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2.2 Update Release Date & New Characters
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2.2 Update Release Date & New Characters

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2.2 update is a upcoming update for Genshin Impact. Guide includes banners, update size, release date, patch notes, 2.2 leaks, what to expect, weapons and characters.

Table Of Contents

2.2 Version Updates
ChildeChildeHu TaoHu Tao ThomaThoma

2.2 Update Patch Notes - Release Date

Version Schedule
2.2Releases On October 13, 2021

Releases On October 13

2.2 Update is scheduled to be released on October 13, 2021 The maintenance will start at 07:00AM of your Server Time and is expected to end on 12:00 PM.

Update 2.1 Preload (Pre-installation) Available

pre installation 2.1 update
Version Schedule
2.2 PreloadOctober 13, 2021 ~ 11:00 (Server Time)
Before 2.2 Update arrives
Installs necessary files needed for the 2.2 Update

For a better gaming experience, players can pre-install the preload version 2.2 files. This will allow players to complete the bulk of the update download and other files that are needed for installations before having to wait for full installation when the update arrives.

How To Update In Desktop

pre installation 2.2 update

In the game launcher, you can see the "Game Pre-Installation" on the bottom-left side of the launcher screen. Click it to start the pre-installation.

How To Update In Mobile Part 1

pre installation 2.2 update

Players can access the pre-installation by going to the Paimon Menu > Settings > Other > Pre-Install Resource Package. for both iOS & Android uses to initiate.

How To Update In Mobile Part 2

pre installation 2.2 update

Click the "Pre-Install Resource Package" located at the bottm left corner of the login menu.

2.2 Update Content Summary

New Characters
Childe Rerun BannerChilde Rerun Banner
Hu Tao Rerun BannerHu Tao Rerun Banner
Hu TaoHu TaoThomaThomaSayuSayuDionaDiona
New Area
New Island
Tsurumi Island
New Domain
Moshiri Kara
New Enemy
Riftstalker Whelp
└ New enemy for the upcoming event!
Riftstalker Hound
└ New enemy for the upcoming event!
New Events
Dreams Of Bloom: Ikebana Event
└ New gardening / flowering event!
Tuned To The World's Sounds
└ A new rhythmic game similar to the Ballads of Breeze
Labyrinth Warriors
└ An upcoming dungeon challenge event.
New Hangout Events
Thoma Hangout Event
Sayu Hangout Event
Shadow Of The Ancients
Ley Line Overflow
New Features
Silken Courtyard
└ A new teapot realm
■ System Opptimization
New Items
Labyrinth Warriors Currency
Damaged Replica
Battered Shikifuda
Aged Token
New Gadgets
Floral Zither
Ayesha's Chaos Prospector
New Specialty
Fluorescent Fungus
New Furniture
Furniture Sets
└ Inazuma Indoor Set
└ Inazuma Outdoor Set
New Weapons
Wavebreaker's Fin
└ New Polearm for version 2.2
Polar Star
└ New Bow for version 2.2
Mouun's Moon
└ New Bow for version 2.2
└ New Claymore for version 2.2
New World Quests
New Inazuma World Quest
A Particularly Particular Author World
Octave of the Maushiro
The Sea of Fog and the Rite of the Trees
The Sun-Wheel and Mt. Kanna
The Saga of Mr. Forgetful
Clean House
Secret Contents
Secret Contents Of Tsurumi Island
Star-Shaped Gem
Stone Slate
Shirikoro Peak Fire Torch Puzzle
All Ghost In Tsurumi Island

2.2 Update Patch Notes - New Characters & Banners

2 Confirmed Rerun Banners

No new 5-star characters will be introduced in the 2.2 update since it's been revealed that only rerun banners will be featured in this version. Childe and Hu Tao will receive their reruns, while Thoma will be added as a featured 4-star with the latter.

New 4-Star Character: Thoma

New 4-Star Character: Thoma

Thoma will be the only new character coming in version 2.2. The Kamisato Clan's faithful retainer has been showcased before as part of the Inazuma Quest line and will finally be a playable character!

Thoma Character Details

2.2 Update Patch Notes - New Enemies

New Enemies Come In 2 Elements

New Enemies Come In 2 Elements

Rifthounds and Rifthound Whelps will be added in Tsurumi Island and will be prominently featured in the Labyrinth Warriors event. It comes in 2 elements, Electro and Geo!

2.2 Update Patch Notes - New Areas

Tsurumi Island

Tsurumi Island

The eerie and foreboding island of Tsurumi will be the new island to be added in the Inazuma archipelago. It will be home of the new Rifthounds enemies and since it's a new area, more treasures and challenges will be uncovered.

Tsurumi Island Details

2.2 Update Patch Notes - Upcoming Events

New Hangout Events For 2.2

New Hangout Events For 2.2

Finally, new hangout event featuring characters from Inazuma will be added as part of the 2.2 event. Thoma and Sayu will both have their own Hangout events that players can play as soon as the new update is out.

Hangout Events To Be Released

The third batch of the Hangout Events will include Sayu and Thoma's own Hangout Events. Story Keys will be needed to unlock their Hangout Events so make sure to complete your Daily Commissions to get them.

Dreams Of Bloom

Dreams Of Bloom

Help out Sakuya, an Inazuma florist, by planting unique seeds in the Serenitea Pot. These seeds will become Dreambloom flowers which you can then exchange for items or send to your friends as gifts!

Dreams Of Bloom - Ikebana Event

Tuned To The World's Sounds

Tuned To The World

Play to the tune of the world and duet with other characters as part of Tuned To The World's Sounds. It's similar to the previously introduced rhythm game, but it does feature new mechanics to change it up a bit.

Tuned To The World's Sounds Event Guide

Labyrinth Warriors

Labyrinth Warriors

Probably the biggest event of version 2.2, Labyrinth Warriors will have you work together with Childe and Xinyan to unlock the mysteries of the new domain. Its rewards includes a free Xinyan!

Labyrinth Warriors Guide

Shadow Of The Ancients

Shadow Of The Ancients

A mysterious Ruin Grader showed itself in Inazuma and to defeat it, you will need to uncover its weakness. To do so, you need to research and help out a Sumeru scholar!

Shadow Of The Ancients Event Release Date & New Gadget

Ley Line Overflow

Ley Line Overflow

The Ley Line Overflow will also make a return in the 2.2 update. Players can get twice the amount of rewards from Ley Lines during this event. However, you can only get twice the reward only 3 times a day.

Ley Line Overflow 2.0

2.2 Update Patch Notes - New Features

Silken Courtyard (Inazuma Themed)

New Inazuma-Themed Realm

Inazuma-Themed Realm

Another realm to design and fix as your own! Players can get the new Inazuma-themed realm by getting their Sacred Sakura Tree to level 40.

Teapot System (Housing) Guide

Spiral Abyss Update

Floor 11 (Update)
• Pyro DMG dealt by party members increased by 60%.
• Hydro DMG dealt by party members increased by 60%.
• Updated the monster lineup on Floors 11 and 12

3 Lunar Phase Will Refresh

Vanguard Moon
(Phase 1)
When a character's Elemental Energy is greater than or equal to 50%, they will gain a 6.5% ATK Bonus every second. Max 10 stacks. When a character's Elemental Energy is less than 30%, the ATK Bonus gained this way will be cleared.
Chiliastic Moon
(Phase 2)
When a character's Elemental Energy is 100%, they will gain 1 stack of Auspice every second. Max 10 stacks. When this character unleashes their Elemental Burst, all Auspice stacks will be cleared, and the DMG dealt by this character will be increased by 5% for each stack cleared for the next 10s. While the character is enjoying the DMG Bonus gained via this method, they cannot gain any more stacks.
Splendiferous Moon
(Phase 3)
When the active character's Elemental Energy is greater than or equal to 50%, they will continuously release shockwaves that deal DMG to opponents. When their Elemental Energy reaches 100%, these shockwaves will deal even greater DMG.

All Spiral Abyss Floor Guides

Additional Gameplay Adjustments

New Recipes・Warmth
・Radish and Fish Stew
・Berry Mizu Manjuu
・Soba Noodles
New Achievement Category ・Through the Mists
New Additional Achievements・ Wonders of the World
・ Memories of the Heart
New Furnishing Category・Floating Platform
New Namecards・Travel Notes: Heavenly General
・Thoma: Blazing Guard
・Inazuma: Eagleplume
Quest Update• Abandoning the "Full Speed Ahead" commission, the remaining enemies will no longer drop Elemental particles.
• Optimizes: (1) Rules of Safe Transportation & (2) Safe Conduct
• Increases HP of and movement of the hot air balloon
Audio• Music switching range in some areas.
• Voice-over for some characters and quests.
• Reduces the time delay between characters item interaction
• Adjusts the voice-over of Sayu during gliding.
Parametric Transformer• Inazuma materials can now be added
New Items
(Marjorie - NPC)
• Windblume Festival Commemorative Balloon
• Windsong Lyre
• Wind-Blessed Harpastum

Character Updates

Character Optimizations
SucroseSucrose Lv. 4 Constellation - description revised
NoelleNoellePassive Talent - description revised
Raiden ShogunRaiden ShogunReduces the brightness for her Chakra Desiderata

Other System Updates

Other System Optimizations
Shop• For Stardust exchange, there will be no limit amount of Mora that can be exchanged, instead added a limit for each exhange up to 100
Souvenir Shop• No limit to the amount of Mora that can be exchanged, but we have added a limit for each exchange, which is 300.
Weapon: Bow• Adjusted the special effects for aiming
Domain Update• Adjusted the appearances of the warm ground in Peak Of Vindagnyr
Gameplay Adjustments• Reduced camera shake caused by storms and lightning.
• Support for DualSense Wireless Controller for PS5

2.2 Update Patch Notes - New Weapons & Artifacts

2.2 Update Patch Notes - New Weapons & Artifacts
NameWeapon Type
How To Get
Polar StarPolar Star Bow
Polar Star
NameWeapon Type
How To Get
WavebreakerWavebreaker's Fin Polearm
Wavebreaker's Fin
NameWeapon Type
How To Get
MouunMouun's Moon Bow
Mouun's Moon
NameWeapon Type
How To Get
AkuoumaruAkuoumaru Claymore

2.2 Update - New Quests

New Inazuma World Quests

A total for (7) seven new Inazuma World Quests will be available for the 2.2 game version update, the following quests are indicated on the table below.

New Inazuma World Quests For 2.2
1A Particularly Particular Author
2Octave of the Maushiro
3The Sea of Fog and the Rite of the Trees
4The Sun-Wheel and Mt. Kanna
5The Saga of Mr. Forgetful
6Clean House
Inazuma World Quest List

New Materials

The information below are based on rumors & speculations. We will update the item information once it is confirmed.

New Items

Labyrinth Warriors - Event Currency
Damaged ReplicaDamaged Replica Battered ShikifudaBattered Shikifuda Aged TokenAged Token -
Specialty Item
Fluorescent FungusFluorescent Fungus - - -

New Furnitures

New set of furniture for both indoor and outdoor are expected to be added during the version 2.2 update. These new furniture sets will be from Inazuma!

Furniture List & Furnishing Materials Guide

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