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Hu Tao Best Build, Team Comp & Weapon
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Hu Tao Best Build, Team Comp & Weapon

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Hu Tao is a character in Genshin Impact that uses Pyro Polearm! See best builds, best team comp, weapons, artifacts, ratings, voice actor, ascension materials for Hu Tao!

Hu Tao Character Info

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Hu Tao Character Review & Ratings

Hu Tao
Reroll TierS Tier
Reroll Tier List
Character TierSS Tier
Best Character Tier List

Hu Tao Character Type

Character TypeDPSSupport

Hu Tao's Overview & Evaluation

An Elemental Skill Centered Pyro Attacker

▲This skill decreases your HP so take note!

Hu Tao is a powerful attacker that is limited by the duration of her elemental skill. Her elemental skill buffs her damage output which scales on her max HP. During her Elemental Skill duration, she is less prone to disruption.

Elemental Burst Heal & Deal Strong Damage

▲Stronger when HP is below 50%!

When Elemental Burst hit an enemy it will heal Hu Tao (up to 5 times per enemies hit) making it great for dealing damage to multiple enemies. Treat this as a finisher for Hu Tao.

Understanding Hu Tao's Talent Is Important

Talent 1 Increases Pyro Damage when below 50%.
Talent 2 After Elemental Skill, increases Party's Crit Rate by 12%.

Hu Tao works well with characters who produces shields / can mitigate damage to protect a low HP Hu Tao and gets more powerful with increased CRIT Rate like Zhongli and Xingqiu. This talents also makes Hu Tao a very powerful Sub-DPS.

Hu Tao Best Build & Weapon

Hu Tao Pyro-Main DPS

Hu Tao is can easily deal pyro reactions using her skill and deal huge damage. This build supports Hu Tao's HP mechanic and pyro abilities enabling the player to deal strong damage.

Recommended Weapon

Staff of HomaStaff of HomaHP increased by 20%, Additionally, provides an ATK Bonus based on 0.8% of the wielder's Max HP. When the wielder's HP is less than 50%, this ATK Bonus is increased by an additional 1% of Max HP.
Weapon Substitute
Skyward SpineSkyward SpineIncreases CRIT Rate by 8% and increases Normal ATK SPD by 12%. Additionally, Normal and Charged Attacks hits on opponents have a 50% chance to trigger a vaccuum blade that deals 40% of ATK as DMG in a small AoE. This effect can occur no more than once every 2s.
Primordial Jade Winged-SpearPrimordial Jade Winged-SpearOn hit, increases ATK by 3.2% for 6s. Max 7 stacks. This effect can only occur once every 0.3s. While in possession of the maximum possible stacks, DMG dealt is increased by 12%.
DeathmatchDeathmatchIf are there at least 2 enemies nearby, ATK increased by 16% and DEF increased by 16%. If there are less than 2 enemies nearby, ATK is increased by 24%.
Blackcliff PoleBlackcliff PoleAfter defeating an opponent, ATK is increased by 12% for 30s. This effect has a maximum of 3 stacks, and the duration of each stack is independent of the others.

Recommended Artifacts

WitchCrimson Witch of Flames
4-Piece Set
2-Piece Set
Pyro DMG Bonus +15%
4-Piece Set
Increases Overloaded and Burning DMG by 40%. Increases Vaporize and Melt DMG by 15%. Using an Elemental Skill increases 2-Piece Set effects by 50% for 10s. Max 3 stacks.

Recommended Artifact Stats

Artifact Main Stat
Sub Stat
Feather Icon Flat ATK (Unchangeable)
① CRIT Rate
③ ATK%
④ HP%
Flower IconFlat HP (Unchangeable)
① CRIT Rate
③ ATK%
④ HP%
Sands IconHP%
① CRIT Rate
③ ATK%
④ HP Flat
Goblet Icon Pyro DMG Bonus
① CRIT Rate
③ ATK%
④ HP%
Crown Icon CRIT Rate/ CRIT DMG
② ATK%
③ HP%
④ HP Flat

It is recommended to Focus On Crit Rate if the sub-stat of your weapon is CRIT DMG like the weapon Staff of Homa.

Hu Tao Free To Play Pyro DPS Build

This build power-ups the damage Hu Tao can produce using budget friendly items or weapons obtainably for free in-game. Black Tassel, has an HP substat that will power up the damage from Hu Tao's skill.

Recommended Weapon

White TasselWhite TasselIncreases Normal Attack DMG by 24%
Weapon Substitute
Black TasselBlack TasselIncreases DMG against slimes by 40%
Prototype StarglitterPrototype StarglitterAfter using an Elemental Skill, increases Normal and Charged Attack DMG by 8% for 12s. Max 2 stacks.
DragonDragon's BaneIncreases DMG against enemies affected by Hydro or Pyro by 20%.

Recommended Artifact

WitchCrimson Witch of Flames
4-Piece Set
2-Piece Set
Pyro DMG Bonus +15%
4-Piece Set
Increases Overloaded and Burning DMG by 40%. Increases Vaporize and Melt DMG by 15%. Using an Elemental Skill increases 2-Piece Set effects by 50% for 10s. Max 3 stacks.

Recommended Artifact Stats

Artifact Main Stat
Sub Stat
Feather Icon Flat ATK (Unchangeable)
① CRIT Rate
③ ATK%
④ HP%
Flower IconFlat HP (Unchangeable)
① CRIT Rate
③ ATK%
④ HP%
Sands IconHP%
① CRIT Rate
③ ATK%
④ HP Flat
Goblet Icon Pyro DMG Bonus
① CRIT Rate
③ ATK%
④ HP%
Crown Icon CRIT Rate/ CRIT DMG
② ATK%
③ HP%
④ HP Flat

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Hu Tao Best Team

Best Party For Hu Tao

Hu Tao is a character that deals higher damage in when her HP is lower. Because of this, more than healing, damage mitigation are given focus.

Premium Team

Hu TaoHu TaoXingqiuXingqiuBennettBennettZhongliZhongli
- Xingqiu will enable Hu Tao to continuously deal vaporize boosting damage dealt by enemies.
- Bennett provides Pyro resonance while not healing Hu Tao to max making some of Hu Tao's buff stay.
- Zhongli's strong shield not only debuffs enemies but also makes it a lot safer for Hu Tao to be out in the field with small HP.
Character Substitutes
XingqiuXingqiuChongyunChongyun - Enables Hu Tao to spread Cryo and deal Melt.
- At C2, he reduces Cooldown of Burst and skill.
BennettBennettQiqiQiqi - Can spread Cryo while healing enabling Hu Tao to deal Melt damage.
ZhongliZhongliXinyanXinyan - Elemental Resonance while providing strong shields.
NoelleNoelle - Easily provides shield and healing

Free To Play Friendly Party

& Healing
Hu TaoHu TaoAmberAmberKaeyaKaeyaNoelleNoelle
- Hu Tao's ATK will be boosted by Amber's Elemental Resonance.
- Kaeya can spread Cryo easily making it easier to deal Melt DMG.
- Noelle can provide shield and enough healing for Hu Tao to stay alive and have her HP gimmick buff.

Hu Tao Ascension Materials

Materials for Ascension

Hu Tao Talent Materials For Level-Up

Hu Tao Skills / Talents

Hu Tao's Recommended Talent Priority

TalentLevel Up Priority
Normal Attack: Secret Spear of Wangsheng★★★★・
Guide To Afterlife (Elemental Skill)★★★★★
Spirit Soother (Elemental Burst)★★★★・

Hu Tao's Skills & Talent List

TalentTalent Category
NormalNormal Attack: Secret Spear of WangshengNormal Attack
SkillGuide To AfterlifeElemental Skill
BurstSpirit SootherElemental Burst
The More The MerrierThe More The MerrierPassive Skill 1
Flutter ByFlutter ByPassive Skill 2
Sanguine RougeSanguine RougePassive Skill 3

Normal Attack: Secret Spear of Wangsheng

Perform up to 5 consecutive spear strikes.

1 Hit DMG52.5%
2 Hit DMG51.6%
3 Hit DMG31.9% × 2
4 Hit DMG69.7%
5 Hit DMG41.6% + 43%

Charged Attack

Consumes a certain amount of Stamina to lunge forward, dealing damage to opponents along the way.

Charged Attack DMG136.8%
Charged Attack Stamina Cost25.0

Plunging Attack

Plunges from mid-air to strike the ground below, damaging enemies along the path and dealing AoE DMG upon impact,

Plunge DMG64%
Low/High Plunge DMG127.9%/159.7%

Guide To Afterlife

Only an unwavering flame can cleanse the impurities of this world. Hu Tao consumes a set portion of her HP to know surrounding enemies back and enter the Paramita Papilio state.

Paramita Papilio

  • Increases Hu Tao's ATK based on her Max HP at the time of entering this state. ATK Bonus gained this way cannot exceed 400% of Hu Tao's Base ATK.
  • Converts attack DMG to Pyro DMG, which cannot be overridden by any other elemental infusion.
  • Charged Attack apply Blood Blossom effect to the enemies hit.
  • Increases Hu Tao's resistance to interruption.

Blood Blossom

Enemies affected by Blood Blossom will take Pyro DMG every 4s. This DMG is considered Elemental Skill DMG. Each enemies can be affected by only one Blood Blossom effect at a time, and its duration may only be refreshed by Hu Tao herself. Paramita Papilio ends when its duration is over, or Hu Tao left the battle field or fallen.

Activation Cost30% of Current HP
ATK Increase3.84% Max HP
Blood Blossom DMG64%
Blood Blossom Duration8s

Spirit Soother

Commands a blazing spirit to attack, dealing Pyro DMG in a large AoE. Upon striking the enemy, regenerates a percentage of Hu Tao's Max HP. This effect can be triggered up to 5 times, based on the number of enemies hit. If Hu Tao's HP is below or equal to 50% when the enemy is hit, both the DMG and HP Regeneration are increased.

Skill DMG303%
Low HP Skill DMG379%
Skill HP Regeneration6.26% Max HP
Low HP Skill Regeneration8.35% Max HP
Energy Cost60

The More The Merrier

When Hu Tao cooks a dish perfectly, she has 18% chance to receive an additional "Suspicious" dish of the same type.

Flutter By

When a Paramita Papilio state activated by Guide to Afterlife ends, all allies in the party (excluding Hu Tao herself) will have their CRIT Rate increased by 12% for 8s.

Sanguine Rouge

When Hu Tao's HP is equal to or less than 50%, her Pyro DMG bonus is increased by 33%.

Hu Tao Constellations

Crimson Bouquet
Unlocked at C1
While in a Paramita Papilio state, activated by Guide to Afterlife, Hu Tao's Charge Attack do not consume Stamina.
Ominous Rainfall
Unlocked at C2
Increases the Blood Blossom DMG by an amount equal to 10% of Hu Tao's Max HP at the time the effect is applied. Additionally, Spirit Soother will also apply the Blood Blossom effect.
Lingering Carmine
Unlocked at C3
Increases the Level of Guide to Afterlife by 3
Garden of Eternal Rest
Unlocked at LB4
Upon defeating an enemy affected by a Blood Blossom that Hu Tao applied herself, all inearby allies in the party (excluding Hu Tao herself) will have their CRIT Rate increased by 12% for 15s.
Floral Incense
Unlocked at C5
Increases the Level of Spirit Soother by 3. Maximum upgrade level is 15.
Butterfly's Embrace
Unlocked at C6
Triggers when Hu Tao's HP drops below 25%, or when she suffers a lethal strike: Hu Tao will not fall as a result of the DMG sustained. Additionally, for the next 10s, all of her Elemental and Physical RES is increased by 200%, her CRIT Rate is increased by 100%, and her resistance to interruption is greatly increased. This effect triggers automatically when Hu Tao has 1 HP left. Can only occur once every 60s.

*C=Constellations, To upgrade constellations, you must aquire the same character more than once.

Hu Tao Voice Actor & Profile

Hu Tao Basic Info & Voice Actor

Hu Tao
Rarity5 Star
How To Get
Voice Actor (EN)
Brianna Knickerbocker
Voice Actor (JA)
Takahashi Rie
July 15


Affiliation: Liyue
The 77th Director of Wangsheng Funeral Parlor. She took over the business at a rather young age.

Hu Tao Skins List

This character does not have a skin yet. Check back later!

Hu Tao Favorite Decoration Set

Favorite Housing Decoration Set

Favorite Decoration Set
Cloudy Haze Dream-CourtCloudy Haze Dream-CourtQingce Cloud ResidenceQingce Cloud Residence-

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Special Dish Of Hu Tao

Dish Ingredients
Ghostly MarchGhostly March MatsutakeMatsutake x2
SnapdragonSnapdragon x2

How Tall Is Hu Tao?

There is no in-game and official data regarding the height of Hu Tao. We compared characters and Hu Tao is Medium comparatively.

Effects In-Game

Character height gives advantages and disadvantages in-game. For instance, smaller characters will need to swim even at shallow waters but they easily dodge some enemies attacks or enter narrow entrances of caves.

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Anonymous 24

i don't think need healer when use xingqiu and zhongli. better to replace bennet with venti/sucrose

Anonymous 23

how to build hu tao as support f2p?

Anonymous 22

If you keep dying while using her then get some energy recharge as a substat so you can drop your burst more often.

Anonymous 21

Yeah you dont need healing... ty just self kill my self a lot on easiest content seams legit that you dont need healer... Starting to think cl*** is bad or i dont know suggestions about it are bad

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