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Diona is a character in Genshin Impact 3.0 that uses Cryo Bow. See best builds, teams, weapons, skills, artifacts, team, weapon, voice actor for Diona!

Diona Tier & Set Up

Diona Character Reviews

Diona Other Details

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Diona Character Tier & Rating

Reroll TierSS Tier
Reroll Tier List
Character TierS Tier
Best Character Tier List

Diona Character Type

Character TypeHealerSupport

Diona Best Build & Weapon

Cryo Healer & Shield Support

Diona is a valuable support that has the ability to not only heal but can also provide shields. This build not only increases the effectivity of her heals but also toughens up her shields.

Recommended Weapon

Sacrificial BowSacrificial BowAfter damaging an opponent with an Elemental Skill, the skill has a 40% chance to end its own CD. Can only occur once every 30s.
Weapon Substitute
Favonius WarbowFavonius WarbowCRIT Hits have a 60% chance to generate a small amount of Elemental Particles, which will regenerate 6 Energy for the Character. Can only occur once every 12s.
Elegy For The EndElegy For The EndA part of the Millenial Movement that wanders amidst the winds. Increases Elemental Mastery by 60. When the Elemental Skills or Elemental Bursts of the character wielding this weapon hit opponents, that character gains a Sigil of Remebrance. This effect can be triggered once every 0.2s and can be triggered even if said character is not on the field. When you possess 4 Sigils of Remembrance, all of them will be consumed and all nearby party members will obtain the Millenial Movement: Farewell Song effect for 12s. Millenial Movement: Farewell Song increases Elemental Mastery by 100 and increases ATK by 20%. Once this effect is triggered, you will not gain Sigils of Remembrance for 20s. Of the many effects of the Millenial Movement, buffs of the same type will not stack.
Fading TwilightFading TwilightHas three states, Evengleam, Afterglow and Dawnblaze, which increase DMG dealt by 6%/10%/14% respectively. When attacks hit opponents, this weapon can change states once every 7s. The character equipping this weapon can still trigger the state switch while not on the field.
Recurve BowRecurve BowDefeating an opponent restores 8% HP.

Recommended Artifacts

BestNoblesse ObligeNoblesse Oblige
[4-Piece Set]
Substitute 1Tenacity Of The MillelithTenacity Of The Millelith
[2-Piece Set]
Maiden BelovedMaiden Beloved
[2-Piece Set]
Substitute 2Tenacity Of The MillelithTenacity Of The Millelith
[2-Piece Set]
Emblem Of Severed FateEmblem Of Severed Fate
[2-Piece Set]

Recommended Artifact Stats

Feather Icon Main: Flat ATK
Sub: HP% / Energy Recharge / CRIT Rate / Flat HP
Flower Icon Main: Flat HP
Sub: HP% / Energy Recharge / Crit Rate
Sands Icon Main: HP%
Sub: Energy Recharge / CRIT Rate / Flat HP
Goblet Icon Main: HP%
Sub: Energy Recharge / Elemental Mastery / ATK% / Flat HP
Crown Icon Main: HP% / Healing Bonus
Sub: HP% / Crit Rate / Energy Recharge

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Diona Best Team Comp

Best Party For Diona

Diona is a multi-role character, capable of being support, healer, and damage dealer at the same time. She can easily fit into any team comp.

Premium Team

- Diona as a support can easily apply Cryo to enemies with Elemetal Skill, while also creating a shield. She won't be an onfield DPS, but she can be relied on to spread Cryo to enemies when she's out.
- Diluc will be the on field damage dealer. After Diona uses her Elemental Skill, switch to Diluc and use any of his skills to proc Melt. He can then stay on the field until Diona's cooldowns are over
- Venti can easily group enemies. Have him use his Elemental Burst, then Diona's Elemental Skill to swirl Cryo. This can then finished off with either Diluc or Yanfei to create Melt
- Yanfei will allow you to put a bit of distance between enemies while Diluc is recuperating or waiting for his cooldowns. With her there, your team will also have Pyro resonance.
Character Substitutes
DilucDiluc KleeKlee - Klee will be able to deal high Pyro damage, which will be further amplified with Melt
VentiVentiSucroseSucrose - Sucrose works similar to Venti wherein they can both easily group enemies and spread elemental reactions around
YanfeiYanfeiRosariaRosaria- Rosaria with a physical build will make up for the team in case there's a Pyro enemy that will be immune to Klee. With here there, there will also be a Cryo Resonance for added CRIT Rate

Free To Play Friendly Party

- In this team comp, Diona will act as a support to provide elemental reactions, shields, or healing when needed.
- Xiangling will be the main DPS. Her physical damage and pyro damage can carry the team when it comes to damage.
- Amber and Xiangling will have Pyro resonance for additional damage. She can also crowd control for the team using her skill.
- Lisa can easily cause either Overcharged or Superconduct, both will be beneficial to the team. Her Elemental Burst also provides Physical Damage Down whicn Xiangling can take advantage of

Diona Ascension Materials

Materials Needed for Level Ascension

Calla Lily Farm Routes

Calla Lily Farm Routes
Click to Enlarge
Click to Enlarge
Calla Lily Farm Routes

Diona Talent Materials For Level-Up

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Diona's Recommended Talent Priority

TalentLevel Up Priority
Normal Attack: Katzlein Style★★★・・
Icy Paws (Elemental Skill)★★★★★
Signature Mix (Elemental Burst)★★★★・

Diona's Skills & Talent List

TalentTalent Category
Normal Attack: Katzlein StyleNormal Attack: Katzlein StyleNormal Attack
Icy PawsIcy PawsElemental Skill
Signature MixSignature MixElemental Burst
CatCat's Tail Secret MenuPassive Skill 1
DrunkardsDrunkards' FarcePassive Skill 2
Complimentary Bar FoodComplimentary Bar FoodPassive Skill 3

Normal Attack: Katzlein Style

Perform up to 5 consecutive shots with a bow.

1 Hit DMG36.1%
2 Hit DMG33.5%
3 Hit DMG45.6%
4 Hit DMG43.0%
5 Hit DMG53.8%

Charged Attack

Perform a more precise Aimed Shot with increased DMG. While aiming, biting frost will accumulate on the arrowhead. A fully charged frost arrow will deal Cryo DMG.

Aimed Shot43.9%
Fully-Charged Aimed Shot124%

Plunging Attack

Fires off a shower of arrows in mid-air before falling and striking the ground, dealing AoE DMG upon impact.

Plunge DMG56.8%
Low/High Plunge DMG114%/142%

Icy Paws

Fires an Icy Paw that deals Cryo DMG to opponents and forms a shield on hit. The shield's DMG absorption scales based on Diona's Max HP, and its duration scales off the number of Icy Paws that hit thier target.


Rapidly fires off 2 Icy Paws.


Dashes back quickly before firing five Icy Paws. The shield created by a Hold attack will gain a 75% DMG absorption Bonus.

The shield has a 250% Cryo DMG Absorption Bonus, and will cause your active character to become affected by Cryo at the point of formation for a short duration.

Icy Paw DMG41.9% per paw
Base Shield DMG Absorption7.2% max hp+693
Duration1.8s per claw
Press CD6.0s
holding CD15.0s

Signature Mix

Tosses out a special cold brew that deals AoE Cryo DMG and creates a Drunken Mist in an AoE.

Drunken Mist

  • Deals continuous Cryo DMG to opponents within the AoE.
  • continuously regenerates the HP of characters within the AoE.
Skill DMG80%
Continuous Field DMG52.6%
HP Regeneration Over TIme5.34% max hp+513
Energy Cost80

Cat's Tail Secret Menu

Characters shielded by Icy Paws have their Movement SPD increased by 10% and their Stamina Consumption decreased by 10%.

Drunkards' Farce

Opponents who enter the AoE of Signature Mix have 10% decreased ATK for 15s.

Complimentary Bar Food

When a Perfect Cooking is achieved on a dish with restorative effects, there is a 12% chance to obtain double the product.

Diona Character Set Up
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▲Builds▲Team▲Ascension Mats
Talent Priority▼Constellation
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Diona Constellations

Recommended Constellations

Constellation 2 For More Powerful Shields

With Constellation 2, the DMG absorption of the shield will be increased depending on the number of paws that hits the enemies. This will also provide shielding and cleansing in co-op.

Constellation 6 Gives Elemental Mastery

Constellation 6 will not only heal the team but also increase the Elemental Mastery of the team furthering the support capabilities of Diona.

Diona Constellations

A Lingering Flavor
Unlocked at C1
Regenerates 15 Energy for Diona after the effects of Signature Mix end.
Shaken, Not Purred
Unlocked at C2
Increases Icy Paws' DMG by 15%, and increases its shield's DMG Absorption by 15%. Additionally, when paws hit their targets, creates a shield for other nearby characters on the field with 50% of the Icy Paws shield's DMG Absorption for 5s.
A-Another Round?
Unlocked at C3
Increases the Level of Signature Mix by 3. Maximum upgrade level is 15.
Wine Industry Slayer
Unlocked at C4
Within the radius of Signature Mix, Diona's charge time for aimed shots is reduced by 60%.
Double Shot, On The Rocks
Unlocked at C5
Increases the Level of Icy Paws by 3. Maximum upgrade level is 15.
Cat's Tail Closing Time
Unlocked at C6
Characters within Signature Mix's radius will gain the following effects based on their HP amounts:
- Increases Incoming Healing Bonus by 30% when HP falls below or is equal to 50%.
- Elemental Mastery increased by 200 when HP is above 50%.

*C=Constellations, To upgrade constellations, you must aquire the same character more than once.

Diona Character Set Up
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▲Talent PriorityConstellation
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How To Use Diona ?

Recommended Rotation For Diona

Recommended Rotation
1Start with the Elemental Skill to get energy for Elemental Burst and produce shield for the team
2Switch to another person and deal damage until Diona's Burst.
3 Use Elemental Burst when need healing.
* At high constellation, Use Burst before performing Elemental Attacks for boost DMG.

Uses Of Diona's Elemental Skill

Use To Get A Cryo Shield

You can use Diona's Elemental Skill as an opened during battle to get yourself a Cryo Shield. It's not as hefty as other shields, but it's on low cooldown so you can keep on generating it through a battle.

Apply Cryo To An Enemy

Besides the shield, Diona's Elemental Skill will also toss out Cryo projectiles that afflict enemies hit by it with Cryo. Since it's homing, it's an easy way to proc Cryo as a set up for Elemental Reactions.

Uses Of Diona's Elemental Burst

Unleash To Heal Characters

It's best to save Diona's Elemental Burst for when your Main DPS needs healing. It's an on-field ability and will greatly benefit your active character with its constant healing.

Apply Cryo To Enemies Within Range

If you need a quick, multi-target Cryo application, Diona's Elemental Burst will work with that. All enemies within its field will be applied with Cryo so you can set it up for Elemental Reactions.

Strengths Of Diona

A Versatile Support Character

Diona's strength lies in her support abilities. She's one of the few characters that offers both a shield and healing to her team. She can fit easily in any team comp as well!

Consistent Cryo Applicator

With her Elemental Skill & Burst, as well as being a Bow user, Diona is a consistent Cryo applicator. She may not be as strong damage-wise, but she's great for any Cryo Elemental Reaction set-ups.

Weaknesses Of Diona

DPS Is Not That Good

Diona's whole kit revolves around support, making it a bit difficult to build her as a DPS. Her output is decent, but it's not as strong for a main DPS.

Diona Review & Ratings
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Diona Reviews From Other Users

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What Is DIona's Tier For You

Diona Skins List

This character does not have a skin yet. Check back later!

Diona Profile & Voice Actor

Diona Basic Info & Voice Actor

Rarity4 StarElementCryoCryo
Voice Actor (EN)
Dina Sherman
Voice Actor (JA)
Izawa Shiori
January 18


Affiliation: Mondstadt
A young lady who has inherited trace amounts of non-human blood. She is the incredibly popular bartender of the Cat's Tail tavern.

Diona Story Overview

A Bartender Who Despise Alcohol


Despite of Diona being a popular bartender in Cat's Tavern, she thinks that alcohol will only reveal people's bad side. Diona, therefore, aims to create disgusting alcoholic mixes so that everyone will start to hate alcoholic drinks.

Draff's Daughter


Draff is Diona's birth father, and is one of the best hunters in Springvale, aside from his amazing hunting skills Draff seems to have a terrible drinking habit which correlates to how Diona treats alcohol as if it is the main villain in their lives.

Voicelines About Diona

Voicelines About Diona
DilucDilucDiona's attitude towards me is... how should I put it? Rather rigid. I've yet to find the opportunity to speak with her properly. I'm not sure if it's an issue with my family line or— Oh? It's not? She simply despises alcohol? Huh... I never thought I'd come across another bartender like myself in Mondstadt.
EulaEulaDiona? She's a miracle worker when it comes to making cocktails, and to my surprise, we get along really well. She infiltrated a tavern with the hopes of tearing down the wine industry, while I infiltrated the knights to exact my revenge on them. A kindred spirit it seems...
KaeyaKaeyaHave you tried one of Diona's drinks? Oh right, you're still underage. Haha, such a shame, it truly is — to not be able to revel with you in such bliss. Hehe, I guess all we can do is wait for you to be old enough.
KleeKleeDiona is the best! I like listening to her, last time I heard her say, "I'm gonna destroy the wine industry in this city if it's the last thing I do!" And I'm gonna help her using my bombs! ...I don't know what a wine industry is though. Is it a monster?
VentiVentiThere's a special drink known far and wide at Cat's Tail. But it ah... ahh... ACHOO! *sniffs* How about you go and fetch one for me? I'll be truly thankful, I promise.
XianglingXianglingDiona, from Springvale! Ah, I heard she mixes a great drink, so I came specifically to see her! I thought perhaps I could use her secrets in my cooking, and bring out more flavors. But the tips that she gave me — like soaking lizard tails in beer, or putting bits of smoked fish in dandelion wine — all came out really awful. *sigh* Guess it's up to me to work it out myself, then.
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Diona - Special Dish, Favorite Decor, & How Tall?

Special Dish Of Diona

Dish Ingredients
Definitely Not Bar Food!Definitely Not Bar Food! FishFish x1
PepperPepper x1
All Special Dish List

Favorite Decoration Of Diona

Favorite Decoration Sets
Weapon Forging StationWeapon Forging StationIdyllic TownIdyllic Town -

How Tall Is Diona?

There is no in-game and official data regarding the height of Diona. We compared characters and Diona is Small comparatively.

Effects In-Game

Character height gives advantages and disadvantages in-game. For instance, smaller characters will need to swim even at shallow waters but they easily dodge some enemies attacks or enter narrow entrances of caves.

How To Get Diona?

Get Diona Through Wish Banners

Diona doesn't have her own character wish banner, however you can still obtain Diona through these permanent banners: Wanderlust Invocation! and Beginner's Wish.

Obtain Diona Through Other Character Banners!

You can also get a chance to pull Diona through other characters' banners. Drop rates for Diona will be boosted depending on the banner.

Diona Featured On Character Banners

The rate of Diona is boosted at the following wish banners.

Banner Appearances
Childe BannerFarewell of Snezhnaya
Duration: 11/11/20 to 12/01/20
Xiao BannerInvitation to Mundane Life
Zhongli BannerGentry of Hermitage
Duration: 04/28/21 to 05/18/21
Yoimiya BannerTapestry of Golden Flames
Duration: 08/10/21 to 08/31/21
Hu Tao Banner RerunMoment of Bloom
Duration: 08/10/21 to 08/31/21
Best Wish Banner & Latest BannerAll Wish Banners List

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Impeeza 11

"Affiliation: Liyue" ok I'm out, she's bartender in Mondstadt, has a cryo vision from Mondstatd, her dad is from "Deauclaire" (Dunno how it's translated in English, maybe something like Clearwater IDK) but she's from Liyue ? Wat

Impeeza 10

Why put def flat on artifacts ? Even her shield is scaled on HP ? Just curious

Anonymous 9

Are the DPS artifact stats on the sands a mistake?

Anonymous 8

You're artifacts effect are wrong! Can you edit it up ? You're giving a misleading build set ups to those people who came here. Kindly edit it because it is pretty frustrating

Anonymous 7

Artifact effect indicated is for pale flame. Hope you can correct this

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