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Stormterror Dvalin Boss Guide - Domain Challenge
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Stormterror Dvalin Boss Guide - Domain Challenge

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Check out this Stormterror Boss Fight Guide for Genshin Impact. Learn about Dvalin, strategies, rewards, resin, location, releasing wind barrier, dvalin fight guide and more.

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Stormterror - Boss Location

Middle Of Stormterror's Lair

Treasure Collection Cost
60 Origin Resin
Respawn Time
No Respawn Time
※Rewards can only be collected once a week.

Follow The Story To Unlock Stormterror's Lair

The area is blocked by a wind barrier. To be able to remove that barrier, you need to level up your Adventure Rank and finish the story until Prologue - Act III.

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Stormterror - Recommended Party

Free Party

DPSComboHealingResonance & Talent

Amber's Talent For Longer Flights

Amber's talent will be useful in this battle for many of Dvalin's attacks requires you to fly.

Pyro Resonance For Higher Attack

Having two Pyro in the team would trigger an elemental resonance that will boost your attack by +25%

Fast & Powerful Combos

Defeating the boss requires fast and powerful attacks for most of the time the boss is unreachable. When the boss is attackable, use Kaeya's Elemental Skill to inflict Cryo and quickly switch to Xiangling to trigger Melt for stronger damage.

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Recommended Team

DPSResonanceHealing & ComboCombo & Talent

Fast And Powerful Damage

Diluc can deal overwhelming damage especially when it is boosted by Pyro Resonance. Qiqi can act as a support to constantly give Melt for higher damage.

Venti's Elemental Burst For Claws

Venti's Elemental Burst can rapidly destroy the claws of Dvalin bringing him down faster.

Venti's Talent Useful For Longer Flight

Similar to Amber, Venti can also lessen the stamina consumed in flights. This is extremely useful especially when battling Dvalin in higher levels wherein you need to be constantly in the air.

Stormterror - Battle Strategy

Attack The Claws To Put Dvalin Down

To be able to damage Dvalin's HP, you need to attack its claws first. There are two chance where you can attack its claws: during his breath attack and during his bite attack.

During His Breath Attack


During the battle, Dvalin will stand in front of the platform and will release a powerful beam from left to right or vice versa. During that time, one of his claws will be open for attack.

During His Bite Attack


When Dvalin attack using his head, his claws would be exposed for attacking for a few seconds.

Attack The Purple Thorn To Reduce HP


After breaking his claws, Dvalin neck will fall down the platform leaving the purple thorn open for attack. Climb the neck and attack the torn to damage.

Change Platform When It Glows


During the battle, Dvalin will make it rain Anemo energy making the floor glow. Standing on that floor will cause constant Anemo damage. Use the wind to fly to different platforms to avoid damage.

For Higher Levels, All Platforms Will Glow

When all platforms are glowing, you need to stay in the air while waiting for an opening to attack Dvalin.

Stormterror - Attack Pattern

Breath Attack


Dvalin would stand in front of the platform and release a breath attack that would give a deadly anemo damage. It would either be from right to left or vice versa. Run to the other side of the breath's starting point to avoid damage.

Bite Attack


Dvalin would attack using his head covering almost half of the platform. Move to the other side of the bite to avoid damage. Attack the exposed claw to put the boss down.

Claw Attack


Dvalin would fly towards the stage scratching the platform with its claws. Move to the side to dodge.

Anemo Blasts


Dvalin would release 2 - 4 powerful blast. This moves slowly so it is easy to dodge it by running.

Anemo Rain

Anemo Rain

This will cause the floor to cause constant Anemo Damage. Move to an unaffected platform or remain in constant flight to avoid damage.

Anemo Flare


Once Dvalin's HP reached near half, he would release a huge blinding attack. Move to a different platform to avoid huge damage.

Stormterror - Rewards

Exp Items
Adventurer's Exp x 300 Mora
Companionship Exp-
Character Growth Materials
Vayuda Turqoise SliverVayuda Turqoise SliverVayuda Turqoise FragmentVayuda Turqoise Fragment
Vajrada Amethyst SliverVajrada Amethyst SliverVajrada Amethyst FragmentVajrada Amethyst Fragment
Varunada Lazurite SliverVarunada Lazurite SliverVarunada Lazurite FragmentVarunada Lazurite Fragment
BerserkerBlood-Soaked Set
Exile Legacy Set
InstructorInstructor Set
Gladiator Gladiator's Finale Set
Troupe Wanderer's Troupe Set
Crafting Materials
1Northlander Sword Prototype 2Northlander Bow Prototype
3Northlander Claymore Prototype 4Northlander Catalyst Prototype
5Northlander Polearm Prototype-
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i just finished archon quest with boss childe in it. managed to beat the guy in one run, his damage is 'wow' but it's easy for me bcs i have patience. i hit-run the guy so much with just barbara and kaeya. but dvalin.. oh god, dvalin. why are you harder than childe?

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