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What To Do? Tips & Tricks For Beginners

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This is a Beginner's Guide for Genshin Impact. This guide includes early game tips and tricks, how to play, weapon leveling, gacha, adventure rank, and combat & tips for leveling!

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What You Should Know Before Playing Genshin Impact

Which Platform Should I Play On?

Which Platform Should I Play On?

A thing to consider when picking which platform to play on is Cross Save functionality, which refers to the ability to upload and download saves on different devices. PC and Mobile Devices can share save files from the same account, while the PS4 is independent and cannot share saves with PC or Mobile.

Check out Cross Save Guide - How To Transfer Data here!

Choose PC, Mobile Device If you Want To Play On The Move

Save files from Mobile Devices can be shared with PCs and vice versa, but not with the PS4 version of the game. If you want to play Genshin Impact later on on your Mobile Device, it is best to start with using a PC or Mobile Device version of the game.

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Consider Rerolling For ★5 Characters

Consider Rerolling For ★5 Characters

While many ★4 characters will carry you through the game just fine, having a ★5 character will make your journey much easier. Since the chance to get a ★5 character is a measly 0.6%, it may be a good idea to reroll if you're not considering spending real money. Note that it takes around 20 ~ 40 minutes of gameplay per reroll.

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What To Do As A Beginner Guide

Follow The Story To Increase Adventure Rank

Follow The Story To Increase Adventure Rank

Aim to finish the main story (Archon Quests) to get Adventure EXP fast. Your Adventure Rank will increase as you acquire more Adventure EXP.

Check out Archon Quests (Main Story) Walkthrough here!

Benefits Of Increasing Adventure Rank

  • Unlocks level caps for Characters & Equipment.
  • Unlocks new functions like Daily Commissions & Multiplayer.
  • Increased World Level for better & rarer loot.
  • Increased Domains you can take on.
  • More facilities that can be used in settlements.

Aim To Reach Adventure Rank 12 First

Aim To Reach Adventure Rank 12 First

As you increase your Adventure Rank, new functions will unlock. We recommend aiming for Adventure Rank 12 to unlock Daily Commissions. These are Daily-resetting quests that will provide a lot of Adventure EXP when completed.

Check Out Our Adventure Rank Farming Guide Here!

Adventure Rank Unlock Features

Lv.12Daily Commissions
Quests that reset daily. Provide a large amount of Adventure EXP & materials when completed
>> Daily Commission (Quests) Guide
Send out characters not in your party on a gathering trip, collecting food (for cooking) & materials as time passes.
Lv.16Multiplayer / Coop
Unlocks the multiplayer function where you can play with other players
> Check out Multiplayer / Coop Guide here!
Lv.20World Level Becomes 1
Enemy levels & loot rarity are increased
Lv.25Clear a quest for the World Level to increase to 2
Enemy levels & loot rarity are increased

Hunt Down Anemoculus Assertively

Hunt Down Anemoculus Whenever you Find One

Hidden items called Anemoculus are scattered across the map. If you find them and bring them to the Statue of The Seven, you'll get added benefits like an increased Stamina cap, Adventure EXP, or even precious loot! Anemoculus won't show up on the map unless you get close, and they may be a pain to get back to if not collected when found, so grab them ASAP when they show up!

Use This Helpful Anemoculus Map & Checker!

Use This Helpful Anemoculus Map & Checker!

Anemoculus can be difficult to track down, so we made this helpful map tool you can use to track their locations! Do give it a try!

Check out Anemoculus Map here!

Activate Teleport Waypoints For Fast Travel

Activate Teleport Waypoint For Fast Travel

If you interact with Statues of The Seven, Teleport Waypoints, Domains etc, they will open up that location to be used for fast travel. As Genshin Impact features a big map, it is advised you try to activate any Teleport Waypoint you come across for easier travel.

Check Out The Domains & Dungeons

Beginner's Character, Weapons & Artifact Leveling Guide

3 Major Ways To Get More Powerful

To get more powerful in Genshin Impact and get access to better loot, challenges & end-game items, you'll need to boost your overall power. This can be done through growing your Characters, weapons & artifacts.

Growth Methods

  • Grow Your Characters
  • Strengthen Weapons
  • Get & Enhance Artifacts

How To Power Up Your Character

How To Power Up Your Character
1Level Up
Increased Character stats. Get experience for defeating enemies & using Character EXP Materials
> Character Leveling Guide
2Ascend / Ascension
Increased Character Level Cap. Requires you to reach a certain Adventure Level as well as consume materials to do so.
Note: Material Conversion Function allows you to swap elements of character ascension materials
By using "(character name)'s Stella Fortuna" you receive when you get duplicate characters, you can power up that character up to 6 times. While difficult, it also provides great bonuses to your abilities.
Strengthens the character's Normal / Charged / Plunging Attack. To increase Talents, the character must Ascend first.

There are 4 methods to power-up your characters. The standard process is to gather Character EXP Material to level up characters, then aim to gather resources to Ascend for higher level cap. Unlock Constellations when you get duplicate characters. You can ignore Talents in the beginning phase of the game.

Check Out The Locations Of Power Up Materials From Here

Which Character Should I Prioritize?

Which Character Should I Prioritize?

if you were lucky enough to get a character high on the Reroll Tier List or Best Character Tier List, focus on them first. Then, aim to fill the gap with ★4 or story characters with whatever resources you can spare. For info on which characters you get for free, check out the link below:

Check out Free Characters List here!

How To Power-Up Weapons

1Level Up
Increases Weapon stats. Gain exp for the weapon by using Enhancement Ore or using other weapons as materials
2Ascend / Ascension
Increased Weapon Level Cap. Requires you to reach a certain Adventure Level as well as consume materials to do so
Enhance a weapon's skill. Refine by using a weapon of the same name as materials. Each weapon can be refined up to 5 times

There are 3 methods to power-up your weapons. There isn't much benefit to enhancing different weapons of the same class early on the game, so focus on powering-up only 1 weapon that your main character uses effectively.

What Are Artifacts?

Artifacts are like accessories that you can equip for stat bonuses. You have 5 different slots, in which you can equip 1 Artifact per slot. Unlike weapons & characters, Artifact level can only be increased by using other Artifacts as materials.

Check Out Our Full Artifact Guide

No Need To Level Up Artifacts in Early Game

As artifacts are powered up through using other artifacts as materials, its not cost effective to level up the weaker early-game Artifacts. Save your resources for Artifacts with ★3 or above.

5 Artifact Slots Explained

1Flower of Life
Mainly increases HP
2Plume of Death
Mainly increases ATK
3Sands of Eon
Randomly increases HP, ATK, DEF, Energy Recharge, Elemental Mastery
4Goblet of Eonothem
Randomly increases HP, ATK, DEF, Physical DMG Bonus, Elemental DMG Bonus
5Circlet of Logos
Randomly increases HP, ATK, DEF, Healing Bonus, CRIT Rate, CRIT DMG, Elemental Mastery

Each slot can only equip an Artifact designated for that slot. For example, you can only equip Flower of Life artifacts in the Flower of Life slot, and not in other slots such as Plume of Death.

What Are Set Bonuses?

While its crucial to select Set bonuses for certain playstyles in the mid-late game, for the early game just grab whatever reasonable set bonus you can get.

Combat System & Party Setup - Beginner Tips

Focus On Growing 1 Character In The Beginning

Focus On Growing 1 Character In The Beginning

Character level is increased mainly by using the "Character EXP Material", which can be hard to come by in the early stages of the game. Focus on raising up 1 attacker instead of trying to level multiple characters at the same time.

Check out How To Level Up Characters here!

Create A Party With Characters Of Different Elements And Weapons

Create Party With Characters Of Different Elements And Weapons

While its possible to push through the early stages with only 1 character, combining different elemental types for Elemental Combos becomes paramount later in the game. Form parties with characters of differing elemental & weapon type for better efficiency - it will pay off, even if your other characters aren't as powerful.

Best Team Comp - Strongest Team Build Guide

What Are Element Combos?

What Is Element Combo?

An Elemental Reaction/Combo is a special combo that occurs when different elemental attacks hit an enemy. For example, if your character hits an enemy with a lightning attack after another character hits with a fire attack, it causes the "Overloaded" reaction which explodes, dealing Pyro damage in an area. Pull it off right and you can melt enemies fast, so be sure to read the guide below!

Check out Elemental Combos & Reaction Chart here!

Elemental & Weapon Type Affects Exploring

Not only are Elemental & Weapon Types important for battle, they are also crucial for exploring. There are certain puzzles in the field, which for example need you to use Fire to open Vine-covered chests, or freeze the surface of rivers so they can be traversed easier. Pay attention to the elements around you for easier exploration!

Have At Least 1 Claymore Wielder

Weapon types also affect exploration & gathering. One which we recommend you bring along is the Claymore: Claymores can break down ore for stone & metal resources while also dealing heavy damage to enemies with shields.

Guaranteed Claymore Wielder With Beginner's Wish

Guaranteed Claymore Wielder With Beginner

The Beginner's Wish guarantees a Noelle on the 1st 10-wish roll, so you can roll this gacha if you're missing a Claymore Wielder in your roster.

Gacha (Wish) Guide - Best Banner To Roll

Raising Friendship Level

How to Change Facial Expressions

Growing 1 character will not only help you boost your level, but it will also increase your friendship level which will unlock more rewards like facial expressions.

Check Out How to Change Facial Expressions

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