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Check out the latest news, updates, and patches for Genshin Impact in this guide! This includes all the latest news, including patches, updates, new banners, characters and more.

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Version 3.1 Update Details

3.1 Version Summary
New Banners
Twilight Arbiter
1st Phase
After the Version 3.1 update – 2022/10/14
CynoCynoCandaceCandaceSayuSayuKuki ShinobuKuki Shinobu
Ballad In Goblets
1st Phase
After the Version 3.1 update – 2022/10/14
VentiVentiCandaceCandaceSayuSayuKuki ShinobuKuki Shinobu
Twirling Lotus
2nd Phase
Secretym Secretorum
2nd Phase
New Events
Of Ballads And Brews
└ Weinlesefest Festival of Mondstadt
Wind Chaser
└ Domain Challenge event
Star-Seeker's Sojourn
└ Collect Future Star and earn rewards.
Hyakunin Ikki
└ Battle event at Inazuma returns.
New Weapons
New Sumeru Themed Weapons
Key Of Khaj-Nisut
Staff Of The Scarlet Sands
Makhaira Aquamarine
Wandering Evenstar
Xiphos' Moonlight
Event Weapon
Missive Windspear
New Bosses & Enemies
New Bosses
Aeonblight Drake
Algorithm Of Semi-Intransient Matrix Of Overseer Network
New Areas & Features
Deshret Desert
└ Desert Area of Sumeru
New Domain
Garden Of Endless Pillars
Altar Of Mirages
Red Desert Threshold
New Features
Scarlet Sand Slate
How To Increase Clearance Level
New Quests
New Archon Quest
Dreams, Emptiness, Deception
King Deshret and the Three Magi
New Character Story Quest
Lotos Somno: Act 1
Lupus Aureus Chapter Act 1
New World Quest
Lost in the Sands
Golden Slumber Series
Old Notes and New Friends Series
The Exile: Sprouting
A Gifted Rose: Prickly as Thorns
A Gifted Rose: Long Day Ahead
A Gifted Rose: Can Stones Bloom
A Gifted Rose: Ballad of Days Gone By
A Gifted Rose: Some People Never Fade Away
Blooming Sands
Join the Eremites and Embrace a Wonderful New Life!
Afratu's Dilemma
For a Dream I Tarry
Dreams Beneath The Searing Sand
Dual Evidence
New Secrets
Ancient Key
Sacred Seal
Primal Obelisk

Version 3.0 Update Details

3-0 Update
New Banners
Viridescent Vigil
1st Phase
After the Version 3.0 update – 2022/09/09
Gentry Of Hermitage
1st Phase
After the Version 3.0 update – 2022/09/09
Drifting Luminescence
2nd Phase
09/09/2022 - 09/27/2022
Adrift In The Harbor
2nd Phase
09/09/2022 - 09/27/2022
New Events
Graven Innocence Event
└ A Photo-taking and battle event in Sumeru
Tablet Analytics
└ A battle event that involves various buffs.
Lost Riches
└ A Rerun of the Free Seelie Event.
Fayz Trials
└ A battle event involving finding weakness of enemies
Ley Line Overflow
└ Receive double EXP books and mora.
New Materials
Sumeru Specialties
Nilotpala Lotus
Rukkhashava Mushrooms
Kalpalata Lotus
New Forging Materials (Billet)
Midlander Claymore Billet
Midlander Catalyst Billet
Midlander Polearm Billet
Midlander Sword Billet
Midlander Bow Billet
New Achievements
New Sumeru Achievement
The Lengthy Reunion
Where Have You Gone, My Dream?
Answer Time
Date of Departure
Song of Night and Dawn
Summit of Wisdom
Mortal Travails: Series III
They Enter The Flow
New Weapons
Sumeru Craftable Weapons
Forest Regalia
Sapwood Blade
King's Squire
Fruit Of Fulfillment
Other Weapons
Hunter's Path
End Of The Line
New Bosses & Enemies
Jadeplume Terrorshroom
└ Brand new Dendro Boss in Sumeru
Electro Regisvine
└ New Electro World Boss.
New Ruin Enemies
└ New Ruin Type monsters will also be released in Sumeru.
New Artifacts
New Sumeru Artifacts
Deepwood Memories
Gilded Dreams
New Areas & Features
Dendro Element
Aranara (Spirits)
Other Features
Dendro Traveler
New Farmable Domain
Tower Of Abject Pride
Spire Of Solitary Enlightenment
Steeple Of Ignorance
New Puzzle Domain
The Dark Valley
The Coordinates Of Sun And Rain
Fragment Of Childhood Dreams
Under The Umbrella's Shade
Sumeru Hidden & Secret Items
Hidden Puzzles & Secret Items in Sumeru
Mysterious Parchment
Hidden Statue of The Seven And Teleport Waypoints
Sealed Stone Pillars
Drusus's Riddle
Rune Arrow Puzzle
Strange Energy Extraction Device
New Quests
New Archon Quest
Through Mists Of Smoke And Forests Dark
The Morn A Thousand Roses Brings
New Story Quests
Tighnari Story Quest
New World Quests
Aranyaka (Part I to IV) (Quest Line)
An Unwavering Culinary Dream (Quest Line)
Agnihotra Sutra (Quest Line)
Vimana Agama (Quest Line)
Varuna Gatha (Quest Line)
Adventure Takes Courage!
A Short Encounter with a Rare Bird
Aragaru's Drawing
Aranaga's Memory
Aranakin's Old Friend
Cost-Effective Hook
Courage is in the Heart
Even Beasts Stumble
For A Better Reunion
Garcia's Paean: A Gift of Compatibility
Garden Fairies
Giving Flowers
Gourmet Supremos: Within Our Duties
Legends of the Stone Lock
Memory's Final Chapter
Static Views
Static Views Part 2
The Tester Becomes The Tested
The Foolish Fatuus
The Path of Papers
The Price
Treasure of Wisdom: A New Plan
Trees and Dreams
Until Vana is Healed
Where Are the Fierce Creatures?
While the Dream Lingers

Version 2.8 Update Details

2.8 Summary
New Banners
Klee Rerun BannerSparkling Steps
1st Phase
2022/07/13 - 2022/08/02
KleeKleeShikanoin HeizouHeizouThomaThomaNingguangNingguang
Kazuha RerunLeaves In The Wind
1st Phase
2022/07/13 - 2022/08/02
KazuhaKazuhaShikanoin HeizouHeizouThomaThomaNingguangNingguang
YoimiyaYoimiya Banner
2nd Phase
YoimiyaYoimiyaBennettBennettXinyanXinyanYun JinYun Jin
New Events
Summertime Odyssey
└ Main event for version 2.8
Evermotion Mechanical Painting
└ Steampunk-themed Puzzle using Gears
Resonating Visions
└ Collect Conches to receive the free Fischl Skin.
Reminiscent Regimen
└ An event that is held at Golden Apple Archipelago.
Hidden Strife
└ Story for Diluc's new skin
New Materials & Weapons
New Collectible
Phantasmal Conches
New Weapon
Kagotsurube Isshin (Cursed Blade)
New Skins
Ein Immernachtstraum
└ New Skin for Fischl
Red Dead Of Night
└ New Skin for Diluc
New Quests
Acer Palmatum Act 1
└ Story Quest of Kazuha.
Trap 'Em by Storm
└ Hangout Event for Shikanoin Heizou
Version Limited Quest
The Treasure of the Four Skerries
Thus Was the Work Done in Vain
Treasure Voyage
The Final Treasure
Drama Phantasmagoria
Bake-Danuki Wanderlust
The Misplaced Photo
The Discarded Insignia
A Misplaced Conch
New World Quest
Film Notes
Island Puzzle & Gimmicks
Island Gimmicks
Minacious Isle Gimmicks
Pudding Isle Gimmicks
Broken Isle Gimmicks
└ Twinning Isle Gimmicks

Version 2.7 Update Details

Hidden Dreams
New Banners
Yelan BannerDiscerner Of Enigmas
1st Phase
(2022/05/31 ~ 2022/06/21)
Xiao BannerInvitation To Mundane Life
1st Phase
(2022/05/31 ~ 2022/06/21)
OniOni's Royale
2nd Phase
(2022/06/21 ~ 2022/07/12)
IttoIttoKuki ShinobuKukiGorouGorouChongyunChongyun
New Weapons
Aqua Simulacra
└ Signature weapon of Yelan.
Fading Twilight
└ Free weapon for version 2.7
New Materials
New Gadget
Material Collector
New Material
Glowing Gem
New Events
Perilous Trail
└ A Chasm Event that is part of the Archon Quest.
A Muddy Bizarre Adventure Event
└ Another Chasm event involving Mud and battle against enemies.
Arataki's Great And Glorious Drum
└ A new kind of Rhythm game featuring the Arataki Gang.
Core Of The Apparatus
└ A robot building event.
Kuki Shinobu Hangout Event
Hangout Event for Kuki Shinobu
New Quests
Umbrabilis Orchis Chapter: Act 1
└ Story Quest of Yelan.
Perilous Trail Archon Quest
└ Continuation of the Main Story.
New World Quests
On The Stage, Behind The Stage
The Tales Behind the Fan
Garcia's Paean
Muddy Bizarre Adventure Quests
1. Transportation Test
2. Automated Charging Challenge
3. Circulation Theory Challenge
4. Emergency Escort
5. Continued Clean Up

Version 2.6 Update Details

2.6 Update
New Banners
Banner For Ayato Featured Characters & Release DateAyato Banner
1st Phase
(2022/03/30 ~ 2022/04/19)
AyatoAyatoSucroseSucroseXianglingXianglingYun JinYun Jin
Second Rerun Banner For Venti (2.6 Update) - Featured CharactersVenti Rerun Banner
1st Phase
(2022/03/30 ~ 2022/04/19)
VentiVentiSucroseSucroseXianglingXianglingYun JinYun Jin
AyakaAyaka Banner
2nd Phase
(2022/04/19 - till the end of version 2.6)
New Weapons
Haran Geppaku Futsu
└ Signature weapon of Ayato.
New Boss & Enemies
New Boss
Ruin Serpent
New Materials
New Materials & Items
Lumenstone Adjuvant
Lumenstone Ore
Radiant Spincrystal
Mysterious Letter
New Gadget
Lumenstone Adjuvant
New Wildlife
New Wildlife Creatures
Lucklight Fly
Bluethunder Weasel
New Events
Hues Of The Violet Garden
└ Traditional Inazuma Festival
Friendship In Writing - Obtain free Xingqiu.
Spices From The West
└ Cook food and experiment on spices.
Outside The Canvas, Inside The Lens
└ Photo-taking and collecting event.
Vibro-Crystal Research
└ A new limited domain event challenge.
New Quests
Cypressus Custos Chapter: Act 1
└ Story Quest of Kamisato Ayato.
Requiem Of The Echoing Depths
└ Continuation of the Main Story.
└ World Quest To Unlock Enkanomiya
New World Quests
The Chasm Delvers
Stolen, by the Rightful Owner
Undetected Infiltration
A Cliff-Side Hero's Past
The Millennial Mountains
Says He Who Seeks Stone
Dimming Mushroom's Call for Help
A Company Vanishing Into the Deep
Valor's Afterglow
Valor's Afterglow: Return By Sundown
Lost in a Foreign Land
Mycological Investigation in The Chasm
Hydrological Investigation in The Chasm
Paleontological Investigation in The Chasm
The Chasm's Bounty
The Missing Miner
Perils In The Dark
New Domain
The Lost Valley Domain
└ A new artifact domain.
New Artifacts
Vermillion Hereafter Set
└ A new artifact amazing for Xiao
Echoes Of An Offering Set
└ A set that is great for speedy Normal attack users such as Yoimiya, Childe and Ayato
Secret Contents
■ Hidden Contents & Puzzles
 └ Shriveled Seed
 └ Orb Of The Blue Depths
 └ The Missing Miner
 └ Mysterious Letter
 └ The Nine-Word Rumor Achievement

Event & Wish Related Guides

Event & Wish

Current Wish (Gacha) Banners

Character / Weapon
Genshin Cyno BannerCyno Banner

09/28 ~ 10/14
[Gacha Simulator]

Genshin Venti Banner rerunVenti Rerun

09/28 ~ 10/14
[Gacha Simulator]

Kuki ShinobuKuki Shinobu
Weapon Banner

09/09 ~ 09/27

Staff Of The Scarlet SandsStaff Of The Scarlet Sands
Elegy For The EndElegy For The End
beginnerBeginners' Wish


Wanderlust InvocationWanderlust Invocation


All Banner List - Character & Weapon Banner History

Available Events

Of Ballads And BrewsOf Ballads And Brews

9/29 - 10/17

- Participate to this Mondstatd's Adventurer Guild's festival and obtain various rewards!
Hoyolab Log InDaily Check-In Event
Log in every day at Hoyolab to get rewards!
Hangout EventHangout Event


- Shikanoin Heizon's Hangout Event

Other Upcoming Events

Event Tracking Tool
To Do List & Event Calendar
All Event List - Rewards & Guide

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