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1.6 Update - New Contents & Patch Notes

Genshin Impact | 1.6 Update - New Contents & Patch Notes

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1.6 update is a upcoming version for Genshin Impact. Guide includes banners, new contents, patch notes, new characters, new locations or area, artifacts and more about 1.6 update.

1.6 Update Contents

1.6 Version Updates
Wish Details
Wish Details
Midsummer IslandMidsummer Island
New Area!
Character SkinsSkin SystemMaguu Kenki Maguu Kenki
1.6 Events:
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1.6 Update - Livestream Date & Release Date

Version 1.6 Live Stream Update

The 1.6 livestream or the showcase of version 1.6 update of Genshin Impact has been released last May 28, 2021.

1.6 Livestream Details

1.6 Update Release Date Will Be On June 9, 2021

1.6 Update is confirmed to happen on June 9, 2021. This was announced through the recent patch notes released by Mihoyo.

Version Schedule
1.6June 9th, 2021

New Update Every 6 Weeks

Mihoyo also announced that they plan to release new contents for the game every 6 weeks.

1.6 Update New Content Summary

New Characters
└ New Anemo-Sword Character
Release Date: 2021-06-29
Material: Sea Ganoderma
Banner & Banner Simulator
Klee Rerun
└ Confirmed character to be re-released on the 1.6 update.
Release Date: 2021-06-09
New Weapons
Mitternachts Waltz
└ 4-Star Bow
How to Get: Wish
Dodoco Tales
└ 4-Star Catalyst
How to Get: Event Shop
└ 5-Star Sword
How to Get: Wish
New Enemy
Maguu Kenki
└ Period: After ACT 3 of Midsummer Island Adventure
└ New boss introduced for the 1.6 version update.
Marionette Core a new ascension material dropped by Maguu Kenki.
New Events
Midsummer Island Adventure
Duration: The Whole Version 1.6
└ Main Cannon, Make Ready... Fire!
└ Whirlpool off to Starboard... Full Speed Ahead!
└ Samurai Sighted... To Arms!
└ Harapastum Bombs Loaded... Blow 'Em Away!
Never-Ending Battle
Duration: July 9 - July 19, 2021
Kaboomball Kombat
Duration: July 2 - July 12, 2021
Legend of the Vagabond Sword
Duration: 2021-06-25 – 2021-07-08
Echoing Tales
Duration: The Whole Version 1.6
└ Collect all All Echoing Conches
New Quest
Archon Quest
Autumn Winds, Scarlet Leaves
World Quest
A Dish Beyond Mortal Ken
New Region World Quest
Golden Apple Archipelago - All World Quest List
New Features
Waverider Waypoint
└ A new waypoint that can be used to summon a Waverider boat for players.
Skin System
└ Change the appearance and cosmetics of your characters.
Sea Breeze Dandelion (Jean)
Summertime Sparkle (Barbara)
New Area
Golden Apple Archipelago
Duration: Entire 1.6
Release Date: Entire 1.6
Islands: Twinning Isle, Broken Isle, Pudding Isle & Minacious Isle
Domain Of Court Of Pansy
└ Rumored new domain for Inazuma Region.
Other Updates
Housing System Updates
└ Characters inside your realm.
Realm Dispatch: a rumored item needed in order to deploy characters inside the pot.
System Update & Optimization
└ New Quick Keybinds (PC Players)
└ Automatic Enemy Tracking
Inazuma Snippets
└ A brief update given by Kamisato Ayaka
└ Will not be released in the 1.6 version.
Spiral Abyss: Floor 11 Update
└ Buff increase update.
└ Monster line up update for Floors 9, 10, 11 and 12.
└ 3 Lunar Phases: Whirpool Moon, Breezecall Moon and Brumous Moon
Gameplay Additions
New Gadget: Wind-Blessed Harpastum
New Recipes: Stir-Fried Shrimp, Rice Buns and Chicken Tofu Pudding
Others: New Namecards, Audio Updates, Food Recipe Description Update and Elemental Burst Update

1.6 Update Patch Notes - New Characters & Banners

New Character - Kazuha

kazuha kaedehara

Kazuha is a new anemo character in Genshin Impact that was released on June 29, 2021. Kazuha has its own banner in this 1.6 version update.

Kazuha Banner - Release Date

Kazuha Rerun

This is still a rumor, but it is said that Kazuha might also get a rerun after a few game updates, so stay tuned and check back to get more updates!

Sea Ganoderma, A New Ascension Material

Sea Ganoderma

Sea Ganoderma is a new ascension material that is catered for Kazuha. This item can be farm through the wild and around wet areas of the new area, the Archipelago.

Golden Apple Archipelago Guide

Klee Rerun Banner

Klee Rerun Banner

Klee's Rerun Banner is a banner rerun alongside with Kazuha's own banner in the 1.6 version update.

Know More About Klee Here!

1.6 Update Patch Notes - New Weapons

Mitternachts Waltz

Mitternachts Waltz Mitternachts Waltz
Type Rarity
Bow 4 Star
Base Attack Additional Stat
42 Physical DMG Bonus 11.3
How To Get

Mitternachts Waltz is a new weapon introduced during the 1.6 Livestream Summary Guide. You can notice that Fischl was the one used for the demo of this new weapon. We will get a grasp of this weapon once released, so stay tuned!

Mitternachts Waltz Weapon Guide

Dodoco Tales

Dodoco Tales Dodoco Tales
Type Rarity
Catalyst 4 Star
Base Attack Additional Stat
41 ATK 12%
How To Get
Midsummer Island Adventure Event Shop

Dodoco Tales is a new 4-star Catalyst weapon that was introduced during the 1.6 Livestream which was also seen at Klee using it while fighting the Maguu Kenki.


Freedom-Sworn Freedom-Sworn
Type Rarity
Sword 5 Star
Base Attack Additional Stat
608 Elemental Mastery 198
How To Get

Freedom-Sworn is also a new 4-star weapon that will be included to the 1.6 Update release. This sword is also seen at the 1.6 Livestream whereas Jean was using the sword while fighting the Maguu Kenki

Freedom-Sworn Weapon Guide

1.6 Update Patch Notes - New Enemy

Maguu Kenki

Maguu Kenki is a new enemy that was introduced during the version 1.6 update live stream. Maguu Kenki is said to be the final boss during the Samurai Sighted... To Arms challenge.

Maguu Kenki Boss Guide

Marionette Core

Marionette Core

In 1.6 version update this Marionette Core is a new ascension item that is a drop from the Maguu Kenki boss and will be an item for Kazuha's ascension.

Marionette Core Guide

1.6 Update Patch Notes - Upcoming Events

Midsummer Island Adventure - Challenges

Midsummer Island Adventure is a new challenge to be released in the 1.6 Update. Enjoy the summer and explore different islands using the waverider and take on the challenges to receive rewards.

Challenge Details
Main Cannon, Make Ready... Fire!
How To Unlock: Complete the Mysterious Islands (Journey To The Unknown) Quest
・Complete the challenge by destroying monster fortification using the cannons on your waverider.
Whirlpool off to Starboard... Full Speed Ahead!
How To Unlock: Complete the Summer Vacation (Proceed With Caution) Quest
・Using your waverider and glider, collect insignias and finish course as soon as possible to receive rewards.
Samurai Sighted... To Arms!
How To Unlock: Complete the Dodo-King Of The Sea (Lying In Wait)
・Defeat Maguu Kenki and complete the challenge to receive in-game rewards.
Harapastum Bombs Loaded... Blow 'Em Away!
How To Unlock: Complete the The Final Riddle (A Secret Uncovered) Quest
・This event will let players use different Harapastum Bombs that will be used to defeat the enemies.

Midsummer Island Adventure Rewards

In 1.6 Livestream, these rewards was introduced in completing the the Midsummer Island Adventure event.

Midsummer Island Adventure Guide

Never-Ending Battle

Defeat the enemies and destroy the Momentum Discs to complete the Never-Ending Battle challenge. Participating in this event will give you multiple rewards.

Never-Ending Battle Event Guide

Kaboomball Kombat

A new mini-game wherein you will have to deflect the kaboomballs and destroy the Dodofortress.

Kaboomball Kombat Event Guide

Legend Of The Vagabond Sword

Legend Of The Vagabond Sword is a new event in the 1.6 Update that consist of seven unique challenges and different enemies on each stage.

Legend Of The Vagabond Sword Guide

Echoing Tales

Collect magical echoing conches that are scattered on the archipelago which can be exchanged for different in-game items.

Echoing Tales Event Guide

1.6 Update Patch Notes - New Quest

Autumn Winds, Scarlet Leaves

In 1.6 version update, a new Archon Quest will be introduced. This will act as a bridge before you can go to Inazuma, which is expected to be released on future updates.

Autumn Winds, Scarlet Leaves Guide

Beidou Story Quest

1.6 Update

1.6 Livestream gave us some screenshots for the upcoming Archon Quest, such as when Kazuha and the Traveler alongside with Paimon are having a conversation with Beidou. It is speculated that it can be related to a Beidou Story Quest. Both Kazuha and Beidou will appear on the said quest.

Beidou Story Quest Walkthrough Guide

1.6 Update Patch Notes - New Features

Skiff Waypoint

1.6 Update

The Skiff Waypoint is a new waypoint that players can use to summon a Waverider boat. You can use this waverider boat to explore and move around the archipelago.

Check Out The Skiff Waypoint Guide

Character Skins & Outfits

Sea Breeze Dandelion (Jean Summer Skin)

Sea Breeze Dandelion

1.6 Livestream just gave us the information for The Sea Breeze Dandelion skin that can be purchased at the shop using 1680 Genesis Crystals after the 1.6 version update.

Summertime Sparkle (Barbara Summer Skin)

Summertime Sparkle

1.6 Livestream just dropped the information regarding The Summertime Sparkle skin which is a free skin reward upon participating in the Echoing Tales event. However, if you missed getting the skin during the event. You can buy it at the shop using Genesis Crystals.

Check Out The Character Skins List

1.6 Update - New Areas

Summer Archipelago

1.6 Livestream update gave us more information about the new location that is related to the The Waverider, whereas four (4) rumored new islands are also included to the said new area.

Summer Archipelago Guide

Domain Of Court Of Pansy - New Domain?

In every region, there will be an existing domains, according to rumors , the Domain of Court Of Pansy will be one of the Inazuma domains. Take this as a grain fo salt as we will update this section once it is confirmed.

Domain Of Court Of Pansy Guide

Other Updates

Housing System Updates

In 1.6 Livestream this new feature in the housing system was also introduced, whereas players can now choose up to 8 characters that can live inside your sereniteapot. You can talk to each of them to increase your friendship level for those characters.

Housing System (Sereniteapot) Guide

Realm Dispatch Item

1.6 Update

Realm Dispatch is a rumored item that might be obtainable after completing the task called "A Teapot Called Home: Part II". By using the Realm Dispatch item, players can deploy up to eight (8) characters max inside their Serenitea Pot.

Realm Dispatch Guide

System Update & Optimization

New Quick Keybinds (PC Players)

Keybind Shortcut
O Friend List
L Team Change

Automatic Enemy Tracking

After the 1.6 version update, you can now automatically track the next enemy location when farming enemies using the Adventurer's Handbook.

Inazuma Sneak Peek

1.6 Update

1.6 Livestream is still giving us some teaser photos of Inazuma which is once again introduced by our Inazuma insider, Kamisato Ayaka, she introduced some additional Inazuma areas that is said to be featured soon in the game, so better stay tuned!

Inazuma Region Guide

Inazuma Will Not Be Included In 1.6

During the 1.6 Livestream, Inazuma only had a snippet of what goes on the region. Seems like it will not be included on the upcoming 1.6 Update.

1.6 Update Summary Guide

Spiral Abyss Update

Floor 11 (Update)
• Buff Increases Swirl DMG by 300% and its AoE by 100%.
• Updated the monster lineup on Floors 9, 10, 11, and 12

3 Lunar Phase Will Refresh

Whirpool Moon
(Phase 1)
When an active character triggers a Swirl reaction on a nearby opponent, they will trigger a shockwave at that opponent's position that deals AoE DMG. A shockwave can be triggered in this manner once every 3.5s.
Breezecall Moon
(Phase 2)
When an active character triggers a Swirl reaction on a nearby opponent, they will regenerate 4 Energy for all characters in the party. This effect can be triggered once every 3.5s.
Brumous Moon
(Phase 3)
When an active character triggers a Swirl reaction on a nearby opponent, a Brumous Aura that lasts 8s will be left at the location where the reaction took place. The Aura will inflict one count of DMG to opponents within it once every 2s. A Brumous Aura can be generated once every 9s.

Gameplay Additional Updates

New GadgetWind-Blessed Harpastum
New RecipesStir-Fried Shrimp, Rice Buns, Chicken Tofu Pudding
New Achievements A Realm Beyond: Series II
New Namecards ・Kaboomball / ・Battlesong
・Kaedehara Kazuha: Autumn Maple-Viewing
・Travel Notes: Midsummer
・Achievement: Vacation Home
Audio Updates・Adjusts the Chinese, Japanese, and Korean voice-over for certain characters.
・Adds voiced interactions for characters upon leveling up.
・Added Japanese voice-over for certain characters.
・Added some sound effects to the Serenitea Pot's Furnishing Placement mode.
Food Recipe UpdateStormcrest Pie Recipe (adjusted description)
Elemental Burst Update・Increases the damage caused by major reactions when a character reaches Level 60 or above.
・Increases the Base Shield DMG Absorption for shields generated by Crystallize reactions.
・Increases the DMG Bonus provided by Elemental Mastery for major reactions.

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