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Best Wish To Pull - New Wishes Guide (Gacha)
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Best Wish To Pull - New Wishes Guide (Gacha)

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Check out this gacha guide for Genshin Impact to learn which Wish banner to roll. Includes gacha's price & cost, system & rates, which characters to summon, and banner schedule.

Table of Contents

All Available Banners and Recommendation

Wish Ranking

Save Primogems for later★★★★
Klee BannerSparkling Steps★★★★
weaponEpitome Invocation ★★★・・
wanderlustWanderlust Invocation ★★・・・

We currently recommend going for the Klee Banner, as it is currently limited in time and will eventually result in a guaranteed Klee (if you pull long enough)! However, if you don't want to use Klee in your party, we recommend saving up Primogems instead. Waiting for another more useful character to go on promotion might be the best bet right now.

Prioritize Weapon For Diluc

Alternatively, if you have Diluc, we recommend you go for the Epitome Invocation to try to get him a powerful weapon, as this will likely result in the biggest overall DPS increase.

Finish Off Beginners' Wish


Beginners' Wish will disappear after 20 rolls, so if you've still got it available, you can feel free to prioritize that at the beginning of the game, as its rolls are discounted.

Which Banner Would You Choose?

Newest Wish Banners

Klee Banner (Sparkling Steps) - Schedule & Promoted Characters

Klee Banner
Check out Klee Banner (Sparkling Steps) Here!
Event Schedule
2020/10/20 19:00 ~ 2020/11/09 18:50
Promotional Characters + Tier Ranking

Item Probability

RarityProbabilityRoll Items
5 star0.6%Characters
4 star5.1%Characters, Weapons
3 star94.3%Weapons
Banner Characteristics
・Guaranteed ★4 per 10-set rolls
・Pick-Up characters has a 50% chance of appearing

Epitome Invocation - Schedule & Promoted Characters

Check Out Epitome Invocation Banner Here!

Item Probability

★★★★6.0%Weapons & Characters

Best Wish To Pull

Pull Beginner's Wish First


The Beginner's Wish is guaranteed to include ★4 Noelle on the 1st 10-wish roll and ★4 or higher character on the 2nd 10-wish roll. The chance of getting a super rare character is much higher than other banners so you should definitively choose this banner first.

Sparkling Steps Is Also Recommended

Sparkling Steps

If you've finished rolling the Beginner's Wish banner, the next recommended banner is Sparkling Steps. Klee will require some training first, but she will eventually become a powerful Support/Attacker! Also, she's a limited-time character, so if you miss this opportunity to get her, you never know when she'll pop up next!

Pull Weapon Gacha If You Have Enough Characters


If you already own enough strong characters, going for the weapon gacha Epitome Invocation is also recommended. A ★5 weapon is guaranteed at least once per 80 attempts. Since the stats of ★5 weapons are much higher than ★4, going for this banner is a good bet if you want to focus on increasing your damage.

List Of Banners - Schedule & Rates

Beginner's Wish Banner

Banner Details
- Guarantees ★4 Noelle on the first 10-wish roll
- Guarantees ★4 or higher character on second 10-wish roll
- Rarity with ★4 or above are all characters
- Costs 20% less Acquaint Fate
- Wish expires after 20 attempts (No time limit)

Guarantees ★4 Character

The Beginner's Wish is so far the best banner to roll since you can get ★ Noelle on your first 10-wish roll and a ★4 or above character on your second 10-wish roll. If you have just started playing this game, pulling this banner is practically a must.

Sparkling Steps Banner

Sparkling Steps
★★★★5.1%Characters & Weapons
Banner Details
- Rarity with ★5 are all characters
- Guarantees ★5 character with 90 attempts
- Guarantees ★4 item or higher item on every 10-wish roll
- If you pull a ★5 character that is not Klee, next ★5 character you pull will be Klee
Characters With Increased Drop Dates

Roll 90 Times Before It Expires

Luckily, a ★5 character is guaranteed to be included at least once per 90 attempts in this Banner. If you think you won't be able to roll 90 times before this banner expires, you might as well save the Acquaint Fate for other banners.

Epitome Invocation Banner

★★★★6.0%Weapons & Characters
Banner Details
- Higher drop rate of ★5 Wolf's Gravestone, Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds, ★4 Sacrificial Sword, Sacrificial Greatsword, Sacrificial Fragments, Sacrificial Bow, Dragon's Bane
- Rarity with ★5 are all weapons
- Guarantees at least one ★5 weapon with 80 attempts
- Guarantees ★4 or above once every 10-wish roll
- If the first ★5 weapon you win is not one of the promotional weapon with higher drop rate, then the next ★5 weapon you get is guaranteed to be a promotional weapon

Pull If You Want ★5 Weapon

Epitome Invocation banner guarantees a ★5 weapon with 80 attempts so pull this banner if you want a better weapon. However, the priority of weapons is lower than characters in early game, so pull other banners if you don't have strong characters yet.

Wanderlust Invocation Banner

★★★★★0.6%Characters & Weapons
★★★★5.1%Characters & Weapons
Banner Details
- Guarantees at least one ★5 items with 90 attempts
- Guarantees ★4 item or higher in every 10-wish roll
- Permanent banner

Prioritize Other Banners

Wanderlust Invocation banner is a permanent banner and the drop rates of higher rarity items are lower than other banners. We recommend you to save your gems instead of pulling this banner.

Required Currency & Price

Required Currency For Gacha

BannerRequired Currency
Beginner's Wish
Wanderlust Invocation
Acquaint Fate
Ballad In Goblets
Epitome Invocation
Intertwined Fate

The required amount of gems differs according to each banner. One Acquaint Fate or Intertwined Fate can be exchanged for 160 Primogems. One Primogem can be acquired with the exchange of 1 Genesis Crystal.

Check Out Primogems Farming Guide

Price Of Gacha

Price Per GachaAbout $2.66

The cost of pulling one gacha is about .66 since 300 Genesis Crystals cost .99 and you need 160 Genesis Crystals to roll one gacha. If you purchase the Genesis Crystals in bulk, you can get a volume discount.

Learn More About In Game Purchases Here

Gacha System - How To Unlock & Roll

Raise Adventurer Rank to 5 To Unlock

gacha result

Genshin's gacha feature, Wishes, unlocks once your Adventurer Rank reaches 5 level. If you want to unlock gacha, play the main story for about 20 minutes.

Flow Chart To Unlock Gacha

1Download the game and create an account
2Follow Paimon (Episode 1)
3Finish the battle tutorial
4Amber joins your party after the event in the forest
5Clear out the Hilichurl camp
6Get a Wind Glider from Amber
7Defeat Stormterror
8Proceed to Knight of Favonius headquarters. Your Adventurer Rank becomes 5
9Click the star icon on the upper part of your screen to make wishes

How To Pull Gacha

1Tap the Wish icon on right upper corner or open the menu and select wish icon
2Choose which banner to pull

Step 1: Open The Wish Page


Tap the wishing icon displayed on right upper corner of your screen and move to the gacha page.

Step 2: Choose Which Banner To Pull


Select the banner you want and start pulling gacha. If you don't have enough Primogem, your Genesis Crystal will be converted.

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Anonymous 4

After the second roll from beginner's wish, I still got a Noelle duplicate ahahahahahah

UID:702601499 3

Literally got Jean from beginners wish, I thought she was beginner character until my friend yelled when she heard that I got her first try >_>

Anonimouse 2

Event banner has higher rates because the featured character and 3 4* characters have increased rates. Putting the event banner and standard as both 0.6% and 5.1% is clearly wrong. There's no way the rates for both banners can be exactly the same.

GIMaster 1

with the beginner's wish you can get 5* character in the first 10 pulls i got qiqi from that and 10/20 left

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