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Raiden Shogun Best Build & Weapon

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Raiden Shogun is a character in Genshin Impact 3.6 that uses Electro Polearm. See best builds, teams, weapons, skills, weapon, artifacts, talent materials, rating for & tier!

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Raiden Shogun Tier

Raiden Shogun
5 StarElectroElectroPolearm
How To Get?
Only available in Limited-Time Banners where she is featured
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Strengths & Weakness Of Raiden Shogun

- A Great Electro applicator
- One weapon that can be used for her is F2P-friendly
↳ She can utilize effectively The Catch
- Can fit in any team comp
- Dependent to other team members for her stack accumulation
- Can steal reactions with her Elemental Skill
- Elemental Burst effects are reset when you switch out of her

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Raiden Shogun Best Build

Raiden Shogun Main DPS/Sub-DPS Build

WeaponEngulfing LightningEngulfing Lightning
Substitute1. Skyward SpineSkyward Spine
2. The CatchThe Catch (F2P)
3. Primordial Jade Winged-SpearPrimordial Jade Winged-Spear
4. WavebreakerWavebreaker's Fin
Best ArtifactEmblem Of Severed FateEmblem Of Severed Fate x4
Artifact StatsSands: Energy Recharge
Goblet: Electro DMG Bonus
Circlet: Crit Rate/DMG
Priority Sub-Stats 1. Crit Rate/DMG
2. Energy Recharge
3. ATK%
4. Elemental Mastery

Whether you use Raiden Shogun as Main DPS or Sub-DPS, this build is the best for her. With Engulfing Lightning and the Emblem of Severed Fate, you are increasing her overall damage through her Energy Recharge!

Raiden Shogun Hyperbloom Build

WeaponDragonDragon's Bane
Substitute1. MoonpiercerMoonpiercer (F2P)
2. Kitain Cross SpearKitain Cross Spear (F2P)
Best ArtifactFlower Of Paradise LostFlower Of Paradise Lost x4
Artifact StatsSands: Elemental Mastery
Goblet: Elemental Mastery
Circlet: Elemental Mastery / Crit Rate/DMG
Priority Sub-Stats 1. Elemental Mastery
2. Crit Rate/DMG

This build does not directly buff Raiden Shogun's damage, but her reactions. Since your main source of damage here is through Hyperbloom procs, it's essential to build as much EM as possible.

Character Build Forum

Raiden Shogun Best Weapon

Raiden Shogun Electro Main DPS/Sub-DPS Build

BestEngulfing LightningEngulfing LightningEnergy Recharge 55.1% (Lvl. 90)
- Raiden Shogun's signature weapon
- Energy Recharge sub-stat is great with Raiden Shogun
- Provides additional ATK depending on Raiden Shogun's Energy Recharge
2ndSkyward SpineSkyward SpineEnergy Recharge 36.8% (Lvl. 90)
- Energy Recharge sub-stat is great with Raiden Shogun
- Increase in Crit Rate and Normal ATK Speed (Applies when Burst is active, allowing for more attacks)
The CatchThe CatchEnergy Recharge 45.9% (Lvl. 90)
- Free to play option
- Increase Elemental Burst DMG & Crit Rate
4thPrimordial Jade Winged-SpearPrimordial Jade Winged-SpearCRIT Rate 22.1% (Lvl. 90)
- Crit Rate sub-stat makes building CR/CD easy
- ATK increase with every hit, easily attained with Normal Attack & Elemental Skill
5thDeathmatchDeathmatchCRIT Rate 36.8% (Lvl. 90)
- Crit Rate sub-stat makes it easier to build CR/CD
- Provides additional ATK depending on number of enemies
6thWavebreakerWavebreaker's FinATK 13.8% (Lvl. 90)
- Increases Burst damage depending on team's Energy Recharge
- Good for teams with fast rotations

Focus On Energy Recharge Sub-Stats

Since Raiden Shogun's Burst scales off her Energy Recharge, it's important to build her ER with her weapons. Crit Rate and Crit Damage are important, but they can be focused in her Artifact set instead.

Raiden Shogun Hyperbloom Build

BestDragonDragon's BaneElemental Mastery 221 (Lvl. 90)
- High EM sub-stat is great for this build
- In a hyperbloom comp, the weapon skill's increase in damage against hydro-affected enemies can be utilized
2ndMoonpiercerMoonpiercerElemental Mastery 110 (Lvl. 90)
- EM sub-stat is great for this build
- Increased ATK through weapon skil whenever you proc Hyperbloom
Kitain Cross SpearKitain Cross Spear
Elemental Mastery 110 (Lvl. 90)
- Free to play option
- EM sub-stat is great for this build

Goal Is To Get As Much Elemental Mastery

Since the goal for this build is to increase Raiden Shogun's damage through Hyperbloom, build as much Elemental Mastery as possible. For this build, the best the Dragon's Bane since it not only has a ton of EM sub-stat, but it also increase the damage against those affected by Hydro.

All Weapon List

Raiden Shogun Best Artifacts

Raiden Shogun Main DPS/Sub-DPS Build Artifacts

Best Artifacts For Main DPS/Sub-DPS Build

BestEmblem Of Severed FateEmblem Of Severed Fate
Substitute 1Emblem Of Severed FateEmblem Of Severed Fate
Thundering FuryThundering Fury

Artifact Stat Priority

Flower IconMain: Flat HP
Sub: Crit Rate/DMG / Energy Recharge / ATK%
Feather IconMain: Flat ATK
Sub: Crit Rate/DMG / Energy Recharge / ATK%
Sands IconMain: Energy Recharge
Sub: Crit Rate/DMG / ATK% / Elemental Mastery
Goblet IconMain: Electro DMG Bonus
Sub: Crit Rate/DMG / Energy Recharge / ATK%
Crown IconMain: Crit Rate/DMG
Sub: Crit Rate/DMG / Energy Recharge / ATK%

Emblem Of Severed Fate Is The Best Artifact For This Build

The Emblem of Severed Fate is the best artifact that basically works for Raiden Shogun's whole kit. It provides additional Energy Recharge and its 4-Piece effect adds Energy Recharge scaling to the Elemental Burst of the character.

Raiden Shogun Hyperbloom Build Artifacts

Best Artifacts For Hyperbloom Build

BestFlower Of Paradise LostFlower Of Paradise Lost
Substitute 1Gilded DreamsGilded Dreams
Substitute 2Gilded DreamsGilded Dreams
WandererWanderer's Troupe
Substitute 3Deepwood MemoriesDeepwood Memories

Artifact Stat Priority

Flower IconMain: Flat HP
Sub: Crit Rate/DMG / Elemental Mastery
Feather IconMain: Flat ATK
Sub: Crit Rate/DMG / Elemental Mastery
Sands IconMain: Elemental Mastery
Sub: Crit Rate/DMG / Elemental Mastery
Goblet IconMain: Elemental Mastery
Sub: Crit Rate/DMG / Elemental Mastery
Crown IconMain: Elemental Mastery / Crit Rate/DMG
Sub: Crit Rate/DMG / Elemental Mastery

EM Or Bloom Reaction Boosters Are Great

For this build, it's best to use the artifacts that boost reactions of Bloom such as Gilded Dreams or Flower Of Paradise Lost. If you do not have a full set, using 2pc EM sets will also do.

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Raiden Shogun Best Team Comp

Best Team For Raiden Shogun

Main DPSSub-DPSReactionBuff
Raiden ShogunRaiden ShogunXianglingXianglingXingqiuXingqiuBennettBennett
- National Team variant called "Raiden National."
- Raiden Shogun provides Elemental DMG bonus and Energy for the whole team.
- Raiden Shogun DMG and resistance at Burst makes her the perfect Main DPS for National Team.
- Xiangling's ULT gets boosted by Bennett's Burst and Raiden.
- Xingqiu's Elemental Burst allows consistent Vaporized and is not disturbed by Electro since Electro-charged keeps both Hydro and Electro.
- Bennett keeps the team alive and well while providing a very high ATK Buff.
Raiden National Team VS Hypercarry Comp

Other Characters That Works With Raiden Shogun

- Raiden Shogun works well with any energy hungry teams or teams that make use of Electro Reactions. The role of Raiden Shogun depends on the characters paired with her. Eula for Physical Teams.
- Yelan provide more damage but less Hydro infliction.
- Rosaria is great if you are using Raiden in Eula's Team.
- Kokomi for off-field Hydro but it is stuck at one place.
BennettBennettKujou SaraKujou Sara
- Kujou Sara provides same buff with Bennett. At higher constellation, she becomes an amazing Electro Support but you need to slot a healer since Kujou does not provide heals.
- Kazuha for a flexible buff especially when teaming with swirlable elements.

Free To Play Friendly Party

Raiden ShogunRaiden ShogunBarbaraBarbaraColleiColleiDendro TravelerDendro Traveler
- Budget Hyperbloom Comp for Raiden Shogun.
- Barbara will mainly be on-field to spread Hydro.
- Collei and Dendro Traveler for off-field Dendro.
- All the bloom will be hit by Raiden Shogun's Skill creating a continues Hyperbloom reaction
- Great team that does not require many investments.

Notes About Team Comps For Raiden Shogun

Raiden Shogun is a strong and flexible character. You can fit her in most Electro comps and her Energy Recharge buff from her Burst is great across all teams. Her only downside is that she can steal reactions with her Elemental Skill.

Raiden Shogun Guide - How To Use Raiden Shogun?

Recommended Rotation For Raiden Shogun

Recommended Rotation
1Use Elemental Skill and switch to other characters
2Build Resolve Stacks by using other character's Bursts
3Once you have full or more than half Resolve Stacks, use Raiden's Burst
4Spam Normal Attack until it expires
5Repeat Step 1

Uses Of Raiden Shogun's Elemental Skill

Deals Periodic Electro Damage With All Attack

While Raiden Shogun's Elemental Skill is active, a constant periodic Electro damage will be unleashed. This will work in time with other attacks. This also works even if Raiden Shogun is not the one dealing the attacks.

Builds Resolve Stacks When Other Characters Use Their Bursts

During its duration, whenever characters use their Burst, they will add Resolve Stacks to Raiden Shogun. You can check how much you have by the amount lighted up in the circle that the skill creates. The more Resolve Stacks you have, the higher the damage will be added to your Burst damage!

Uses Of Raiden Shogun's Elemental Burst

Deals A High-Damage Initial Slash

When you unleash Raiden Shogun's Elemental Burst, it will start off with an initial slash, the biggest single damage from her Burst! This is purely Electro damage!

Imbues Electro & Changes Raiden Shogun's Normal Attack Animations

After her Burst, for a short duration, Raiden Shogun's Normal Attacks will be imbued with Electro. Her Normal Attack string will also change, as well as her Charged Attack!

Gives Energy To The Team

With every hit from her burst, you gain energy for the rest of your team. This will allow you to use their Bursts to fill up Resolve Stacks, Just make sure Raiden Shogun's Elemental Skill is active.

Raiden Shogun Ascension Materials

Lack materials in your world? Search for people who would like to help in this: Item Exchange Thread

Materials Needed for Level Ascension

Amakumo Fruit Farm Routes

Amakumo Fruit Farm Routes
Amakumo Fruit Farm Route

Talent Materials For Raiden Shogun

Raiden Shogun 's Recommended Talent Priority

TalentLevel Up Priority
Normal Attack: Origin★★★・・
Transcendence: Baleful Omen
(Elemental Skill)
Secret Art: Musou Shinsetsu
(Elemental Burst)

Should You Get Or Wish For Raiden Shogun?

Pull For A Strong DPS/Sub-DPS

Raiden Shogun

Raiden Shogun's extremely strong when it comes to dealing Electro DMG and because of her kit, she can act as either a main DPS or Sub-DPS. Her Skill and her Burst are fairly strong and she's quite easy to build, making her a good character to have on your roster.

Should You Pull for Raiden Shogun?

Best Constellation For Raiden Shogun

Constellation 2 For Maximum Damage

Raiden Shogun's attack during her Burst at Constellation 2 will ignore the enemies' DEF, enabling your Raiden Shogun to deal higher damage. Among the Constellations, this one has the most damage increase, which is very useful for Burst DPS builds.

Should You Pull For C2?

Advantages Of C2
- Ignores 60% Defense of Enemies During Elemental Burst
Damage during Elemental Burst increases by 1.5x
- Amazing when using Raiden in a Hypercarry Comp.
- Constellation 1 helps in gaining stacks.
Constellation & Weapon UsedRecommended Level
Raiden Shogun C0 + The Catch★★★★★
Raiden Shogun C0 + Engulfing Lightning★★★★・
Raiden Shogun C1 + Engulfing Lightning or The Catch★・・・・
Raiden Shogun C2 + The Catch★★★★★
Raiden Shogun C2 + Engulfing Lightning★★★★・

▲ Recommendations are based on the cost-effectiveness and its worth.

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Anonymous 81

have c2 with the catch, c6 bennett, c6 xianling and c5 xingqiu.
Efect probably once did 360k dmg, and in abyss, max 160k dmg.

Sucks as hell, should choose hu tao instead

Xero 80

@A local barrel
Go for main/sub dps to fully take advantage of her kit.
I run her with Tighnari and Ayato but honestly the Quicken reaction is good enough there. For more dmg output after Raiden burst theres always Ayato for me.

A local barrel 79

Is it possible to hybridize the hyperbloom AND subdps build? or is that a point of no return? help?

Link 78

Why is C0 and C2 5 stars but C1 is only one Star? xD
I got really Lucky and got her two times so i feel like I got lucky to be unlucky..

Anonymous 77

Wish can get her C2 soon

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