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Bottled Treasure Map Locations & Solutions
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Bottled Treasure Map Locations & Solutions

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Bottled Treasure Maps are clues for hidden treasure for Genshin Impact. See all Bottled Treasure Map locations, how to solve the riddles, puzzle solutions, & secret treasure map.

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What Are Bottled Treasure Map?

Obtainable At Gigantic Clams Under The Sea

Bottled Treasure Map

Bottled Treasure Maps are the hidden treasure maps that can be found inside gigantic clams underwater. There are a total of 8 Treasure Maps and each one of them has a puzzle that will unlock treasure chest. These treasure chest is hidden from Treasure Compasses.

Riddles / Gimmick Can Be Found By Examining The Treasure Map

Treasure Map Sample

After obtaining the treasure map, you need to head to the area where the chest is and solve the riddle to unlock a treasure chest.

After Collecting All 6, It Will Fuse Into One


After collecting all bottled treasure map, a Rainbow Rose's Ideals will be made. There are no special rewards from it but you will get extra flavor text and lore from this item.

Get All Treasure Chest To Get An Achievement


After obtaining 8 hidden treasure chest from the Bottled Treasure Map. Check below for the details on how to unlock the treasure chests:

All Hidden Treasure Chests
▼Rouge's Writings▼Liam's Ballad
▼Rocky Avildsen's Disappearance▼Athos's Confession
▼Parker's Hopes▼Barrow's Expectations
▼Autumn's Regrets▼Freeman's Announcement

Rouge's Writing Location & Puzzle Solution

West Of Fort Charybdis Ruins (Underwater)

Rouge's Writing Location
Rouge's Writing Map
Rouge's Writing Location

Rouge's Writing can be obtained in the underwater area on the west of Charybdis Ruins. Attack the huge clam on the ruins and pick-up the item inside it.

Used At East Of Weeping Willow Of The Lake

Treasure Location Rouge's Writing

The area pointed out by the Map is located on the east of Weeping Willow of the Lake. You need to perform the action written below to unlock.

Attack The Tree That Has An Attached Apple 3 Times

Apple Tree

At the location above, there is a tree that has an apple that is unnaturally placed. Attacking this tree 3 times will reveal a treasure chest.

Rouge's Writings & Treasure Location Guide

Liam's Ballad Location & Puzzle Solution

At The Soutwest Of Morte Region Statue Of Seven (Underwater)

Liam's Ballad Location
Liam's Ballad Map
Liam's Ballad Location

Liam's Ballad can be obtained by warping to the Statue Of Seven of Morte Region. From there, head southwest and attack the gigantic clam and get inside. You can find the clam in the building ruins.

Treasure Of Liam's Ballad Is Located At East Island Of Fort Charybdis Ruins

Liam's Ballad Map
Liam's Ballad Location

To get the treasure from Liam's Ballad, you need to defeat the mini-boss in the area, Davy Smith. Afterwards you will unlock an Exquisite Chest.

Liam's Ballad Treasure Map Guide

Rocky Avildsen's Disappearance Location & Puzzle Solutions

Obtained At South Of Fort Charybdis Ruins (Underwater)

Rocky Avildsen's Disappearance
Rocky Avildsen's Disappearance
Rocky Avildsen's Disappearance

Rocky Avildsen's Disappearance can be obtained south of Fort Charybdis inside a large clam. Attack the clam to get the treasure map.

Treasure Is Located Southeast Of Fort Charybdis

Rocky Avildsen's Disappearance Map
Rocky Avildsen's Disappearance Treasure Location

To get the treasure chest of Rocky Avildsen's Disappearance, you need to defeat the mini-boss, Davy Smith Jr., in the area marked in the map above. Doing so will reveal an Exquisite Chest.

Rocky Avildsen's Disappearance Treasure Map Location Guide

Athos's Confession Location & Puzzle Solutions

West Of Fort Charybdis Ruins (Underwater)

Athos's Confession
Athos's Confession Map
Athos's Confession Location

Athos's Confession Map can be obtained at the west of Fort Charybdis Ruins on the huge clam underwater. Attack the Clam and get the item inside.

Used At Lumidouce Harbor

Athos's Confession
Athos's Confession Dig Area

To unlock Athos's Confession's Treasure Chest, you need to dig at the area marked above. Digging in the area will reveal a Precious Chest.

Athos's Confession Treasure Map Guide

Parker's Hopes Location & Puzzle Solutions

East Of East Slopes Of Mont Automnequi (Underwater)

Parker's Hopes
Parker's Hopes Map
Parker's Hopes Location

Parker's Hopes can be obtained by heading to the underwater area east of East Slopes Of Mont Automnequi. You will find a huge clam in there so hit it and get the contents inside.

Treasure Is At The East Of Weeping Willow Of The Lake

Parker's Hopes

Parker's Hopes is located at the photo above. To unlock the treasure chest follow the method written below:

How To Unlock The Treasure Box?

Parker's Hopes Step 1
Climb the summit of the mountain.
Parker's Hopes 2
Head to the island shaped like a fish.
Parker's Hope Step 3
Stand on the eye of the Fish and a treasure chest will appear.
Parker's Hopes Treasure Map Guide

Barrow's Expectations Location & Puzzle Solution

West Of Fort Charybdis Ruins (Underwater)

Barrow's Expectations
Barrow's Expectations Map
Barrow's Expectations Location

Barrow's Expectation can be obtained at the west of Fort Charybdis Ruins. You will find a big clam on the area. Hit it to open and get the item inside to get Barrow's Expectations.

Treasure Is At Northeast Of Fountain Of Lucine

Barrow Gimmick

Barrow's Expectations's treasure can be obtained on the area above. You need to finish the gimmick to unlock. For details, check the information below.

How To Unlock Treasure Chest?

Barrow's Expectations 1
Teleport to Fountain Of Lucine.
Barrow's Expectations 2
Ride the flying bout to reach the Summit of the mountain.
Barrow's Expectations 3
After reaching the last point, head to the summit.
Barrow's Expectations 4
Ride the Wind Current that will appear.
Barrow's Expectations 5
Head north and there will be a treasure box that will appear.
Barrow's Expectations Treasure Map Guide

Autumn's Regret Location & Puzzle Solutions

West Of Fort Charybdis Ruins (Underwater)

Autumn's Regret
Autumn's Regret Map
Autumn's Regret Location

Autumn's Regret can be obtained at the West of Charybdis Ruins. You can find it at a huge clam in the area. Attack it to open and get the item inside.

Treasure Is Located At East Of Weeping Willow Of The Lake

Autumn's Regret Treasure

You can get the treasure chest of Autumn's Regret at the location above. For details on how to get it, check the step by step guide below:

How To Unlock The Treasure Chest?

Autumn's Regret 1
Head to the east of Weeping Willow of the Lake.
Autumn's Regret 2
Get the power from the blue machine.
Autumn's Regret 3
Cleanse the yellow-green crystal.
Autumn's Regret 4
Dive down the Pond and warp.
Autumn's Regret 5
Head to the room and activate the switch following the picture above.
Autumn's Regrets Treasure Map Guide

Freeman's Announcement Location & Puzzle Solution

Southeast Of Fort Charybdis Ruins (Underwater)

Freeman's Announcement

Freeman's Announcement treasure map can be obtained inside a huge clam. Hit the clam with any powers to open the clam and examine the message in the bottle to obtain Freeman's Announcement.

Head To "The Rusty Rudder" To Unlock The Treasure Chest

Treasure Chest

Freeman's Announcement treasure can be unlocked by heading on the area above. For how to solve, check the steps below.

Lit Or Erase Fire From The Torches In The Area


You can find 4 Torches at The Rusty Rudder. Light up the one below the ship using Pyro and erase the rest with Hydro. One of the torches is already erased so you can keep that as is. This will Freeman's Announcement.

Freeman's Announcement Puzzle Guide & Solution

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