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Amber is a character in Genshin Impact 2.3 that uses Pyro Bow. See best builds, best team comp, weapons, artifacts, ratings, voice actor, ascension materials for Amber!

Amber Tier & Set Up

Amber Character Reviews

Amber Other Details

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Amber Character Tier & Rating

Reroll TierC Tier
Reroll Tier List
Character TierC Tier
Best Character Tier List

Amber Character Type

Character TypeDPSSupport

Amber Best Build & Weapon

Amber Pyro Support

This build utilizes Amber's firepower to spread fire and crowd control enemies. This also power ups damage from Amber's Burst making her an effective Shield breaker and pyro spreader.

Recommended Weapon

Elegy For The EndElegy For The EndIncrease Elemental Mastery of Venti and the whole team for every hit of his Elemental Skill and Burst.
Weapon Substitute
Sacrificial BowSacrificial BowAfter damaging an opponent with an Elemental Skill, the skill has a 40% chance to end its own CD. Can only occur once every 30s.
The StringlessThe StringlessIncreased Elemental Skill And Elemental Burst DMG by 24%.
Raven BowRaven BowIncreases DMG agianst enemies affected by Hydro or Pyro by 12%.

Recommended Artifacts

Royal FloraNoblesse Oblige
4-Piece Set
2-Piece Set
Elemental Burst DMG +20%
4-Piece Set
After using an Elemental Burst, all teammates get +20% ATK. Lasts 12s, does not stack.

Recommended Artifact Stats

Artifact Main Stat
Sub Stat
Feather Icon Flat ATK (Unchangeable)
② CRIT Rate
③ ATK%
④ Elemental Mastery / Energy Recharge
Flower IconFlat HP (Unchangeable)
② CRIT Rate
③ ATK%
④ Flat ATK
Sands Icon ATK%
② CRIT Rate
③ ATK%
④ Flat ATK
Goblet Icon Pyro DMG Bonus%
② CRIT Rate
③ ATK%
④ Flat ATK
Crown Icon CRIT DMG / CRIT Rate
① CRIT Damage/CRIT Rate
② ATK%
③ Flat ATK
④ Elemental Mastery / Energy Recharge

Amber Weakpoint DPS Build

Amber's constellations and skills makes her charge shots especially strong especially when it hit weakpoints. This build further that power making her deal strong damage to enemies.

Recommended Weapon

AmosAmos' Bow Increases Normal and Charged Attack DMG by 12%. Normal and Charged Attack DMG increases by 8% every 0.1s for up to 5 times.
Weapon Substitute
Prototype CrescentPrototype CrescentCharged Attack hits on weak points increwase Movement SPD by 10% and ATK by 36% for 10s.
SharpshooterSharpshooter's Oath Increases DMG agianst weak spots by 24%.

Recommended Artifact

TroupeWanderer's Troupe Set
4-Piece Set
2-Piece Set
Elemental Mastery +80
4-Piece Set
Charged Attack DMG +35% if the character uses a Catalyst or a Bow.

Recommended Artifact Stats

Artifact Main Stat
Sub Stat
Feather Icon Flat ATK (Unchangeable)
② CRIT Rate
③ ATK%
④ Elemental Mastery
Flower IconFlat HP (Unchangeable)
② CRIT Rate
③ ATK%
④ Flat ATK
Sands Icon ATK%
② CRIT Rate
③ ATK%
④ Flat ATK
Goblet Icon Pyro DMG Bonus%
② CRIT Rate
③ ATK%
④ Flat ATK
Crown Icon CRIT DMG / CRIT Rate
① CRIT Damage/CRIT Rate
② ATK%
③ Flat ATK
④ Elemental Mastery

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Amber Best Team Comp

Best Party For Amber

There are strains in Amber's Kit, but she can work with the right team comp and build. For this specific build, she will work as a Burst DPS to deal high amounts of damage

Premium Team

Burst DPSDPSSub-DPSSupport
- Amber's main focus here is building her DPS and using it to finish off combos. Particularly, she needs to finish off enemies that are afflicted with Cryo to get that big Melt damage
- Rosaria has good Cryo application that can work on Melt with Barbara or Freeze with Mona. She'll be the on-field DPS while Amber builds her Burst
- Mona's Burst increasing damage done to enemies within its field, which further increases damage that can be done with Amber. Her Skill can also be used to group up enemies and proc Vaporize
- Bennett is the support of the team, providing healing, increased damage, and Burst battery to Amber

Team Combo

Recommended Rotation
1Start with Mona's Skill to group up enemies
2Use Rosaria Burst to deal Cryo to the group of enemies
3Next, use Mona's Burst on the enemies
4Move a bit away then use Bennett's Burst
5Lastly, while enemies are either Frozen or Wet, use Amber's Burst
Character Substitutes
RosariaRosaria EulaEula - Eula doesn't apply as much Cryo as Rosaria, but for the sake of just proc Melt, she can work well. She will also act as the on-field DPS while Amber's Burst is on cooldown
MonaMonaSucroseSucrose - Sucrose provides a big buff in Elemental Reactions by increasing the team's Elemental Master. Note that she needs to Swirl Pyro with her Skill to further increase the Melt damage done by Amber
BennettBennettZhongliZhongli- Zhongli can provide an increase in damage when he places a Monolith in an area where it hits enemies. Do note that this will only work if you have 4-piece Tenacity of the Millileth equipped on him

Free To Play Friendly Party

Burst DPSDPSSub-DPSSupport
- Same as in the previous comp, this will focus on Amber as a Burst DPS rather than an on-field one
- Xiangling will be the main DPS, but she can also increase the damage done by Ember with the Pyro resistance down from Guoba. Best to combo her Burst with Kaeya for consistent Melt
- Kaeya can easily proc Melt with either Xiangling or Amber. It's best to use his Skill as a lead-up to a combo with Amber's Burst, rather than using his Burst
- Not only can Barbara provide consistent healing for the team, she can also proc Vaporize with Xiangling

Amber Ascension Materials

Materials Needed for Ascension

Amber Talent Materials For Level-Up

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Amber's Recommended Talent Priority

TalentLevel Up Priority
Normal attack★★・・・
Explosive Puppet (Elemental Skill)★★★★・
Fiery Rain (Elemental Burst)★★★・・

Amber's Skills & Talent List

TalentTalent Category
通常攻撃・一流射手Normal Attack:SharpshooterNormal Attack
爆弾人形Explosive PuppetElemental Skill
矢の雨Fiery RainElemental Burst
百発百中Every Arrow Finds Its TargetPassive
制圧射撃Precise ShotPassive 2
飛行チャンピオンGriding ChampionPassive 3

Normal Attack: Sharpshooter

Normal Attack

Perform up to 5 consecutive shots with a bow.

2-Hit DMG36.1%
3-Hit DMG46.4%
4-Hit DMG47.3%
5-Hit DMG59.3%

Charged Attack

Perform a more precise Aimed Shot with increased DMG. While aiming, flames will accumulate on the arrowhead. A fully charged flaming arrow will deal Pyro DMG.

Aimed Shot43.9%
Fully-Charged Aimed Shot124%

Plunging Attack

Fires off a shower of arrows in mid-air before falling and striking the ground, dealing AoE DMG upon impact.

Plunge DMG56.8%
Low/High Plunge DMG114%/142%

Explosive Puppet

The ever-reliable Baron Bunny takes the stage.

Inherited HP41.4%
Explosion DMG123%

Baron Bunny

Continuously taunts the enemy, drawing their fire. Baron Bunny's HP scales with Amber's Max HP.

When destroyed or when its timer expires, Baron Bunny explodes, dealing AoE Pyro DMG.


Adjusts the throwing direction of Baron Bunny. The longer the button is held, the further the throw.

Fiery Rain

Fires off a shower of arrows, dealing continuous AoE Pyro DMG.

Fiery Rain DMG Per Wave28.1%
Total Fiery Rain DMG505%
Energy Cost40

Every Arrow Finds Its Target

Increases the CRIT Rate of Fiery Rain by 10% and widens its AoE by 30%

Precise Shot

Aimed Shot hits on weak spots increase Base ATK by 15% for 10s.

Gliding Champion

Decreases all party members' gliding Stamina consumption by 20%.

Amber Character Set Up
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▲Builds▲Team▲Ascension Mats
Talent Priority▼Constellation
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Amber Constellations

Recommended Constellations

Constellation 2 and 4 For DPS Amber

C2 will enable the Baron Bunny to deal devastating damage when its foot is hit by an arrow. Constellation 4 will decrease the cooldown and enable you to have 2 Bunnies at the same time greatly increasing the DMG of Amber.

Constellation 6 For Support Amber

At Constellation 6, Amber is able to increase Movement Speed (a rare buff) and the ATK of the team after casting her Elemental Burst.

Amber Constellations

One Arrow to Rule Them All
Unlocked at C1
Fires 2 arrows per Aimed Shot. The second arrow deals 20% of the first arrow's DMG.
Bunny Triggered
Unlocked at C2
Baron Bunny, new and improved! Hitting Baron Bunny's foot with a fully-charged Aimed Shot manually detonates it. Explosion via manual detonation deals 200% additional DMG.
It Burns!
Unlocked at C3
Increases the Level of Fiery Rain by 3. Maximum upgrade level is 15.
It's not Just Any Doll...
Unlocked at C4
Decreases Explosive Puppet's CD by 20%. Adds 1 additional charge.
It's Baron Bunny!
Unlocked at C5
Increases the Level of Explosive Puppet by 3. Maximum upgrade level is 15.
Unlocked at C6
Fiery Rain increases the entire party's Movement SPD by 15% and Base ATK by 15% for 10s.

*C=Constellations, To upgrade constellations, you must aquire the same character more than once.

Amber Character Set Up
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▲Talent PriorityConstellation
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How To Use Amber ?

Recommended Rotation For Amber

Recommended Rotation
1Use Elemental Skill as an opener, as well as to get charge for ult
2While enemies are distracted, either spam Normal Attacks or Charged Attacks
3Bring out Baron Bunny again, and unleash Elemental Burst on enemies around it to guarantee hits

Uses Of Amber's Elemental Skill

Distract Enemies / Get Their Attention

Baron Bunny will take the aggro of enemies and distract them from attacking. You can either use it defensively to move away from enemies or offensively by gathering them in a single place to attack them.

Use To Gather Energy For Burst

It's important to use Baron Bunny as an opener since it will only provide energy once it explodes. Placing it early in battle will allow you to get energy early for your Burst.

Uses Of Amber's Elemental Burst

Set Off High Damage Pyro Reactions

Amber's Burst has the highest damage amplifier for a skill in the game. It's a great finisher to either multiple or solo enemies since it can activate reactions for high damage.

Strengths Of Amber

Works Well In One-Shot Comps

Amber's one of those characters that can perform high damage enough to one-shot some world bosses. It takes a bit of set-up, but as a free 4-star character, she works pretty well in it.

Can Work As Sub-DPS in Pyro-Focused Teams

Amber's support ability through Baron Bunny is a good addition to any Pyro-focused team. The Pyro resonance along with her crowd control ability will be beneficial to the team.

Weaknesses Of Amber

Baron Bunny Does Not Explode Quickly

The problem with Baron Bunny is a that although it successfully distracts enemies, getting energy from it takes a while. This is due to it only giving energy once it explodes, which it takes a while to do so.

Burst Is Multi-Hit And Can Easily Miss

Although Amber's Burst has high damage potential, it's plagued by it being a multi-hit attack. This means that enemies can get out of its range before all the arrows hit and halving the damage it can do.

Amber Review & Ratings
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Amber Reviews From Other Users

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Amber Skins List

This character does not have a skin yet. Check back later!

Amber Profile & Voice Actor

Amber Basic Info & Voice Actor

Rarity4 Star
How To Get
Voice Actor (EN)
Kelly Baskin
Voice Actor (JA)
Manaka Iwami
August 10


Affiliation: Mondstadt
Amber is an Outrider of the Knights of Favonius. In an age where Outriders are becoming obsolete, she continues on with her responsibilities. It takes a newcomer only a few days to feel right at home with this passionate girl. Whether it's before the Good Hunter's signboard, the banks of Cider Lake, or the tree tops at Windrise, one can find traces of this vigilant Outrider in red anywhere. Once spotted by her, no suspicious individual can ever escape her interrogation.

Amber Story Overview

An Outrider Of The Knights Of Favonious

Energetic and always ready to help, Amber is the one and only outrider of the Knights of Favonious. She's someone the citizens of Mondstadt could rely on to assist them with any cocern, whether big or small.

Introduced Gliding To The Traveler

Amber is a master glider so it's only fitting that she be the one to help the Traveler with their gliding. To be an official adventurer, she has to give the Traveler a gliding test that they would need to pass.

Voicelines About Amber

Voicelines About Amber
BarbaraBarbaraI've seen Amber rushing out of Mondstadt on a mission countless times. Being an Outrider doesn't look easy.
BennettBennettOh, I know who you mean. The girl who's always charging around all over the place. She's always off adventuring in the wild, just like me... But if you ever see her near a cooking pot, you'll soon find a cloud of thick black smoke blowing in your direction, followed by the smell of burnt steak... Huh, maybe she was born unlucky too?
SucroseSucroseI'm curious to why her doll is called "Baron Bunny," it clearly has nothing to do with a rabbit at all. Oh, the headband makes it look like it has rabbit ears you say? Hmm... that's heavily reliant on the rabbit stereotype, is it not? Many rabbits' ears are floppy.
NoelleNoelleI really look up to Amber. Not only is she an accomplished knight, but she's a kind person too. She taught me how to make a Baron Bunny. I keep it on my person for luck, and it looks quite alright, don't you think?
LisaLisaAmber was just a young girl when she joined the knights, and in the blink of an eye, she's turned into such a strong young lady. I'm curious to see what she'll be like a few years from now.
KleeKleeAmber is the best! Baron Bunny is so fluffy and he even explodes! So. Cool.
KaeyaKaeyaThat Outrider is a clever and righteous knight. Be careful not to step out of line in front of her.
JeanJeanI must say that Amber's development has impressed me recently. I hope that one day, her deeds will become the words of a bard's tale.
EulaEulaAmber's someone who thinks for herself. On the day I first joined the Knights, she cleaned my dormitory and gave me a tour of the headquarters, and she's helped me with a myriad of other things in the time since. Now, everyone looks at me like the older sibling who needs the younger sibling to do everything for them! Hmph. For this, she must pay!

Appeared In Archon Quests

Amber is the first Genshin Impact character that you will encounter in the game. She will mostly be accompanying you as you progress in Prologue.

Act IThe Outlander Who Caught the Wind
Act IISong Of The Dragon And Freedom
Archon Quests List Guides

Has Her Own Story Quest

Lepus Chapter

Amber Story Quest

Amber has her own story quest in the game as she will help you with gliding and obtain a gliding license.

Appeared On the Other Characters' Story Quest

Amber also appeared on various story quests. Check the table below for her quests appearances!

CharacterStory Ques Titlet
RazorLupus Minor Chapter
JeanLeo Minor
Eula'sAphros Delos

Event Appearances

Amber Event Appearances

Amber also appeared in Windblume Festival, together with the other characters that also appeared in the game event.

Windblume Festival Event Details▲Return To Table Of Contents

Amber In-Game Details

Special Dish Of Amber

Dish Ingredients
Outrider’s Champion Steak!Outrider’s Champion Steak! Raw MeatRaw Meat x2
All Special Dish List

Favorite Decoration Of Amber

Favorite Decoration Sets
Idyllic TownIdyllic TownOf Hunting And DancingOf Hunting And Dancing -

How Tall Is Amber?

There is no in-game and official data regarding the height of Amber. We compared characters and Amber is Medium comparatively.

Effects In-Game

Character height gives advantages and disadvantages in-game. For instance, smaller characters will need to swim even at shallow waters but they easily dodge some enemies attacks or enter narrow entrances of caves.

How To Get Amber ?

Obtain As A Free Character

Get her for free after completing the Prologue Act 1: The Outlander Who Caught the Wind, however you can still obtain Amber through the permanent banner and other featured character banners.

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Anon 4

This is the funniest guide that I've read. Every guide you wrote just makes me laugh out loud. Probably you're still noob pfffttt, Uhm no, I mean, Absolutely noob pfffftttt

Anonymous 3

Guides is less than optimal if the goal is a damage carry Amber. Sharpshooter's Oath is one of the best bows for her sniper role.

Danjal 2

Has anyone considered her ability to do more damage to weak points? I have her built for that and melt anything I can hit in the head.

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