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Which Banner Should You Pull (3.6 Update) - Strategy & Primogem Guide
Which Banner Should You Pull (3.6 Update) - Strategy & Primogem Guide | Genshin Impact - GameWith

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Which Banner Should You Pull (3.6 Update) - Strategy & Primogem Guide

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Which banner should you pull for in Genshin Impact 3.6. Guide includes banners for 3.6, new character, who to pull, recommended character, total Primogems, Banner strategy, & more!

Table of Contents

3.6 Version Update
A Parade Of ProvidenceGirdle Of The Sands

3.5 Banners - Characters & Duration

First Phase - Nahida & Nilou

First Phase - Nahida & Nilou
Featured 5-Star
Featured 4-Star
Kuki ShinobuKuki ShinobuLaylaLaylaDoriDori

Second Phase - Baizhu & Ganyu With Kaveh

Second Phase - Baizhu & Ganyu
Featured 5-Star
Featured 4-Star

Which Character To Pull? - Recommended 5-Star

Pros & Cons Of Featured 5-Star Characters

NahidaNahida- Can be on-field & off-field DPS
- Best Dendro applicator with EM buff
- Requires to have 1,000 EM to optimize her passive
- Marking enemies needs to be quick, especially when scattered
NilouNilou- Dendro core is upgraded to Bountiful core which can inflict stronger damage
- Can be on-field & off-field DPS
- Bountiful core can only be produced in Dendro-Hydro team
BaizhuBaizhu- Can simultaneously heal & shield
- Excellent off-field Dendro applicator
- High Burst cost which may require him to have a battery
GanyuGanyu- Can be on-field & off-field DPS
- Burst has no downtime
- Susceptible to interruption while charging

Click the Button Below For Recommendations based on Situations

Consider The Situation & Role Of The Character

Most To Least Recommended For DPS

1.Ganyu- Powerful raw Cryo DMG
- Can solo an enemy as long as you can utilize her Charged ATK
- Best option if you need a DPS
2.Nahida- Persistent mark that can trigger powerful Dendro-related reactions
- Can be an on-field DPS who can consecutively deal Dendro DMG that has no internal cooldown
- First option if you need a support with offensive capabilities
3.Nilou- Unique playstyle with effective damage output thru Bountiful cores
- Relatively easy to build as you focus more on HP & EM
- Great choice if you have a good Dendro applicator such as Nahida
4.Baizhu- Does not inflict much damage but his Dendro application is helpful for triggering reaction
- Least recommended as he leans more on the defensive role

Most To Least Recommended For Support

1.Nahida- Can further amplify the damage of all elemental reactions with EM buff from Burst
- Excellent Dendro application for triggering Dendro-related reactions
- Second option if you need a support with offensive capabilities
2.Baizhu- Shield with periodic Dendro application & heal
- Best option if you need a shielder
3.Nilou- Skill can be infusion or off-field Hydro application
- Effective in Dendro-Hydro team
- Not optimal in other team comps
- Least recommended if you do not want a character that is restricting in team comp
4.Ganyu- Can sustain Burst since it has no downtime
- Cryo is not recommended to pair with Dendro unless in reverse melt team comp
- Least recommended if you need a support

Character Meta Ranking Overview

Dendro Applicator: Nahida Vs Baizhu

Dendro Application
Nahida- Dendro application when hitting marked enemy
- EM buff
- Better Dendro for offense
Baizhu- Dendro application periodically while shield is active
- Intermittent healing
- Better Dendro for defense

Nahida Is The Best Dendro Applicator


Nahida is highly recommended if you need an effective Dendro applicator. Not only she can mark enemies but her Skill can also be used for gathering resources out in the wild. The EM buff from her Burst can significantly increase the damage of elemental reactions, especially Dendro-related reactions.

Nahida Best Build & Weapon

Baizhu For Shield & Heal


Having no effective shielder is difficult particularly if the character is susceptible to interruption. Baizhu is Dendro support who can shield & heal at the same time. He can periodically apply Dendro to the enemy even when off-field which is advantageous for triggering Dendro-related reactions.

Baizhu Best Build & Weapon

Nilou For Unique Playstyle


With Nilou in a Dendro-Hydro team, all Dendro cores are upgraded to Bountiful cores each core can deal powerful damage. This unique playstyle is visually appealing and effective to any enemy but could be difficult to utilize, especially if the enemy is not stationary.

Nilou Best Build & Weapon

Prioritize Ganyu If You Want A Meta DPS


Mainly, Ganyu is an on-field DPS who utilizes charged ATK to deal powerful raw Cryo DMG which makes her one of the best DPS since her debut release. She can also be an off-field Cryo DPS since her Burst does not have downtime.

Ganyu Best Build & Weapon

Pull Base On Your Preference

The bottom line is to choose who you want to pull according to your own preference. Whoever you want to get is entirely up to you regardless of Meta or other factors.

Can Play Character Demo First

Character Demo

You can try the character's demo first so you can experience the character's gameplay firsthand. This can help you decide if the character can be included in your current available teams or not. Use this opportunity to get a feel for the character!

Total Primogems/Pulls You Can Earn In 3.6 Update

This is an estimation and could show numbers lower or higher than the actual Primogems that can be earned. For example, Primogems per event are on average, not the exact numbers. This also assumes that banner lengths will be 20 days each.

All Sources Of Primogems For 3.6

EventPrimogems / Pulls
Game Update Compensation- 600 Primogems
Welkin Log-In
- 3780 Primogems
Battle Pass
- 4 Intertwined Fate
- 5 Acquaint Fate
- 680 Primogems
Daily Commissions- 2520 Primogems
Monthly Reset- 5 Intertwined Fate
- 5 Acquaint Fate
Spiral Abyss- 1800 Primogems
Nahida Story Quest- 60 Primogems
Baizhu Story Quest- 60 Primogems
Layla Hangout Event- 90 Primogems
Tree of Dreams- 2 Intertwined Fate
- 4 Acquaint Fate
Character Test Runs- 80 Primogems
A Parade of Providence- 1000 Primogems
Brewing Developments- 420 Primogems
Fulminating Sandstorm- 420 Primogems
The Recollector's Path- 420 Primogems
Daily Check-In- 80 Primogems
Web Events- 200 Primogems
3.7 Livestream Codes- 300 Primogems
Furnishing Set- 40 Primogems
New Achievements- 300 Primogems
New Area- 2100 Primogems
Total Primogems Computation
Estimated Total
- 10490 Primogems
- 7 Intertwined Fate
- 14 Acquaint Fate
Estimated Total
- 14950 Primogems
- 11 Intertwined Fate
- 14 Acquaint Fate
Estimated Pulls
(Limited Time Banner)
- 65 Pulls (Free)
- 93 Pulls (Paid)

Banner Strategy & Scenarios - 3.6 Update

Things To Consider When Pulling

1Number of pulls & Primogems you can save/earn
2Which banner/s you will pull
3Your 5-star character status (50/50 or guaranteed)

Plan Your Banners Depending On Your Pulls

If you are a purely free-to-play player, it is expected that you will not have enough pulls to get a guaranteed character for every character banner. Figure out which banners you want to pull from the start so you can plan ahead.

Do Not Build Pity On Banner With 5-Star Character You Do Not Want

Pity Count

It is best to save your pulls for banners wherein you really want a character. Do not build the pity count on banners you do not prefer and skip them instead. This could reset the pity count once you get a 5-star character from them.

Skip Kaveh If You Do Not Want Either Baizhu Or Ganyu


As a 4-star character, Kaveh is more likely to show up in future banners so you can skip the banner of Baizhu & Ganyu. It is better to save your Primogems than risk losing your pity by pulling on the banner.

Kaveh Best Build & Weapon

Banner Scenarios & How To Plan Out Your Pulls

Tap To Jump To Scenario
(✓ = Will pull, ✖ will not pull)
▼ Scenario 1Any Phase 1 BannerAny Phase 2 Banner
▼ Scenario 2Any Phase 1 BannerAny Phase 2 Banner
▼ Scenario 3Any Phase 1 BannerAny Phase 2 Banner

The number of pulls listed below is based on the current banner pity system wherein at 90 pulls, you are guaranteed to get a 5-star character. It is possible to require fewer pulls if you win your 50/50 or you get an early pity.

Scenario 1 - Will Pull On A Phase 1 Banner

DescriptionGuaranteed Pulls
Guaranteed, 1 5-Star Character90 Pulls
50/50, 1 5-Star Character180 Pulls
Guaranteed, 2 5-Star Character270 Pulls
50/50, 2 5-Star Character360 Pulls

If you plan on pulling for a banner in the First Phase, it is recommended that you choose only one character between the two. However, if you want two of the banner 5-Stars, keep trying since you do not have to save for another banner in the later part of the update anyways.

Scenario 2 - Will Pull On A Phase 2 Banner

DescriptionGuaranteed Pulls
Guaranteed, 1 5-Star Character90 Pulls
50/50, 1 5-Star Character180 Pulls
Guaranteed, 2 5-Star Character270 Pulls
50/50, 2 5-Star Character360 Pulls

Before spending all of your Primogems during this phase, we recommend just gunning for one banner character first. With the 3.7 Update right after this banner, it's best to know which are the next banners first before spending all of your Primogems before it.

Scenario 3 - Will Pull Both Phase 1 & Phase 2 Banners

DescriptionGuaranteed Pulls
Guaranteed, 1 5-Star Character90 Pulls
50/50, 1 5-Star Character180 Pulls
Guaranteed, 2 5-Star Character270 Pulls
50/50, 2 5-Star Character360 Pulls
Guaranteed, 3 5-Star Character450 Pulls
50/50, 3 5-Star Character540 Pulls
Guaranteed, 4 5-Star Character630 Pulls
50/50, 4 5-Star Character720 Pulls

If you plan on pulling in both banners, it is highly recommended that you just choose one 5-star from each banner phase. It is close to impossible to get all four 5-star characters without spending real money to get more Primogems.

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