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Sumeru Characters, Map & How To Unlock?
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Sumeru Characters, Map & How To Unlock?

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Sumeru is a nation in Genshin Impact 3.0. Guide includes Sumeru characters, locations, weapons, interactive map, local specialties, how to unlock Sumeru, Nahida, Kusanali, Dendro element Hidden & Secret items!

Table of Contents

3.0 Version Update
ColleiColleiDoriDoriDendro TravelerDendro Traveler

How To Unlock Sumeru

How To Unlock Sumeru

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You can start off at the Chasm area by going to the newly added teleport waypoint. From there, you can spot on a small cave (passage) beside it. Enter the cave and continue following the path until you reach Sumeru.

New Waypoint Location
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Going To Sumeru

You can check out the images below for your reference upon passing through the cave that connects The Chasm and Sumeru.

Know More About Sumeru Nation Here!

Sumeru All Characters Released & Upcoming

Sumeru Characters List

NameVersion ReleasedDescription
3.0 Update★ 5 / Dendro / Bow
[EN] Voice Actor: Elliot Gindi
[JP] Voice Actor: Kobayashi Sanae
- Forest guardian
ColleiCollei3.0 Update★ 4 / Dendro / Bow
[EN] Voice Actor: Christina Costello
[JP] Voice Actor: Maekawa Ryoko
- A forest ranger under Tighnari's supervision.

Upcoming Sumeru Characters

NameVersion ReleaseDescription
DoriDori3.0 Update
Phase 2
★ ? / Pyro / Claymore
[EN] Voice Actor: Anjali Kunapaneni
[JP] Voice Actor: Tomoko Kaneda
- Owner of The Palace of Alcazarzaray
NahidaNahidaTBA★ ? / Dendro / TBA
[EN] Voice Actor: Kimberley Anne Campbell
[JP] Voice Actor: Tamura Yukari
- Dendro Archon
CynoCynoTBA★ ? / Electro / Polearm
[EN] Voice Actor: TBA
[JP] Voice Actor: TBA
- The General Mahamatra
CandaceCandaceTBA★ ? / Hydro / TBA
[EN] Voice Actor: Polearm
[JP] Voice Actor: TBA
- The Guardian of Aaru Village
NilouNilouTBA★ ? / Hydro / TBA
[EN] Voice Actor: TBA
[JP] Voice Actor: Hisako Kanemoto
DehyaDehyaTBA★ ? / Pyro / Claymore
[EN] Voice Actor: TBA
[JP] Voice Actor: Ayaka Fukuhara
- Known as the Desertfolk and a mercenary from The Emerites.
AlhaithamAlhaithamTBA★ ? / Dendro / TBA
[EN] Voice Actor: TBA
[JP] Voice Actor: Umehara Yuichiro
- Haravatat in the Sumeru Akademiya
KavehKavehTBA★ ? / TBA / TBA
[EN] Voice Actor: TBA
[JP] Voice Actor: TBA
- A rumored Sumeru character
New And All Upcoming Characters List

Sumeru All Bosses & Enemies

Sumeru Bosses

Sumeru Enemies

Enemies List
Eremite Desert ClearwaterEremite Desert ClearwaterEremite SunfrostEremite SunfrostRuin Drake: SkywatchRuin Drake: Skywatch
eremite daythunderEremite Daythundereremite linebreakerEremite Linebreakereremite halbedierEremite Ravenbeak Halberdier
eremite crossbowEremite Crossboweremite vanguardEremite Axe Vanguarderemite sword dancerEremite Sword-Dancer
Ruin Drake: EarthguardRuin Drake: EarthguardFloating Dendro FungusFloating Dendro FungusStretchy Anemo FungusStretchy Anemo Fungus
Whirling Electro FungusWhirling Electro FungusGrounded HydroshroomGrounded HydroshroomWinged DendroshroomWinged Dendroshroom

Sumeru Wildlife

※ The wildlife in Sumeru is different from other regions. Some animals in Sumeru can initiate an attack.

Check Out The Wildlife List Here!

Sumeru New Gimmicks

Sumeru Exploration Gimmicks

Different Way To Solve Puzzles!

Dendro SigilDendro Sigils- Dendro Sigil is a currency that can be offered to Sumeru's Tree Of Dreams in order to increase its level.
Four Leaf SigilFour-Leaf Sigil- Will make your exploration easier. Swiftly travel from area to area by using this Four-Leaf Sigil.
clusterleaf of cultivationClusterleaf of Cultivation- Activate using a dendro character or make use of Dendrogana using other character, then hit this leaf to activate summon a Four-Leaf Sigil.
dendrograna dendrogranumDendrogranum- Interact to sumon a Dendrograna.
plant that regen stamina genshinPlants that Restores Stamina- Interact with this unnamed plant in order to regenerate your Stamina. These flowers can mostly be found on mountain walls.
bouncy mushroomsBouncy Mushrooms- Bouncy Mushrooms will help you boost your jump skills in order to reach higher places easier.
Tri-Yana SeedsTri-Yana Seeds- Activated using an electro element.
Seal on the Stone PillarSeal on the Stone Pillar- Unseal the stone pillars using a Pyro character
KusavaMake Use of Kusava- In one of the quest, you will be required to equip Kusava to unseal sealed passages and repair broken elemental monuments.
Vintage Lyre genshinVintage Lyre- Use the Vintage Lyre to activate Dream Flowers, repairing Dendrograna, unsealing barriers and activating other broken mechanism.
strange energy extraction deviceExtraction Device- Activate the extractor with a use of a Control Key. Obtain a chest reward upon unlocking the extractor device.

Sumeru Hidden & Secret Items

Sumeru Hidden & Secret Puzzles & Items

Sumeru Hidden & Secret Items Guide

Sumeru - Things To Do

Collect Dendroculus

sumeru dendroculus

Explore Sumeru and collect all the Dendroculus of the region. Offer it to its own Statue of Seven to receive and obtain rewards! You can use our Dendroculus Interactive Map if you are having a difficult time searching for them.

Dendroculus Interactive Map

Unlock & Complete World Quests

sumeru world quest

Embark on another journey inside the region of Sumeru! Unlock world quests that are scattered around the nation. Complete the quests and recieve various rewards!

Sumeru World Quests List

Level Up The Tree Of Dreams

sumeru tree of dreams

Offer the accumulated Dendro Sigils to the Tree of Dreams in order to level it up! Every time your level increases, you will obtain awards, such as Primogems, Acquaint Fate, Intertwined Fate, Blueprints and more!

Tree Of Dreams Leveling Up Guide

Increase Your Sumeru Reputation

sumeru city reputation

Increase your Sumer Reputation by completing quests, bounties, and NPC requests! Increasing your reputation will give you a corresponding rewards such as Gadgets, blueprints and even the nation's signature Glider!

Sumeru Reputation System Guide

Sumeru Shrine Of Depths & Domains

Sumeru Shrine Of Depths

sumer shrine of depths

Recieve primogems for every Shrine of Depths opened together with valuable materials. You can make use of our Sumeru Shrine of Depths Interactive Map to track all of their locations.

Sumeru Shrine of Depths Guide

Sumeru Domains List

Domain NameLocationType of Domain
Tower Of Abject PrideApam WoodsWeapon Ascension
Steeple Of IgnoranceChatrakam CaveWeapon Ascension
Spire Of Solitary EnlightenmentGandha HillArtifacts
Fragment Of Childhood DreamsVissudha FieldOne-Time Domain
The Coordinates Of Sun And RainApam WoodsOne-Time Domain
The Dark ValleyEast part of Apam WoodsOne-Time Domain
Under The Umbrella's ShadeNorthern part of Mawtiyima ForestOne-Time Domain
Domains & Dungeons List

Sumeru Weapons

Collect Stories Of You And The Aranara

Exchange 1 Story To 1 Weapon Blueprint

Stories of You and the Aranara

Before you can obtain the Sumeru Weapons, you will need to collect Stories of You and the Aranara, that can be obtained upon completing Aranyaka World Quest Series. You can exchange these stories to a Weapon Forging Blueprint through Aravinay.

Stories of You And The Aranara Location Guide

Sumeru Forgeable Weapons

WeaponHow To Get
Forest RegaliaForest Regalia- Forged
Sapwood BladeSapwood Blade - Forged
KingKing's Squire- Forged
MoonpiercerMoonpiercer- Forged
Fruit of FulfillmentFruit of Fulfillment - Forged

※ The weapon blueprints of the weapons above can be bought only through Aravinay's shop.

All Weapons List

Sumeru Materials

Sumeru Artifacts

Artifacts Guide & Set Lists

New Talent Level-Up Materials

Talent Level Up Materials Guide

New Weapon Ascension Materials

All Weapon Ascension Material List

Sumeru Gallery

Sumeru All Area Gallery

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List Of All Characters

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