona
Limner, Dreamer, and Robotic Dog
Berrypuff The Blubberbeast
New Enemies
Icewind Suite
Emperor Of Fire And Iron
Underwater Meka
Tainted Hydro Phantasm
Breacher Primus
Fontemer Aberrants
Iron Viscount
Ocean Circuit
Fontaine Local Legends
New Weapons & Artifacts
New BP Weapon
Talking Stick
Ballad Of The Fjords
Sacrificial Jade
Scion Of The Blazing Sun
Fontaine Craftable Weapon
Finale Of The Deep
Tidal Shadow
Rightful Reward
Flowing Purity
Song Of Stillness
Other Weapons
Fleuve Cendre Ferryman (Fishing Reward)
The First Great Magic (Lyney's Signature)
New Artifacts
Golden Troupe
Marechaussee Hunter
New Achievements
Fontaine Achievements
Renart The Deceiver
Robben Versus Chesterton
Compendium of Misery
Angle Eraser
Waterworld Future
Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea
Core Cooling
Iron Viscount
Encyclopedia of Natural Philosophy
It's Fish, I Added Fish
Birth Of The Modern Clock
These Are A Few Of My...
An Eye To Eye
Do You Believe In Rapture?
Hardships Experienced
And After That...
Ann in Wonderland
A Study in Sable
In Search of Frittered Time
The White Path Between Two Rivers
Cell, Splinter
Too Hot To Handle!
Funerary Storm
Blubby, Chubby, Creative Evolution
Like Water Disappearing Into Water
The King Is Dead, Long Live the King!
Icebound Oath
Fontaine Expects That Everyone Will Do Their Duty
New Area
Ousia And Pneuma (Arkhe System)
Fontaine Enigmatic Pages
Key To Some Place In The Institute
Strange Parts
Fountain of Lucine
Fontaine Aircrafts
Beryl Conch
Rainbow Rose
Lumidouce Bell
Romaritime Flower
Echoes of the Deep Tides
Pale Forgotten Glory
Denouement Of Sin
4.0 Update Banners & Contents

3.8 Version Summary

New Banners
Born Of Ocean Swell
1st Phase
7/5/2023 - 7/25/2023
Sparkling Steps
1st Phase
7/5/2023 - 7/25/2023
Drifting Luminescence
2nd Phase
7/25/2023 - 08/15/2023
From Ashes Reborn
2nd Phase
7/25/2023 - 08/15/2023
Secret Summer Paradise
└ Main event for version 3.8
Shared Sight
└ Search for items in the perspective of Animals.
Adventurer's Trials
└ The popular "sports" event is back.
Perilous Expedition
└ Explore Sumeru and earn rewards.
Conch Reminiscences Web Event
└ Exploring and collecting conches
New Quest
New Hangout Event
Kaeya Hanggout Event
New Quests
Purbiruni's Commandment
Recollections Of A Fontainian
Limited Quest
Daiya's Three-Day Reverie
Returning Curios
Capturing Light and Shadow
A Starry Night, as Remembered
New Skins
New Skins
Blossoming Starlight (Klee)
Sailwind Shadow (Kaeya)
New Area
Veluriyam Mirage
└ Collect Joyeux Vouchers
└ Select Streaming Projector
└ Open Fascinating Chests
Character Locations (Day 1)
Luxurious Chest locations
Water Droplets
Preprint World
Choo-Choo Cart
Gleaming Lamp
Haddo's Luxurious Chest Puzzle
Secrets Of Veluriyam Mirage
Bottleland Time Trial Challenges
3.8 Update Contents & Character Banners

3.7 Version Summary

New Banners
Tapestry Of Golden flames
1st Phase
05/24/2023 - 06/13/2023
[Gacha Simulator]
YoimiyaYoimiyaKiraraKiraraYun JinYun JinChongyunChongyun
Everbloom Violet
1st Phase
05/24/2023 - 06/13/2023
[Gacha Simulator]
Yae MikoYae MikoKiraraKiraraYun JinYun JinChongyunChongyun
Caution In Confidence
2nd Phase
06/14/2023 - 07/04/2023
AlhaithamAlhaithamXianglingXianglingShikanoin HeizouShikanoin HeizouYaoyaoYaoyao
Leaves In The Wind
2nd Phase
06/14/2023 - 07/04/2023
KazuhaKazuhaXianglingXianglingShikanoin HeizouShikanoin HeizouYaoyaoYaoyao
Banner Comparison
Who To Pull Between Kazuha & Alhaitham
Duel! The Summoner's Summit!
2023/05/25 - 2023/06/19
└ TCG Event that features various mini-games.
Divine Ingenuity: Collector's Chapter
2023/06/08 - 2023/06/29
└ Build your own puzzle domain for other players to challenge.
Feast Of The Departed Warriors
└ Strong Boss Battle challenges.
Fayz Trials
└ Play with Trial characters in this domain where you can stop time and trigger damage.
New Weapons
Ibis Piercer
└ Free 4★ Bow
New Quests
New Character Quest
Carassius Auratus Chapter: Act II
New Hangout Quest
Kaveh Hangout Event
Play TCG Updated WIth New Cards
Check All New TCG Cards & How To Get
3.7 Best Cards / 3.7 Best Deck Build
3.7 Update Release Date & Character Banners

3.6 Version Summary

New Banners
The Moongrass' Enlightenment
【Gacha Simulator】
1st Phase
04/12/2023 - 05/02/2023
NahidaNahidaLaylaLaylaKuki ShinobuKuki ShinobuDoriDori
Twirling Lotus
【Gacha Simulator】
1st Phase
04/12/2023 - 05/02/2023
NilouNilouLaylaLaylaKuki ShinobuKuki ShinobuDoriDori
Adrift In The Harbor
【Gacha Simulator】
2nd Phase
05/2/2023 - 05/23/2023
Immaculate Pulse
【Gacha Simulator】
2nd Phase
05/2/2023 - 05/23/2023
Which Banner Should You Pull?
A Parade Of Providence
└ Sumeru Akadamia Festival
Gathering Of Stars
Project Connectivity
Antiquity Hunt
In Truth's Steps
Concocted Reaction
Mimetic Replication
The Recollector's Path
└ Play with the new pet, Sorush.
Brewing Developments
└ Clear obstructions in the desert and fight Wenuts!
Overflowing Mastery
└ Get Double Talent Books!
New Weapons
Jadefall's Splendor
└ 5★ Catalyst Weapon
New Gadgets
└ A new upcoming companion gadget
New Quests
New Character Quest
Lagenaria Chapter: Act 1
Sapientia Oromasdis: Act 2
New Hangout Quest
Layla Hangout Event
New World Quests
Khvarena Of Good And Evil
 └ The Splendorous Sky That Day
 └ Asipattravana Itihasa
 └ Awakening's Real Sound
 └ As The Khvarena's Light Shows
 └ The Hymn Of Tir Yazad
Lightcall Resonance
An Artist Adrift
Heart Of Amrita
Khvarena Of Good And Evil
Pale Fire
New Area
New Sumeru Desert
Girdle Of The Sands
New Domains
New Sumeru Domains
Molten Iron Fortress
Somalata Inland Sea
Purification Spring
New Artifacts & Materials
New Farmable Artifacts
Nymph's Dream Set
Vourukasha's Glow Set
New Materials
Mourning Flower
Collect The Following For 3.6 Version
Plume Of Purifying Light
Fravashi Tree / Udumbara Pistil
Khvarena Inscription Fragment
Soul Bells
Luxurious Chests
Missable Chests
New Puzzles
All Puzzles
Kory Drum Guide
Sunyata Flower Puzzle Guide
Nirodha Puzzle Guide
Crystalized Rifthound Guide
Kori Drum Puzzle Guide
Percussive Prancing Mushrooms
Khaenri'ah Door Guide
New Enemies
New Enemies
Iniquitous Baptist
└ Hilichurl Rogue
New Recipes
New Recipes
Jade Fruit Soup
Heat-Quelling Soup
The Endeavor
New Achievements
All Achievements For 3.6
Soaring in the Skies of Sary-Ozek
When You Say Nothing At All

Version 3.5 Update Details

3.5 Sumary
New Banners
Auric Blaze
1st Phase
03/01/2023 - 3/21/2023
Twilight Arbiter
1st Phase
03/01/2023 - 3/21/2023
The Heron's Court
2nd Phase
3/21/2023 - 4/11/2023
The Transcendent One Returns
2nd Phase
3/21/2023 - 4/11/2023
Which Banner Should You Pull?
Windblume Articles
Windblume's Breath Event
Floral Pursuit
Ballads of Breeze
Breezy Snapshots
New Weapons
New 5 Star Weapon
Beacon Of The Reed Sea
Mailed Flower
New Quests
New Archon Quest
New Character Quest
Dehya Story Quest
New Hangout Event
Faruzan Hangout Event
New Events
New Events
Heated Battle Mode: The Profound Purpose of Practice
Spices from the West: Northerly Search
Fungus Mechanicus
Vibro Crystal Verification
Ley Line Overflow
New Recipes
New Sumeru Recipes
Gilded Tajine
Goldflame Tajine
Surveyor's Breakfast Sandwich
New Enemies
New Enemies
└ Cryo Abyss Herald
└ Geo Serpent Knight
New Achievements
All New Achievements
└ Optimal Solution
└ To You in a Hundred Years
└ Mechanics: From Beginner to...?
└ The Sickness Unto Near-Death
└ Star-Crossed Night
└ Caribert
└ The Far Side of Fate
3.5 Livestream Contents & Summary

Version 3.4 Update Details

3.4 Summary
New Banners
Caution In Confidence
1st Phase
1/18/2023 - 2/7/2023
AlhaithamAlhaithamYaoyaoYaoyaoXinyanXinyanYun JinYun Jin
Invitation To Mundane Life
1st Phase
1/18/2023 - 2/7/2023
XiaoXiaoYaoyaoYaoyaoXinyanXinyanYun JinYun Jin
Moment Of Bloom
2nd Phase
2/7/2023 - 2/28/2023
Hu TaoHu TaoNingguangNingguangXingqiuXingqiuBeidouBeidou
Discerner Of Enigmas
2nd Phase
2/7/2023 - 2/28/2023
Which Banner Should You Pull?
New Weapons
New 5 Star Weapon
Light Of Foliar Incision
New Quests
New Character Quest
Vultur Volans Chapter: Act 1
New World Quest
The Dirge Of Bilqis
Her Foes Rage Like Great Waters
Rejoice With Me, For What Was Lost Is Now Found
Apocalypse Lost: Memories Of Gurabad
Tadhla The Falcon
The Falcon's Hunt
The Fallen Falcon
Wisdom Has Built Her House...
The Temple Where Sand Flows Like Tears
Dune-Entombed Fecundity
The Eternal Dream, Ever Lush
New Events
New Events
Almighty Arataki Extraordinary and Exhilarating Extreme Beetle Brawl
Warrior's Spirit
Second Blooming
Heated Battle Mode: Omnipotent
Lantern Rite
The Exquisite Night Chimes
Fortuitous Invitation
Paper Theater Challenge 
Lantern Rite Characters Location 
New Enemies
New Boss
Setekh Wenut
New Enemies
Consecrated Flying Serpent
Consecrated Scorpion
Consecrated Red Vulture
└ Pyro & Dendro Ermites
New Features
New Skins
Springbloom Missive
A Sobriquet Under Shade
New Area
Desert of Harmaveth
New Domains
Fane of Panjvahe
City Of The Deceased
New Puzzles & Exploration
Weathered Obelisk
Eternal Oasis Puzzle Guide
Chess Piece & Activator Device
Mysterious Stone Slate Guide
Liloupar Fragments
Ancient Stone Key
New Achievements
All Achievement List For 3.4
Genesis Of The Rift
On A Magic Carpet Ride
The Ancient Orchard And Spring
Isn't Life Wondrous?
He Who Controls the Spice...
I Hate 'Em Myself & Flat Out
The Perfect Sandstorm
3.4 Livestream Contents & Summary

Version 3.3 Update Details

3.3 Update
New Banners
From Ashes Reborn
1st Phase
12/07/2022 - 12/27/2022
Oni's Royale
1st Phase
12/07/2022 - 12/27/2022
Azure Excursion
2nd Phase
2022/12/27 - 2023/1/17
AyatoAyatoRosariaRosariaKujou SaraKujou SaraSayuSayu
Reign Of Serenity
2nd Phase
2022/12/27 - 2023/1/17
Raiden ShogunRaiden ShogunRosariaRosariaKujou SaraKujou SaraSayuSayu
New Weapons
New 5 Star Weapon
Tulaytullah's Remembrance
New 4 Star Weapon
Toukabou Shigure
New Artifacts
Flower Of Paradise Lost
└ Amazing Artifact for characters who uses Bloom reactions.
Desert Pavilion Chronicle
└ DPS Anemo Artifact
New Quests
New Archon Quest
Inversion Of Genesis
New Events
New Events
Akitsu Kimodameshi
Across The Wilderness
Windtrace Event (Hide & Seek)
Misty Dungeon: Realm Of Sand
Ley Line Overflow
New Features
Genius Invokation
└ New Card Battle game featuring Genshin Characters!
└ Know how to Increase your Player Level
└ A card duel between Playable & NPC Characters
└ Complete all Tavern Challenge to get other character cards & lucky coins!
3.3 Update Banners, Characters, & Events

Event & Wish Related Guides

Event & Wish

Current Wish (Gacha) Banners

Character / Weapon
Gentry Of Hermitage
Gentry Of Hermitage

09/05/2023 - 09/26/2023

Farewell of Snezhnaya
Farewell of Snezhnaya

09/05/2023 - 09/26/2023

Epitome Of Invocation

09/05/2023 - 09/26/2023

Vortex VanquisherVortex VanquisherPolar StarPolar Star
The FluteThe FluteSacrificial GreatswordSacrificial GreatswordDragonDragon's BaneThe WidsithThe WidsithRustRust
beginnerBeginners' Wish


Wanderlust InvocationWanderlust Invocation


All Banner List - Character & Weapon Banner History

Version 4.0 Events

4.0 Events
Relic Records

Aug 16, 2023 – Aug 28, 2023

A Fontaine exploring event. Participate to this event to obtain exciting rewards!
Mega Meka Melee

Aug 16, 2023 – Sept 5, 2023

4.0's Main Event features multiple challenges!
Verdict Of Blades

Sep. 4 2023 – Sep. 18 2023

Learn more about Fontaine's ecology in this event!

Upcoming Events

Other Upcoming Events
Studies In Light And Shadow: A Fontaine Enchantment


A photography event centered around Fontaine's ecology

Other Events

Other Upcoming Events
Ludi Harpastum
Web Event List
Web Event ListWeb Event List
Event Tracking Tool
To Do List & Event Calendar
All Events List

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