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Genshin | Fontaine Things To Do & How To Unlock?

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Fontaine is one of the nations in Genshin Impact. Guide includes characters, release date, location, characters, Archon quests, underwater exploration, gimmicks, element, what is Fontaine, how to unlock and more!

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Fontaine - How To Unlock & Location

Fontaine Map

Notable Locations & Regions
- Fortress Of Meropide
- Fontaine Research Institute Of Kinetic Energy
- Liffey Region
Release DateAugust 16, 2023

From The North Of Sumeru Use The Elevator To Reach The Statue Of Seven


▲The waypoint above will be unlocked after Mondstadt Arc.

You can easily get to Fontaine using a Waypoint at the north most part of Sumeru. This waypoint will be unlocked upon completing Mondstadt Arc. Upon unlocking Statue of Seven, you will be able to swim and dive in Fontaine!

To Explore Fontaine, You Only Need To Clear Mondstadt Archon Quest

If you just want to explore Fontaine, you just need to clear Song Of The Dragon And Freedom Archon Quest. If you want to explore while doing the story, exploring Fontaine after Sumeru is recommended.

Fontaine Things To Do

Things To Do
1▼Unlock Waypoints & Statue Of Seven
2▼Collect Hydroculus & Open Shrine Of Depths (216 pcs. available)
3▼Finish Archon Quests & Story Quests
4▼Find & Activate Aircrafts (5 locations)
5▼Collect Mysterious Core (7 pcs.)
6▼Collect Strange Parts (17 pcs.)
7▼Collect Enigmatic Pages (12 Pages)
8▼Drained Conch Cups (2 pcs.)
9▼Solve Hot Spring Puzzle (1 location)
10▼Locate & Defeat the Local Legends (8 locations)
11▼Collect Luxurious Chests
12▼Collect Bottled Treasure Map (8 pcs.)

Unlock Waypoints & Statue Of Seven

Waypoint & Statue Of Seven

Make exploring Fontaine a lot easier by unlocking all of the waypoints and Statue of Seven. It is recommended to unlock the 3 Statue of Seven first then go to Waypoints. Unlocking the first Statue of Seven allows you to explore the underwater depths of Fontaine.

Fontaine Underwater Exploration Guide

Don't Forget To Try Out Hydro Traveler As Well

The Hydro version of Traveler can also be unlocked by resonating with Fontaine Statue Of Seven.

Hydro Traveler Build & Weapon

Collect Hydroculus

Hydroculus Icon /

Fully explore Fontaine while collecting Hydroculus for various rewards like Primogems and Constellations for Hydro Traveller.

Hydroculus Location & Map

Use The Shrine Keys That You Will Get To Get More Luxurious Chest

Shrine Of Depths

Open the Shrines of Depths that you will get by offering Oculus to get Luxurious Chest.

Fontaine Shrine Of Depths Locations

Finish Archon Quests & Story Quests

Archon Quest

To fully unlock most of the World Quest and know more about the country, it is recommended to play Archon Quest. To start Chapter 4, you need to finish the Archon Quest Caribert.

Unlocks Fountain Of Lucine

Fontaine Rewards System

Fointain Of Lucine is a reward wherein you offer Hydro Sigils for rewards. Maxing out this Fountain is one of the things to do in Fontaine.

Fountain Of Lucine Location & How To Level Up Guide

Find & Activate Aircrafts

How To Solve?
1Get a violet light and activate the Aircraft.
2Solve the gimmick or fight enemies that you will encounter.
(※ If the Aircraft stop, hit it with the light once again.
3Once the Aircraft lands, the challenge is cleared.

All Locations Of Aircraft

Aircraft System
Fontaine Aircraft (Antoine Roger Aircraft) Guide

Collect Mysterious Cores

▲ Activate them with either Pneuma or Ousia.

How To Solve?
1Attack the machines with Pneuma or Ousia.
2Defeat enemies.
3Repeat 1~2 until a treasure chest appears.
4Obtain the Mysterious Core from the Treasure chest.

All Mysterious Core Locations

Mysterious Core Locations
Mysterious Core Guide

Collect Strange Parts

How To Get Strange Parts?

How To Get Strange Parts?
1Get 11 pieces from World Quests.
2Help NPCs of Merusea Village to get 2 pieces.
3Obtain 2 pieces from Treasure Chests.

Exchange Area


You can get specialties and materials from Xana in exchange of Strange Parts. Collecting this parts will lead to various Fontaine quests.

Collect Enigmatic Pages

LocationObtainable Page
Obtained During World Quest 1, 2, 3
At Institute Of Natural Philosophy4, 5, 6, 8, 11
↳ You will need Key To Some Place In The Institute
At Annapausis7, 9
At A Very Warm Place 12, 13

Can Be Submitted At "Book Of Revealing"


At "A Very Warm Place" there is a cave with the Book of Revealing where you can submit the gathered Enigmatic Page. Collecting Enigmatic Pages is also a collectible in Fontaine that gives Luxurious Chest.

Fontaine Enigmatic Pages Locations & Uses

Drained Conch Cup

Drained Conch Cup

Drained Conch Cup is a quest item that can be obtained from the precious chest in the Institute of Natural Philosophy and the Narzissenkreuz Ordo.

Drained Conch Cup Guide

Fontaine Hot Spring

Fontaine Hot Spring

Claim a luxurious chest and a couple of hidden achievements by completing the puzzles of the Fontaine Hot Spring. You can also unlock the location of Iron Viscount as you proceed.

Fontaine Hot Spring Guide

Fontaine Local Legends (Mini Boss)

Fontaine Local Legends

There are a total of 8 Local Legends scattered around the Fontaine nation. Locate these local legends and defeat them to obtain rewards, such as Precious Chest and hidden achievements.

All Fontaine Local Legends

How To Beat Fontaine Local Legends Guide

Collect Luxurious Chests

There is a significant amount of Luxurious Chests that can be found within Fontaine. Some of them can easily be obtained by locating them or by playing through quests, while some will require a bit of puzzle-solving.

All Fontaine Luxurious Chest List

Collect Bottled Treasure Maps

Bottled Treasure Map in Fontaine

Bottle Treasure Maps are scattered and can be found in different areas around the region of Fontaine. Each location has a different way of getting the treasure map, some have puzzles some do not. Search all of these 8 Bottled Treasure Maps and obtain precious chests.

Bottled Treasure Map Locations & Solutions

Fontaine World Quests

Fontaine Reputation Quests

  1. A Certain Noticea certain notice
    How To Unlock:
    Finish As Light Rain Falls Without Reason
  2. A Certain Stampa certain stamp
    How To Unlock:
    Finish A Certain Trifle Quest
  3. A Certain Triflea certain trifle
    How To Unlock:
    Finish A Certain Notice Quest
  4. A Letter Quest Guide
    A Lettera letter
    How To Unlock:
    Unlocked by completing A Certain Notice, A Certain Trifle, & A Certain Stamp. Afterwards finish the quest Fontaine Research Institute, Stagnating In The Rubble
  5. The Narzissenkreuz Adventure
    Ann's Storyann's story
    How To Unlock:
    Progress With The Narzissenkreuz Adventure
  6. Another Horizon Of Adventure Quest
    Another Horizon Of Adventureanother horizon of adventure
    How To Unlock:
    - Talk to Katheryne after completing the following archon quests:
    Prelude Of Blancheur And Noirceur
    As Light Rain Falls Without Reason
  7. Aqueous Tidemarks
    Aqueous Tidemarksaqueous tidemarks
    How To Unlock:
    Talk To Virgil At The Court Of Fontaine
  8. Start Location
    Both Brains and Brawnboth brains and brawn
    How To Unlock:
    Complete Unfinished Comedy Quest Chain to unlock.
  9. Canticles of Harmony Starting Location
    Canticles of Harmonycanticles of harmony
    How To Unlock:
    - Head to Petrichol Island at Nostoi Region.
  10. Danger Lurks Everywhere in Fontainedanger lurks everywhere in fontaine
    How To Unlock:
    - Complete the Archon Quest As Light Rain Falls Without Reason.
  11. Map
    Daydreams Beyond Space And Timedaydreams beyond space and time
    How To Unlock:
    - Complete Where His Life Lies.
  12. Echoes of the Ancient World quest location
    Echoes of the Ancient Worldechoes of the ancient world
    How To Unlock:
    Finish Limner, Dreamer, and Robotic Dog Quest
  13. Fishing Game
    Fishing Gamefishing game
    How To Unlock:
    Unlock Merusea Village And Talk To Iara
  14. Fontaine Research Institute, Stagnating In The Rubble
    Fontaine Research Institute, Stagnating In The Rubblefontaine research institute, stagnating in the rubble
    How To Unlock:
    Unlock by saving Desnos.
  15. Pumpkin Soup
    Hey, This Isn't Pumpkin Soup...hey, this isn't pumpkin soup...
    How To Unlock:
    Talk to Verenata after completing A Brush Of Seafoam and Crimson Quest.
  16. Latecoming Homecoming Starting Location
    Latecoming Homecominglatecoming homecoming
    How To Unlock:
    - Complete Canticles of Harmony and wait for server reset.
  17. Map
    Our Purpose Is in Another Canalour purpose is in another canal
    How To Unlock:
    Talk to Aigouy
  18. Road to Singularity Quest Guide
    Road to the Singularityroad to the singularity
    How To Unlock:
    Save the guy trapped in a cage.
  19. Limner Dreamer and Robotic Dog World Quest
    Seymour's Story: Prologueseymour's story: prologue
    How To Unlock:
    Will be automatically completed during the Limner, Dreamer, and Robotic Dog Quest.
  20. Strange Stone Chronicle
    Strange Stone Chroniclestrange stone chronicle
    How To Unlock:
    Finish Limner, Dreamer, and Robotic Dog Quest
  21. The Fountain Flows Againthe fountain flows again
    How To Unlock:
    Complete the Archon Quest As Light Rain Falls Without Reason
  22. Head to Lonely Place
    The Lone Phantom Sailthe lone phantom sail
    How To Unlock:
    Talk to Ahes at "A Lonely Place" underwater after finishing A Brush Of Seafoam and Crimson Quest.
  23. The Three Primary Colors of Solar Corona
    The Three Primary Colors of the Solar Coronathe three primary colors of the solar corona
    How To Unlock:
    Complete the Limner, Dreamer, and Robotic Dog Quest.
  24. Treacherous Light of the Depths
    Treacherous Light of the Depthstreacherous light of the depths
    How To Unlock:
    Unlock upon entering a hidden ruins located in the deepest underwater area.
  25. Truly Mouthwatering
    Truly Mouthwateringtruly mouthwatering
    How To Unlock:
    Defeat The Crabs
  26. Upon a Flowery Field of Grass world quest
    Upon a Flowery Field of Grassupon a flowery field of grass
    How To Unlock:
    Talk to Earnshaw
  27. Villains Quest Guide
    How To Unlock:
    Automatically unlocks once you approach Blanche's location.
  28. Were It So Easy Starting Point
    Were It So Easywere it so easy
    How To Unlock:
    Complete the Limner, Dreamer, and Robotic Dog quest
  29. Location
    Where His Life Lieswhere his life lies
    How To Unlock:
    - Complete Canticles of Harmony and Garcia's Paean then wait for server reset.
  30. Start Location
    A Brush Of Seafoam and Crimsona brush of seafoam and crimson
    How To Unlock:
    Rescue Mamere at Beryl Region from Ermites.
  31. A Fontainian Message
    A Fontainian Messagea fontainian message
    How To Unlock:
    Complete Aqueous Tidemarks Quest
  32. A Gradient Dream and Ocre Quest
    A Gradient Dream and Ocre Questa gradient dream and ocre quest
    How To Unlock:
    Complete A Brush Of Seafoam and Crimson Quest to unlock.
  33. An Expected Liean expected lie
    How To Unlock:
    - Complete An Expected Plan Quest
  34. An Expected Planan expected plan
    How To Unlock:
  35. Ancient Color quest guide
    Ancient Colorsancient colors
    How To Unlock:
    Rescue Mamere at Beryl Region from Ermites.
  36. Ann of the Narzissenkreuz
    Ann Of The Narzissenkreuzann of the narzissenkreuz
    How To Unlock:
    Talk To The Lochfolk At Chemin De L'Espoir
  37. Berrypuff The Blubberbeast
    Berrypuff The Blubberbeastberrypuff the blubberbeast
    How To Unlock:
    Visit An Underwater Structure
  38. Book of Esoteric
    Book of Esoteric Revelationsbook of esoteric revelations
    How To Unlock:
    Talk to Canotila at Merusea Village after finishing A Brush Of Seafoam and Crimson Quest.
  39. Fontaine Research Institute, Stagnating In The Rubble
    Fontaine Research Institute Chronicles Quest Chainfontaine research institute chronicles quest chain
    How To Unlock:
    Start this quest by saving Desnos from the 2 Meka dogs.
  40. An Unmarked Quest In Petrichor Island
    For Yesterday And Tomorrowfor yesterday and tomorrow
    How To Unlock:
    - Complete Canticles of Harmony and head to Petrichor Island
  41. Free Versefree verse
    How To Unlock:
    Talk to the girl on the dock south of Opera Epiclese.
  42. Good Stuff But Terrible Taste
    Good Stuff But Terrible Tastegood stuff but terrible taste
    How To Unlock:
    Defeat The Hilichurls & Activate The Mechanism
  43. Happy Birthdayhappy birthday
    How To Unlock:
  44. Impromptu Poem Of The Crimson Dawnimpromptu poem of the crimson dawn
    How To Unlock:
    Approach the man trapped in a cage
  45. In Expert Company Starting Point
    In Expert Company? in expert company?
    How To Unlock:
    Talk to Ms. Qiu near the Fountain of Lucine
  46. In the Wake Of Narcissusin the wake of narcissus
    How To Unlock:
    - Complete the following quests first:
    - Unfinished Comedy
    - Ann Of The Narzissenkreuz
    - Ancient Colors
    - You have to go to the Narzissenkreuz Ordo to trigger the quest once you complete all the pre-requisites.
  47. Initial Factsinitial facts
    How To Unlock:
    Complete Unfinished Comedy Quest Chain to unlock.
  48. Leroyleroy
    How To Unlock:
    - Complete Questioning Melusine and Answering Machine then talk to Euphrasie in front of the Steambird headquarters
  49. Limner Dreamer and Robotic Dog World Quest
    Limner, Dreamer, and Robotic Doglimner, dreamer, and robotic dog
    How To Unlock:
    Finish A Gradient Dream and Ocre Quest to unlock.
  50. Questioning Melusine and Answering Machinequestioning melusine and answering machine
    How To Unlock:
  51. Rowboat's Wakerowboat's wake
    How To Unlock:
    - Complete Waking From The Great Dream
  52. Savior's Wakesavior's wake
    How To Unlock:
    - Complete Search in the Algae Sea
  53. Scene from Life in Meropidescene from life in meropide
    How To Unlock:
    Unlocked during Unfinished Comedy
  54. Map
    The Wild Fairy of Erinnyesthe wild fairy of erinnyes
    How To Unlock:
    - Interact with the Carved Stone Tablet at Marcotte Station.
  55. Through The Looking Glassthrough the looking glass
    How To Unlock:
    - Finishi Book Of Esoteric Relation and Rowboat's Wake
    - Find 6 Looking Glass
  56. Unfinished Comedy world quest
    Unfinished Comedy Quest Chainunfinished comedy quest chain
    How To Unlock:
    Get captured at Fortress of Meropide
  57. Waking From The Great Dreamwaking from the great dream
    How To Unlock:
    - Complete Savior's Wake
  58. Wish-Fulfilling Treasure Huntwish-fulfilling treasure hunt
    How To Unlock:

Fontaine Materials, Enemies & Domains


New Enemies

New Domains

LocationKey Reward
Denouement Of Sin
Denouement Of Sin
Reach Adventure Rank 22 or above
Complete the Archon Quest Prologue: Act III - Song of the Dragon and Freedom

is best for:
FischlYae MikoAlbedoFurina

is best for:
Waterfall Wen Location
Waterfall Wen
Reach Adventure Rank 22 or above
Interact With The Domain To Unlock

is best for:

is best for:
Pale Forgotten Glory
Reach Adventure Rank 27 or above
Complete Archon Quest Chapter I: Act I "Of the Land Amidst Monoliths"
Philosophies Of EquityPhilosophies Of Equity
(Mon & Thu & Sun)

is used for:
Hydro TravelerLyneyNeuvillette

Philosophies Of JusticePhilosophies Of Justice
(Tue & Fri & Sun)

is used for:
CharlotteFreminetFurinaHydro Traveler

Philosophies Of OrderPhilosophies Of Order
(Wed & Sat & Sun)

is used for:
Hydro TravelerLynetteWriothesley
All-Devouring Narwhal Boss
Shadow of Another World
Adventure Rank 35 and above

is used for:

is used for:

is used for:
Echoes Of The Deep Tides
Reach Adventure Rank 16 or above
Complete Archon Quest Prologue: Act II "For a Tomorrow Without Tears"
Echo Of An Ancient ChordEcho Of An Ancient Chord
(Mon & Thu & Sun)

is used for:
The First Great MagicVerdictAbsolution

is used for:
Finale Of The DeepFlowing Purity

is used for:
Ballad Of The FjordsTidal ShadowRightful RewardPortable Power SawCashflow SupervisionUltimate OverlordCrimson Moon

Fontaine Achievements

List Of All Fontaine Achievements

Fables De Fontaine Book Locations Renart The Deceiver Achievement GuideRenart The DeceiverCollect the 3 Fables De Fontaine Books in order to unlock this achievement.
Robben Versus Chesterton Book & Achievement GuideRobben Versus ChestertonCollect all the 3 books to unlock this achievement
The History Of The Decline And Fall Of Remuria Book & Achievement GuideCompendium of MiseryCollect the 3 books of The History Of The Decline And Fall Of Remuria to unlock this achievement.
Angle EraserAngle EraserDefeat the 3 groups of Beastly Rifts around Elynas to get this achievement
Fontaine Hot Spring Guide - How To Clear & RewardsWaterworld FutureClear the Hot Spring in Elynas area
Fontaine Hot Spring Guide - How To Clear & RewardsTwenty Thousand Leagues Under the SeaClear the Hot Spring in Elynas area
Fontaine Hot Spring Guide - How To Clear & RewardsCore CoolingClear the Hot Spring in Elynas area
Iron ViscountIron ViscountDefeat the Iron Viscount (for the first time)
Aqueous Tidemarks Quest Guide How To Unlock The Narzissenkreuz OrdoEncyclopedia of Natural Philosophy Unlock the Encyclopedia of Natural Philosophy achievement when entering the institute for the first time
How To Celebrate SereneIt's Fish, I added FishComplete the How To Celebrate Serene's Birthday in order to unlock this achievement
Strange Stone Chronicle Guide Birth Of The Modern Clock AchievementBirth Of The Modern ClockComplete the Day 1 and Day 2 of Strange Stone Chronicle to unlock this achievement
These Are A Few Of My Achievement GuideThese Are A Few Of My Achievement GuideUnlock this achievement by playing the turntable on the underwater room.
An Eye To Eye AchievementAn Eye To EyeAbsorb the Bullet Barnacle's attack and use a counter-attack it to unlock this achievement.
Do You Believe In Rapture? Achievement GuideDo You Believe In Rapture? Complete the 3 challenges and unlock a precious chest and this achievement.
Ann Of The Narzissenkreuz Quest GuideHardships ExperiencedComplete the Ann Of The Narzissenkreuz Quest.
Ann Of The Narzissenkreuz Quest GuideAnd After That...Complete the Ann Of The Narzissenkreuz Quest.
Ann Of The Narzissenkreuz Quest GuideAnn in WonderlandComplete the Ann Of The Narzissenkreuz Quest.
Key To Some PlaceA Study in SableEnter the Institute of Natural Philosophy for the first time.
Fontaine Reputation System Location & How To UnlockIn Search of Frittered TimeReach level 10 in Fontaine Reputation.
Fairy Knight Twins Guide & How To DefeatThe White Path Between Two RiversGet defeated by the hunting rays without engaging into a fight.
Cell, Splinter Achievement GuideCell, SplinterHit the Breacher Primus during its Stress State using any Fontaine characters or the Hydro traveler.
Too Hot To Handle!Too Hot To Handle! Achievement GuideContsntly apply cryo element to the Tainted Hydro Phantasm.
Funerary Storm Achievement GuideFunerary StormHit Dirge of Coppelia using Pneuma attack while in whirlwind state.
Blubby, Chubby, Creative Evolution GuideBlubby, Chubby, Creative EvolutionFeed Berrfypuff for 5 days (time-gated)
Like Water Disappearing Into Water achievementLike Water Disappearing Into WaterHear about the prophecy of Fontaine on the first half of Prelude Of Blancheur And Noirceur Archon Quest.
The King Is Dead, Long Live the King! Achievement GuideThe King Is Dead, Long Live the King!Destroy the Emperor Of Fire And Iron's pyro shield during its Searing Coronation.
Icebound Oath Achievement GuideIcebound OathHit the Nemesis of Coppelius with Ousia skill during its Climax performance.
Green Feather Accessory Location & Use GuideFontaine Expects That Everyone Will Do Their DutyUse the Green Feather Accessory to unlock this achievement.
A Sudden Squall achievement
A Sudden Squall
Complete the A Certain Notice, A Certain Triffle and A Certain Stamp world quest series.
Second Childhood achievement
Second Childhood
Get the achievement through the Their Childhood: City Caper daily commission.
Office on the Avenue achievement
Office on the Avenue
Get this achievement through Talks from the Court daily commission.
Not Your Average JoeGet this achievement after completing the Get a Drink at Least! daily commission (4 parts).
Aesthetic CritiqueObtain this achievement upon completing the Principles of Aesthetics quest series (daily commission).
The Calendar of the Future Is Longer Than the Diary of the PastThe Calendar of the Future Is Longer Than the Diary of the PastUnlock this achievement by reading all the Cipher Letter 1 to 5 (accordingly).
Energy Concentrating Component Locations & Achievement GuideThe Worst! Fontaine's Eight Evil Clockwork Knights! Unlock this achievement by collecting the 7 Energy Concentrating Components.
Pufferfruit Challenge Guide & LocationLe Scaphandre et le PufferfruitComplete the 3 Pufferfruit challenge to unlock this achievement.
Luachra The Brilliant Location & How To BeatLuachra The BrilliantDefeat the Luachra The Brilliant.
Fontaine Research Institute, Stagnating In The Rubble Quest GuideThis Ends HereComplete the Fontaine Research Institute, Stagnating In The Rubble quest.
Fontaine Research Institute, Stagnating In The Rubble Quest GuideMired in Red TapeComplete the Fontaine Research Institute, Stagnating In The Rubble quest.
Consumer SocietyBuy the Fortress of Meropide and Pankration TCG card from Alvard in the Fortress of Meropide area
Unfinished Comedy Quest Chain GuideWhen the Clock Strikes MidnightUnlock this achievement during Caterpillar's transformation, during the Unfinished Comedy quest.
Villains Quest GuideLes Quatre CoupsComplete the Villains.
Mysterious Ore Location & Uses Of Arkhium StockCome on out, Mystery Ore! Grant my wish!Unlock this achievement upon collecting all Mysterious Ore.
The Remains of the DayGet this achievement by climbing a certain hill, then sit beside a painting. Adjust the in-game time to 17:15.
Thorny Cyst - Location & How To Beat GuideBreak the Time ZoneGet this achievement after defeating the Thorny Cyst.
In Search of Lost Time QuestThe Forgotten ReamComplete the In Search of Lost Time quest.
Road to the Singularity Quest GuideWhile Motors Sleep...Complete the Road to the Singularity quest.
Automated Supercomputing Field Generator Location & How To BeatAutomated Supercomputing Field GeneratorDefeat the Automated Supercomputing Field Generator.
Spur Gear Guide & LocationsUndocumented FeatureLocate all the Spur Gears and assemble it to the prototype.
Solitary ReportTalk to Chronie.
Unfinished Comedy Quest Chain GuideThere Is One Spectacle Grander Than the Sea, That Is the SkyComplete the Unfinished Comedy, where you got Lanoire out of the Fortress.
Scenes From Life In Meropide Quest GuideNon-Zero-Sum Game Complete the satisfactory survey from the Fortress receptionist, Monglane.
Treacherous Light of the Depths Quest GuideWhat Lies at the End of the Rainbow...?Complete the Treacherous Light of the Depths quest.
Experimental Field Generator Location & DropsThe Distance of the MoonPlunge 11x when its Gravitational Reduction Field is activated.
Experimental Field Generator Location & DropsGravity FrontAvoid the gravity ripple during the gravity reduction until you defeat it. Do not use Geo Characters as well to get this.
New Tide Anthology Book Series Location & Achievement Guide...What New Tide?Locate and read the 3 books of New Tide Anthology books.
Full Pankration Fonta Cup & Achievement GuideThe Final Fonta SeaDrink a Full Pankration Fonta 1x, 13x and 16x.
New Inspiration! New Products!Complete the Daily Commission "The Refreshing Fonta, A Font Of Refreshement!"
Semnai Sans ShadowSemnai Sans ShadowOpen all Pashiv's chest at the end of the quest.

Fontaine Gimmicks

Ousia And Pneuma (Arkhe System)

Ousia And Pneuma (Arkhe System)

A new gameplay/system that can only be found in Fontaine. These Ousia And Pneuma are the two opposing energies of the Arkhe System. Using these energies will help you utilize some of Fontaine's mechanisms and properties.

Know More About Ousia And Pneuma Here!

Underwater Gimmicks

Fontaine underwater explorationCurrentsThese currents has the same function as the anemo ring. Once you enter these currents, Your movement will increase.
Fontaine underwater explorationHigh-Pressure Water VentAvoid these high-pressure currents if you have an armored crab shield
Fontaine underwater explorationRecovery OrbThis orb regenerates your aquatic stamina and HP
Fontaine underwater explorationEchoing ConchThis echoing conches will help you detect invisible objects nearby.
Fontaine underwater explorationFantastical Floating BallThe ringed device will be activated once the floating ball came in contact with the sphere.
Fontaine underwater explorationXenochromatic CreaturesAbsorb their abilities in order to use for combat and solving puzzles.

Underwater Puzzles

fontaine pufferfruit underwater exploration PufferfruitsDestroy these Pufferfruits using the abilities coming from the Xenochromatic Creatures to complete the challenge.
Strange EelAttack the Strange Eels with any Xenochromatic ability to get a chest. If there are two of them, you have to hit them both at the same time

What Is Fontaine?

Fontaine Is The Nation Of Hydro


Fontaine is the French word for Fountain, which is related to Hydro (water). Fontaine is also the home of the Hydro Archon which is also one of the Seven Nations.

Ruled By Focalors

Focalors, the Hydro Archon, is the God of Justice and rules over Fontaine after the death of Lord of Amrita. Focalors was described as someone with a unique personality and a person who likes the courtroom.

Focalors (Hydro Archon) Guide

Fontaine Characters

Character List

confirmed characters
CharacterElementNationBonus Stat
ArlecchinoArlecchinoPyroPolearmCRIT DMG
ClorindeClorindeElectroSwordCRIT Rate
FurinaFurinaHydroSwordCRIT Rate
LynetteLynetteAnemoSwordAnemo DMG Bonus
LyneyLyneyPyroBowCRIT Rate
NaviaNaviaGeoClaymoreCRIT DMG
NeuvilletteNeuvilletteHydroCatalystCRIT DMG
WriothesleyWriothesleyCryoCatalystCRIT DMG

Filter Your Search Results

All Fontaine Characters

Fontaine Related Articles

Map & Puzzle Related

Fontaine Domains

Artifact Domains

Talent Book Domains

Weapon Ascension Material Domains

Weekly Boss Domains

Other Fontaine Guides

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There's a book icon on the map south of the city and west of Pale Forgotten Glory, right by the wave rider summon point. Does anyone please know what it is/how to find the place/get there?

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