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Hidden Achievements & Secret Puzzles In Sumeru
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Hidden Achievements & Secret Puzzles In Sumeru

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Hidden Achievements & Secret Puzzles in Sumeru for Genshin Impact. Guide includes Sumeru Secrets, hidden items, location, how to solve puzzles, tricks, tips, walkthrough guide, and rewards!

Table of Contents

Sumeru - Grassland

Sumeru - Grassland

Hidden Gimmicks / Puzzles

Mysterious Parchment Guide - Uses & LocationsMysterious ParchmentThis Mysterious Parchment that can be obtained through Vimana Agama: Royinjan's Chapter (Linga), that contains a treasure map locations.
Hidden Statue of The Seven And Teleport Waypoints in Sumeru Hidden Statue of The SevenUnlock a hidden Sumeru Statue of Seven and a teleport waypoint while completing the Aranyaka Quest Chain Line.
Stone Pillar Seal Guide & All LocationsStone Pillar Seal Unseal all the 16 Sealed Stone Pillars in Sumeru to unlock a world quest called Legends Of The Stone Lock.
DrususDrusus' RiddleTalk to Drusus and decode all of his riddles. Each riddle is a hint for a location. Complete solving his riddles and unlock an achievement called I've Got It! I've Got It!.
Aranara Location Map CheckerAll AranaraFind & help the Aranaras that are scattered in different parts of Sumeru to be able to open the chests from Static Views cave in Vanarana.
Sumeru Rune Arrow Puzzle Location & GuideRune Arrow PuzzleLight up the rune arrow by solving the puzzles that can be found in Lokapala Jungle.
Strange Energy Extraction Device Locations & How To DeactivateStrange Energy Extraction DeviceDeactivate all 8 Strange Energy Extraction Devices to claim 8 Exquisite Chests.
Mysterious Clipboard LocationsMysterious ClipboardTo unlock the Mysterious Clipboard and the rest of the images, you will need to complete Static Views Quest which will be available after The World Of Aranara Quest.

Sumeru - Desheret Desert

Sumeru - Desheret Desert

Hidden Gimmicks / Puzzles

Golden Rose Seeds - How To Get & All 3 LocationsGolden Rose SeedsHit 4 Golden Roses using a Claymore character to retrieve the seeds. Plant the seeds using Dendro element. Upon completing this gimmick, you will obtain a furnishing.
Invisible Wall Maze Luxurious Treasure Chest Guide (Sumeru Desert)Invisible Wall MazeYou can find this Luxurious Chest above the waypoint northwest of the Mausoleum of King Deshret with a wind current near the teleport waypoint.
Hidden Chest At A House In Land Of Lower Setekh - How To Get & LocationHidden Chest At A House In Land Of Lower SetekhLocate the dilapidated house in the lower area of Setekh and there you will find a hidden chest.
Ancient Key Location & Where To Use </td><td width="50%"> Before My Time Achievement GuideAncient KeySearch for this ancient key and unlock a treasure box and also a hidden achievement!
Sacred Seal Locations & UsesSacred Seal Locations & UsesCollect all the Sacred Seals around Sumeru as they will be used for unlocking the Primal Obelisk (Sumeru Pillars).
Primal Obelisk (Sumeru Pillars) Map & LocationPrimal ObeliskCollect all the Primal Obelisk around the Sumeru desert and unseal the sacred Sumeru Pillars and obtain a Precious Chest.
Glinting Component Locations (All 5) </td><td width="50%"> The End Of The Corridor Achievement GuideGlinting ComponentsFind all the Glinting Components and unlock a hidden achievement called The End of The Corridor and a Luxurious Chest.

Hidden Achievements

Hidden Achievements
Beyond The Shadow Of Time Hidden Achievement Guide (Sumeru Desert)Beyond The Shadow Of TimeBeyond The Shadow Of Time achievement can be unlocked by touching all the Illusory Images that can be found on the walls of every buildings in Sumeru desert.
Scarlet Reign's Great Red SandUnlock the Scarlet Reign's Great Red Sand hidden achievement by exploring the 3 large obelisks in the Sumeru desert area. This is also under the Golden Slumber Quest Series.
Encore! Hidden Achievement Guide (Sumeru Desert)Encore!Unlock this Encore! achievement by solving the Prism Of Khaj-Nisut Puzzle.
Ancient Key Location & Where To Use </td><td width="50%"> Before My Time Achievement GuideBefore My TimeUnlock the Before My Time achievement upon reading the files that are inside the drawer after locating and unlocking the treasure box using the Ancient Key.
Glinting Component Locations (All 5) </td><td width="50%"> The End Of The Corridor Achievement GuideThe End Of The CorridorUnlock this hidden achievement upon completing the quest related to collecting the Glinting Components.
I've Got It! I've Got It!Acomplish Drusus'Drusus' Riddle.
Stop It, Mr. Robot! Hidden Achievement Guide (Sumeru)Stop It, Mr. Robot!While fighting the Aeonblight Drake and hitting the exposed core in its head, you will be able to unlock the Stop It, Mr. Robot! achievement!

Sumeru - Desert Of Hadramaveth

Sumeru - Desert Of Hadramaveth

Hidden Gimmicks

Hidden Gimmick
Weathered Obelisk Locations & How To SolveWeathered ObeliskRuin symbols will change upon hitting it. Hit these ruins util it finally pairs with their respective obelisk to obtain a chest as a reward!
Chess Piece & Activator Device Map Locations - La Luna Rossa AchievementChess PieceCollect chess Pieces to activate the device (chessboard) in the Safhe Shatranj in the Desert of Hadravesh. Obtain Remarkable Chests and unlock an achievement called La Luna Rossa.
Mysterious Stone Slate Guide - How To Get & LocationMysterious Stone SlateUsed to unlock a certain room in Sumeru, in Gurabad's Ruin - Temple Of Deshret at Safhe Shatranj. Inside of the room you can obtain a chest, and unlock an achievement called The Nameless City's Past.
Eternal Oasis Puzzle Guide </td><td width="50%"> All 3 Memories Of Eternal Oasis LocationEternal OasisUse the Flower Bud and activate memories to get the runes. These runes can be used to embed on the 3 Floral Thrones and obtain a Luxurious Chest.
Jinni / Liloupar - How To Get Fragments & Level UpJinni / Liloupar FragmentsPlay through the required quests and there you will be able to collect some of Jinni's Fragments. Collecting all of these fragments can upgrade Liloupar's appearance & performance.
All PathfinderPathfinder's LogThere are 6 Pathfinder's Logs that can be found in the west fissure of Wadi Al-Majuj. Locate all the logs to unlock a hidden achievement called Genesis Of The Rift.

Hidden Achievement

Hidden Achievements
Genesis Of The Rift Genesis Of The RiftComplete the All Pathfinder's Log Locations Guide Genesis Of The Rift to unlock this hidden achievement.
Chess Piece & Activator Device Map Locations - La Luna Rossa AchievementLa Luna RossaUnlock the La Luna Rossa achievement upon solving the Chess Piece Puzzle in Safhe Shatranj at the Desert of Hadravesh.
All Cascade Pool Locations The Ancient Orchard And Spring Hidden AchievementThe Ancient Orchard And SpringUnlock this hidden achievement by solving all the Cascade Pool Puzzles.
On A Magic Carpet Ride Hidden Achievement Guide (Sumeru Desert)On A Magic Carpet RideComplete the challenge located at the teleport waypoint at the top of the hill in south area of Old Vanarana
Isn't Life Wondrous?Explore the Wenut Tunnel (underground area) and activate the 2 Dendro mechanism.
He Who Controls the Spice... Hidden Achievement GuideHe Who Controls the Spice...After shooting the Windbite Bullets with an element that reacts with Anemo, you unlock this hidden achievement.
I Hate 'Em Myself & Flat OutGet attacked by the Setekh Wenut (above ground area) for the first time.
The Perfect Sandstorm Hidden Achievement GuideThe Perfect SandstormThe sandstorm occurs randomly and you can unlock this achievement even if you are idle as long as you are on the surface area of Desert of Hadramaveth.

Sumeru - Girdle Of The Sands

Sumeru - Girdle Of The Sands

Hidden Gimmicks / Puzzles

Gray CrystalsGray Crystals Gray Crystals that can be removed by searching for a green spirit called Farrwick.
Soul BellSoul Bell Soul Bell is a time-gated trial that requires you to ring a series of bells for rewards..
Sunyata FlowersSunyata Flowers Make the flowers bloom and glow to obtain 2 treasure chests per location.
Kory DrumKory Drum Play the drums according to a specific pattern to complete the puzzle.
Fravashi TreeFravashi Tree Activate the tree with Sorush to get rewards.
Nirodha FruitNirodha Fruit Melt the solidified Amrita with Nirodha Fruit's juices to reveal something including chests.
Crystalized Rifthound Gimmick & How To UnsealCrystalized RifthoundUnseal the crystalized Rifthounds that are camouflaging with the Gray Crystals and defeat all of them to unlock an exquisite chest.
Kory PuzzleKory Drum Puzzle There are 6 locations where you can find the Kory Drum and you can claim either a precious chest or an exquisite chest in each location.
Percussive Prancing Mushrooms Puzzle SolutionPercussive Prancing Mushrooms A floating mushroom challenges that appear after the Kory Drum challenge. Complete the challenges and obtain 3 exquisite chests, 1 luxurious chest, & an achievement.
KhaenriKhaenri'ah Door A hidden area featuring what seemingly a door to Khaenri'ah can be found. You can find a treasure chest and receive an achievement upon reaching it.

Hidden Achievements

More information will be added soon! Check back again to get more updates.

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