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A Particularly Particular Author Quest Guide | Perch & Feather Locations

Genshin | A Particularly Particular Author Quest Guide | Perch & Feather Locations

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Genshin | A Particularly Particular Author Quest Guide | Perch & Feather Locations - GameWith

A Particularly Particular Author is a world quest for Genshin Impact. Learn the perch locations, Shirikoro Peak Puzzle, all feather location, offer prayers to tree and more!!!

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A Particularly Particular Author How To Unlock & Location

Talk To Inazuma Katheryne To Unlock

To unlock the quest, you will need to talk to Katheryne at the Inazuma Adventurer's guild.

Must Finish Seirai Stormchasers Quest

Seirai Stormchasers

To be able to gain access Tsurumi Island and unlock this quest, you must first finish the quest "Seirai Stormchasers".

Seirai Storm Chasers World Quest Guide

A Particularly Particular Author Walkthrough Chart & Tips

Walkthrough Chart

1Talk to Sumida.
2Travel to Ritou and talk to Kama.
3Upon Arriving at Tsurumi Island, follow the mission mark to meet Ruu.
4 Follow the mission mark to the next destination.
5 Make an offering to the perch.
6 Head to the ceremonial site and talk to "Mata".
7 Search for Porches in the Fog and unlock them.
8 Head back to the Ceremonial Site.
9 Talk to Mara and then Sumida.

4. Make Offering To The Perch

After talking to Ruu and his siblings, you will be directed to interact with a tree. After interacting with it, it will release three feathers.

Feather Locations Are Shown In The Mini-Map

Feather Locations

For the first set of feathers are just as stated in the mini-map and are easy to spot. Search for 3 feathers and head back to the tree to make an offering.

Feather Locations

7. Search For Porches & Unlock Them - Tips

There are three locations covered with Fog that has perches. Tap on each one to get details on how to solve them.

Autake Plains Porch & Feather Locations

Autake Plains Porch Location


You will be fighting several enemies upon arriving on the porch so prepare for a battle.

Autake Plains Feather Locations

First Feather for Autake Plains

Autake Map 1
Autake 1

This feather will fly away once spotted towards a barrier. Summon an Electrogranum, pass those barriers and continue following the feather.

Second Feather for Autake Plains

Autake Map 2
Autake 2

The second feather is below the cliff where the Porch is. It is close to the porch so it is easy to find.

Third Feather For Autake Plains

Autake Map 3
Autake 3

After fighting wolf enemies, you can find a Hilichurl base filled with defeated hilichurls. On top of it is one of the thunderbird feather.

Chirai Shrine Porch & Feather Locations

Chirai Shrine Porch Location

Chirai Shrine

Upon arriving at Chirai Shrine's porch, there should be a scene. If there are no scene, head to the other side of the tree.

Chirai Shrine Feather Locations

Chirai Shrine's First Feather

Chirai Shrine

Chirai Shrine's first feather is very close to the porch. Wolf enemies will appear close to it so be careful.

Chirai Shrine's Second Feather

Chirai Shrine

The second feather is protected by hilichurls. There are archers that will also try to hit you that is hidden in the fog so take note of them. It is slightly further away from other feathers.

Chirai Shrine's Third Feather

Chirai Shrine 3 part 1
Chirai Shrine 3 part 2
Chirai Shrine 3 part 3

The third feather for Chirai Island moves a lot. After finding it ride the Thunder gates and follow it until it stops at a ruin.

Shirikoro Peak Porch & Feather Locations

Shirikoro Peak Porch Location


Shirikoro Peak Feather Locations

Shirikoro Shrine's First Feather

Seelie 1
Seelie 2
Seelie 3
(Platform Beneath)
Beneath Seelie

To obtain the first feather, you must first remove the water surrounding the tree. You can do this by following three Seelies and opening the Exquisite Chest that will appear beside it. Dive down and you will find 3 feathers.

Shirikoro Shrine's Second Feather

Relay Stone 1 Relay Stone 2
Relay Stone 1
Relay Stone 2

Open the door by rearranging the Relay stones like the photos above. Enter the place to get the second feather.

Second Feather

Shirikoro Shrine's Third Feather

Seelie 1
(Breakable Rock)
Seelie 2
(Broken Pillar)
Seelie 3 (Mural)
Seelie 1
Seelie 2
Seelie 3
Relay Stone 1Relay Stone 2Relay Stone 3
Relay Pos 1
Relay Pos 2
Relay Pos 3

Sink the water by finding the three seelies and connect the electric puzzle to open the door. Enter the door to get the final feather.

A Particularly Particular Author - Rewards

Rewards List

Adventurer's Exp500 EXP
ItemsMystic Enhancement Ore x4
Hero's Wit x4
Primogems x50
Mora x 50,000

A New Achievement

You can also get a secret achievement for finishing this quest.

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Replace every instance of "Porch" with "Perch." As in, a perch upon which a bird sits. Otherwise a fine guide

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