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All Archons List

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Check out this full list of Archons in Genshin Impact! Know more about the Archons profiles, visions, location, all we know about them!!!

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All Archons List - What Is An Archon?

What Is An Archon?


Genshin Impact Archons are the Gods that preside on each region of Teyvat, which has a total of seven (7) nations to be exact. These deities are the rulers that governs their nation. Every archon has its own gnosis that corresponds to the element of its nation of origin.

All Archons List

The table below are the names of the archons and the regions they reside.

Archon NameOther NamesRegion
VentiBarbatosVenti, Nameless BardMondstadt
Raiden ShogunRaiden ShogunEi, BeelzebulInazuma
ZhongliZhongliMorax, Rex Lapis & God of ContractsLiyue
NahidaNahidaLesser Lord Kusanali, Flower Archon (Flower God)Sumeru
TsaritsaTsaritsaKnown also as a god with no love left for her peopleSnezhnaya
MurataMurataGod of WarNatlan
FocalorsFocalorsGod of JusticeFontaine

Anemo Archon

Archon Overview

Venti Archon
Archon NameLord Barbatos, God of Freedom
In Game NameVenti
Other NameNameless Bard, Tone-Deaf Bard
Venti Best Build Guide

Anemo Archon's Nation


Mondstadt Archon

A nation known as the nation of freedom. This region is a western inspired nation that is ruled by the anemo archon, Lord Barbatos.

Archon Story Details

Venti Archon

The anemo archon's original form is a wind elemental / spirit that roams around in the mortal world. He took the human form of his late friend who died during the Decarabian Rebellion and used Venti as his mortal name.

Geo Archon - Liyue

Archon Overview

Geo Archon
Archon NameRex Lapis, God of All Contracts
In Game NameZhongli
Other NameMorax, Wangsheng Funeral Parlor's mysterious consultant
Zhongli Best Build Guide

Geo Archon's Nation


Liyue Archon

A Chinese inspired nation located on the east side of Teyvat that is abundant with mountains, forest and rivers.

Archon Story Details

Geo Archon

The Geo archon is the oldest of all the seven archons. He is worshiped as the Geo archon, Rex Lapis of the Liyue region. He has then decided to retire governing Liyue for so long and wandered in the mortal realm as Zhongli, a Wangsheng Funeral's consultant.

Electro Archon - Inazuma

Note! This section contains a major Spoiler!

Archon Overview

Electro Archon
Archon NameRaiden Shogun
In Game NameRaiden Shogun
Other NameEi, Beelzebul, * Baal

* Baal is the late (first) Electro archon and Raiden Shogun's twin sister that passed away during the Archon War.

Raiden Shogun Best Build Guide

Electro Archon's Nation


Inazuma Archon

Inazuma is a Japanese themed nation located at the south part of Teyvat. Its is consist of five (5) islands and surrounded majority by water areas.

Inazuma Nation Details

Archon's Story Details

Electro Archon

Baal and Beelzebul are the twin Electro archons of Inazuma. Baal perished during the archon war, and Beelzebul or commonly known as Raiden Shogun continues to rule over the Inazuma. She then sealed the whole region in grief over her sister's death.

Dendro Archon - Sumeru

Archon Overview

nahida dendro archon
Archon Name* Lesser Lord Kusanali, Buer
In Game NameNahida
Other NameFlower Archon, God of Wisdom
Nahida Best Build & Weapon

Dendro Archon's Nation


sumeru dendro nation

A nation that is the home of the famous scholars and researchers from Teyvat which gained the label, City of Scholars.

Sumeru Nation Details

Archon Story Detail

dendro archon

The Greater Lord Rukkhadevata took the purest branch that was snapped out from the Irminsul as her incarnation in the next Samsara, which resulted in the creation of the Lesser Lord Kusanali, Nahida.

Nahida Lore & Voice Actor

Hydro Archon - Fontaine

Archon Overview

Archon NameFocalors
In Game NameUnknown / TBA
Other Name(s)God of Justice

Hydro Archon's Nation


Fontaine Archon

The nation where the Hydro Archon resides. Details and such information about Fontaine are still not yet revealed. This section will be updated once the nation is revealed.

Fontaine Nation Details

Archon Story Details

More information about the Hydro Archon's story soon! Check back again to get more updates!

Pyro Archon - Natlan

Archon Overview

Archon NameMurata, God of War
In Game NameTBA
Other Name(s)TBA

Pyro Archon's Nation


Natlan Archon

The nation where the Pyro Archon resides. Details and such information about Natlan are still not yet revealed. This section will be updated once the nation is revealed.

Natlan Nation Details

Archon Story Detail

More information about the Pyro Archon's story soon! Check back again to get more updates!

Cryo Archon - Snezhnaya

Archon Overview

Archon NameThe Tsaritsa
In Game NameTBA
Other Name(s)A God with no Love (for her people)

Cryo Archon's Nation


Snezhnaya Archon

The nation where the Cryo Archon resides. Details and such information about Snezhnaya are still not yet revealed. This section will be updated once the nation is revealed.

Snezhnaya Nation Details

Archon Story Detail

More information about the Cryo Archon's story soon! Check back again to get more updates!

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