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Mysterious Ore Location & Uses Of Arkhium Stock
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Mysterious Ore Location & Uses Of Arkhium Stock

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Mysterious Ore Location & Uses Guide for Genshin Impact. See how to get all of the Mysterious Ore, Map for Mysterious Ore, Fontaine Mysterious Ores, achievements and more for Mysterious Ores.

Table Of Contents

Mysterious Ore Location & Map

※Those number that does not have labels can be found above ground.
※ To get, you need to complete several World Quests

All Mysterious Ore Location Map
Mysterious Ore Location Details
(Tap To Jump)

Mysterious Ore Location 1: Close To Experimental Field Generator

Mysterious Ore 1 Location
Mysterious Ore Location 1
Mysterious Ore Location 1 Details

The first Mysterious Ore Location can be found on the top of the building where Experimental Field Generator can be found. You do not need to battle the boss to get this Mysterious Ore you just need to climb the wall to get the ore.

Mysterious Ore Location 2: Obtained During Unfinished Comedy

Mysterious Ore 2 Location
Mysterious Ore Location 2
Mysterious Ore Location 2

The Second Mysterious Ore can be found during the World Quest, Unfinished Comedy, right when you are about to clear the quest, you will be sent to a maze of Crystal. You can find the Second Mysterious Ore at that Crystal Maze by the exit. You can easily get the quest by being captured at Fortress Of Meropide.

How To Unlock Unfinished Comedy?

Unlock Area
Unlock Area Unfinished Comedy
Unlock Area Unfinished Comedy
Unfinished Comedy Quest Chain Guide

Mysterious Ore Location 3: During Road To Singularity World Quest

Mysterious Ore 3 Location
Mysterious Ore Location 3
Mysterious Ore Location 3

The Third Mysterious Ore can be obtained during Road to the Singularity. You can find it at the house where you end up at the end of the quest. You can get it Northwest of New Fontaine Research Institute. Ride the Elevator northwest to unlock the quest.

Unlock Area Of Road To Singularity World Quest

Unlock Area
Road To Singularity
Road To Singularity Location
Road to the Singularity Quest Guide

Mysterious Ore 4: Defeat The Hidden Boss "Thorny Cyst"

Mysterious Ore 4 Location
Mysterious Ore 4 Location
Mysterious Ore 4 Location Details

The 4th Mysterious Ore location can be found at Mont Esus East. It will appear if you defeat Thorny Cyst. After defeating the Thorny Cyst a Mysterious Ore can be found in the place where boss is.

How To Get To Thorny Cyst?

Thorny Cyst Location
How To Get Map
Road To Singularity Location

To get to Thorny Cyst, you need to dive in the marked location above and follow the path to an underwater cave. There will be a wall blocked by a Red Monster, attack it with the Jellyfish Xenochromatic Creature explosion to open and reach the area.

For The Boss, Care For Your HP While Attacking The Tentacles

Thorny Cyst

The boss, Thorny Cyst can be found underwater so defeating it would be different than usual. Once your HP is lower, change to another character and heal using the fishes around. Once you are done dealing damage to vines, attack the main body and defeat it.

Mysterious Ore 5: Clear Treacherous Light of the Depths

Mysterious Ore 5 Location
Mysterious Ore 5 Location
Mysterious Ore 5 Location

5th Mysterious Ore can be found as you do Treacherous Light of the Depths Quest. You will get it at the cave where you are at right before it ends. You can find it from the underground entrance southeast to the lake but you will unlock a World Quest automatically.

Entrance To The Underground

DEstroy Wall
Treacherous Light of the Depths Quest Guide

Mysterious Ore 6: At Central Laboratory Ruins

Mysterious Ore 6 Location
Mysterious Ore 6 Location
Mysterious Ore 6 Location

The 6th location of Mysterious Ore can be found at the ruin-like place at Central Laboratory Ruins. You can find it above the huge building.. There are no stairs at the area so climb it using walls.

Mysterious Ore 7: Central Laboratory Ruins Below The Waypoint

Mysterious Ore 7 Location
Mysterious Ore 7 Location
Mysterious Ore 7 Location

7th Mysterious Ore location can be found at the waypoint below the Water area.. It is inside a breakable rock that can be broken by Jellyfish Ability.

How To Unlock The Waypoint?
Broken Bridge
From the waypoint at the New Fontaine Research Institute, climb the broken bridge to get to the Hydro cube Area.
Giant Bubble
Once you are in the Water Zone, follow several giant bubble to move forward.
Hydro Warp
If you destroy the Giant Bubble, a Hydro Warp will appear that will connect you to the waypoint.

Path From The Waypoint In The Sky

Teleport at the Waypoint in the Sky.
From the waypoint, go to the Water Zone from east.
Once you enter the area, copy the ability of the Jellyfish.
Head to the bottom of the Water Zone and find a breakable rock. Destroy that rock to get the Mysterious Ore.

Mysterious Ore Uses

You cannot use Mysterious Ore as it is.
Collect all 7 Ores and it will transform into Arkhium Stock.
※ For how to use Arkhium, check below for how to use.

Use Arkhium Stock To Complete The Press Preparation Work

The goal is to get to the south underground area of New Fontaine Research Institute. If you haven't unlocked the waypoint, use the waypoint close to the boss, Millennial Pearl Seahorse. From there, head to the cave area.
Follow Path
Follow the path until you find a Machine enemy. Defeat it and activate the mechanism.
Middle Device
At the new area, place the Arkhium Stock.
Stop Gass
Gas will leak at 3 locations, stop it.
※ Get the fallen handle.You can fid it at the bottom most floor.
The middle machine will be working again so head back above.
Activate the Press when the light is already strong. (Repeat until an event occurs / Repeat this step)
You need to cool the machine so defeat the enemies that will appear and use Hydro to cool the machine.
Cooling System
Use the Switch that you will find right away and activate it.
At the bottom most floor, destroy the rock to release water then do the Press again.
After the Press, Cut the vines using the power of Rays
Hit Both
Get the power of the Jellyfish at the bottom floor, then defeat the red monsters. (You need to defeat all.)
※You will get Achievement after.
Similar process with no. 8, activate the switch and do the final Press after.
Once the area i filled with water, get the Arkhium Lumenite
※ You will also unlock a treasure chest.

Arkhium Lumenite Unlocks A Door

Door Detail

You can use Arkhium Lumenite at south of Central Laboratory Ruins. There is a Hydroculus inside the door and a Drained Conch Cup. You can go over the invisible wall so do not overlook it.

Pass By Invisible WallLocation Of Hydroculus
Hydroculus Location & Map

Mysterious Ore - Hidden Achievements

Unlock Hidden Achievements

The Red Meanies' Revenge Achievement

Mysterious Ore Achievement

Get this achievement upon destroying the Red Meanies (red monsters) that are attached to the drainage at the bottom during the Press Preparation Work.

Not So Strait Is The Gate Achievement

Mysterious Ore Achievement

Once you obtain the Arkhium Lumenite, use this to open a secret room in the south area of the Central Laboratory Ruins and you will automatically unlock this achievement.

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Anonymous 6


Mysterious 5

Mysterious Ore 6: Rotate the wheel and defeat the hydro slime to get the current thing. Use it to go top.

Anonymous 4

i collected all and still have 6. WHAT

Anonymous 3

you can also sneak into the fortress using the tunnel north of a waypoint/east of the searchlights to start the "Unfinished Comedy" quest

835566672 2

Numbers 6 and 8 are the there's only 7 ores (?)..please verify,thank you..

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