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Mora Farming Guide | Best Ways To Farm Money

Genshin | Mora Farming Guide | Best Ways To Farm Money

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Check out this Mora Farming Guide for Genshin Impact. Learn how to earn mora fast, uses, how to spend mora, mora farming, 200k mora chest, gold farming, money farming guide & more.

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Best Ways To Farm Mora

Farming Mora Methods

MethodPriority Level
▼Daily Commissions★★★★★
▼Anemo & Geo Sigils★★★★★
▼World & Story Quests★★★★
▼Battle Pass Rewards★★★★
▼Ley Line Outcrop★★★・・
▼Treasure Hunting★★★・・
▼Paimon Shop (Stardust Exchange)★★・・・
▼Exchanging Artifacts・・・・

Daily Commissions

29,400 Mora Daily


Clearing one Daily Commission will reward you with 4900 Mora. Doing all 4 of them and you will receive an additional 9600 mora from Katheryn at Adventure's Guild.

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Anemo & Geo Sigils

Exchanging Anemo & Geo Sigils is one of the fastest way to earn Mora in-game. Sigils are the currency used when buying at souvenir shops. Anemo Sigil for Mondstadt and Geo Sigil for Liyue Harbor.

With Wind Comes Glory at Mondstadt


You can exchange Anemo Sigils for Mora at With Winds Comes Glory. Follow the diamond icon in the map to find the location.

Anemo Sigils Mora
1 pc. 1600
※ Up to 60 purchases only.
Total: 96,000 Mora
2 pcs. 1600
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Mingxing Jewerly at Liyue Port


Talk to Xingxi at Liyue to exchange Geo Sigils with Mora. Follow the diamond icon in the map to find the location.

Geo Sigils Mora
1 pc. 1600
※ Up to 120 purchases only.
Total: 192,000 Mora
2 pcs. 1600
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World & Side Quests

As you explore the world of TEYVAT, you will encounter different events and people that will give you several quests. While some of them takes a lot of time, clearing these missions will give you a generous amount of Exp and Mora.

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Battle Pass Rewards


Leveling up Battle Pass may give a huge amount of Mora. Do Battle Pass Quests to receive more Mora.

Upgrading Your Battle Pass Enormously Increase Mora Rewards

Unlocking Gnostic Hymn will give players triple amount of Mora from rewards which will give you more than enough amount for average play.

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Ley Line Outcrop - Blossom of Wealth

Blossom of Wealth

In the Bosses section of Adventurer's Handbook, there is a boss called Ley Line Outcrop - Blossom of Wealth. Finishing the monster(s) that will appear upon examining the Outcrop will make the player receive Mora in exchange for 20 Original Resin.

Amount Of Mora Scales To The Player's World Level

You can get up to 55,000 Mora depending on the world level that you have. Because of this, farming Mora using outcrop is recommended for those in a higher World Level.

Recommended If You Cannot Farm For Ascension Materials

If you have Original Resin left after artifact / material farming or the items you need cannot be farmed on the day, use them to farm Mora using this.



Expeditions will take a lot of time and will give a small amount of Mora so it is not a fast way to farm money. However, you do not need to be logging in during expeditions.

Recommended To Do This Before Logging Out

Since you do not need to be active for the expedition time to pass, it is recommended to do this before logging off. This way you can passively earn Mora while not doing anything.

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Treasure Hunting


Opening treasure chest can give plenty of Mora however it is difficult to search for them since they do not appear in the map. Instead of actively searching for treasure chests, open the chest you pass by while exploring the world or doing quests.

Check Out Interactive Treasure Map Here!

Farm Treasure Boxes Using Treasure Compasses

When farming for treasures, you can use Treasure Compasses which will direct you to the closest Treasure Box in your location. Using this item can make you open around 10 chest in 20 mins!

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Paimon's Bargains


Use Excess Stardust To Buy Mora

Stardust you receive from pulling gacha can be used to buy Mora.

Stardust Mora
10 pcs. 10,000
※ Up to 30 purchases per month.
Total: 300,000 Mora
20 pcs. 10,000
※ Unlocked after purchasing Mora in Paimon's Bargain.

Exchanging Artifacts


Destroy Artifacts For Mora

You can destroy artifacts in exchange for Mora. This is only recommended if you need fast Mora because it is better to use Artifacts as upgrade materials.

Other Ways To Get Mora

200K Mora Chests At Liyue Bank

Liyue Bank

At Liyue, there is a Bank that you will get to through the main quest. Enter the bank and climb the stairs and open a chest to get 200,000 Mora.

180K Mora Behind Taroumaru in Inazuma City

180K Mora Behind Taroumaru in Inazuma City

In the tea shop run by Taroumaru, you will find a chest that will have 180,000 mora when you open it. You will need to progress through the Archon Quest Chapter 2 Act 1 to get to it.

Archon Quest Chapter 2 Act 1 Walkthrough

Running Mora Squirrels

As you explore Liyue you will find holes in the ground. The holes, when examined, will release a squirrel that will run giving you 1 mora per second. Chase the squirrel to continuously receive mora and hit it to receive Mora ranging from 500-2000. Actively searching for the squirrels will take a lot of time so it is better to just follow it around when spotted.

Floating Wooden Blocks

Examining these blocks would give you a small amount of Mora ranging from 500-2000.

Challenge Temples


Temples are domains that does not use Original Resins to claim rewards. It can be distinguished by its icon having the diamond-shaped(◆) blue icon instead of a circular one. Receive 10,000~50,000 by clearing those challenges.

Temple Rewards Are Only Received Once

You can only receive rewards from Temple challenges one time. To check if you already cleared the challenge, see if there is a rewards list appearing below the name of the challenge. If there are none, it means you already cleared the temple challenge.

Uses Of Mora

Buy Items


You need Mora to buy materials such as food, ascension materials and weapons from NPCs.

Check Out Shop Guide Here!

Crafting & Smithing


Mora is used when smithing or using alchemy to craft. The amount is indicated at the lower part of the screen.

Level Up Characters, Artifacts & Weapons

Level Up

Using level up materials and ascending weapons requires mora. The higher the level, the higher the Mora needed.

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Shiloh 6

Mora Weasels! Not Mora Squirrels…

mneme 5

There are also now the stone blocks that contain up to 10k mora in ekonomia and IIRC the chasm. I think that like other investigation spots they do eventually regenerate?

Anonymous 4

You can also do the 3 weekly bounties and 3 weekly requests for more mora
20k mora for each weekly request and 20k-30k for each weekly bounty depending on difficulty which totals up to 120k-150k mora every week

Anonymous 3

wow, I'm ar 55 and I never knew you could destroy artifacts to get more lmao

Anonymous 2

u just have to press B then open artifacts, then press bin icon

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