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Check out this all Wildlife / Animals List for Genshin Impact . This guide includes all wildlife in the game, location, what are wildlife, how to put them in Serenitea Pot, and more!

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All Wildlife / Animals List

Click on the icon of the animal for a more detailed location!

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Adorned UnagiAdorned UnagiYashiori Island
Amateur Weasel ThiefAmateur Weasel ThiefQingce Village
Amber Hunting HoundAmber Hunting HoundFontaine
Anemo CrystalflyAnemo CrystalflyDawn Winery
Azure CraneAzure CraneGuyun Stone Forest
Bake-DanukiBake-DanukiTatarasuna Island
Black CatBlack CatCity Of Mondstadt
Black King PigeonBlack King PigeonCity Of Mondstadt
Black-Back BassBlack-Back BassSpringvale
Starfell Lake
Black-Back HoundBlack-Back HoundLiyue Harbor
Blue ButterflyTBA
Blue FrogBlue FrogSpringvale
Blue Horned LizardBlue Horned LizardTBA
Blue-Fin BassBlue-Fin BassWangshu Inn
Bluecrown FinchBluecrown FinchFontaine
Bluethunder WeaselBluethunder WeaselThe Chasm Underground
Boot WeaselBoot WeaselCuijue Slope
Brightcrown PigeonBrightcrown PigeonLiyue Harbor
Brownwing FalconBrownwing FalconWuwang Hill
Qingxu Pool
Burgundy UmbrellafinchBurgundy UmbrellafinchFontaine
Chestnut Hunting HoundChestnut Hunting HoundFontaine
Coral ButterflyCoral Butterfly- Enkanomiya
- Can be bought at Chubby's (Traveling Merchant)
Crimson FinchCrimson FinchQingce Village
Crimson FoxCrimson FoxWhispering Woods
Mt. Aocang
Crimsonflank PigeonCrimsonflank PigeonCity Of Mondstadt
CrowCrowGrand Narukami Shrine
Cryo CrystalflyCryo CrystalflyDragonspine
Darkwing GooseDarkwing GooseFontaine
Deep Sea UnagiDeep Sea UnagiTBA
Dendro CrystalflyDendro CrystalflySumeru
Desert FoxDesert FoxSumeru
Dusk BirdDusk BirdSumeru
Electro CrystalflyElectro CrystalflySeirai Island
Emerald DuckEmerald DuckNear Clear Pool And Mountain Cavern
Emerald FinchEmerald FinchCamp Near Liyue Harbor East Of The Statue Of Seven
Flatcrest FulmarFlatcrest FulmarFontaine
Floating RayFloating RayEnkanomiya
Fluff-Fleece GoatFluff-Fleece GoatChenyu Vale
Forest BoarForest BoarBishui Plain
Forest Tree FrogForest Tree FrogSumeru
Forest-Patrol HoundForest-Patrol HoundCity Of Mondstadt
Wangshu Inn
FrogFrogWhispering Woods
General CrabGeneral CrabNarukami Island
Gentleman PoodleGentleman PoodleFontaine
Geo CrystalflyGeo CrystalflyGuyun Stone Forest
Glittergray Hunting HoundGlittergray Hunting HoundFontaine
Golden BassGolden BassLiyue Harbor
Golden CrabGolden CrabStarsnatch Cliff
Golden FinchGolden FinchMingyun Village
Golden LoachGolden LoachDihua Marsh
Golden Weasel ThiefGolden Weasel ThiefQingxu Pool
Gray Snow CatGray Snow CatCity Of Mondstadt
Graywing PigeonGraywing PigeonCity Of Mondstadt
Green Horned LizardGreen Horned LizardTBA
Guard PoodleGuard PoodleFontaine
Hoarder Weasel ThiefHoarder Weasel ThiefDunyu Ruins
Jade-Eyed CatJade-Eyed CatLiyue Harbor
Jadestone TurtleJadestone TurtleChenyu Vale
KitsuneKitsuneByakko Plain
Lady PoodleLady PoodleFontaine
Lapis GledeLapis GledeGuyun Stone Forest
Leisurely OtterLeisurely OtterFontaine
Light Blue ButterflyTBA
Lucklight FlyLucklight FlyThe Chasm
Magenta Fantail PigeonMagenta Fantail PigeonFontaine
Masked WeaselMasked WeaselSumeru
Mud FrogMud FrogDihua Marsh
Northland CatNorthland CatLiyue Harbor
Northland HoundNorthland HoundCity Of Mondstadt
Ocean CrabOcean CrabGuyun Stone Forest
Starsnatch Cliff
Pale Red CrabPale Red CrabTsurumi Island
Pink ButterflyTBA
Pith LizardPith LizardTBA
Purple FireflyTBA
Quicksand EelQuicksand EelSumeru
Quicksand UnagiQuicksand UnagiSumeru
Red Horned LizardRed Horned LizardTBA
Red Tailed LizardRed Tailed LizardSumeru
Red VultureRed VultureSumeru
Red-Finned UnagiRed-Finned UnagiTBA
Red-Tailed WeaselRed-Tailed WeaselKujou Encampment
Redbill PelicanRedbill PelicanChenyu Vale
Redcrown FinchRedcrown FinchFontaine
Rishboland TigerRishboland TigerSumeru
Sacred IbisSacred IbisSumeru
SapphireSapphireLiyue Harbor
Scarletbeak DuckScarletbeak DuckSpringvale
Falcon Coast
Shaggy Sumpter BeastShaggy Sumpter BeastSumeru
Sheriff CatSheriff CatWangshu Inn
ShibaShibaLiyue Harbor
Silkwhite FalconSilkwhite FalconDragonspine
Qingyun Peak
Slate UmbrellafinchSlate UmbrellafinchFontaine
Snow FinchSnow FinchStarfell Valley
Snow FoxSnow FoxDragonspine
Snow WeaselSnow WeaselDragonspine
Snow-Winged GooseSnow-Winged GooseFontaine
SquirrelSquirrelCuijue Slope
Qingce Village
Sun CrabSun CrabGuyun Stone Forest
Sunny LoachSunny LoachWatatsumi Island
Suigetsu Pool
Sunset LoachSunset LoachSuigetsu Pool
Sangonomiya Shrine
Tent TortoiseTent TortoiseSumeru
Tiger-Striped CatTiger-Striped CatLiyue Harbor
Umbertail FalconUmbertail FalconHuaguang Stone Forest
Violet IbisViolet IbisRitou / Narukami Island
Violetgold Angler GullVioletgold Angler GullFontaine
Viridian Fantail PigeonViridian Fantail PigeonFontaine
White PigeonWhite PigeonCity Of Mondstadt
Yellow ButterflyTBA
Yellow FireflyTBA

What Are Wildlife / Animals?

Animals Found Around The Map

There have always been animals in Genshin Impact, but with the introduction of the Wildlife system, they can now be caught! Not all animals can be captured though since the gadget used to catch them have limitations.

Use Omni-Ubiquity Net To Catch Wildlife


You can use the gadget Omni-Ubiquity Net to capture any wildlife. After capturing the animal, you can view it on your Serenitea Pot.

Omni-Ubiquity Net Guide

Map & Material List

Individual Map Per Item

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