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Elemental Combos - Reaction Chart
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Elemental Combos - Reaction Chart

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Check out this Elemental Combos chart for Genshin Impact. Learn all of the elemental reactions, synergy, reactions, combos, what reactions to use, best combinations, and more!

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How To Cause An Elemental Combo (Reaction)

Inflict 2 Elemental Statuses


An Elemental Reaction occurs when an enemy is afflicted with two or more elemental statuses simultaneously. Depending on the reaction, enemies will take additional damage, have their defense lowered, and more. Effectively utilizing these reactions while playing Genshin will dramatically improve your experience, so we recommend studying these carefully!

Swap Characters And Use Elemental Skills

Swap Characters

The easiest way to trigger a reaction is to swap between your own characters and use their elemental skills. For example, if you inflict the Cryo status on an enemy with Kaeya and swap out to Xiangling and use a Pyro attack, you'll cause the Melt effect, increasing your damage dealt!

You Can Use Natural Elements Too


It's possible to use elements that exist naturally in the overworld to create a reaction too! For example, enemies that are on the water will have the water status on them, so if you use an Electro skill, you can electrocute them! Using the elements as you find them in nature can expand your battle horizons!

Elemental Combo Chart and Effects

Elemental Reaction Chart
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Source: this post on the Official Forums.

VaporizePyro + HydroIncreases damage dealt.
OverloadedPyro + ElectroExplode, dealing Pyro damage in an area. Can also destroy hard object easily.
MeltPyro + CryoIncreases damage dealt.
Electro-ChargedHydro + ElectroDeals intermittent Electro damage. Also discharges electricity on targets afflicted with a water status.
FrozenHydro + CryoFreezes opponents, making them unable to act.
SuperconductElectro + CryoDeal Cryo damage in an area, lowering the enemy's physical resistances.
BurningDendro + PyroDeals intermittent Pyro damage.
Deals elemental damage and spreads elemental effects.
Generates an elemental shield, absorbing a fixed amount of damage.

Recommended Elemental Combos (Reactions)

Spread (Pyro + Anemo) Is Very Powerful Early


Spread occurs when you add the Anemo (wind) element to Pyro, Hydro, Electro, or Cryo. It deals huge damage and is extremely useful in the early game, as there are many enemies weak to fire moves! The combination of Pyro + Anemo is extremely potent and highly recommended.

Superconduct (Electro + Cryo) Lowers Defenses


Combining Electro and Cryo is another potent combination, as it will not only deal large Cryo damage, but also lower the enemy's physical defenses. If you have a character with powerful physical attacks, use this alongside them!

Crystallize For A Powerful Defensive Buff

If you add the Geo element to Pyro, Hydro, Electro, or Cryo, you'll imbue yourself with a shield that will block a certain amount of damage. If the enemy is afflicted with several elemental statuses, you'll get a shield for each one that's on the target, making this quite powerful.

This is particularly useful against large bosses that can't be knocked down easily, as it allows you some respite from their heavy attacks.

Elemental Reaction Effect Details


Elements火Pyro + 水Hydro
EffectIncreases damage dealt.

Combining Pyro and hydro will cause the Vaporize effect. The effect itself doesn't deal damage, but it will increase the damage that you do instead!


Elements火Pyro + 雷Electro
EffectExplode, dealing Pyro damage in an area. Can also destroy hard object easily.

By using Pyro and Electro together you can overload a target, causing a powerful AoE explosion. This explosion can also break down tough materials and objects. This is really useful against enemies which are using heavy armor to defend themselves!


Elements火Pyro + 氷Cryo
EffectIncreases damage dealt.

Combining Pyro and Cryo will cause the Melt effect. Just like vaporize, this doesn't deal damage in and of itself, but it does buff your subsequent damage done!


Elements水Hydro + 雷Electro
EffectDeals intermittent Electro damage. Also discharges electricity on targets afflicted with a water status.

Using Hydro and Electro elements together will cause the Electro-Charged status. This will deal continuous damage to the enemy. Additionally, if there are enemies nearby which have the Wet debuff, electricity will discharge out to them and they'll take damage too.


Elements水Hydro + 氷Cryo
EffectFreezes opponents, making them unable to act.

Stacking the Hydro and Cryo elements together will freeze enemies in place, rendering them unable to do anything. You will be able to attack them freely, making this useful for fighting on water. You can also use Cryo magic to create a path to walk over bodies of water!


Elements雷Electro + 氷Cryo
EffectDeal Cryo damage in an area, lowering the enemy's physical resistances.

Combining Cryo and Electro causes the Superconduct effect, dealing Cryo damage in an area. It will also greatly lower the physical defenses of opponents.


ElementsDendro + 火Pyro
EffectDeals intermittent Pyro damage.

Dendro (Nature) and Pyro combine together to produce the Burning effect, dealing periodic damage to the target. Also, if the opponent is using a wooden shield, it will also burn it up and leave the enemy without defenses.


Elements火水雷氷+ 風Anemo
EffectDeals elemental damage and spreads elemental effects.

Spread can be triggered by using Anemo on either Pyro, Hydro, Electro, or Cryo status effects. Doing so will cause great damage to the enemy. Since this reacts with so many elements, it's extremely useful and easy to combine.


Elements火水雷氷+ 岩Geo
EffectGenerates an elemental shield, absorbing a fixed amount of damage.

Using Geo magic on an enemy with either the Pyro, Hydro, Electro, or Cryo status on it will grant you a shield, absorbing a certain amount of damage. You are effectively immune during this time, so you can go wild and beat on enemies.

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