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Friend Code Exchange Forum

Friend Code Exchange Forum

Last Updated: 2021/3/7 12:22

Welcome to Genshin Impact's Looking For Friends Forum (Friend Code & UID Exchange). Invite friends, post your friend code and enjoy exploring the world of TEYVAT together!

How To Add Friends

Add Friends

From your menu, select "Friends" then head to the "Search and add Friends" section to search for the UID of the person you want to be friends with. You can also check the names of the people you previously coop with and add them as friends.

Friend Code ExchangeMultiplayer Forum

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Anonymous 171

[Your UID (Unique ID)]821492696


[Note]coop and event

Anonymous 170

[Your UID (Unique ID)] 714984242

[Server] EU

[Note] 4Fun

Anonymous 169

[Your UID (Unique ID)] 615748868

[Server] NA

[Note] for geovishap expeditions

Anonymous 168



For Geovishap Expedition event

Anonymous 167

[Your UID (Unique ID)] 711739181

[Server] EU

[Note] Explore, fight and have fun together :)
Language: English and Swedish

Akira 166

[Your UID (Unique ID)] 600056255

[Server] NA

[Note] For events, and fun :)

Dugutier 165

Server NA
In-game UID (number): 614687086

Availability (days of the week / time of the day): 1 am - 8 am (GTM -6) all days

Events, daily quest, bosses, friends because is bored to play alone, etc.

Languages spoken:
English, Español, Français.

Anonymous 164

[Your UID (Unique ID)] 620027328

[Server] US

[Note] For events and beating bosses for ascension materials.

Anonymous 163

[Unique ID] 612966426

[Server] (NA-US)

[Note] For Geovishap Expedition event

Anonymous 162

[Your UID (Unique ID)]

For events :)

Anonymous 161

[Your UID (Unique ID)]


For events but I’m also game for regular play!

Anonymous 160

[Your UID (Unique ID)] 704287369

[Server] Europe

[Note] Add for Vishaps event.

Anonymous 159

[Your UID (Unique ID)]


Please add me for events! :)

Anonymous 158

[Your UID (Unique ID)] 616885860

[Server] US

[Note] For Events Please!

Chaos 157

[Your UID (Unique ID)] 621782749

[Server] US

[Note] For events

Anonymous 156

Add me for event!

Muzi 155

[Your UID (Unique ID)] 700935870

[Server] Europe

[Note] For events mainly but feel free to add me if you need help

Mia 154

[Your UID (Unique ID)] 616315672

[Server] US

[Note] For Events

Anonymous 153

[Your UID (Unique ID)] 620335639

[Server] USA

[Note] For the event

N 152

UID: 608034451

Server: USA

AR 50, world lvl 6.
Looking for friends for bosses, domains and events.

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