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Archon Quests (Main Story) Walkthrough Guide
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Archon Quests (Main Story) Walkthrough Guide

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This is a Archon Quest (Main Story) walkthrough list & guide for Genshin Impact. The guide includes main storyline quest list, walkthrough charts and tips, & how to beat story mode!

Table of Contents

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Prologue: Act I Archon Quest Walkthrough

No. Procedure
1Select main character's gender
→ Read the guide on selecting a twin
2Start the tutorial by following Paimon to reach the yellow destination icon
3An event starts once you've arrived at the Statue of the Seven. Defeat slimes
4Proceed toward the destination icon and get a Crimson Crystal
5Proceed to the next destination and Amber joins your party
6Defeat Hilichurls in the camp
7Proceed toward Mondstadt
8Once you've reached Mondstadt, get the Wind Glider from Amber at the top of the city
9Finish the Wind Glider tutorial
10Fight Stormterror
→ Dressing Room feature unlocks
11Head to Knights of Favonius headquarters
Gacha (Wish) feature unlocks
Head outside of the city and the world quest "Sharpening the Axe Won't Hinder the Work" unlocks
12Select Winds of the Past from the quest menu and break the stone in the Temple of the Falcon
13Select Crash Course from the quest menu and break the stone in the Temple of the Wolf
Kaeya joins your party
14Select "Sparks Amongst the Pages" from the quest menu and break the stone in the Temple of the Lion
Lisa joins your party

Choose The Gender Of Main Character


Right after you start the game, you can choose between the male or female twin as a main character. There are no differences in their equipment or stats so choose the one that you like the most.

Check Out Our Guide On Selecting A Twin Here

Follow The Destination Mark


To complete the quest, you simply need to head toward the yellow destination icon on your map and field. If you are lost on what to do next, look for the destination icon.

Use Map Pins To Display Next Destination

Click to Enlarge

If there are multiple quests running simultaneously, use the Map Pins feature to keep track of where you need to go next. Open the quest menu and select Map Pins to display the next destination on your map.

Wishes (Gacha) Unlock After The Event In The HQ

Click to Enlarge

After you've defeated Stormterror, visit the Knights of Favonius headquarters to unlock the Wish (Gacha) feature. If you want to reroll gachas to get the best characters, you need to play up until here.

How To Beat Temple of the Wolf

Tips On The Temple Of The Wolf
- Kaeya joins right at the beginning
- Use ice elemental attacks to inflict the Wet status on enemies
- Use ice elemental attacks on the flamethrowers

A new character Kaeya joins your party right after you enter the Temple of the Wolf. His ice elemental ability is very useful in this temple so switch your character to him.

Freezes Wet Enemies


Kaeya's ice elemental move has the effect of freezing wet enemies. Enemies can't attack you while they are frozen so try to make use of this!

Break Hydro Amber

hydro amber

When you reached the area with large red slime, look for a hydro amber and break it. By breaking the amber, you can make it rain and inflict the wet status on enemies nearby. Use ice elemental moves on wet enemies to freeze them.

How To Beat The Temple of the Lion

Tips On The Temple Of The Lion
- Lisa joins right at the beginning
- Press hold attack button to beat enemies within the time limit
- Electric elemental attacks are effective against wet enemies

Lisa joins your party right after you've entered the Temple of the Lion. Since her electrical abilities are effective in this temple, use Lisa to beat this stage.

How To Beat Enemies Within The Time Limit

4 slimes spawn after you've activated the electric monument. In order to defeat them within the 20 second time limit, press and hold the attack button to conduct wide AoE attacks.

Use Electric Attacks On Wet Enemies


Lisa's electric attacks are very effective against wet enemies since they deal damage over time.

Prologue: Act II Archon Quest Walkthrough

Act II unlocks after your Adventure Rank reaches 10

1Raise your adventure rank to 10 and start the event by going to the fountain near Mondstadt castle
2Finish the event in Knights of Favonius headquarters. Head outside and talk to Paimon
3Use Elemental Sight and track the footprints
4Talk to Venti
5Go to Statue of The Seven - Anemo and talk to Venti. Fight with Eye of the Storm. Head to Cathedral in Mondstadt after the battle
6After the event in the Cathedral, change the time and enter the Cathedral basement at night (18pm to 6am)
7Hide from guards and proceed
8Use Wind Glider and escape toward the destination icon within the time limit
9After the event in the tavern, visit the tavern again in the between 0am to 6am
10Proceed to Futui hideout located in the south of the Mondstadt castle
11Get the Holy Lyre and go back to the tavern
12Select Fallen Tears from the quest menu and head to the Thousand Winds Temple. Defeat the temple guards
13Select Hidden Tears from the quest menu and go to the ruins in the woods to finish the quest
14Select Stolen Tears from the quest menu and head to the Eclipse Tribe at Dadaupa Gorge
15Head to the Dawn Winery
16Head to Starsnatch Cliff

Prologue: Act III Archon Quest Walkthrough

Act III unlocks after your Adventure Rank reaches 18

1Raise your Adventure Rank to 18 or above and go to Dawn Winery
2Reach the destination and start the event. Defeat enemies to proceed
3Head to the entrance of Stormterror's Lair. Defeat enemy after the cutscene of Venti breaking wind barrier
4Use the wind current and head toward the roof of the tower
5After the cutscene, pick up the parts nearby and bring light actuators to break the seal
6Activate 3 other Light Actuators to break the seal
7Go back to the top of the tower and watch the cutscene
8Confront Stormterror Dvalin and defeat it
9Go back to Mondstadt and talk to Cyrus, Nimrod, and Grace
10Talk to Kaeya in front of Good Hunter. Then, take a seat by Amber
11Head to the Cathedral and talk to Barbara
12Head out of the Cathedral and watch the cutscene. Then, teleport to the Statue of The Seven in Windrise to talk to Venti

Chapter 1 (Chapter I): Act 1 (Act I) Archon Quest Walkthrough

Coming Soon!

Chapter 1 (Chapter I): Act 2 (Act II) Archon Quest Walkthrough

Coming Soon!

Chapter 1 (Chapter I): Act 3 (Act III) - A New Star Approaches Archon Quest Walkthrough

Act III unlocks after your Adventure Rank reaches 35

No. Procedure
1Climb Mt. Tianheng for a cutscene.
2 Move to the next destination and activate the clover fan.
3 Fly towards the small floating island.
4 Head towards the fort with a ballista.
5 Travel towards the Big Slime near the swamp and defeat it.
6 Rescue the man trapped in the cage.
7 Head to Mingxing Jewelry.
8 Head to the next destination point to enter the Jade Chamber.
9 Talk to Ningguang and travel to the next destination.
10 Examine the box with talismans and head to the next destination.
11 Travel to Dihua Marsh and talk to Zhongli and fight the Whopper Flowers.
12 Head to Liyue Harbor for a cutscene.
13 Travel to the Golden House Domain and fight Childe.
14 Fight while Protecting the Ballista.
15 Talk to Zhongli at Liyue Harbor and head to Yujing Terrace.
More Details On Chapter 1: Act 3 Here!

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