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All Elements & Elemental Reactions guide for Genshin Impact. Learn all elemental combinations, weakness, combos, chart, counters, list, synergy, best combinations, elemental affinity and more.

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Beginner's Guide & How To Play

List Of Elements

PyroPyroStrong against:
Cryo, Electro, & Hydro
Cryo CryoStrong against:
Hydro & Electro
HydroHydroStrong against:
Electro ElectroStrong against:
Anemo AnemoStrong against:
All other elements
GeoGeoStrong against:
dendroDendroStrong against:

Elemental Combo Chart and Effects

Elemental Reaction Chart


ElementsPyro + Cryo
RecommendedCryo first then Pyro for higher damage
Does It CritYes

Melt has the highest damage multiplier out of all the Elemental Reactions. If you follow the Cryo then Pyro order, your damage will be increased by a full 2x, while doing Pyro with Cryo will only deal 1.5x the damage.


ElementsPyro + Hydro
RecommendedPyro first then Hydro for higher damage
Does It CritYes

Vaporize has the second highest Damage multiplier, and like Melt, it requires a specific order to get the full 1.5x increase. It's recommended to apply Pyro first, then Hydro for Vaporize!


ElementsPyro + Electro
Does It CritNo

Overloaded deals high explosive damage, but has a set amount of damage depending on the character that activates the reaction. It looks at their level and Elemental Mastery to determine their damage.

Overload Reaction - Multiplier & How To Deal


ElementsHydro + Electro
Does It CritNo

Electro-Charged deals continuous Electro DMG to those affected for a duration of time. During this, they can also get stunned for a brief second. Damage from Electro-Charged is based on the character's level & Elemental Mastery.

Can Co-Exist With Other Reactions

Electro-Charged can co-exist with other reactions, meaning you can have multiple reactions affecting a single target without removing Electro-Charged! This increases damage potential if done right!


ElementsHydro + Cryo
Does It CritNo

Frozen does not deal damage as a reaction itself, but it does restrict the movements of those afflicted. Additionally, you can use Pyro to deal with Melt, and Geo to shatter for more damage!


ElementsCryo + Electro
Does It CritNo

Superconduct reduces the Physical DMG of those affected by it. It lasts for a few seconds, wherein in all Physical Attacks done to the target will deal more damage!


ElementsPyro / Hydro / Cryo / Electro + Anemo
Does It CritNo

Swirl happens whenever an Anemo attack comes into contact with any other element besides Geo and Dendro. It will spread that element in an AoE and can even cause different Elemental Reactions. Damage from Swirl is based on Elemental Mastery and Character Level.


ElementsPyro / Hydro / Cryo / Electro + Geo
Does It CritNo

Crystallize doesn't deal any damage but instead creates an Elemental Shard. When picked up, it creates an Elemental Shield of the same element that comes in contact with Geo.


ElementsHydro + dendro
Does It CritNo

Trigerring Bloom reaction will create Dendro Cores that will continuously deal Dendro damage to enemies within its range. Only 5 Dendro Cores can exist at a time and stays on the field until it expires. It has different effects based on if Pyro, Electro, or neither is applied to it before its duration expires.

Bloom Additional Reactions

HyperbloomDendro Core → ElectroThe Dendro Core will turn into a Sprawling Shot which becomes a homing projectiles targeting the closest enemy or ally, if triggered by an enemy/environment, dealing increased AoE Dendro damage to both enemies and players.
BurgeonDendro Core → PyroDendro Core will explode, dealing increased AoE Dendro DMG to both enemies and players.


ElementsElectro + dendro
Does It CritNo

Catalyze will apply the status effect Quicken to enemies. Quickened enemies can be attacked with either Dendro or Electro for another reaction, increasing the damage!

Quicken Additional Reactions

AggravateQuicken → ElectroIncreases Electro Damage
SpreadQuicken → dendroIncreases Dendro Damage


Elementsfire + dendro
Does It CritNo

Dendro and Pyro combine to produce the Burning effect, dealing periodic damage to the target. Burning also applies to objects like wooden shields and grass!

How To Cause An Elemental Combo (Reaction)

Inflict 2 Elemental Statuses


An Elemental Reaction occurs when an enemy is afflicted with two or more elemental statuses simultaneously. Depending on the reaction, enemies will take additional damage, have their defense lowered, and more.

Swap Characters And Use Elemental Skills

Swap Characters

The easiest way to trigger a reaction is to swap between your characters and use their elemental skills. For example, if you inflict the Cryo status on an enemy with Kaeya and swap out to Xiangling and use a Pyro attack, you'll cause the Melt effect, increasing your damage dealt!

You Can Use Natural Elements Too


▲Using the elements as you find them in nature can expand your battle horizons!

It's possible to use elements that exist naturally in the overworld to create a reaction too! For example, enemies that are on the water will have the water status on them, so if you use an Electro skill, you can electrocute them!

Recommended Elemental Combos (Reactions)

Melt / Vaporize For High Damage

Melt and Vaporize outright provide high damage thanks to their high damage multipliers. They Crit as well, further increasing its damage ceiling. Although there is an order to their elemental application, it's not as bad since Reverse Melt & Reverse Vaporize are still viable.

Bloom / Catalyze For Multiple Enemies

The AoE Damage from Bloom and Catalyze are great for fighting multiple enemies on the field.

Electro-Charged / Swirl For Crowd Control

Electro-Charged and Swirl can affect multiple enemies at a time, making them great for controlling mobs of enemies. Electro-Charged and Swirl also allow for other Elemental Reactions to happen!

Superconduct For Physical-Focused Teams

Superconduct is only viable when running a Physical Damage-focused team comp. It's not that great with other Elemental Reactions because it will negate the others or vice versa.

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