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Spiral Abyss Floor 10 3.3 Walkthrough Guide - Enemies & Recommended Team
Spiral Abyss Floor 10 3.3 Walkthrough Guide - Enemies & Recommended Team | Genshin Impact - GameWith

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Spiral Abyss Floor 10 3.3 Walkthrough Guide - Enemies & Recommended Team

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Check this Spiral Abyss Floor 10 Guide for Genshin Impact 3.3. This includes how to unlock Floor 10, tips, enemies, rewards, recommended party and how to get 9 stars.

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Spiral Abyss Floor 10 - Guide Overview

Spiral Abyss Floor 10 - Guide Overview
Ley Line Disorder
- When Spread or Aggravate reactions are triggered on opponents, DMG dealt by these reactions will be increased by 75%
Enemy Levels
- 72 ~ 76
Challenge Goal
[ Chamber 1 ]
- Defeat all enemies, Remaining challenge time longer than 60 seconds (★ 1) / 180 seconds (★ 2) / 300 seconds (★ 3)
[ Chamber 2 ]
- Defeat all enemies, Remaining challenge longer than time 60 seconds (★ 1) / 180 seconds (★ 2) / 300 seconds (★ 3)
[ Chamber 3 ]
- Defeat all enemies, Remaining challenge longer than time 180 seconds (★ 1) / 300 seconds (★ 2) / 420 seconds (★ 3)
Blessing Of The Abyssal Moon
- After the active character's Normal, Charged, or Plunging Attack deals DMG to an opponent, the character will gain a 10% corresponding Elemental or Physical DMG Bonus of that attack for 4s. This effect can be triggered once every 1s. Max 6 stacks. It will be removed when the character leaves the field or deal a different type of Elemental or Physical DMG

Party / Team Comp - Tips

Aggravate & Spread Are Strong Here

Due to the Ley Line Disorder, having a Spread/Aggravate-centered will be very strong in this floor. Cyno, Tighnari, Nahida, and Raiden Shogun can fully take advantage of this.

Sample Team Composition - Premium

Floor 10 - First Team

Field DPSSub-DPSSub-DPSSupport
TighnariTighnariRaiden ShogunRaiden ShogunYae MikoYae MikoKazuhaKazuha

Take full advantage of the Aggravate damage buff with this team comp. Although Tighnari is the on-field DPS, most of the damage will come from Raiden Shogun and Yae Miko. This is due to the Aggravate buff and the shred you get from Kazuha! Tighnari will be able to continuously apply Dendro for Quicken, Aggravate, and Spread.

Floor 10 - Second Team

Main DPSSub-DPSSub-DPSSupport

Another Aggravate team comp, but this time with Cyno and Nahida at the forefront. Fischl will act as a battery for Cyno for high Burst uptime, while Zhongli will protect the team from incoming damage.

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Other Aggravate Team Comp

Main DPSSub-DPSSub-DPSSupport
Dendro TravelerDendro TravelerFischlFischlBeidouBeidouSucroseSucrose

Burgeon Team Comp

Main DPSSub-DPSSub-DPSSupport

Sample Team Composition - Free / Low Rarity

Floor 10 - First Team
Main DPSSub-DPSSub-DPSSupport
Dendro TravelerDendro TravelerFischlFischlBeidouBeidouSucroseSucrose
Floor 10 - Second Team
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Spiral Abyss Floor 10 - Strategy & Tips

Chamber 1

Enemies Can Be Pulled With Crowd Control Abilities

You can take full advantage of crowd control abilities in this chamber in order to group enemies together. This will make it easier to set up elemental reactions or hit multiple enemies with Bursts.

Use Edge Of The Arena To Group Vishaps Together

You can clear this stage at a quicker time if your attacks hit both of the Vishaps together. Use the edge of the Arena to group them together, and from there, you can continue to attack!

Chamber 2

Defeat The Kairagis At The Same Time

Aim to take out both the Kairagis at the same time. If you only defeat one, the one who's left will regenerate health causing the fight to go on longer.

Focus On The Abyss Mage First

The Abyss Mage isn't entirely strong so it's best to take it out as soon as you can before focusing on the Lawachurl. Cryo works particularly well in destroying the shields of both the Abyss Mage and the Lawachurl.

Chamber 3

Focus On The Hydro Fatui First

The Hydro Fatui can heal its allies so taking it out first should be your top priority. Once it gains a Hydro aura, either use Pyro, Cryo, or Electro to strip it and easily defeat it.

Stick To The Mirror Maiden

The Mirror Maiden has a tendency to move away from you while the Electro Cicin Mages would teleport to you instead. Take advantage of this to group them together by sticking to the Mirror Maiden.

Spiral Abyss Floor 10 - Enemies & Recommended Element

Floor 10 Chamber 1

First Part

Enemies & Monsters
Winged CryoshroomLarge Electro SlimeMutant Electro Slime
Whirling Cryo FungusWhirling Electro FungusFloating Dendro Fungus
Electro Slime--
Recommended Elements

Second Part

Enemies & Monsters
Primordial Bathysmal Vishap
Recommended Elements

Floor 10 Chamber 2

First Part

Enemies & Monsters
Kairagi Dancing ThunderKairagi Fiery MightEremite Crossbow
Recommended Elements

Second Part

Enemies & Monsters
Electro Abyss MageThunderhelm Lawachurl
Recommended Elements

Chamber 3

First Part

Enemies & Monsters
Eremite Desert ClearwaterEremite SunfrostEremite Daythunder
Fatui Skirmisher Pyroslinger BracerFatui Skirmisher Hydrogunner Legionnaire-
Recommended Elements

Second Part

Enemies & Monsters
Mirror MaidenFatui Electro Cicin Mage
Recommended Elements

Spiral Abyss Floor 10 - Rewards & Primogems

Stars (Primogems) Rewards

★ 3Primogem x 50
Mora x 15,000
★ 6Primogem x 50
Mora x 20,000
★ 9Primogem x 50
Mora x 25,000
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Anonymous 9

Chamber 3 is a huge step increase in difficult especially in second phase wtf

Anonymous 8

currently desperately clear floor 10 chamber 2. All the fatui.....Oh my god. I have jean, bennett, and barbara as healers along with a zhongli for sheil but everybody still dies :sob: especially since i need a healer to continue to fuel my xiao

Anonymous 7

Chamber 3 is by far the hardest to 3 * on all the floors this time round. The 7 minute minimum is brutal.

Anonymous 6

Chamber 1 has a hydro abyss mage not a cryo one

Anonymous 5

I don't have Diluc and Klee, and all Low-Ranking characters are low level, how can i make this?

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